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Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) That's not what you said you were asking VisionaryInc 5520211/20/2017 8:45:35 AM
Velocityshares 3X Inverse Natural Gas Etn (DGAZ) ty as always left profit on table. "Play surehands 1642811/20/2017 8:45:35 AM
Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG) That’s a whole lotta wishful thinking and the Big daddy wags 6910111/20/2017 8:45:31 AM
Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) Probably Gorgol buying back shares;) Andyd33 13586211/20/2017 8:45:27 AM
NorthWest Biotherapeutics Inc. (NWBO) 200k ARCA BID PM .23.. I dont think algorithm1 14383911/20/2017 8:45:24 AM
Wialan Technologies Inc. (WLAN) remember, WLAN hardware has been used in the ettan 9142311/20/2017 8:45:22 AM
Daniels Corporate Advisory Co (DCAC) Looking good! Hopefully soon before year end!! $DCAC Power of Emouna 2204611/20/2017 8:45:18 AM
Freeze Tag Inc. (FRZT) MUNZEE Roll Out Friday of Dragon. FRZT with Reviewer 6455011/20/2017 8:45:14 AM
TNT (!) ASK BCN* mm about this link! Hedgebunny 134311/20/2017 8:45:13 AM
Momentous Entertainment Group (MMEG) Yes, today is the day finally. Can't wait R4000 5416911/20/2017 8:45:03 AM
FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL) lecker454 463611/20/2017 8:45:02 AM
Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) I’m 100% in viva. Sold every stock MillionaireSeeker 9521211/20/2017 8:45:01 AM
Delcath Systems Inc. (DCTHD) jonyboy 2506511/20/2017 8:44:54 AM
MMEX Resources Corp. (MMEX) damn nice work MMEX elks 7648111/20/2017 8:44:53 AM
Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) When's that don't remember reading that Yujah 23910511/20/2017 8:44:44 AM
PAO Group Inc. (PAOG) Assets = 295k Revenues (9 months) = 358k MisterEnzo 11534511/20/2017 8:44:43 AM
Quantum Materials Corporation (QTMM) Active Matrix Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode (AMQLED) jefra1965 6166511/20/2017 8:44:36 AM
Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) Is 745am here in Chicago...good morning bobl17211 496211/20/2017 8:44:32 AM
Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc. (MICT) Here ya go ClayTrader 4611/20/2017 8:44:18 AM
Micro Imaging Technology, Inc. (MMTC) "What's next?"9 cents LOL mmtc SUCKS cottonmather 10734611/20/2017 8:44:16 AM
MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD ICBU NEWS! 15 MIL. IN REV! potatoeater 182530111/20/2017 8:44:16 AM
MyDx Inc. (MYDX) MORE NEWS ON PHYLOS AND MYDX DEAL COMING go for the money 5450411/20/2017 8:44:07 AM
Premier Biomedical Inc (BIEI) Uptick news will be a DOWNtick in pps pennystockpro32 4937711/20/2017 8:43:54 AM
Da' Burbs ((BURBS)) Think we got true bottom here so feel peteypickem 1035511/20/2017 8:43:53 AM
Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACBFF) Nice, here 4.44 ask price!!! Bigman7100xxx 296011/20/2017 8:43:53 AM
$Pistol Pete$, $Mick$ & Friends Stock Picks /news, DD and charts NCIS is one of the most popular drama on mick 16848911/20/2017 8:43:46 AM
Billionaire Boys Club Member Forum (BBCMF) NCIS is one of the most popular drama on mick 47148611/20/2017 8:43:38 AM
Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (ICNM) NO NEWS-HUGE SCAM-NO CONTRACTS-BEWARE Traderchamp 2770511/20/2017 8:43:37 AM
Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) No such luck my friend. rawman 4259311/20/2017 8:43:36 AM
Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (ACGX) 1871 ? wormwood 7473211/20/2017 8:43:27 AM
Dig-It Underground, Inc. (DIGX) Already starting out with an ask of .0004 RFB 3545511/20/2017 8:43:17 AM
Quest Solution Inc. (QUES) I have no idea, but I would think goforthebet 356011/20/2017 8:43:08 AM
Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) This is true,,the faucet could be turned off peteypickem 1142711/20/2017 8:42:57 AM
BB''s Stock Haven ICBU NEWS! 15 MIL. IN REV! potatoeater 421056511/20/2017 8:42:47 AM
On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) Good Morning Longs, Good Luck To You All Zblue 13326411/20/2017 8:42:46 AM
Hemp Naturals Inc (HPMM) .105's thin on the ask budfoxhub 32511/20/2017 8:42:42 AM
Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) DO NOT buy this dilution FRAUD...3 billion more StockZoom 6685011/20/2017 8:42:40 AM
EFuel EFN Corp (EFLN) Whatever negative comments comes, no LONG is going Karma11 5742011/20/2017 8:42:34 AM
PureSnax International Inc (PSNX) 10Q is imminent, Michel 364011/20/2017 8:42:34 AM
Whale Team ICBU NEWS! 15 MIL. IN REV! - potatoeater 2391011/20/2017 8:42:29 AM
PDX Partners Inc. (PDXP) Subjective analysis is just that SUBJECTIVE...SOooo, basically your SOUTHGAS 1844711/20/2017 8:42:21 AM
SPY Technical Analysis (SPY) I think the rampant inflation is here risk. NewYorker567 24517011/20/2017 8:42:21 AM
Vericel Corp. (VCEL) Agreed. It’s a JOKE and a DISTRACTION by CoastalTrader83 707011/20/2017 8:42:18 AM
Adaptive Medias, Inc. (ADTM) And NOTHING other than price depreciation has happened. CashMoney75 2828611/20/2017 8:42:16 AM
Element Global Inc. (ELGL) 90-Day Transition Period for Adding "D" to OTC Stock Slayer 2058311/20/2017 8:42:15 AM
Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) Good Day Mates. Let's make some green. This markiff 7409211/20/2017 8:42:13 AM
Global Clean Energy Inc (GCEI) BIG NO NEWS BS DAY! tacky 3440211/20/2017 8:42:13 AM
NanoViricides Inc. (NNVC) 13.7M IN CASH SPENDING AT QUARTERLY RATE OF Trendliner 13621211/20/2017 8:41:55 AM
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