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Amarin Corp. PLC ADS (AMRN) Assuming the trial was a success and given rafunrafun 1823803/21/2019 3:44:54 PM
Biogen (BIIB) T'aint necessarily so, about to breach the floor: XenaLives 4313/21/2019 3:44:54 PM
Cel-Sci (CVM) Because medicine in Europe is a whole lot ErIsKoffie 191623/21/2019 3:44:53 PM
Verus International Inc. (VRUS) Yeah his last couple of charts were much confuciussay 707123/21/2019 3:44:53 PM
Vystar Corp. (VYST) Yeah all technicals are looking great though. We nbhitter22 565273/21/2019 3:44:52 PM
EnSync Inc. (ESNC) 2s should be done very very soon Moe money 02 10713/21/2019 3:44:52 PM
NaturalShrimp Inc. (SHMP) All in all, it's been a nice accumulation/consolidation PokerStar 498783/21/2019 3:44:52 PM
XR Energy (XREG) .0085 is the big resistance point. I FightingBack 6423/21/2019 3:44:52 PM
Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) And the company is going to start selling Wesley Smith 900973/21/2019 3:44:43 PM
JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) Longs are the master in DD and not dude010101 1998483/21/2019 3:44:43 PM
Neurotrope Inc. (NTRP) re. "Exciting times ahead" FooBarAndGrill 86973/21/2019 3:44:41 PM
Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) CVS are carring in 800 stores CBD products brokerbobl 2206143/21/2019 3:44:38 PM
SPY Technical Analysis (SPY) well maybe a different account. spartex 2794263/21/2019 3:44:38 PM
Windstream Co. (WINMQ) Look for .20s soon with a bigger drop buxcapital 34443/21/2019 3:44:37 PM
Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) YES !!!!!!!! Now all set - There you JamCracker 1654133/21/2019 3:44:37 PM
CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) Could close at the HOD at .029. ASCM trademax42 892103/21/2019 3:44:36 PM
NorthWest Biotherapeutics Inc. (NWBO) Nice. Ex is so smart. sukus 2194143/21/2019 3:44:35 PM
Potnetwork Holdings Inc. (POTN) Order # 341409 today. 12/21/18 was 277425 wtctexas 1616623/21/2019 3:44:34 PM
QS Energy Inc. (QSEP) Thanks AISI... I finally figured it out. it zeroedin 465333/21/2019 3:44:31 PM
PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) Its a sleeper !! Go PHIL! Fabfabulous 230483/21/2019 3:44:30 PM
On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) No. Steve Berman does not lie! ulmadi 2201073/21/2019 3:44:29 PM
Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) Pretty sure it's this guy....oh wait, that'd the kill_rogue 2207743/21/2019 3:44:23 PM
Small Cap Swing Trades & Alerts AVSR .01 800% coppa, and trying to hold, cotf 6843/21/2019 3:44:23 PM
Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) Never Give Up! Never Surrender! We are talking about Bitcon415 1799133/21/2019 3:44:21 PM
Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc. (INND) I will try and load 3 k more ThaCarter007 155153/21/2019 3:44:18 PM
Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals,Inc. (NOUV) Great post thank you. Solid information to help GoodBudz 312363/21/2019 3:44:18 PM
GD Entertainment and Technology Inc. (GDET) Apparently being down 9% from people taking profits Wkboyd 262853/21/2019 3:44:16 PM
Shell Stocks; Reverse Mergers; Acquisitions; Zombies; Greys; & All "Other" Plays HK_EB Hope that guy is out $hellKing 248973/21/2019 3:44:15 PM
Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) Who was he!! Promise I won't tell anyone:) BostonSportsNut 1861753/21/2019 3:44:15 PM
Aureus Inc (ARSN) You see folks hitting ask and your gonna DarkPool 38903/21/2019 3:44:12 PM
Elev8 Brands Inc. (VATE) Just received an email — CBD Iced Tea sleekscape 320473/21/2019 3:44:09 PM
Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) Website under construction. Some nice changes coming.. EmptyBones 751293/21/2019 3:44:06 PM
Verb Technology Company Inc. (VRRB) RORY DOES NOT HAVE IT TOGETHER...IMO .. IF berdboy 1379503/21/2019 3:44:03 PM
Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. (JAGX) Did I squezzeee you we got more money Stacking goods 14313/21/2019 3:44:01 PM
Vanguard Natural Resources Inc. (VNRR) Yes sir! Bring on the EARNINGS REPORT! :) Papa Bear 32073/21/2019 3:44:00 PM
Rite Aid (RAD) Not necessary read document. farooq 97683/21/2019 3:43:53 PM
Legend Media Inc. (LEGE) I think we are tied to what happens Penstock3333 1133/21/2019 3:43:52 PM
South Beach Spirits Inc. (SBES) OTC FILINGS next then MEGA MERGER NEWS= PRICELESS $$$$$$$$$$$[/c BERKSHIRE AGENT 60903/21/2019 3:43:49 PM
$Stock*Shop*Charts*News*Option$ Your young man has an adorable smile. Trueheart 6008123/21/2019 3:43:49 PM
Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) on what though? small sells? impatient sellers? ThoughtPower 79833/21/2019 3:43:47 PM
ORIONS Money Stocks $FLKS .45xx a great entry IMO AugustaFriends 4177283/21/2019 3:43:40 PM
RAINWIRE PARTNERS INC. (RNWR) Bingo-- Got a msg form Spata: Uboat 4653/21/2019 3:43:35 PM
BRK Inc. (BRKK) You are exactly right. I have been posting 1Oilguy 242363/21/2019 3:43:35 PM
Avita Medical (AVMXY) This one is doing well. :) LuckyBunny 8373/21/2019 3:43:29 PM
Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (ANWWQ) That 500k at 0.075.....hmmm....feels like it's going to paidbasher123 28273/21/2019 3:43:25 PM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) Keeps flickering between red and green. Can RickNagra 5132673/21/2019 3:43:19 PM
Tornado Alley (PROG) cool... you obviously listen to propaganda and not DesertDrifter 3047133/21/2019 3:43:17 PM
Eco-Tek Group, Inc. (ETEK) Looking good abazaba375 125753/21/2019 3:43:16 PM
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA) Could rip tommorow.. Lambsheadranch 58433/21/2019 3:43:10 PM
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