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Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) I think we can do well here especially dc key 935669/21/2019 5:22:53 PM
Pacific Ventures Group Inc. (PACV) She’s ready to move into pennies next week, Whitemoneys 157909/21/2019 5:22:47 PM
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (KBLB) Yep. Me for example. I’ve never “shorted” kblb. dragon_silk 1718069/21/2019 5:22:45 PM
General Electric (GE) One year hold from here. NewMoney 84249/21/2019 5:22:41 PM
Lans Holdings Inc. (fka LAHO) For my understanding..? I just looked at 2bflea 604989/21/2019 5:22:39 PM
Micro Imaging Technology, Inc. (MMTC) The piling mmtc BS. Disprove any of it cottonmather 1119589/21/2019 5:22:37 PM
Textmunication Holdings Inc. (TXHD) It’s coming!! They can distort all they want madeindet 516699/21/2019 5:22:33 PM
Buzz Technologies (BZTG) Buzz Technologies, I (BZTG) mick 267579/21/2019 5:22:21 PM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) just listen too what HE ACTUALLY SAYS on navycmdr 5627739/21/2019 5:22:13 PM
CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) Good idea! skichic 1151389/21/2019 5:21:57 PM
Your Economy (No Politics) (YE1) Last day of the dinosaurs' reign captured in basserdan 1028079/21/2019 5:21:55 PM
Liberal Free Chat Zone (NOLIB) Last day of the dinosaurs' reign captured in basserdan 3073699/21/2019 5:21:42 PM
Bioelectronics Corp. (BIEL) From your lips to GOD'S ears toohot ! gimmee greenbacks 1985549/21/2019 5:21:28 PM
Imaging3, Inc. (IGNG) Technical "BUY" Signal for today! Golden_Cross 560649/21/2019 5:21:19 PM
Liberated Solutions, Inc. (LIBE) Agreed on this. I haven't seen a bigger STKS4LYFE 775009/21/2019 5:21:12 PM
Just Politics One could legitimately refer to Trumpty as a "bimbo". janice shell 1381139/21/2019 5:21:12 PM
Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP) so do adderall shortages, and that smell is Chasing 3215309/21/2019 5:20:33 PM
American Airlines (AAL) Any updates on the final DCR distribution? Sonny Crockett 349789/21/2019 5:20:30 PM
Brazil Minerals Inc. (BMIX) Would be a Nice to make a Field seeking wisdom 406399/21/2019 5:20:23 PM
Vilacto Bio Inc (VIBI) I will be adding Monday morning. Phyxius 143129/21/2019 5:20:11 PM
Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) Working. To get in lower lolol to late. steez 282659/21/2019 5:19:24 PM
Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. (COOP) Thanks for the article JB, interesting wowalters 5888299/21/2019 5:19:21 PM
Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD) Exciting times JQ! So many sham companies Cabinmoney 1253289/21/2019 5:19:03 PM
ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) erhe investing strategies that have been a total bust: ssc 3316639/21/2019 5:18:52 PM
Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) Last October Sparrow tweeted an apology about the Lugnut 436369/21/2019 5:18:45 PM
UnifiedOnline Inc. (fka UOIP) I'm in another company that's been in greys Targun 735279/21/2019 5:18:38 PM
UNIVEC, Inc. (UNVC) You have to be in it to win it!!! $$UNVC$$ SlimPickun 580939/21/2019 5:18:34 PM
Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDII) jimmy buffett says COME MONDAY .. it"ll be sammyk 38189/21/2019 5:18:13 PM
Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) Isn't this the strong base for Precision Medicine? Steady_T 2109669/21/2019 5:18:10 PM
$.0001-$.0011 News, DDs & Charts Only!!! $SIML---#56448 0 RECAP;SHARES FOR TRADING DAILY,362,167,945,FLOAT/278.960,000/ mick 469379/21/2019 5:18:06 PM
Premier Holding Corp. (PRHL) On Friday September 20, 2019, the SEC entered Elliot09 14619/21/2019 5:18:02 PM
American Green Inc. (ERBBD) Visitors..ERBB has been selling CBD product since 2017..Yet, frontloading 3026099/21/2019 5:17:57 PM
Auscrete Corp. (ASCK) Could see .0008 hit monday JusDePomme 211329/21/2019 5:17:54 PM
PCT Ltd. (PCTL) Last weeks chart is showing improvement !! Monday CrazyKar123 310409/21/2019 5:17:03 PM
Aureus Inc (ARSN) ARSN Daily Chart Golden_Cross 128839/21/2019 5:16:40 PM
Whale Team MLHC... glenn1919 618619/21/2019 5:16:13 PM
T M M Inc (TMMI) Looks like the optimists of TMM are having 4retire 358899/21/2019 5:15:44 PM
PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) Provide proof of more dilution and I will Djk0689 267499/21/2019 5:15:41 PM
Holiday Island Holdings Inc. (HIHI) Ready to bounce again here! Golden_Cross 249049/21/2019 5:15:33 PM
Amarin Corp. PLC ADS (AMRN) Amen to you and the Irishman. There should invest2992 2155559/21/2019 5:15:21 PM
MyDx Inc. (MYDX) Just the results of Yazbeck leadership. Fail, VerifyandTrust 955519/21/2019 5:15:17 PM
Niocorp Developments Ltd. (NIOBF) Most Read Boards - Last 24 Hours Landmark8211111 530249/21/2019 5:14:50 PM
NaturalShrimp Inc. (SHMP) Yes! From my calculations the real breakout comes BRITT2575 698709/21/2019 5:14:27 PM
$Pistol Pete$, $Mick$ & Friends Stock Picks /news, DD and charts RECAP;SHARES FOR TRADING DAILY,362,167,945,FLOAT/278.960,000/91.78% mick 2075089/21/2019 5:14:19 PM
Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) That sounds about right and would love to handsomehank 1802049/21/2019 5:14:19 PM
Tamino Minerals, Inc. (TINO) $TINO FACTS AGREED 100% webdev2016 109049/21/2019 5:13:39 PM
Zalemark Holding Co., Inc. (ZMRK) So is this good news or not? There Sonny Crockett 230409/21/2019 5:13:24 PM
General Stock Ideas Recent interview with Jim Rickards - gfp927z 149119/21/2019 5:12:58 PM
AMMO Inc. (POWW) How big of a raise do they need Hawkeye_tt 1979/21/2019 5:12:50 PM
PlusOneCoin (PLUS1USD) Nothing I could say could compete with Robert Johnson II 82339/21/2019 5:12:16 PM
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