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Nio Inc NYSE / I.P.O. (NIO) Livestream NIO Norway launch Kajagoogoo-Paul 203775/6/2021 3:56:27 AM
ISW Holdings Inc. (ISWH) Based on recent move, I think there are wallstreetunderdog 795535/6/2021 3:54:52 AM
88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) Awesome day Red to Green and HOD close. powerbattles 226415/6/2021 3:54:51 AM
Mondial Ventures Inc. (MNVN) since we are very stable, I expect a kommisar7 147015/6/2021 3:54:02 AM
World Oil Group Inc. (WOGI) Thank You Iron Heart!!! Peaches67 570105/6/2021 3:52:54 AM
DealerAdvance Inc. (DLAD) price could go crazy friday even today maybe boogieboy 345425/6/2021 3:50:54 AM
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL) Hell yeah brotha. We are going to see Kuhze 296055/6/2021 3:50:18 AM
Shell Stocks; Reverse Mergers; Acquisitions; Zombies; Greys; & All "Other" Plays I have a similar question: itslebronbish 280465/6/2021 3:50:02 AM
Exactus Inc. (EXDI) I am buying. nealhugh 13855/6/2021 3:49:10 AM
Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) Let’s go over 0.002 today MIHA 1193565/6/2021 3:48:56 AM
Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) Nice analogy, but completely devoid of explanation. Investor2014 3091785/6/2021 3:47:31 AM
Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP) Stay tuned... aELmTPa 3553045/6/2021 3:46:30 AM
Helios and Matheson Information Technology Inc. (HMNY) Buy accordingly. Obviously as cheap as you can. Lenard 517535/6/2021 3:45:04 AM
THE WOOF OF WALL STREET $ELRA - 05/05/2021 Reinstatement Iron heart 93275/6/2021 3:43:56 AM
Paychest Inc (PYCT) May 3rd and May 4th put PYCT back PayChest 1223515/6/2021 3:42:46 AM
Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. (BDGR) This run is over. the Company and the gindai 404875/6/2021 3:41:06 AM
Cytodyn Inc. (CYDY) Your a dipshit hopster... change your name but SizzlChest 1638805/6/2021 3:39:13 AM
Captain's Quarters Insurrection and Antagonism ought to be showing up JD400 86065/6/2021 3:38:21 AM
Ripple (XRPUSD) Hey can anybody tell me what the easiest Steve0229 271815/6/2021 3:34:23 AM
Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) $ELRA - I put the NV SOS screenshot Iron heart 700145/6/2021 3:32:32 AM
Xalles Holdings Inc (XALL) This is all about supply and demand. Not Watcherdave 163245/6/2021 3:32:00 AM
Clearvue Technologies Ltd (CVUEF) Latest re GCInvestor 135/6/2021 3:31:26 AM
Trans Global Group Inc (TGGI) Agreed, accurate date imo. Anytime though as much TradersQue 1183455/6/2021 3:29:39 AM
Joshua Gold Resources Inc. (JSHG) heres stock sumos post to me just last fingers 10885/6/2021 3:27:50 AM
InternetArray, Inc (INAR) INAR - The Next BEST Bottom Play! trader53 267435/6/2021 3:27:17 AM
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (TNXP) hello What do you think how things will continue tr5 77565/6/2021 3:26:36 AM
Cen Biotech Inc. (CENBF) He can be trusted look at what he Greensmeans 12195/6/2021 3:26:10 AM
MDM Permian Inc. (MDMP) Most bids never filled today, all mm action. TradersQue 44685/6/2021 3:25:26 AM
RushNet Inc. (RSHN) Here is Ashleys update to shareholders. Looks like andebais 1445495/6/2021 3:23:26 AM
NorthWest Biotherapeutics Inc. (NWBO) Spot On "Kgeo". LC is Adam Fartstain 747flyboy 3748295/6/2021 3:23:19 AM
NaturalShrimp Inc. (SHMP) Well, if it was good enough for Billy uber darthium 945605/6/2021 3:23:00 AM
DogeCoin (DOGEUSD) $Doge. Agreed. But the world is looking goarmy123 98925/6/2021 3:22:16 AM
SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) Hey another new high there today Vandalay do nowwhat2 3408555/6/2021 3:22:08 AM
12 Retech Corporation (RETC) And u like to lick ass imo droopyeyes 390175/6/2021 3:20:43 AM
Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays Good Thursday Morning, Triple 000 Traders! trader53 2244755/6/2021 3:20:29 AM
$$Pistol Pete$$, $$Mick$$ Uranium Rare Earth Gold Silver Metals Exporation $mick thanks; Copper outlook just became even stronger NYBob 7385/6/2021 3:19:54 AM
Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. (BOTY) Lingerie Fighting Championships to Perform Three Shows at Golden_Cross 96495/6/2021 3:15:32 AM
Bitcoin (BTCUSD) For example, by 2040, there will be no Kflawn 212365/6/2021 3:15:31 AM
Xfuels Inc. (XFLS) Thank you both, those valuations are directly from TradersQue 142325/6/2021 3:15:31 AM
Southcorp Capital, Inc (STHC) There is some serious shat going on behind crossball 438755/6/2021 3:15:15 AM
Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein (DWP) Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to use Silicon Valley scion 456615/6/2021 3:15:11 AM
2050 Motors Inc. (ETFM) $ETFM new ticker is FOMC ( also associated Smilin_B 295965/6/2021 3:14:46 AM
COPPER (Cu) PRODUCERS $Deninski thanks; Copper outlook just became even stronger NYBob 735/6/2021 3:13:39 AM
BB's Stock Haven $ETFM new ticker is FOMC (Federal Open Market Smilin_B 47872565/6/2021 3:13:30 AM
Magellan Energy, Ltd. (MGLG) It's possible people are simply selling to get SpankThePolitic 422555/6/2021 3:12:43 AM
Max Sound Corporation (MAXD) Penny Hustler 338545/6/2021 3:12:05 AM
Adaptive Medias, Inc. (ADTM) ADTM 0.0010 - Targets 0.0017 / 0.0023 / trader53 708215/6/2021 3:11:59 AM
Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. (GVSI) Getting in on the ground floor is where Golden_Cross 192625/6/2021 3:09:30 AM
DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) DPLS $0.02245 - Target $0.0355 This Week! trader53 179595/6/2021 3:07:22 AM
Nevada Copper Corp (NEVDF) $Copper outlook just became even stronger >>> maybe NYBob 9075/6/2021 3:06:50 AM
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