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Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (BLDV) If all comes to fruition, this could (should) tncurler 625885/26/2017 8:40:30 PM
Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) Longs!! I haven't been watching much but I'm the third leg 608535/26/2017 8:40:30 PM
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (KBLB) He asked. Feel free to put me on ignore. dragon_silk 1228475/26/2017 8:40:13 PM
On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) are you "NITWIT" ? copytele 776205/26/2017 8:40:08 PM
Quantum Materials Corporation (QTMM) Why strain and exhaust ourselves by guessing the solartech 583125/26/2017 8:40:05 PM
Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) So why are you even here??? You know thankyou12 487015/26/2017 8:39:58 PM
Pilgrim Petroleum Corp. (PGPM) Lol....I get 30 free trades a month so Carjockey2 377285/26/2017 8:39:37 PM
Spelling, Grammar and Other OOPS! would hope that other shareholders would see this waterchaser 301795/26/2017 8:39:17 PM
American Green Inc. (ERBB) *****HILARIOUS !!! AG putting da cart before da 1vman 2596305/26/2017 8:39:15 PM
Just Politics How does President Donald Trump’s proposed budget reach ergo sum 599805/26/2017 8:39:13 PM
22nd Century Group (XXII) Investopedia says this about inverse head and shoulders: http://www.investopedia brucethepotter 353225/26/2017 8:39:10 PM
BTCS Inc. (BTCS) No losses this week...$6K profit. RealnessNYC 152825/26/2017 8:39:04 PM
Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (SGYP) I hope so too. nsomniyak 25805/26/2017 8:38:57 PM
MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD Have a great long weekend all!! Cheers the third leg 17807565/26/2017 8:38:36 PM
Hiru Corporation (HIRU) Nice week for HIRU ! RSI @ ksbigger 271415/26/2017 8:38:28 PM
Rig's Platinum Penny Picks Tremendous opportunity for massive growth, thanks for the RIGATONI 3100915/26/2017 8:38:23 PM
BB''s Stock Haven Have a great long weekend all!! Cheers the third leg 41281715/26/2017 8:38:21 PM
TGI Solar Power Group, Inc. (TSPG) .0012's coming back, then we work higher imo SmokeSignals 144965/26/2017 8:38:13 PM
Alumifuel Power Corp. (AFPW) Looks like Ryan is trying to take the Nacho15 813615/26/2017 8:37:55 PM
Global Equity International Inc (GEQU) Good to see old familiar names coming back Ricosauve 889455/26/2017 8:37:38 PM
Health Sciences Group (HESG) Hesg is pink no information common stock. fancycolor 1233825/26/2017 8:37:17 PM
U.S. Stem Cell Inc. (USRM) I've read the new law word by word. OTC_MILLIONAIR 645015/26/2017 8:37:16 PM
Coin Citadel (CCTL) Lol no volume is not okay gl on koolmc 171645/26/2017 8:37:06 PM
Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACBFF) load the 747 and off to Germany and BIGJJB 11185/26/2017 8:36:50 PM
OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OWCP) Will be FANTASTIC , I know! sales and stockfan100 936895/26/2017 8:36:45 PM
Liberal Free Chat Zone (NOLIB) Well you have a point there....and more and HoosierHoagie 2293745/26/2017 8:36:36 PM
Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) Yes - welcome to the board Xster. buzlightwave 249705/26/2017 8:36:33 PM
Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) ceo only build up his business and never ganxiaohui 96505/26/2017 8:36:22 PM
Mexus Gold US (MXSG) stupid longs do not recognize a simple decimal shotgun 165605/26/2017 8:36:14 PM
North America Frac Sand Inc. (NAFS) 95%! Pre Tuesday open. Imho, but Grayhair 16625/26/2017 8:36:07 PM
Politics and Money Putin was not at all helpful in negotiating Elroy Jetson 1145905/26/2017 8:36:01 PM
mCig Inc. (MCIG) ****happy MEMORIAL WEEKEND Mcig not trading till Tuesday time Pickitjerry 862535/26/2017 8:35:25 PM
Dig-It Underground, Inc. (DIGX) It was nonsense - there was no 50M AJH92 300585/26/2017 8:35:24 PM
MMEX Resources Corp. (MMEX) Oh wow, Hanks is speaking at a conference I-Glow 570665/26/2017 8:35:18 PM
Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. (SEGI) My Humble Opinion... We'll be in the 00's GR8FX 487735/26/2017 8:35:09 PM
PureSnax International Inc (PSNX) Where you at Muzik? I'm still waiting for MardahResonance 29265/26/2017 8:35:04 PM
NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Crying Wolf again? Coinstar 3642255/26/2017 8:34:55 PM
Advaxis, Inc. (ADXS) I haven't sold a share. I didn't bring fbg0316 210025/26/2017 8:34:44 PM
American Leisure Holdings Inc (AMLH) I would say so yes, we've been bouncing Johndonceal 442075/26/2017 8:34:28 PM
Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) Well God forbid St Missing gets held accountable mrplmer 1062885/26/2017 8:34:16 PM
A Gardener's Diary May 26-Strong winds were prevalent in the afternoon Monksdream 4375/26/2017 8:34:08 PM
Stockitution LOL! Glad you liked that humor! You have bigstocksnbonds 267595/26/2017 8:34:02 PM
NEWBIES BOARD "Only the dead soldiers have seen the end nathanial 697715/26/2017 8:33:43 PM
Tornado Alley (PROG) The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend: F6 2696195/26/2017 8:33:11 PM
Omni Health Inc. (OMHE) Looking good. Someone is loading, as I've been MD-420 170745/26/2017 8:33:02 PM
MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) UBA has 8 Million customers, at least. zeeinvest 2768065/26/2017 8:32:46 PM
*** ALL THINGS MONEY >>>> ATM *** Thanks cap. Enjoy the weekend buddy! Jaxon2010 858215/26/2017 8:32:39 PM
Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) OTCQB is a tier created by the for I-Glow 311535/26/2017 8:31:58 PM
UnifiedOnline Inc. (UOIP) I agree 100% Bargaining table time And we got the KeepItRealistic 276815/26/2017 8:31:42 PM
Decision Diagnostics Corp. (DECN) Oily,hard to believe you'd make this up. scoop9 445405/26/2017 8:31:27 PM
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