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atleast we know they are alive now
threewheeler 05/10/23 11:33 AM
New out:
Humbert 05/10/23 10:08 AM
Quarterly report out, looks good:
Humbert 05/09/23 11:24 AM
$BNCM threewheeler 02/17/23 2:51 PM
$BNCM threewheeler 10/24/22 1:03 PM
It looks like things are beginning to shape Humbert 09/27/22 6:32 PM threewheeler 09/27/22 2:35 AM
BNCM & SERVEBANK To Manage The Listing of ADB threewheeler 08/16/22 2:37 PM
agreed BNCM huge potential threewheeler 08/11/22 4:50 PM
Pretty quiet… ready for an update. rbb 08/11/22 12:32 PM
BNCM SECURITY DETAILS threewheeler 07/20/22 7:18 PM
.50 PPS offering threewheeler 07/20/22 6:56 PM
agreed BNCM huge potential and we are starting threewheeler 07/14/22 3:32 PM
History? splintered sunlight 07/14/22 12:55 PM
One of the best opportunities in OTC history Humbert 07/14/22 12:24 PM
fully agreed, they have every intention of being threewheeler 07/12/22 10:14 AM
One of the most undervalued stocks on the OTC Humbert 07/12/22 10:10 AM
indeed had a nice pop a few months threewheeler 07/12/22 9:38 AM
Even that OS of 7 million is tiny ElJefe80 07/12/22 9:21 AM
BNCM I would honestly go by the Unrestricted threewheeler 07/12/22 9:20 AM
OTC says only a 772,000 float here!?!? May ElJefe80 07/12/22 8:55 AM
People don't have money for a cup of Humbert 07/11/22 3:40 PM
Total assets 103,432,837 threewheeler 07/11/22 3:11 PM
them move on tired of all the hold threewheeler 07/11/22 3:08 PM
They got over $100mil in assets? Page 11 MasterChi 07/11/22 2:13 PM
They opened up a location in Philippine. People fadi 07/11/22 2:01 PM
BNCM - added rbb 07/11/22 1:01 PM
indeed BNCM was over dollarland first run on threewheeler 07/11/22 12:42 PM
Just the beginning here: Humbert 07/11/22 12:30 PM
BNCM volume alert threewheeler 07/11/22 12:12 PM
There is so much value here that it's Humbert 07/11/22 6:21 AM
BNCM and SERVEBANK will launch GIGSCAFE in August 2022 threewheeler 07/01/22 3:53 PM
Obviously the company will skyrocket in the near Humbert 06/30/22 5:56 AM
It'll start heading up shortly Humbert 06/23/22 11:56 AM
I've BEEN waiting and seeing and nothing. splintered sunlight 06/16/22 9:50 AM
Just wait and see. Management has informed me Humbert 06/16/22 4:25 AM
agreed BNCM in my 401k will just let threewheeler 06/15/22 10:24 PM
There is no BOUNCE to BNCM. splintered sunlight 06/15/22 2:18 PM
BNCM remains one of the best investments on Humbert 06/15/22 7:50 AM
Yes, it would be wise to hold here Humbert 06/11/22 5:12 PM
agreed BNCM maybe next week, sooner or later threewheeler 06/10/22 4:33 PM
Investors must also consider that there's a lot Humbert 06/09/22 3:09 PM
If the current officers sold, they'd have to Humbert 06/09/22 2:42 PM
Can you provide links or prove the statements splintered sunlight 06/08/22 10:05 PM
It's going back up. There are numerous revenue Humbert 06/08/22 2:35 PM
Why about your link should give me or splintered sunlight 06/06/22 11:07 AM
Seen it - not convinced at all. splintered sunlight 06/06/22 10:51 AM threewheeler 06/06/22 10:49 AM
Why? splintered sunlight 06/06/22 9:43 AM
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Bounce Mobile System (BNCM)

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BNCM (Bounce Mobile Systems Inc.) is an asset management and consultancy company. BNCM manages the assets or shares of companies it currently owns. BNCM currently owns assets and or shares in various companies involved in asset management, education, franchise, healthcare and technologies. These companies are located and registered in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and in the USA.

BNCM also provides consultancy services to companies seeking to quote or list on the OTC or NASDAQ markets, in partnership with experienced and qualified auditors, accountants, attorneys, brokers, market makers etc. The growth of these companies will directly provide more employment opportunities to the communities, improve the economy of the country, and bring greater social change to humanity.


Delex Healthcare Group, Inc. (DELEX)

DELEX is involved in the distribution of medical and healthcare products in Asia. DELEX currently distributes to more than 600 hospitals and healthcare centers in the Philippines.

DELEX is currently marketing seventeen (17) drugs in the Philippine market. DELEX also holds Certificates of Product Registrations (CPR) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines for five (5) pharmaceutical products as follows: Ceftazin, Ceftrex Ceftriaxone Sodium, Dobulex, Nicardilex, and Norepin. Most of these products are market leaders.

BNCM will be overseeing Delex's IPO in the USA: BNCM Files for Reg A of Delex Healthcare Group, Inc.


Some of Delex's products:

EGGE Security Tokens

EGGE is an Asset-Backed Security Tokens owned by BNCM Inc.Security Tokens are essentially digital forms of traditional securities which represent an ownership stake in an asset or company. and often comes with the expectation of future returns when the asset appreciates in value

GIGSBOSS Freelance

GIGSBOSS is a platform for freelancers worldwide. GIGSOSS mission is to improve the lives of people and communities. It does so by creating economic opportunities for them. GIGSBOSS enables people the opportunity to offer their talents and skills and the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, while enabling companies to secure the best possible talents for their projects within their budgets.

GIGSBOSS aims to secure over 500,000 freelancers by the end of the year by developing strategic partnerships with various colleges, cooperatives, non profit organizations and various plans stated below. (beta)


Starfleet Innotech, Inc. (SFIO)

SFIO is currently quoted on the OTC Markets (USA). SFIO is involved in Asset Management, Food and Franchise Business. SFIO has merged with AGROKINGS Inc. and has 100% shareholding in AGROKINGS Inc., owner and operator of Epiphany Cafe Franchise Group, Ardent Bakers, Gorgeous Coffee Co., A+ Electrical and Accord Investment Group (AIG). Epiphany Cafe has a food manufacturing facility and coffee roaster supplying to over 20 Epiphany franchise stores and 200+ retail stores across New Zealand with ongoing expansion projects in Australia and Asia.

BNCM helped to oversee the merger that resulted in Starfleet Innotech, and holds a sizeable position in the company.


"May 25, 2022. Bounce Mobile Systems, Inc. (BNCM) today announced its partnership with Servebank Financial, Inc. (SERVEBANK) to establish a Café Franchise across the region. The first franchise store will be open in the Philippines by 1st August 2022.

The Café concept started with the simple idea of wanting to provide tasty and quality milk tea, coffee, pasties, and snacks for the entire family, in a nice cozy ambiance with prices affordable to all."

Asiatec Developers & Builders (ADB)

Asiatech Developers & Builders (ADB) is a contractor and builder for commercial and residential projects for over 14 years. ADB have been involved in the construction of many major projects across the country: Ayala Mall the 30th / Avida Serin West / Amaia Steps Alabang / STI College Alabang / St.Michael Academy / Phil Sports Complex / South Park Arvo Mall / Park Residences / Vertis North BPO Towers etc.


Servebank Twitter (posts BNCM updates):


Bounce Mobile Systems (BNCM) to Invest and Expand Revenue Driven Businesses

"May 9th, 2022 Bounce Mobile Systems, Inc. (BNCM) today announced that it will focus on expanding more revenue driven businesses which forms part of an ecosystem for its business. The businesses are synergistic and maximizes its current manpower, networks and return of investment for its shareholders."

BNCM Posts Strong Growth and Financial Results for the Year 2021

"BNCM posts its Annual Financial Statements Disclosure reflecting strong growth and revenue results of $43,896,626. Net Operating Income of $10,085,297 and Total Assets of $94,039,459. BNCM's assets are composed of over $8.3M of shares receivable and cash on hand, while its non-current assets of over $85.695M are composed of investments in Acquired Companies and Digital Assets of Security Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). "


52 Week High: $1.70 

Float: 7,438,581


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