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We've partnered with some of the most well-respected and knowledgeable firms in the industry to provide both free educational content and premium education/guidance. We encourage you to read and paper trade as much as possible before you invest any real money in the stock market. Consider the partners below on your journey to master the stock market. Happy Trading!

How Do I Get Started Investing?

Some suggestions on how to best get your feet wet.

Stock Market Definitions

Key stock market terms you need to know in order to trade.

Level I

How to read the Level 1 Screen (streaming, real-time quotes).

Level II

How to read the Level II Screen (market depth/order book).


How to read the Trades application (time and sales of each trade).


How to read stock charts; and various chart trading strategies.


Where to get Market News and why it's important.

SEC Filings

What SEC filings are and how they're important for your due diligence.

Stock Market Strategies

A collection of stock market strategies you can try out.

Where to get investment ideas

Suggestions and links to answer the question: What do I invest in?

Do your DD

How to properly research companies you are interested in investing in.

Stock Market Regulation

Information on the entities responsible for keeping order..

Warnings for New Investors

Important information on how to avoid getting burned in the stock market.

Market Makers

What a Market Maker is and how they make money.

101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners

101 pithy and well-researched tips to help day traders, investors and stock pickers to focus on what characterises a potential successful stock. Clem Chambers is one of the world’s leading authorities on market performance and now he’s prepared to share his knowledge and expertise with you. His website,, one of the largest trader information sites on the web, helps investors all over the world to analyse stocks and shares information. He broadcasts on finance and the global economy around the world for the BBC, CNBC, al Jazeera and BNN.

101 Charts for Trading Success

Using insider knowledge to reveal the tricks of the trade, Zak Mir’s 101 Charts for Trading Success is the essential guide that explains the most complex set ups in the market.

Charting provides a clear way of predicting price action and hence gaining riches. Executed correctly using Zak’s tricks, charting is a way of delivering high probability percentage trades and investments that remove the task of trawling through company accounts, financial ratios, and interviewing megalomaniac CEOs.

Letters to my Broker

This collection of letters was written by investors back in 1919. Almost 100 years ago people were making many mistakes common to investing today. Errors such as indecisiveness, poor planning, and trying to time the markets have consistently demolished portfolios over the millennia. Don't let avoidable errors cause you to lose money. Read Letters to My Broker and get one step closer to financial success.

Beginner's Guide to Value Investing

Learn the necessary skills to choose the best stocks, monitor your portfolio, and know when to sell - get rich slow with a minimum of stress.