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3,990 SEC Suspensions between Jan. 1st,2010 to Dec. Renee 01/02/22 10:38 AM
Consider this a final warning to all (no exceptions) nodummy 03/26/20 1:17 PM
Short volume: Seems FINRA has changed the janice shell 09/02/19 5:17 PM
FINRA issues new Investors Bulletin: 1manband 01/01/18 9:23 PM
Between 7:00 am Monday and 4:00 pm Friday nodummy 03/10/17 5:14 PM
Non DTCC BigBake1 02/14/12 8:54 PM shajandr 4 hours ago
That’s a gross misrepresentation of what he envisioned. hedge_fun 8 hours ago
The reality is that Milton Fiedman was one OMOLIVES 11/27/22 6:15 PM
Not to worry; Audet v Fraser is a janice shell 11/27/22 4:17 PM
Why not? Some people on the CRGP board janice shell 11/27/22 4:07 PM
And Iruke is active in crypto space - janice shell 11/27/22 4:05 PM
NOVA aired a Nov 9 episode about cryptocurrency Monksdream 11/27/22 3:39 PM
The part about being exonerated may be bullshit janice shell 11/27/22 3:26 PM
Speaking of Iruke - samsamsamiam 11/27/22 3:19 PM
I have a very hard time grasping how janice shell 11/27/22 3:16 PM
LMAO. Woke seems to be the new buzz word. BullNBear52 11/27/22 3:15 PM
Mebbe ghost CEO ADAM CARTER of CRGP can shajandr 11/27/22 3:12 PM
Are we really debating cryptos and who made BullNBear52 11/27/22 3:08 PM shajandr 11/27/22 3:02 PM
Or some foreigner hijacked his identity and is samsamsamiam 11/27/22 3:02 PM
Now add these up: samsamsamiam 11/27/22 2:53 PM
I'm inclined to wonder whether Babs just went janice shell 11/27/22 2:51 PM
Fake stuff on the internet???? LOL Buckey 11/27/22 2:40 PM
No question the clerk will just look it bar1080 11/27/22 2:01 PM
Likely, more compensated self-promotion by the 27-year old bar1080 11/27/22 1:55 PM
The part about being exonerated may be bullshit samsamsamiam 11/27/22 1:33 PM
The divorce case samsamsamiam 11/27/22 1:24 PM
Lol you mean like FTX Crypto Sam? samsamsamiam 11/27/22 1:09 PM
Years ago my son concocted a Wikipedia article bar1080 11/27/22 11:23 AM
Well aren't I the fool. Lol. He does Buckey 11/27/22 10:48 AM
Jeesh, it's total BULL SHIT. The "articles" are bar1080 11/27/22 10:47 AM
I have a very hard time grasping how Buckey 11/27/22 10:41 AM
"Getting severe about blockchain" ??? bar1080 11/27/22 10:40 AM ? Facebook. ?Apple samsamsamiam 11/27/22 10:03 AM
The satirical site, The Onion, has filed a brilliant shajandr 11/27/22 1:10 AM
Excellent. janice shell 11/26/22 10:16 PM
I know I don't. And now unfortunately...I OMOLIVES 11/26/22 10:09 PM
Ha!.....what a great name.."Babakian". Would love to OMOLIVES 11/26/22 10:06 PM
No, you don't know anything at all about janice shell 11/26/22 9:54 PM
I'm sure you do...but a lot of print OMOLIVES 11/26/22 9:51 PM
Oh not to worry - I know plenty samsamsamiam 11/26/22 9:48 PM
Ahhh, but we both know a great deal janice shell 11/26/22 9:46 PM two are so caught up in this. OMOLIVES 11/26/22 9:19 PM
Well, yeah. But that's just bullshit from his janice shell 11/26/22 8:53 PM samsamsamiam 11/26/22 8:35 PM
This is the suit: janice shell 11/26/22 7:36 PM
Certainly something's going on. Where did these two janice shell 11/26/22 7:18 PM
That sketchy SEEKERS article said case was decided samsamsamiam 11/26/22 7:18 PM
Hmmm I’m thinking there is some IRUKE/Babikian activity samsamsamiam 11/26/22 6:59 PM
That's right on the money. And as we janice shell 11/26/22 5:57 PM
If it isn't on PACER, it didn't happen. janice shell 11/26/22 5:48 PM
Somebody trying to sell a bridge? tdbowieknife 11/26/22 5:45 PM
John Babikian/Michael Parsons samsamsamiam 11/26/22 1:44 PM
If not found on pacer, I guess a samsamsamiam 11/26/22 1:23 PM
LOLOL!!! janice shell 11/26/22 11:54 AM
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DD Support Board and Fraud Research Forum

This forum is a place for ALL to share and build research and due diligence.

This is not a forum for recommending stocks to buy or sell.  It is for information sharing only.

Please do not use this forum to promote stocks.

Feel free to build on the research already done by others or to present fresh new research.


Please start all informational posts with the ticker symbol of the stock.


We have done lots of research on lots of different stocks. 

A good tool for people to use is the search feature using the ticker symbol of the company for which you are interested.  If you own a free IHUB account and you are unable to use the search feature just ask in a message if any past research was done on a specific ticker and somebody will be happy to supply you with the links to some of the past research posts.


A few simple rules to follow:

1: You cannot discuss other posters or try to attack them. TOU still is applied here.

2: BRING FACTS. No flame wars. Be mature and respect the DD that is done regardless of what you think of it.

3: We do not give advice for buying or selling the stock you are interested in. We only find information that pertains to the company and/or it's executives

4: If you ask for some DD on a company, don't expect a rose garden of an answer. Not going to happen.

5: Off topic is okay...TO A CERTAIN respectful, it's not that hard to do.

Important links:

Another place to read some of nodummy's research:

Great Forum for Litigation and Court Docket updates not posted on this board:

SEC trading suspensions:

SEC press releases:

SEC administration proceedings:

SEC litigation releases:

Most recent SEC flings:

Great Website for basic information about the laws surrounding penny stocks


Stock Dilution Scam:

A share dilution scam happens when a company, typically traded in unregulated markets such as the OTC Bulletin Board and the Pink Sheets, repeatedly issues a massive amount of shares into the market for no reason, considerably devaluing share prices until they become almost worthless, causing huge losses to shareholders. Then, after share prices are at or near the minimum price a stock can trade and the share float has increased to an unsustainable level, those fraudulent companies tend to reverse split and continue repeating the same scheme.

Pump and Dump Schemes:

"Pump and dump" schemes, also known as "hype and dump manipulation," involve the touting of a company's stock (typically microcap companies) through false and misleading statements to the marketplace. After pumping the stock, fraudsters make huge profits by selling their cheap stock into the market.

Pump and dump schemes often occur on the Internet where it is common to see messages posted that urge readers to buy a stock quickly or to sell before the price goes down, or a telemarketer will call using the same sort of pitch. Often the promoters will claim to have "inside" information about an impending development or to use an "infallible" combination of economic and stock market data to pick stocks. In reality, they may be company insiders or paid promoters who stand to gain by selling their shares after the stock price is "pumped" up by the buying frenzy they create. Once these fraudsters "dump" their shares and stop hyping the stock, the price typically falls, and investors lose their money.


The key is understanding

The key is understanding that pink sheet stocks are not investments - 99% of them will lose value over the long run and never accomplish most of their forward looking pumping statements they put in press releases or on their websites. Never believe the hype - always be skeptical of everything you hear.

The people mostly making money with pink sheet stocks are promoters, front loading pumpers with big followings they can dump on, crooks, some of the flippers, and sometimes the very lucky.

Pumpers only tell you to buy stocks that they already own. Pumpers only tell you to hold stocks because they want to make sure you hold longer than them.

They make money by pumping the stock and getting other people to buy then dumping their shares on the followers.

If you really want to take the risk of trying to make money trading pink sheet companies then you have to understand how the game works and never ever hold long term - take profits when you can. Pump and Dumps dominate the IHUB forums.

Trading pink sheet stocks is a sick game full of lies and deceit where people take advantage of the inexperienced and naive stealing away their life savings for their own personal gains.

Very little respect or morals exist in stinky pinky land.


The Consequences of an SEC Suspension:

Complete list of SEC suspended stocks and SEC Admin. Law Judge registration revocations from January 1st, 2010 to May 9,2020:

More information on Suspended Stocks

Disclaimer:  All statements made on this forum are the opinion of the author of the post.  Please try to back up all statements with as much evidence to support your opinion as possible.



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