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I believe what both are actually saying is
b3 31 minutes ago
Bban, Shamu already replied and invested in it too xoom 33 minutes ago
$COOP reported a BOOK VALUE of $58.57 in
JusticeWillWin 39 minutes ago
Yep. I agree. All these people in the jhdf51 12:19 PM
Boris. I’d love to believe that, but this jhdf51 12:18 PM
They always seem to forget the important parts BBANBOB 12:11 PM
FYI: Blackstone made billions going all-in on t1215s 12:00 PM
WAMUSHAMU SO what exactly or who exactly is XXXX BBANBOB 11:59 AM
Of course COOP says that no such XXXX novascotiaSTS 11:58 AM
The issue is XXXX: AZ claims it is PickStocks 11:57 AM
Can’t believe you don’t know what XXXX is Steve WAMUSHAMU 11:10 AM
Level 2? Anyone- is it down or just ckaufman2160 10:03 AM
Agreed 2221 9:34 AM
ron Come on Ron Tell me who JellyandJam 8:57 AM
Since nobody is talking about dates, we will xoom 7:32 AM
LATEST $COOP price targets===>Piper Sandler:$64, BTIG:$60, Credit Sui
JusticeWillWin 6:16 AM
Good morning people: jhd I have often posted t1215s 5:47 AM
Did you ever consider there was nothing after LexTrader 5:20 AM
Hope this happens soon. Ray_137 3:22 AM
This saga has worn us all out. Boris the Spider 1:29 AM
Time is wearing thin......the further this dawdles along jhdf51 12:42 AM
The UWs obviously wanted Ps over Us. Boris the Spider 06/05/23 11:38 PM
"I don’t support the Alice Class 19 totally goodietime 06/05/23 9:20 PM
As You Know Bob. ron_66271 06/05/23 8:08 PM
JnJ https://www.xxxx.com.au/agegate/ j/k -) t1215s 06/05/23 3:57 PM
I’m not certain about all the revenue streams, jhdf51 06/05/23 3:53 PM
Do you think with perhaps, forthcoming, defaults, and jhdf51 06/05/23 3:53 PM
A MUST-READ=======>COOP Q1 2023 earnings call TRANSCRIPT
JusticeWillWin 06/05/23 1:17 PM
I removed the("). goodietime 06/05/23 1:03 PM
Neither of the two "links" work, as they sidedraft 06/05/23 12:51 PM
Thanks RD. LG has thrown out a time jhdf51 06/05/23 12:18 PM
You might want to batten the hatches down. Royal Dude 06/05/23 12:16 PM
That’s cool. I believe in dreams like that. jhdf51 06/05/23 11:56 AM
Correct, both the extreme secrecy surrounding XXXX and raggi65 06/05/23 11:38 AM
JWW You 100% sure this is BBANBOB 06/05/23 10:37 AM
Completely false statement and huge BS!
JusticeWillWin 06/05/23 10:35 AM
Any update on level 2? ckaufman2160 06/05/23 10:18 AM
$COOP reported a BOOK VALUE of $58.57 in
JusticeWillWin 06/05/23 9:30 AM
Ron ""XXXX is private and owns COOP.""" BBANBOB 06/05/23 9:27 AM
Ron please tell me who XXXX is.! JellyandJam 06/05/23 9:09 AM
Good morning people, Picks ; Arrrrh something besides t1215s 06/05/23 8:40 AM
I just had a dream that distributions start xoom 06/05/23 4:23 AM
I think he was just responding to the xoom 06/05/23 4:07 AM
What facts…..there no money….every fact you present has PickStocks 06/05/23 1:50 AM
I have always loved that photo...LOL jhdf51 06/05/23 12:52 AM
Hello Lodas GO4AWILDRIDE 06/05/23 12:11 AM
No comment on Facts?.Hmmm. newflow 06/04/23 11:55 PM
I have no comment. ReikoBlack 06/04/23 11:41 PM
Reiko,i requested your comments on why FDIC released newflow 06/04/23 11:34 PM
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Mr Cooper Group Inc (COOP)

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Mr. Cooper Group Inc. (NASDAQ: COOP) provides quality servicing, origination and transaction-based services related principally to single-family residences throughout the United States with operations under its primary brands: Mr. Cooper® and Xome®.  Mr. Cooper is one of the largest home loan servicers in the country focused on delivering a variety of servicing and lending products, services and technologies. Xome provides technology and data enhanced solutions to homebuyers, home sellers, real estate agents and mortgage companies.

Upon completion of the merger between WMIH Corp. and Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. on July 31, 2018, WMIH became the parent company of the Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. family including Mr. Cooper (Nationstar Mortgage LLC, d/b/a Mr. Cooper), Xome and Champion Mortgage (Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion).

As of October 10, 2018, Mr. Cooper Group Inc. is the new name of WMIH Corp. On July 31, 2018, WMIH, now Mr. Cooper Group, became the parent company of the Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. family including Mr. Cooper (Nationstar Mortgage LLC, d/b/a Mr. Cooper) and Xome.


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Level 2

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As early as late 2006, WaMu would begin to become a victim of what would eventually become the worst recession in US history since the Great Depression of 1929.  WaMu's aggressive business strategy would begin to unfold throughout the end of 2006 and become increasingly disastrous through 2007.  As housing rates were at all time highs before the recession began, WaMu would use its considerable leverage and assets to make large amounts of loans in both subprime mortgages and subprime credit cards.  The banking division of WaMu at one point before the end of 2007 had nearly 336 stand-alone branch buildings where various types of home loans were processed and approved.  WaMu would eventually over leverage themselves due to the high number of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).  As the US economy slowed down, the number of home loan defaults began to rise in quick succession.  This coupled with the falling home prices throughout most of the US meant that even with foreclosures and the properties back in the hands of the company, they were unable to sell them back into the market, or were not able to derive enough revenue from the sale to cover the loan that was made on them.  In the mean time, the credit card division was also seeing a surge in the number of late and non payments being made.

By September of 2008, WaMu's stock price had fallen to $2 from its previous highs of around $50 just two years earlier.  Amid strong voices from the shareholders, then company CEO Kerry Killinger was dismissed by the company board.  In the meantime, the company went looking for a buyer for part of its banking division. WaMu had been unsuccessful in finding an appropriate buy until its seizure by the FDIC.  Overnight the companies banking division  was bought by JP Morgan Chase in a secret deal brokered by the FDIC for 1.9 billion dollars. Washington Mutual Inc. has reorganized to Washington Mutual Holding Inc. WITH SHAREHOLDERS INTACT
WMI Equity Escrow Calculator

WMIH: Here's how old shares relate in value to the new shares.

1 WAMUQ = 0.03349842 WMIH
1 WAMKQ = 0.4950146 WMIH
1 WAMPQ = 19.8005825 WMIH
1 WMIH = 29.85215422 WAMUQ
1 WMIH = 2.020142436 WAMKQ
1 WMIH = 0.050503565 WAMPQ

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