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ChinaSoft International Ltd. (OTC:CFTLF) (0354.HK)    
SEC CIK #0001388077     Shares Outstanding  2.75 Billion
Serve to promote progress with informatization.

About ChinaSoft International Ltd.
ChinaSoft International Co., Ltd. is one of the industry’s leading global software and information technology service companies.
Founded in 2000, it is a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong (stock code 00354), with 28 offices in China - Beijing,
Xi’an, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc. It has branches in 18 cities in the United States, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore and
other countries, with 75,000 employees worldwide. ChinaSoft International has a solid expertise in application development and
management, and it has an abundance of best practices and experts in corporate digital transformation.
ChinaSoft International is the largest software and information technology service company in China. The total revenue in 2014
was 4.429 billion yuan, and in 2020 it has reached 14.4 billion yuan, of which cloud business revenue accounted for more than
25.5%, and more than 60% of the customer headquarters are also located in Beijing. Sun Jiawei, senior vice president of
Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. and CEO of the Cloud Intelligence Business Group, told the author that the headquarters
economy effect is a unique advantage of Beijing, which makes Beijing a decision-making center for a large number of enterprises'
digital transformation. Once the benchmarking project is completed, it will be promoted to the national market as a case, which
will affect the choices of local governments and enterprises.
The digital transformation of some key projects has gradually formed standardized product solutions. In Beijing, based on the
Huawei Cloud platform, ChinaSoft International provides smart community and smart building IOC platform solutions that
have been widely used. In addition, the two parties also provide digital services to many customers such as Beijing Daxing
International Airport, China Vocational IOT and Baijiayun. The cooperation between Chinasoft International and Huawei has
lasted for nearly a decade, and it is also embarking on cloud transformation with the growth of Huawei's cloud business. Sun
Jiawei introduced to the author that ChinaSoft International has established an industry digital transformation consulting
team of more than 100 people, all of whom are experts in the fields of energy, transportation, airport, rail, government and
other fields with rich experience, and have the ability to implement it.
ChinaSoft International currently focuses its research and development on cloud platforms and has invested almost all its net
profits in research and development in the past two years. In the past, gross profit was often considered in traditional IT
customization projects. However, in the Beijing area, ChinaSoft International has enough IT projects. After a comprehensive
calculation, R&D costs and talent costs can be diluted to the greatest extent. ChinaSoft International's R&D business has
been fully launched on the cloud, and the early development costs can also be greatly reduced by using the cloud on-demand
payment method.

Adress:     Beijing 12th Floor, North Building, Block C, Raycom Information Center, No. 2, Ke Xuexue South
                   Road, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing   
Phone:              010 8286 1666

Homepage:      http://www.chinasofti.com/
Contact:           http://www.chinasofti.com/contactUs/index.htm
SEC Reports:   https://sec.report/CIK/0001388077
Newsroom:      http://www.chinasofti.com/news/index.htm
Investor Relations: http://www.chinasofti.com/investor/index.htm

Application Development:     http://www.chinasofti.com/development/index.htm
Big Data:                                  http://www.chinasofti.com/dsj/index.htm
CloudService:                         http://www.chinasofti.com/cloudService/index.htm
ConsultingServices:               http://www.chinasofti.com/consultingServices/index.htm

Development Path:                 http://www.chinasofti.com/aboutus/index.htm
Human Resources Solution: http://www.chinasofti.com/rlzyjjfa/index.htm
Management Service:            http://www.chinasofti.com/mservices/index.htm
Product Engineering:             http://www.chinasofti.com/product/index.htm
Software Platform:                 http://www.chinasofti.com/software/index.htm
Test Service:                           http://www.chinasofti.com/testing/index.htm
Business Process Outsourcing:   http://www.chinasofti.com/outsourcing/index.htm

Major Customers
Major customers are Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Bytedance, China FAW, China Mobile, China Telecom, Datang,
FAW Group, FAW Holdings, FAW Hongqi, FAW Jiefang, FAW Pentium, FAW-Volkswagen, Fiberhome, Gansu
Wanwei, Haier, HKUST iFLYTEK, HSBC Group, Hang Seng Bank, Hang Seng New Commercial Bank, JD.com,
Meituan, Microsoft, NetEase, ODM Wingtech, OPPO, Ping An Property & Casualty, Ping An Medical Group,
Qiming Information, TD Tech, Tencent, Xiaomi.

Solution - Financial industry localized Database Migration

The importance that Microsoft has achieved in the software and cloud industries in the western world,
                                              has reached
Chinasoft in the eastern world.
                                          Chinasoft has lots of growth potential.
              Chinasoft is a long term Investment, 5 to 10 years from January 2021.

                 This long-term strategy will pay off for owners and shareholders.

Investing means:
- Invest yourself
Those who invest themselves must carefully consider what they are investing in and whether actively or passively. When you
invest actively, you decide what to invest in. You decide for yourself which company you want to buy shares from and where you
want to sell shares. Active investors believe they can get a better return than the average market return. You are trying to beat
’the market through tactical investments, but that is not always possible because no one can predict the future with absolute
reliability based on the past. Some investors are therefore firmly convinced that passive investing brings more returns in the
long term. Passive investments “follow” the market by investing in a large number of listed companies at the same time. In this
way, the risks and opportunities are optimally distributed. This usually happens through so-called mutual funds. These replicate
a stock market index, such as the Dow Jones or the DAX, and thus rely on the average market return.

- Speculation
Some shareholders try to make substantial returns over a short period of time. Here they buy and sell stocks over short periods
of time. However, the word ‘invest’ does not fit here - 
something is called speculation and it is more like gambling.
- Invest for the long term
Investing, on the other hand, is spreading your money over stocks and bonds over a long period of time. You don't invest your
money for a month or two, but for one to ten years, or even longer. The basic principle of investing is that the economy and the
market grow over the long term. Even if you don't get a great return in the short term, 
the longer you invest your money, the
greater your chance of a higher return.

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