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Monday, 12/12/2022 9:03:29 AM

Monday, December 12, 2022 9:03:29 AM

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"Craftsman gathers strength to create the future" Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group joins hands with Chinasoft International to jointly explore and accelerate the development of industrial digitalization.


December 12, 2022

Recently, "Craftsmen gather together to create the future intelligently" - Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, Liuzhou Mobile "Craftsman School" awarding ceremony, 5G + research base completion ceremony was successfully held at the steel pioneer party member quenching line of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group Cold Rolling Plant. Liang Richun, deputy director and deputy party secretary of the Standing Committee of the Liuzhou Municipal People's Congress, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Qin Donglin, second-level inspector of Liuzhou City, director of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, Liu Hongxin, chairman of the labor union, Fan Kaikai, senior vice president of Chinasoft International and CTO of HWG Business Group, China Mobile He Ling, deputy general manager of Guangxi Branch and chairman of the labor union, attended the ceremony.

At the event site, Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, Liuzhou Mobile, Huawei, Chinasoft International, and Alibaba Cloud signed the "5G+ Craftsman School Alliance and Research Base Cooperation Framework Agreement". All parties will give full play to their own advantages, build the research base into a distinctive talent training center, continuously carry out new technology research and development, jointly explore cooperation opportunities in various fields, and inject new momentum into industrial digital transformation. Among them, relying on its rich software development methodology and practical experience, Chinasoft International can provide end-to-end process management empowerment for the application software development of craftsman schools. As an important part of the ecological closed loop, it will ensure the strength of craftsmen schools. Just as Chairman Liang Richun said: "Chinasoft International should embody 'hard power' in the artisan school".

During the process, Fan Kaikai, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International and CTO of HWG Business Group, introduced to everyone: Since this year, in order to continuously respond to and thoroughly implement the national new infrastructure strategy and the "14th Five-Year Plan", continue to promote steel enterprises to become smart and green. In the direction of development, Chinasoft International, together with Huawei and Liuzhou Mobile, will continue to deepen the cooperation with Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group in the 5G smart steel project relying on the craftsman school and 5G+ research base. In the project, Chinasoft International used 5G, AI and other technologies to go deep into the main production processes of the three bases in Fangchenggang, Yulin, and Liuzhou, and created 5G wisdom for rich application scenarios such as machine vision sandstone grading inspection and cold-rolled steel surface quality inspection. Steel pole. The development of these projects has not only improved production efficiency and management efficiency for Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., contributed to its digital transformation, set a benchmark for the digital transformation of Guangxi's manufacturing industry, and can also play a broad demonstration effect in the national steel industry.

In the future, in Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group and even in Guangxi, Chinasoft International will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, Huawei, and Liuzhou Mobile, relying on craftsmen schools and 5G+ research bases, and contribute wisdom and strength to Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group's green and intelligent transformation and upgrading, and make Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group. The innovative application of steel 5G intelligent manufacturing has become a benchmark in the steel industry, promoting the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, empowering the development of 5G+ industrial Internet in Guangxi, and achieving win-win industrial cooperation.