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Monday, 12/12/2022 8:47:04 AM

Monday, December 12, 2022 8:47:04 AM

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Chinasoft International's industrial central control panel passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation.


December 12, 2022

Recently, the ASTS1501 industrial central control panel launched by Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. successfully passed the compatibility evaluation of OpenAtom OpenHarmony 3.1 Release, and was awarded the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate. OpenHarmony is building a smart terminal ecosystem for personal consumption, medical care, finance, energy, industry, transportation, government affairs and other industries. Compatibility evaluation is an important guarantee for the interconnection and coordination of ecological terminal devices. Chinasoft International actively participates in the ecological construction of the OpenHarmony community. The ASTS1501 industrial central control screen device passed the evaluation to further enrich the OpenHarmony-based industrial smart terminal ecology and help the OpenHarmony open source industry to flourish.

The ASTS1501 industrial central control panel that passed the compatibility test this time uses RK3568 Cortex-A55 quad-core processor, is equipped with a 15-inch TFT LCD display, and has a GUI-friendly interface; Features such as bus, non-sensing distribution network, ad hoc network, flexible combination, and flexible deployment support deep customization of application scenarios, helping efficient development and rapid application of solutions.

Chinasoft International ASTS1501 industrial central control panel is designed and developed according to industrial-grade standards, with IP65 protection level. Industries such as coal mines, railway construction, textiles, and profiles need to face complex working environments such as high humidity, high/low temperature, flying dust, and impacts, and have strict requirements on the protection capabilities of the central control panel. The industrial central control screen adopts aluminum alloy body, five-wire resistive touch panel, the panel dot matrix density reaches 100,000 touch points/cm2, and the pressing life exceeds 10 million times, and it can also maintain Normal use, waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, anti-collision. Its outstanding performance indicators can effectively guarantee the smooth operation of industrial production, and are widely applicable to various scenarios in multiple industries such as smart industrial equipment, smart monitoring equipment, coal mine operation equipment, and smart service equipment.

Chinasoft International continues to develop the intelligent Internet of Things, using KaihongOS as the digital base, going deep into the industrial field, and cooperating with industrial ecological partners to launch scenario-based solutions to promote digital transformation in infrastructure, electric power, mines, highways, ports, industrial manufacturing and other fields to build a win-win situation Industrial intelligent terminal ecosystem. The ASTS1501 industrial central control panel passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation and was released, which is another important sign that Chinasoft International and its ecological partners are actively exploring the road of digitalization in the industrial field and achieving win-win cooperation.

As one of the co-construction units of the OpenHarmony Working Committee and a Class A donor of the OpenHarmony open source project, Chinasoft International has been deeply involved in the OpenHarmony ecological co-construction and community contributions. In the future, the company will work with ecological partners to accelerate the digitalization and intelligentization of smart terminals in thousands of industries and industries, and help the implementation of the intelligent connection scene of all things, so as to create a prosperous new ecology and share new opportunities for development.