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Tuesday, 01/03/2023 8:35:32 AM

Tuesday, January 03, 2023 8:35:32 AM

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Chinasoft International Education and Training Development Board passed the OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation.


December 26, 2022

Recently, the education and training development board launched by Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. successfully passed the compatibility evaluation of OpenAtom OpenHarmony 3.1 Release, and was awarded the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate.

OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation is a key link to ensure the interconnection of OpenHarmony ecological products under the support of a unified technology base. The passing of the evaluation of the education and training development board means that Chinasoft International's research and development capabilities and innovation level in the OpenHarmony field have been further improved. Chinasoft International will rely on the ecological practice achievements such as education and training development boards and the talent cultivation system to provide solid support for the OpenHarmony ecology and talent construction, and accelerate the realization of the ecological vision of the intelligent connection of all things.

The teaching and training development board that passed the compatibility evaluation this time uses the Lianshengde IoT Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dual-mode W800 chip as the main control chip, which can be equipped with optional functional modules such as LCD screens, ultrasonic radar, and RGB light strips. In the field of education and training, build various development and training scenarios. For example, in the smart home training scene, the education and training development board can be matched with smart curtains, smart fans, smart light belts, human body sensors and other equipment to realize the linkage and control of home devices; in the sports and health training scene, it can be matched with smart bracelets, Pedometers, temperature sensors and other equipment can monitor exercise data and health status in real time.

Developers can also take advantage of OpenHarmony's tailorable and easy-to-develop features, use various functions on the education and training development board for development and commissioning, form a low-cost, high-performance, multi-product linkage overall solution, and quickly introduce it to the market. The rich functional modules of the education and training development board are suitable for mainstream IoT scenarios such as smart home, sports and health, smart office, industrial control, and medical monitoring.

The education and training development board has the characteristics of multi-scenario distributed experience, flexible expansion, flexible combination, and high cost performance. It can lower the entry threshold for OpenHarmony development, promote the application of OpenHarmony in many IoT fields, and can satisfy education development training in one stop It facilitates end-to-end teaching for teachers in major universities, vocational schools, and education and training institutions, and helps students and developers improve their professional skills.

Chinasoft International has always attached great importance to OpenHarmony talent training and talent supply chain building, and is committed to becoming a "black land" of talent ecology. Chinasoft International and Beijing Institute of Technology jointly established the Institute of Information Technology Innovation, and carried out the special activities of “Focusing on Hongmeng Technology and Cultivating Elite Talents” and the training of specialized talents; relying on the Honglian Entrepreneurship Center, linked with local industry and information bureaus, universities, etc. The unit carried out OpenHarmony technical talent training to help reserve and upgrade local OpenHarmony ecological talent elements and resources; relying on Shenkaihong, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Innovative Talent Development Research Institute to deeply integrate KaihongOS and other innovative technologies with open source models to cultivate high-level Compound talents.

The teaching and training development board that was awarded the compatibility certificate provides a fast and rich OpenHarmony learning platform that combines theory and practice, allowing more developers to learn OpenHarmony development technology and practice OpenHarmony application scenarios at a close distance. The introduction of fresh blood and the gathering of ecological forces play an important role in boosting.

In the future, Chinasoft International will join hands with Shenzhen OpenHarmony to gather strengths and strengths, and together with many ecological partners, will continue to enrich OpenHarmony's innovative application ecology in the field of education, and build an integrated innovation cultivation of "teaching, learning, production, research, and use" System, give full play to the advantages of the open source model, jointly build the OpenHarmony talent ecosystem, and promote the prosperity and development of the OpenHarmony open source business.