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The 2022 China Programmers' Festival kicks off, and Shenkaihong creates an era of intelligent connection of all things with its root technology.


December 12, 2022

On December 5th, the 2022 China Programmers' Day Conference with the theme of "Following the Light of Digital Civilization and Code Programming World" was successfully held in Nanjing. The conference was sponsored by Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. and China Software Industry Association. Industry experts and big names were invited to focus on hot topics such as open source innovation, software root technology, platform tools, etc., and discuss new trends and new trends affecting the development of China's digital economy. Technology, new industry, new format.

Zhang Zhaosheng, CTO of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the forum of "Digital Intelligence, Ecology and Code Motivating the Future" of the conference, and delivered a keynote speech on "Taking Root in Technology, Connecting Everything Independently with Technology", In-depth explanation of Shenkaihong's root technology of intelligent connection of all things, helping to create a new era of intelligent connection of all things.

Deeply cultivate the basic software root technology to create a new era of intelligent connection of all things
After experiencing the era of steam technology, electrical technology, and information technology, the society is about to usher in a new era of intelligent connection of all things. Every era of change will promote the emergence, penetration and reconstruction of the entire economic system such as industrial organization and structure, business form, and trade, which has triggered major changes in the international economic structure.

Zhang Zhaosheng believes that a unified OS and a unified platform are the key to the era of the Internet of Everything. With the goal of creating the core technology of the intelligent connection of everything, defining the standard of the intelligent connection of all things, and leading the development of the era of the intelligent connection of all things, Shenkaihong continues to cultivate the basic software root technology-KaihongOS and the super device management platform, with KaihongOS' technological innovation and connection capabilities and super device management The platform's access, visibility, manageability and controllable digital intelligence capabilities empower all walks of life and open up a new blue ocean of intelligent connection of all things.

At the same time, with the vigorous development of the digital economy, safe and reliable information products have increasingly become the urgent needs of the country, government, enterprises and individual users. As the core technology of smart device linking, the operating system is an important foundation of the information security system. Shenkaihong KaihongOS and super device management platform have built a secure foundation for the digital economy and promoted the long-term and healthy development of the era of the Internet of Everything.

Enrich the industrial ecosystem and make efforts to build an intelligent network of all things
KaihongOS and the super device management platform are two "1" components of the "(1+1)×N" strategy. Based on the "(1+1)×N" strategy, Shenkaihong has continued to enrich the industrial ecosystem from product and solution creation, technological breakthroughs, talent cultivation, and ecological co-construction, and has made efforts to build an intelligent network of all things.

Taking the solution as an example, Shenkaihong, with the advantages of KaihongOS and super equipment management platform, cooperates with partners to create a smart transportation solution, and implements it on the ground to realize data uploading, alarm push, remote control of equipment, and linkage of equipment in seconds to help Less people and intelligent operation of tunnels enable digital and intelligent transformation of highway tunnels.

At the same time, cooperate with partners to create a smart health care solution, use the two major features of KaihongOS, elastic deployment and soft bus, to solve the problem of elderly care, break the "chimney phenomenon" between elderly care equipment, systems and systems, and realize equipment, systems, and equipment The data interconnection with the system, fast flow, real-time collection of health data of the elderly and uploaded to the super equipment management platform, combined with the physiological signs of the elderly to analyze and judge, predict the risk of disease in advance, and help the field of health care to achieve multi-dimensional, cross-space, Full-time security monitoring and health management.

Build a talent ecology and consolidate the cornerstone of the digital world
Talent ecological construction is a part of the development of the ecological system, and it is also the cornerstone of consolidating the foundation of the digital world. Zhang Zhaosheng said:
"Shenkaihong hopes to cultivate a large number of top talents in this era, promote the ecological construction of the basic software industry, and realize the prosperity and development of industrial technical talents and application talent ecology."

In the process of talent ecological construction, Shenkaihong continued to take root in the OpenHarmony community, invested a large number of developer talents in the community, and made important contributions to the rise of the operating system: Shenkaihong and BIT Institute of Innovation and Innovation launched the "OpenHarmony Operating System Practice " "Courses, covering postgraduate teaching, internship and graduation thesis design, to achieve the integration of teaching and scientific research; specially organized a professional tutor team, went deep into various top universities to empower students with OpenHarmony knowledge; held special training camps in the OpenHarmony community, developers A variety of activities such as growth plans, essay writing activities, and skill competitions have realized the diversification of talent education and training forms.

With outstanding technological innovation capabilities and open source ecological construction capabilities, Shenkaihong was awarded the "2022 OpenAtom OpenHarmony Code Top 10 Contributor Unit", "OpenAtom OpenHarmony 100-person Code Contributor Unit", "OpenHarmony Ecological Pilot Contribution Unit (Development Board)", " OpenHarmony Ecological Pilot Contributor Unit (Software Release Board)", "OpenHarmony Ecological Pilot Contributor Individual" and many other heavyweight awards.

Zhang Zhaosheng said that as an evangelist and co-creator of talent ecological construction, Shenkaihong will create multi-level and multi-type digital talent training solutions, join hands with partners to promote the prosperity and development of the OpenHarmony ecosystem, and accelerate the construction of a digital economy talent ecological chain.

In the future, Shenkaihong will continue to cultivate the "(1+1)×N" strategy, and work side by side with partners in various fields to create more innovative products and solutions, and jointly create the "National Important Weapon" of the Intelligent Internet of Everything, creating a A bright future of intelligent interconnection of all things.