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Chinasoft International Content Collaboration Platform is released, and the "Five Forces Model" activates the vitality of corporate content.


November 17, 2022

On November 16, at the 2022 China International Digital Economy Expo Results Conference, Deng Nian, general manager of the digital office product line of Chinasoft International Cloud Intelligent Business Group, officially released the Chinasoft International Content Collaboration Platform CICCP, an enterprise built by Chinasoft International through years of application practice The content collaboration solution helps enterprises revive content vitality, improve organizational efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for the success of digital transformation.

The China International Digital Economy Expo (Digital Expo) is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Hebei Provincial People's Government. It is the only national-level exhibition named after the digital economy in the country. Focusing on the theme of "Integrated Innovation, Digital Empowerment", the 2022 Digital Expo will focus on displaying the latest products, technologies and achievements in the field of the global digital economy.

In the wave of digital economy, the management of data assets is more important than ever. Unstructured content data represented by documents, emails, images, videos, etc. has accounted for more than 80% of the total data of enterprises, and is growing at a rate of 55% every year. However, more than 90% of enterprise content data lack effective management, and enterprise content data faces difficulties such as decentralization, diversification, easy leakage, and difficulty in utilization. How to activate the value of enterprise content data has become the primary issue facing digital transformation.

ChinaSoft International Content Collaboration Platform CICCP is a content collaboration platform built on the basis of intelligent management of content throughout the life cycle. It aims at pain points such as difficulty in centralizing, difficult to use, and difficult management of enterprise content data, helping enterprises calmly deal with the content management of massive unstructured data, and comprehensively improve Data quality and data accessibility, unlocking the value of content data.

The content collaboration platform of Chinasoft International has brought three major upgrades and new experiences in terms of architecture, functions, and security..
- Architecture is more flexible
It supports minimum specification deployment to save costs, provides plug-in micro-services, open interface capability sharing, and has multi-site service management and remote dual-site disaster recovery, and builds a more intelligent content base with a more flexible architecture.

- More comprehensive functions
Enhanced file storage capabilities and team collaboration capabilities, and added functions such as virtual disk, sync disk, archive library, and document comments to improve user experience.

- Security upgrade
Construct 7 layers of security protection, upgrade the security system of the whole process of transmission, storage, use, access, etc., support custom watermark, cross-network file transfer and other capabilities, and enhance security by 100%.

"Five forces model" Activates the Vitality of Enterprise Content
The content collaboration platform of Chinasoft International integrates years of content collaborative management and multiple industry application practices, builds a five-force model of enterprise content vitality, and comprehensively helps enterprises activate content vitality and improve organizational efficiency.

- Memory
Unified content storage and standardized management, mobile office anytime, anywhere. A single node supports PB-level storage, billion-level files, and million-level users, realizing free content storage.

- Productive forces
Based on content services, it provides business applications for business scenarios; the system retrieval time is less than 0.5 seconds, and the transaction processing capacity is greater than 800TPS, stimulating productivity with the ultimate experience.

- Connection force
Provide efficient file circulation and online collaboration for organizations and teams, help enterprises break down data silos, and efficiently establish internal and external connections while ensuring security and compliance.

- Protection
Comprehensive file security management and background auditing ensure the security of documents throughout their life cycle. 7 layers of security protection, flexible combination of 23 kinds of permissions, more trustworthy.

- Creativity
Enterprises integrate open innovation, strong scalability, avoid redundant construction, grow together with enterprise IT systems, and carry out scenario-based joint innovation with customers.

Awaken the vitality of content and empower the digital transformation of the industry.
The content collaboration platform of Chinasoft International solves the problem of unstructured content data management, and provides personal enterprise content collaboration solutions for many industries:

CICCP X Government
Awaken content vitality, inject safety and efficiency.
? With 7 layers of security protection, government office documents can be safely managed under the environment of credit innovation, and the security is increased by 100%;
? Quickly collect field/law enforcement information through the mobile client's ability to shoot and transmit;
? Provide efficient collaboration methods, such as team collaboration space, multi-person collaborative editing, convenient internal sharing, external one-click external link sharing... to increase the efficiency of daily government affairs by 30%.

CICCP X Manufacturing
Awaken the vitality of content and inject next-generation digital power.
? Internally protect confidentiality and externally protect knowledge, so that R&D and production materials can be safely controlled;
? Build a cross-organizational and cross-regional document sharing space, assign permissions according to roles, and realize efficient and orderly distribution of technical, production and marketing materials;
? Support the API capability integration of various enterprise applications, build a unified digital workspace, realize scientific management, and double the production efficiency.

CICCP X Construction Real Estate
Awaken the vitality of content and inject the power of scientific management.
? File data according to organizational structure, store project data in a standardized manner, realize paperless office, save energy and reduce carbon;
? Online viewing of architectural CAD drawings, multi-person collaborative editing of documents, controllable sharing of data, orderly development of upstream and downstream collaboration, and improved efficiency;
? Transform design results, research materials, and project experience into corporate knowledge, and build a solid foundation for knowledge operations.

To succeed in the digital transformation of an enterprise, the premise is to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise's content, tap and release the value of content data. Chinasoft International adheres to technological innovation and works closely with partners to build a brand-new content collaboration management platform for enterprises, accelerate the pace of digital transformation of enterprises, and create a win-win situation with customers.