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Tuesday, 05/30/2023 6:31:05 AM

Tuesday, May 30, 2023 6:31:05 AM

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Chinasoft International established the AIGC Research Institute, based on the comprehensive capability upgrade of the Jiefanghao platform, to accelerate the new upgrade of government and enterprise digital intelligence services.


May 30, 2023

The AIGC technological change represented by ChatGPT is unstoppable. When the large model quickly reaches a social consensus, various industries are also ushering in the inflection point of AI-driven new technology paradigm change. With the vigorous development of AIGC technology, as a leading technology-based software and service company in China, Chinasoft International (00354.HK) comprehensively promotes the AIGC industrial layout, and is committed to providing full-stack AI digital transformation solutions for government and enterprise customers. To help enterprises achieve high-quality development.

At present, Chinasoft International has launched a new generation of artificial intelligence application platform
JointPilot, which has extreme performance and is extremely easy to use for the digital transformation of major government and enterprise customers. JointPilot integrates the LLM large language model capabilities such as GPT, combines the engineering capabilities of Chinasoft International Jiefang in DKG (Domain Knowledge Graph), the accumulation of government and enterprise service knowledge and the deep accumulation of platform tools, and provides enterprise-level data based on large models + DKG. JointPilot, an artificial intelligence application platform, helps customers release data value and knowledge potential, and supports intelligent services throughout the life cycle of software engineering, including common capability sorting, IT asset management, data governance (DataOps), model fine-tuning and deployment operation and maintenance (ModelOps) , reasoning enhancement, demand understanding, AI application development, project management, security assessment and other functions, quickly form AIGC customized solutions and implementation services for government and enterprise customers.

On the one hand, Chinasoft International JointPilot can flexibly access various large-scale model platforms such as Pangu, Wenxinyiyan, and GPT by virtue of the computing power accumulated by serving public cloud vendors. It has a high degree of interactivity and flexibility, and accelerates the pace of large-scale model research and application . On the other hand, JointPilot also combines open source large models and open source training frameworks to customize, train and deploy privatized large models, bringing a comprehensive enabling solution for enterprises to embrace AIGC technology, cope with cost challenges, and improve efficiency.

ChinaSoft International Jiefang Han Peng said that from the perspective of changes on the demand side, with the establishment of the National Data Bureau, the domestic market's ability to coordinate and coordinate data resource management will be further strengthened, the release of data value will be accelerated, and the government and enterprise markets will accelerate their embrace of AIGC . The core is to accelerate the release of the value of data assets and improve the efficiency of software development , which will drive down the cost of software development and benefit the development of digital and intelligent industries. The digital and intelligent transformation of related fields in the government and enterprise market is expected to accelerate.

Jiefanghao, as an important ecological platform for Chinasoft International to serve government and enterprise customers, has fully applied AIGC technology to continuously improve IT delivery efficiency and digital governance level. In 2023, Chinasoft International established the AIGC Research Institute with Jiefang as an important carrier, and actively carried out joint innovation with scientific research institutions, customers, and industry partners to help government and enterprise customers fully embrace large models, and use AIGC technology to greatly reduce the marginal cost of application generation. Recently, Chinasoft International Jiefanghao and NetEase Shufan Codewave have established a comprehensive strategic partnership, centering on AIGC and low-code applications, to carry out cooperation in product/platform, research institute, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., to accelerate the implementation of government-enterprise market cooperation, and create a Approved AIGC comprehensive application demonstration projects, further promoted the implementation of multiple AI scenario commercial application projects, and realized the win-win situation of "platform + service" ecology; Facing the new pattern of cloud computing driven by large models, Chinasoft International and Baidu Smart Cloud jointly explored large models In the AI ??scenarios of intelligent code generation, digital office, intelligent audit, enterprise application management, and oil and gas, construction and other industry solutions for medium and large enterprise customers, it helps enterprise customers improve multi-level AI "applications" and empowers industries based on large models Innovation practice upgrade.

As a leading technology-based software and service company in China, Chinasoft International has long been committed to providing partners with full-stack digital transformation services. Relying on more than 20 years of deep accumulation in the software industry and a vibrant digital technology innovation service system, the company's digitalization and innovation business has covered Gocloud, ERP, AI model, Hongmeng, education technology, smart car six big field. Chinasoft International has become a large-scale model partner of many domestic technology giants. It is the first partner to participate in the ecological capability of Huawei's Pangu NLP large language model, and it is also the first ecological partner to access Baidu ERNIE Bot.

In the future, Chinasoft International will fully combine customer needs, continue to increase investment in and application exploration of Pangu and GPT-related technologies, continue to deepen cooperation with Pangu language model and Wenxin Yiyan, and strengthen ecological cooperation with AI open source communities. Promote the continuous implementation of AI commercial scenarios through joint innovation, provide customers with richer full-scenario AI solutions and AI service full-stack capabilities in the field of software engineering, and empower the digital and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries.