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Chinasoft International has consolidated its ecological layout, and the intelligent connected industry is thriving.


December12, 2022

On December 5th, the sub-forum of "Digital Smart Ecology and Code Moving the Future" co-sponsored by Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. and China Software Industry Association was successfully concluded during the 2022 China Programmers' Day. At the meeting, Tan Mao, general manager of the Ecology Department of Chinasoft International Intelligent IoT Legion, shared the theme of "Ecological Cohesion, Intelligent Connected Industry Flourishing", starting from the policy, industry, and technology trends in the digital economy era, and expounding on Chinasoft International's deep cultivation of intelligent Internet of Things. Strategic layout, introducing the multi-level ecological business pattern with KaihongOS as the digital base, and showing the progress and achievements of the independent innovation AIoT ecological service platform in the region.

Thousands of industries welcome the new digital era - It is imperative to upgrade the Internet of Things to the Internet of Thing
The digital economy has become a key measure for the world to promote economic recovery and high-quality development. The world's major technological powers have raised their digital economy strategies to national heights. As an important support for the development of the digital economy, the Internet of Things is listed in the seven strategic emerging industries and the core industry of the new generation of information technology in my country. The country is giving all-round support from various levels such as policy, industry, technology, and ecology. The digital upgrade of Baiye thus ushered in a historical opportunity of "time, location, and material harmony".

The Internet of Things industry is about to enter a new stage of improving quality and efficiency and deepening applications. In terms of technology, a significant change is that new-generation information technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are no longer "going it alone", but deepening integration with vertical fields of various industries in a clustered and superimposed manner. The integration and application of a new generation of information technology has brought greater imagination space for the Internet of Everything in all walks of life, but at the same time, it has further exposed the strong external dependence of the traditional Internet of Things, many chimney projects, long project cycles, and difficulties in multi-terminal interaction. Disadvantages such as many potential safety hazards—digitalization of all walks of life needs to break through technical barriers, realize cross-device intelligent connections, and cross-platform data connections, in order to move forward from the Internet of Everything to the new era of Intelligent Connection of Everything.

China is not only a big manufacturing country, but also a big Internet country. It has the world's largest IoT market and has broad prospects for development. Faced with the diverse needs of vertical industry, specific scenarios, and in-depth customization in the domestic Internet of Things field, thousands of industries need more independent, more personalized, more flexible, smarter, and safer digital intelligence solutions.

Create Honglian's independent innovation AIoT ecological platform - Build a new pattern for the development of domestic smart connected industries
The independent innovation operating system is the soul of the domestic intelligent Internet of Things, and it is the strategic commanding height that must be seized. Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong have innovatively developed the KaihongOS full-scenario operating system based on OpenHarmony, which provides a unified device language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of massive IoT terminals, and realizes a system that is applicable to all scenarios and helps all Localization transformation and digital upgrade of industry terminal equipment.

Chinasoft International is committed to becoming an industry intelligent innovator and an expert in domestic intelligent network construction. We use KaihongOS as the digital base, rely on the domestic intelligent network development and application center, and devote ourselves to building Honglian's independent innovation AIoT ecological platform, aiming to integrate the independent innovation capabilities of the intelligent network industry in all scenarios, and serve the entire process of independent innovation of intelligent network industry product solutions.

At the same time, in order to further gather the driving force of the intelligent networking industry and facilitate the ecological construction of the domestic intelligent networking, Chinasoft International pulls together the existing four core capabilities of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud services, and software factories. Honglian Supply Center, Zhilian Co-Creation Center, Technology Innovation Center, Honglian Ecological Center, Zhilian Everything Center and Honglian Industry Center, etc., promote the realization of "platform construction first, full-stack service follow, scene demonstration leading, The new development pattern of the domestic smart-connected industry will be "independent ecological convergence".

National layout, coordinated development - Honglian joint venture has yielded fruitful results
Relying on the independent innovation AIoT ecological platform, Chinasoft International cultivates the independent innovation ecological chain around KaihongOS. With the AIoT integrated development platform, it supports the rapid arrangement of capabilities and resources, realizes the rapid construction of intelligent applications in all scenarios, and supports the implementation of solutions; with the ecological service platform, it realizes the efficient deployment of resource elements such as regional technologies, data, and talents; Network innovation laboratory, incubating applications based on independent innovation technology; KaihongOS innovation technology center, to create industry leaders for local advantageous industries; reduce the application cost of Internet of Things with unified standards, and explore a new model of service comprehensive innovation intelligent Internet of things ecology.

In terms of regional ecological layout, Chinasoft International launched Honglian Lianchuang Camp, which aims to be driven by demand, take scenarios as paths, take the government as the guide, and take regions as units to help different regions of the country Intelligent networking ecological construction in all walks of life. Honglianchuang first launched in Wuzhen in September 2020 and started operations, and then gradually expanded to Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Yancheng, Zhongshan, Tianjin and other places to enable, release and empower the local AIoT ecological development.

Up to now, Honglian Lianchuang has gathered more than 2000+ AIoT ecological suppliers, 200+ Hongmeng product solutions, deposited 20+ independent IoT products and solutions, and provided services for 1000+ government and enterprise customers; nearly 20 years of strategic implementation in the country Cities, the service has covered more than ten industry fields such as smart agriculture, smart water, smart gas, smart power, smart community, smart education, and smart elderly care. A lot of fruit has been produced.

The digital new economy, the era of intelligent connectivity. The road to cultivating the industrial ecology of the Internet of Things is long and difficult, and it is absolutely not enough to rely on the strength of one company or one industry. Chinasoft International is willing to gather strengths and strengths, and join hands with all ecological partners to support the digital transformation sweeping the country from the bottom up by promoting the large-scale evolution of domestic intelligent networking, and jointly build a win-win ecosystem for the intelligent connection of all things, so that the intelligent connection industry will be born New kinetic energy, add new vitality!