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2022 Hetao Innovation Forum | Shenkaihong focuses on new platforms and new ecology under the new infrastructure trend, and builds a solid foundation for digital and intelligent transformation.


November 21, 2022

On November 18, the 2022 Hetao Innovation Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen. The theme of the forum was "The Road to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Great Change", and industry experts, industry leaders, and representatives of investment institutions were invited to participate. Exchange and display academic progress and industrial development trends in the fields of global digital economy and artificial intelligence. Wang Chenglu, CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shenkaihong") was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech on "New Platforms and New Ecosystems under the Trend of New Infrastructure", which explained in depth how new platforms and new ecosystems can help the digital economy The trend and value of development, interpreting the strategic layout of Shenkaihong.

New platforms and new ecology are the core elements of new infrastructure.
The global digital transformation has gone through three stages:
- the first is the digital transformation characterized by "connection" to the Internet before 2000, and Internet companies have become the pioneers of digital transformation;
- the second is the characteristic of "sharing, sharing and integration" from 2000 to 2016, The digital economy integrates the service industry, making daily life easier and more convenient;
- third, since 2016, it has been characterized by platformization and intelligence, and with the advancement and application of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies, the platform has become a new product and service carrier , and empower traditional manufacturing.

In the process of digital development, new infrastructure has become a new structural force in the digital age, supported by information infrastructure, integrated infrastructure, and innovative infrastructure construction, to promote the comprehensive penetration and integrated application of new generation information technology into the real economy. The government has taken the new infrastructure as a driving force for steady growth. Among them, the new engine of the digital economy - the new digital infrastructure has attracted much attention.

Digital infrastructure is an important part of new infrastructure. How to accelerate the development of digital new infrastructure in the process of digital transformation is an urgent issue that needs attention. Wang Chenglu pointed out that because equipment, systems, and applications are separated from each other, digitalization has not eliminated isolated islands, but instead formed more isolated islands of information. The root cause is that operating systems are independent of each other and have different standards.
Using new platforms and new ecology to build a production system with comprehensive perception, ubiquitous interconnection, flexible collaboration, and intelligent management is the best way to break the "island" of information in the digital age. Using new platforms for data aggregation, integration and sharing, and new ecology The open capabilities and integrated technologies will build a solid foundation for the era of the Internet of Everything, empower the digital and intelligent development of the industry, and better play the role of the "engine" of new infrastructure in the digital economy.

Consolidate the basic software root technology to jointly build the ecological base of the digital economy.
The new digital infrastructure needs to be oriented to multiple scenarios such as IT, CT, and OT. To realize the industrial interconnection and even the intelligent connection of all things, only by building a solid foundation software root technology and establishing a strong basic software system can it meet the needs of the development of the digital economy. Wang Chenglu said that Shenkaihong has always focused on the research and development and continuous innovation of software root technology, creating a full-stack solution with KaihongOS base and super device management platform, breaking the ecological barriers between various application development at the application layer and hardware terminals, Realize software "defining" hardware and complex systems, thereby optimizing all aspects and processes of production and life, and realizing digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Based on the characteristics of distributed soft bus, KaihongOS has formed unique advantages such as unified format, self-organizing network, safety and reliability, stable connection, flexible combination, and flexible deployment, creating a stable, reliable, safe, unified, and flexible full-scenario interactive experience. Through the mapping of the real world and the digital world, the super device management platform makes smart devices fully accessible, visible, manageable and controllable, and truly realizes intelligent and intelligent management.

Based on the technological innovation and connection capabilities of KaihongOS, combined with the needs of the industry market, Shenkaihong provides application development interfaces for ecological partners, which facilitates the secondary development of the north-south direction and cloud-cloud docking, and provides a wealth of integrated modules and development Kits and other components greatly reduce development complexity, improve the efficiency of ecological product development, and enable multi-field application scenarios.

Based on the advantages of KaihongOS and the super device management platform, Shenkaihong has built a scenario-based super device solution, and has achieved many exploration results in the fields of transportation, health care, finance, education, etc.

Taking the transportation field as an example, Shenkaihong, with the advantages of KaihongOS and super equipment management platform, cooperates with partners to create a smart tunnel solution, which realizes data uploading, alarm push, remote control of equipment, and linkage of equipment in seconds, helping to reduce the number of people in the tunnel , Intelligent operation, enabling digital and intelligent transformation of highway tunnels.

In the field of health care, use KaihongOS distributed soft bus, multi-terminal collaboration, soft bus capabilities combined with super device management platform, through data collection, Al cloud computing, etc., to monitor and analyze the behavior status of the elderly, and give real-time abnormal alarms; at the same time, through the terminal The health care equipment collects the health data of the elderly in real time and uploads it to the super equipment management platform, analyzes and judges the physiological signs of the elderly, predicts the risk of disease in advance, and then links all parties to rescue in time, helping the field of health care to achieve multi-dimensional, cross-space, comprehensive Time period security monitoring and health management.

Join hands with ecological partners in the whole industry chain to enable the smart upgrade of thousands of industries.
The development of the platform requires the cooperation, co-construction and sharing of ecological partners in the entire industry chain. Based on the "(1+1)×N" strategy, Shenkaihong will actively promote ecological cooperation with industry partners on the basis of continuous innovation and deep cultivation of products. Business, industry, ecology and other aspects have achieved fruitful results.

In terms of industrial construction, Shenzhen Kaihong closely follows the policy guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and actively participates in the construction of "Hongmeng Ola City". At the same time, Shenkaihong is also the co-builder of Tianjin's "Northern Open Source Hongmeng City", and a founding member of Tianjin Smart Port Global Innovation Laboratory, jointly promoting the accelerated development of smart cities and digital economy.

In terms of talent training, Shenkaihong and Beijing Institute of Technology have carried out strategic cooperation in three aspects: talent training, joint scientific research, and industrial linkage, and jointly launched the "Open Source Hongmeng Operating System Practice" course with Beijing Institute of Technology to jointly cultivate open source Hongmeng basic software talents for the industry. The development delivers strategic and long-term talent power; at the same time, the two parties combine their own superior resources to jointly tackle key scientific research topics, realize collaborative innovation between universities and enterprises, and accelerate the open source and commercialization of advantageous industries.

In terms of cooperation with industry partners, Shenkaihong signed an OpenHarmony ecological enablement cooperation agreement with Huawei, explored the development of OpenHarmony releases, signed a partnership strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Smart Highway Corps, and created OpenHarmony road industry software releases to jointly build a road of wisdom ; Cooperate with Uboxun and other manufacturers to create a new ecology and new model for the AIoT financial industry based on KaihongOS; Health and furniture industry associations work together to create smart health care solutions.

In the future, Shenkaihong will continue to build up the basic software root technology, create a "national important tool" in the era of the Internet of Everything, and continue to deepen cooperation with ecological partners to jointly promote key business scenarios and scenario-based solutions formed by combining technologies in thousands of years. It has been widely implemented in various industries, providing a solid platform and deep soil for industrial upgrading and digital transformation of industries, boosting digital transformation into deep-water areas, and creating a new benchmark and new model for my country's "new infrastructure" and digital economic development.