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Create the Wonderful Joy of Growth Together and Enjoy the Glory of Growth Chinasoft International 2023 Carnival was successfully held.


January 16, 2022

The tiger roars a thousand mountains, and the rabbit gallops thousands of miles! On January 11, Chinasoft International 2023 Carnival was held simultaneously at the main venue in Beijing and the branch venue in Shenzhen, and fully covered major cities and business regions of Chinasoft International through cloud live broadcast. At the sites in Beijing and Shenzhen, leading cadres at all levels and representatives of outstanding employees of Chinasoft International, including members of the executive committee, gathered together to review the achievements and losses of the past year and look forward to the blueprint for the new year. Festive and peaceful festive atmosphere.

Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International, delivered a New Year speech "Believe in the Power of "Believe in Yourself"" at the main venue in Beijing. He summarized the progress of Chinasoft International in terms of business expansion, strategic cooperation, organizational optimization, and system overhaul in 2022, and pointed out that in the face of environmental uncertainty and multiple challenges, through the arduous and unremitting efforts of all employees, the company is advancing steadily and steadily on the established strategic path of leapfrog development and 5P advancement.

The next five years of SP303 will be the most difficult five years for us to achieve leapfrog development. We must trust the country, trust Huawei, and the company; trust the organization, trust the supervisor, and have confidence in ourselves; Believe in the power of "believe in yourself". Turn "creation and sharing" into "glory and dreams" through suffering and brilliance, work hard, create a wonderful growth together, and enjoy the brilliance of growing up!

Gold Medal and Meritorious Honor Awards - Demonstrate the power of role models and show the style of the digital iron army.
Mr. Chen personally presented the trophy and stock to Zhu Xiangyu, the winner of the CEO Special Award, from the Operator System Department (OSD) of Chinasoft International, kicking off the prelude to the 2022 annual awards. Mr. Chen praised Zhu Xiangyu's 57% performance growth, pointing out that any bad year can also have a good harvest, it depends on human effort. Zhu Xiangyu thanked the company for providing a platform to show his value, and thanked the team for their support. He said that the award is not only an honor, but also a responsibility and a mission. In the new year, he will devote himself to work with more enthusiasm and wish the company every success. In 2023, come on!

Tang Zhenming, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of ChinaSoft International, presented the Planning Management and Resource Management Stimulus Award, and extended New Year wishes to all employees. He said that the company has fully observed and judged the market situation and proposed new goals and tasks. On the basis of a clear direction, a clear path, and an orderly division of labor, as long as we believe in the power of "believe in yourself", our goals must be achieved, and we will definitely be able to achieve them! I hope that my colleagues will work together!

In 2022, the front-line team worked hard, moved forward bravely, and sprinted to achieve great results with all their strength, demonstrating the vigorous spirit of the Chinasoft International Digital Iron Army and the firm will to achieve the mission, achieving five-star quality around the cornerstone business, and the development of new business strength "promising" "Learn from example" to commend outstanding teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in key links such as signing orders, improving fertility, business convergence, cost optimization, and management services. On behalf of the awardees, Sun Jian, HWG's cost reduction and efficiency enhancement team, thanked the company for their recognition, saying that in the new year, they will make new achievements with full enthusiasm and professional ability.

He Ning, executive director and vice chairman of the board of directors of Chinasoft International, the award presenter, encouraged the winning team, saying that challenges and opportunities coexist in the future. Excellence, in the Year of the Rabbit, speed is the first priority, the early bird catches the worm!

The three gold medal team awards, Best Delivery Team, Best Stock Management Award, and Best System Support Award, aim to commend large teams such as project teams, business lines, and business groups for their excellent delivery practices, efficiency improvements, and effective support. The company's business continuity is guaranteed, breakthroughs are made in difficult situations, and sprint goals are achieved. Zhang Kui, the representative of the winners from the Consulting and System Department (CSD), hopes that all teams can serve customers with professional capabilities, deliver stable revenue with high quality, and everyone can become a gold medal team.

The award presenter Cao Yan, senior vice president of Chinasoft International, encouraged all cadres and employees of Chinasoft International to believe in themselves and believe that they can run faster in the Year of the Rabbit and pass 2023 smoothly under the leadership of the company and the joint efforts of the core team. , will eventually usher in dreams and glory.

Peng Jiang, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International, presented awards to 22 individual gold medal winners. The individual gold medals represented Application Service Business Group ( ASG). A guide to corporate strategic planning. Peng Jiang said that the individual who wins the gold medal is the hero of the company. The new year calls for more heroes. 2023 will be the year when heroes emerge in large numbers. The true glory must rise in the face of adversity. I wish the winners new achievements this year.

The final award , the "Meritorious Veteran Award", was reserved for a group of veterans who have served the company for many years. Eight veteran employees stepped onto the stage to accept the award on behalf of more than 70 veteran employees of Chinasoft International with over 20 years of experience. Qian Weichun represented the veterans Thank you for the excellent platform provided by the company, and express that the veterans will continue to contribute to the company in the next ten or twenty years.

Xiong Yong, senior vice president and chief digital officer of Chinasoft International, sent a New Year message from the Shenzhen branch. He said that in the past year, under the leadership of the "heroes" of Chinasoft International, we have achieved remarkable results, and the times call for heroes. To create miracles, the people of Chinasoft International will definitely write their own "glory and dreams" with struggle as the pen.

Sun Jiawei, senior vice president of Chinasoft International and CEO of Cloud Intelligence Business Group (CIG), said that before the once-in-a-century opportunity, on such a good platform as Chinasoft International, we will continue to prepare for the future. The times call for warriors, and we are warriors.

Ju Yan, senior vice president of Chinasoft International and head of the Intelligent Internet of Things (AIG) Corps, said that the company has set a keynote for the new year-believing in the power of "believe in yourself", the essence lies in a strong heart and the construction of the company system And perfection, calling out the fighting passion of every Chinasoft International employee!

Business live broadcast: - Enjoy the brilliance of growing up, the Year of the Rabbit has a new atmosphere.
In the live broadcast of the 2022 Carnival, Chinasoft International Business Group took turns to send big-name benefits and sincere blessings to the employees, showing the youthful vitality of Chinasoft International!

HWG 2023 Journey to Resurrection Concentration and Momentum.
Liu Gang, vice president of Chinasoft International and president of HWG, said that 2023 is still a year full of challenges, and there is a long way to go. I hope and firmly believe that all partners of HWG will continue to be based on one heart with customers, start from the heart, actively manage, and constantly clarify goals. Unite and forge ahead.

ABG Go all out, Rabbit Wai 2023.
Fan Zhijun, executive president of the Intelligent Internet of Things Business Group (ABG), believes that in 2023, ABG will stick to the cornerstone business of H1, build customer satisfaction, achieve the company's business goals, and do a good job in the second R&D department of "Shenkaihong and One Netcom Corps", to speed up the growth of existing C2 business and the expansion of new business and new markets. In the new year, it will surely burst into vitality, stand out from the encirclement, and complete the development mission.

AIG + Shenkaihong 2023 - Full Assault on the Great Rabbit Exhibition.
Wang Pei, the deputy head of the Intelligent Internet Corps (AIG), said that in 2023, the AIG Corps will use KaihongOS as the base, closely connect with customers, and deeply integrate with the industry. [color=green]The software and hardware integrated solution with commercial competitiveness, accelerates the promotion and application of product solutions with Honglianchuang's deep cultivation, and joins hands with Shenkaihong to build an open source Hongmeng win-win ecosystem.[/color]

Zhou Zixiang, president of Shenkaihong, said that 2022 is the first year of Shenkaihong’s entrepreneurship. In 2023, Shenkaihong will continue to be the sharp knife of Chinasoft International in the field of open source Hongmeng! Continue to deepen the "(1+1)×N" strategy, deepen key business scenarios, form scenario-based solutions, build a secure digital base for the era of the Internet of Everything, create opportunities in opening up, and seek development in cooperation!

ASG Gathering intelligence and gathering strength, "Rabbit" breaks through 2023.
Zhou Xiaoxiao, vice president of Chinasoft International and president of Application Service Business Group (ASG), said that ASG continues to cultivate technology and Internet customers, successfully develops the field of central state-owned enterprises, firmly implements the "platform + service" model, and builds ERP implementation capabilities around medium and large customers. In 2023, under the company's strategic requirements, ASG will take value as the key link, shake up our spirits, and strive for success!

FBG Rabbit is advancing by leaps and bounds, the future can be expected.
Tian Tong, vice president of Chinasoft International and president of Financial Business Group (FBG), said that in 2023, FBG will focus on in-depth customer insights, stay close to customer needs, continue to deepen and improve customer-oriented service systems and development strategies, and continue to lay a solid foundation for all efforts At the same time as the business, build the industry technology and capability services of the small team model, so that "the cornerstone business is as quiet as a child, and the capability development is as dynamic as a rabbit"!

CIG is born in the cloud and keeps chasing the light.
Sun Jiawei, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International and CEO of Cloud Intelligent Business Group (CIG), reviewed the overall business progress and achievements in 2022. The cloud service business has grown rapidly, and continues to lead the customer cloud channel ecology. , roads and other legions to carry out solution joint creation. Provide digital marketing, intelligent driving and software factory solutions for many well-known car companies, and gradually grow into a mainstream digital force in the field of software-defined cars.

The business live broadcast brought us to the end of the 2023 Carnival amidst the rounds of prize-winning contests and lucky draws. While sending surprise benefits to our friends, we also placed our sincere expectations and happiness for the new year wish.

In 2022, we will take root and break through upwards; in 2023, we will accumulate a lot of accumulation, and the "rabbit" will make rapid progress, continue to create wonderful growth together, enjoy the brilliance of growth, and strive to achieve Our "Glory and Dream"!