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"Software-defined, many codes form a city, promoting the digital transformation of thousands of industries" 2022 China Programmers' Festival was successfully held in Nanjing.


December 12, 2022

On December 5, 2022, the 2022 China Programmers' Festival and Summit Forum with the theme of "Following the Light of Digital Civilization and Code Programming World" officially kicked off in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The grand event hosted by the China Software Industry Association and Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. specially invited leaders of industry authorities, well-known academicians and experts to attend, and attracted tens of thousands of technical Big coffee, programmers and professionals actively participated. Fu Xiaoyu, deputy secretary-general of China Software Industry Association, presided over the opening ceremony and summit forum of the conference.

Zhang Wei, director of the Software and Information Service Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech that innovation is the primary driving force for development, and talents are the primary resource for development. Jiangsu has a solid foundation in the software industry. In the next step, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant units to comprehensively sort out the specific needs of the high-quality development of the software industry for the construction of a high-quality talent team, accurately locate the current problems, and take more powerful and effective measures. The policies and measures of multi-level gathering and all-round cultivation of strategic scientists, leading scientific and technological talents and innovation teams, young scientific and technological talents, outstanding engineers, craftsmen of big countries and high-skilled talents in the software industry will focus on solving the structural shortage of talents that restricts development, and fully Give full play to the main role of software enterprises in innovation, constantly stimulate the innovation and creativity of software talents, and make every effort to build a modern pioneering zone for software talents development.

Academician Liao Xiangke of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said in his speech that entering the era of Programmer 3.0, an era in which programmers are empowering everything with wisdom, technology will no longer be the ceiling for programmers, because programmers must not only understand technology, but also shoulder social responsibilities , we must care about economic and social development, and think about the future and destiny of the industry. He encouraged programmers to be brave enough to take responsibility, face up to difficulties, work hard, be brave in the digital age, and practice the core values ??of "Responsibility, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Uprightness, and Forward" with practical actions.

Chen Baoguo, executive deputy secretary-general of the China Software Industry Association, said in his speech that the emergence of programmers and changes in the new knowledge system have brought about changes in the new wealth system, and software has become an indispensable tool and power for the future world knowledge system and wealth system , itself is also becoming wealth. The core of software is the embodiment of human knowledge system. China Software Industry Association will work with millions of programmers to build this system, provide a wide range of industrial resources, provide more links, and provide more opportunities.

Help developers innovate and grow - accelerate industrial change
Xu Yi, chief expert of Huawei Cloud Developer Alliance, believes that developers are the most important workers behind digitalization from the perspective of production relations. In the face of developers, HUAWEI CLOUD advocates using the cloud as the base to empower developers from the four dimensions of industrial collaboration, platform capabilities, technical capabilities, and open capabilities, making developers a decisive force.

Software-defined, many codes form a city - Promote the digital transformation of thousands of industries
Fan Kai, CTO of HWG Business Group of Chinasoft International, believes that the software-defined world is undergoing rapid transformation. Programmers are no longer exclusive to Internet IT companies. More and more traditional industries are in the process of digital transformation. The demand for programmers is growing explosively, and programmers have become the backbone of industrial upgrading and enterprise development. The era of the intelligent connection of all things has arrived.
Based on the KaihongOS created by Shenzhen Kaihong, Chinasoft International gathers local capabilities from industry version customization, full-scenario solution customization, and software factory end-to-end delivery through the Honglian Lianchuang Camp that has landed in various places. Partners, providing turnkey projects for the construction of intelligent networking for thousands of industries. Chinasoft International is willing to cooperate with all parties, and together with the vast number of developers, through continuous innovation and contribution, to feed back the OpenHarmony ecology and jointly build a win-win ecosystem for the intelligent connection of all things.

Cultivation of excellent engineering talents from the perspective of new engineering - Practice of China Southern Airlines
Shi Daning, vice president of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, took China Southern Airlines as an example and shared the innovative practice of talent education under the new situation. He believes that future education must be a new form in physical space, social space, and digital space. Universities should cooperate with enterprises to cultivate professionals who can better meet the needs of society. Both the computer industry and the education community need to jointly explore new education models in the future Metaverse.

Open Source Rainforest - Build an open source ecosystem and win the digital future together
Du Junping, Chairman of the Technical Supervision Committee of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, systematically introduced Huawei's Open Source Rainforest Project, which is committed to attracting more open source ecological partners to help companies better use and contribute to open source. He said that since the program was launched one year ago, it has achieved remarkable results. It focuses on building a knowledge system in three aspects:
- open source general knowledge,
- open source use, and
- open source contribution.

Eleven courses have been announced to help companies improve their open source capabilities.

In the new power system under the background of "double carbon" - Demonstrate the power of software
Xue Feng, chief expert of State Grid Corporation of China and chief expert of NARI Group, gave in-depth thinking and sharing on the development of the software industry from the perspective of industrial grid power system. He said that many new technologies and new development directions in the software industry are very good guidance for the safety and stability of the power system and the construction of a new power system. The construction of a new power system is a new challenge under the "dual carbon" goal path. The whole society needs to unite and use technology to support the safe, stable, economical and efficient operation of our country's power system.

Digital and intelligent technology empowers the innovative development of smart exhibitions
Ren Liwei, Executive Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the World Intelligence Conference, shared the transformation of the exhibition industry caused by digital and intelligent technologies from the perspective of exhibitions. She believes that with the rapid development of the digital economy today, digital and intelligent technologies are stimulating new momentum in the exhibition industry, and digital and intelligent conferences are rejuvenating. In the future, the World Intelligence Conference will keep in line with the times, deepen its development towards digitalization, intelligence, and cloudification, and will focus on long-term online display, online service, and online operation, truly creating a smart exhibition platform and creating a never-ending world smart event.

In addition to holding the opening ceremony and the main forum, ChinaSoft International also held the "Digital Intelligence Ecological Code Motivating the Future" forum, application modernization forum, China International Open Source Forum, achievement announcement, programmer salon, quiz treasure hunt, exhibition and other exciting activities at the same time. Programmer friends participated in various ways and spent a relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding exclusive festival together.

In today's "software-defined" world, the software and information service industry has increasingly become the leading, basic and strategic industries of the digital economy, and programmers have increasingly become a key role in digital transformation. In the future, the China Programmers' Festival will continue to join hands with all parties to carry out the mission of strengthening the digital construction army, spread the concept of digital intelligence, accumulate digital intelligence wisdom, deeply cultivate open source and intelligent root technology, and serve the vast number of Chinese software developers, many technology companies, and industry experts. Build a platform for in-depth exchanges and cooperation with opinion leaders, and promote China's digital society and digital economy construction to lead the world!