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China Programmer's Day · "Digital Intelligence, Ecology and Code Motivate the Future" ChinaSoft International Sub-forum was successfully held.


December 12, 2022

"Follow the light of digital civilization and code to move the programming world", the 2022 China Programmers' Festival officially kicked off in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China on December 5. This conference is jointly organized by the China Software Industry Association and Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., with a series of summit forums, parallel forums, and a series of activities to create a festival exclusive to Chinese programmers. The sub-forum on the theme of "Digital Intelligence, Ecology and Code Motivating the Future" created by Chinasoft International and its ecological partners in various industries is an important part of it.

Programmers are the soul of the digital world, and have played a pioneering and leading role in software empowerment, value assignment, and intelligence. By focusing on the programmer group and paying attention to the various stages of learning, growth, and development that programmers are concerned about, the forum is based on the actual development of the industry, brings together industry leaders, and is oriented to developers to discuss new trends in the digital age and seek common innovation. New developments within the framework. Yu Ping, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanjing Future Science and Technology City, Fu Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Software Association, and Wang Lei, COO of Chinasoft International Cloud Intelligent Business Group, attended the sub-forum and delivered speeches.

In his speech, Secretary Yu Ping said that as the vanguard of Jiangning’s digital economy development, Nanjing Future Science and Technology City has a solid foundation and obvious advantages in digital industry layout and digital economy development, and has gathered a group of industry leaders including Chinasoft International , focusing on the deep integration of digital transformation and digital ecological construction, it is committed to creating a model for the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and contributing to the high-quality development of Nanjing's digital economy.

In the theme sharing session, Sun Jiawei, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International, CEO of Cloud Intelligent Business Group, Tao Zhiqiang, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China, Director of the Ecology and Partner Development Department of Huawei Cloud China, Xu Shoukun, President of Changzhou University, and the School of Computer and Information Technology of Hohai University Dean Hu Hexuan, Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. (Shenkaihong), Nanjing Yunwen Network Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Surveying and Mapping Research Institute Co., Ltd., Qiye Cloud Big Data (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and other industry ecological partners Gather with programmer representatives to interpret industry development trends, express new industry perspectives, and multi-dimensionally boost the digital transformation of enterprises.

Zheng Weimin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to deliver a keynote speech: the status and trends of my country's computing power.
Computing power has become the engine for the development of the digital economy. Supercomputing systems are "the most important weapon of the country" and the strategic commanding heights of international technological competition. Supercomputing basic software is one of the keys to improving transformation capabilities. At present, more than 20 cities in my country have successively launched "East Counting and West Computing", the construction of artificial intelligence computing centers and the construction of computing power centers. The computing power infrastructure in various places will gradually develop and improve. Everywhere, within reach. "Those who get the computing power get the future", the majority of developers have a long way to go.

Hu Hexuan, Dean of the School of Computer and Information, Hohai University: Exploration and Practice of Water Conservancy Innovation Talent Training Model
In Hohai University's all-round promotion of the deep integration of government, industry, academia, and research, with the promotion of high-quality enterprises and university production as the keynote of cooperation, the joint research and development of new technologies as an important link, and the transformation and application of achievements and innovative and entrepreneurial methods as important methods, the campaign Course groups and multidisciplinary teams cultivate students' complex engineering capabilities represented by large-scale engineering views and multi-perspective analysis, high-order thinking, and cross-border integration. In this way, the school-enterprise cooperation course is built, and the enterprise deeply participates in the training process, and finally cultivates qualified Xinchuang developers, joins the army of programmers, and finally promotes the development of the national Xinchuang industry.

Tao Zhiqiang, Vice President of HUAWEI CLOUD China Region and Director of the Ecosystem and Partner Development Department of HUAWEI CLOUD China Region: Create value together, and everything is a service
HUAWEI CLOUD has grown into one of the world's five clouds by building an industry cloud base and realizing everything as a service, and has achieved the fastest growth rate in the world. HUAWEI CLOUD attaches great importance to the role of developers, accelerates growth together with developers and partners, continues to build a "co-creation, sharing, and win-win" digital ecosystem, and creates value together with developers and partners. HUAWEI CLOUD also fully empowers developers to create a "3C" developer experience, making developers a decisive force. So far, Chinasoft International has been a partner of HUAWEI CLOUD and Helping Together for more than five years. The two parties have achieved technological symbiosis, business win-win and comprehensive cooperation.

Lei Mengqi, Senior Architect of Chinasoft International Cloud Intelligence Business Group: Build a new type of computing power scheduling center and consolidate the foundation of digital economy development
As an important "base" to support the vigorous development of the digital economy, computing power is a new engine to activate the potential of data elements, drive the digital transformation of the economy and society, and promote the construction of digital government. The computing power operation and scheduling platform independently developed by Chinasoft International includes three subsystems: computing power operation, computing power scheduling and computing power access management. By solving the scenario needs of government cloud collaboration between provinces and cities, Xinchuang integrated scheduling, computing power mall, etc., it provides government cloud operators with more efficient, flexible and lightweight computing power service operation solutions. By building a unified computing power base for smart cities and integrating intelligent computing power access, the resource utilization efficiency is effectively improved, and computing power resources are shared and reused.

Wang Qingchen, CEO of Nanjing Yunwen Network Technology Co., Ltd.: Digital knowledge, cloud enlightens the future
Excellent developers need the empowerment of professional knowledge, and the transformation of knowledge is an important part of the digital transformation and intelligent transformation of enterprises. Aiming at the problems of knowledge dispersion, lack of norms, and difficult inheritance faced by knowledge-intensive enterprises, knowledge intelligence connects the intermediate links of data intelligence and application innovation in the intelligent construction of enterprises to realize the transformation of data to knowledge and the empowerment of knowledge to applications. Gather all the data into the knowledge center, build a unified knowledge management platform, and carry out integrated management for QA knowledge, entry knowledge, document knowledge and map knowledge, so as to make search and question answering services more efficient, from the whole knowledge From the perspective of life cycle, the closed loop of "acquisition-creation-consumption-learning-communication-creation" is realized.

Shenkaihong CTO Zhang Zhaosheng: Rooted in technology, technology independently intelligently connects everything
Driven by the (1+1)×N strategy, Shenkaihong realizes software "definition" of hardware and complex systems by building "1" unified operating system base KaihongOS and "1" unified super device management platform, and realizing device The interconnection and intercommunication between them, and aggregated into a scene-based super equipment solution of Shenkaihong, empowering multiple industries such as smart transportation, smart health care, and smart finance. Shenkaihong firmly believes that developers are a part of the development of the ecosystem, and also the cornerstone to consolidate the foundation of the digital world. Shenkaihong will create a multi-level and multi-type digital talent training solution, accelerate the construction of a digital economy talent ecological chain, so as to train more high-quality developers, and focus on promoting the prosperity and development of the OpenHarmony ecosystem. Shenkaihong aspires to become the "National Important Weapon" in the era of the Intelligent Internet of Everything, rooted in the research and development of independent software root technology, and is committed to creating a multi-dimensional win-win ecosystem for the Intelligent Internet of Everything, and works with ecological partners to change human production and life with digitalization and intelligence Way!

Tan Mao, General Manager of the Ecology Department of ChinaSoft International Intelligent Internet of Things Corps: Ecological Coexistence, Intelligent Connected Industry Flourishing
The digital upgrade of thousands of industries ushers in the historical opportunity of "time, place, and material harmony". As the link between the real world and the digital world, developers who use code to drive the future are playing an increasingly important role. Chinasoft International is committed to becoming an industry intelligent innovator and an expert in domestic intelligent Internet construction. Relying on KaihongOS industry version customization, full-scenario solution customization, software factory end-to-end delivery and other core service capabilities, Chinasoft International has implemented Honglian Venture in various regional cities , together with ecological partners and developers, provides a "turnkey" project for the construction of intelligent networking for thousands of industries with one-stop end-to-end closed-loop services. At present, Honglian Lianchuang has gathered more than 2000+ AIoT ecological suppliers, 200+ Hongmeng-based product solutions, accumulated 20+ independent IoT products and solutions, provided services for 1000+ government and enterprise customers, and strategically landed in nearly 20 cities across the country.

Liu Zhichen, Technical Director of Nanjing Jiurun Security Technology Co., Ltd.: The application of Hongmeng City in the large-scale commercial complex digital intelligence fire early warning and disposal improvement project
The current urban complex is facing many problems in fire protection and fire extinguishing, including the difficulty of implementing the five-in-one comprehensive fire safety responsibility, the very high failure rate of the fire protection system, the very high rate of false alarms, and the difficulty of fire extinguishing. The application of Hongmeng City can help solve these problems. Its functions include: under the condition of unified network management, do a good job of social prevention and control, and use Hongmeng City to solve the scenario where the intelligence of social prevention and control is not high enough. The ultimate goal is to pass The digitalization of fire protection improves the fire prevention and control capabilities of the entire large urban complex, reduces fire losses, and promotes the safe and stable development of the entire city.

Zhou Lei, Director of the Engineering Department of Urban Pipeline and Water Treatment Section of Nanjing Institute of Surveying, Mapping and Surveying Co., Ltd., registered surveyor and mapper: Key technologies and practices in the construction of digital intelligence maps for urban infrastructure in Nanjing
The digital intelligence map has become a ubiquitous media that carries the needs of the whole chain of government, industry, university and research. Building a digital map starts with the construction of a spatio-temporal base. With professional base data, providing map services to the society requires linking social, economic, and environmental attributes to provide a spatial brain for smart cities. Finally, after the construction of the spatio-temporal database is completed, relying on the spatial analysis of the data, carry out knowledge extraction, fusion, modeling and expression in the spatio-temporal domain, build a knowledge center, and then provide description, diagnosis, prediction and knowledge services to realize the intelligence of data .

Huang Weicong, General Manager of R&D Department of ChinaSoft International Liberation: Dinghai Qiankun, escorting the whole process of service
Relying on the IT service capabilities accumulated by Chinasoft International for more than 20 years, Jiefanghao gives full play to its digital empowerment capabilities, gathers excellent industry solutions and project cases from developers in various industries, serves developers, and enables developers and demanders to achieve precise docking . At the same time, through rich industrial ecological resources, adhering to the "service + platform" innovative service model, providing a digital full-process service system covering "planning, procurement, construction, delivery, and operation", establishing a project butler service personal service model, and digitalizing government and enterprises Escort of transformation.

Wang Xiaohua, vice president of Chinasoft International Education Technology Group and president of the Institute of Excellence: Educational digitalization practice-Chinasoft International Education creates Zhiyun series products
Based on the information technology industry accumulation and talent training experience, Chinasoft International Education Technology Group builds the Zhiyun series digital talent training product system from the four levels of students, teachers, majors, and industries, including Zhiyun Hub, Zhiyunyan, Zhiyun, and Zhiyun. The seven major products of Yunzhi, Zhiyundao, Zhiyunheng, and Zhiyunhui help developers to develop applications and Improve development skills. The world is currently undergoing major changes unseen in a century, with a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution surging, and the digital economy has become a new engine for sustainable growth of the global economy. Chinasoft International Education Technology Group will rely on the national talent strategy to help the digital construction of colleges and universities and jointly cultivate high-quality development talents.

The last session of the sub-forum was a four-party dialogue on the theme of "'Change' and 'Unchanged' under the wave of digital economy". Under the auspices of Fu Xiaoyu, deputy secretary-general of the China Software Industry Association, the four sides of the dialogue, from university principals to business managers to senior programmers, expressed their opinions on the situation of developers in the digital economy wave, and had a heated discussion. Everyone believes that for developers, the theme that technology is king will not change, but the speed of technological updates and changes is constantly accelerating. Can be invincible. At the same time, the school's training of developers and programmers must also break the original discipline construction, talent training, and scientific research path dependence, so as to cultivate the talents most needed by industries and enterprises.

In this forum, industry leaders, experts and scholars conducted heated discussions and collisions on the problems, challenges, and trends in the process of digital transformation of government enterprises. The views are blooming, and the ideas are brilliant. In order to improve the enthusiasm of developers to participate in digital transformation, and The digitalization of Chinese society provides many useful ideas. Chinasoft International will use the Programmer's Day as a platform to unite leading companies and ecological partners in various industries to empower developers, expand the digital industry ecosystem, build a digital intelligence ecosystem, and jointly code to move the future!