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American Airlines Grp., Inc.
Current Price 44.91
Change 1.35
Change % 3.10%
Volume 6,517,255
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Adaptive Medias, Inc. (PN)
Current Price 0.0005
Change -0.0001
Change % -16.67%
Volume 23,289,070
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Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (PC)
Current Price 0.0004
Change 0.0001
Change % 33.33%
Volume 109,423,083
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Century Petroleum Corp. (PC)
Current Price 0.41
Change 0.2875
Change % 234.69%
Volume 5,821,268
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Lithium Americas Corp.
Current Price 5.54
Change -0.11
Change % -1.95%
Volume 199,125
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Minerco, Inc. (PC)
Current Price 0.0002
Change 0.0
Change % 0.00%
Volume 81,965,582
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Micromem Technologies, Inc. (QB)
Current Price 0.092
Change -0.008
Change % -8.00%
Volume 102,696
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Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd.
Current Price 0.4701
Change -0.2346
Change % -33.29%
Volume 12,619,290
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Nabriva Therapeutics Plc - Ordinary Shares
Current Price 4.43
Change -0.09
Change % -1.99%
Volume 570,526
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New America Energy Corp. (PC)
Current Price 0.0002
Change -0.0001
Change % -33.33%
Volume 14,935,001
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Realty Income Corp.
Current Price 52.84
Change 0.05
Change % 0.09%
Volume 953,618
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Naturalshrimp Incorporated (QB)
Current Price 0.02665
Change 0.00095
Change % 3.70%
Volume 939,044
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Sociedad Quimica Y Minera S.A.
Current Price 51.33
Change 1.04
Change % 2.07%
Volume 1,443,951
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What is the Buzz Cloud?

The Buzz Cloud keeps track of how often tickers are mentioned to indicate the "level of buzz." The larger the text, the more often the ticker is mentioned by the community. You can use this page to spot trading opportunities based on the increase or decrease in the level of buzz. Hover your mouse over any ticker and you get a number of options, including a stock quote. Click the ticker to view the board associated with the ticker. All market data is delayed by 15-20 minutes.