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DBMM had an SEC Suspension of Trading for
several years of delinquent financials on May 17, 2017
resulting in them trading on the OTC Grey Market

On 10/9/19 DBMM was booted from the Grey Market to the Expert Market!
On 9/28/21 DBMM became Pink Current again.

It is designated Caveat Emptor on OTC Markets and can only be SOLD in the US... no buying!


Share structure:
OS = 787,718,631
AS = 2,000,000,000





About Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group (DBMM)

DBMM's Group's, Digital Clarity, has a distinguishing, analytic skillset that is in demand by companies today as they seek to make sense of the digital landscape. Digital Clarity models each client individually using their own industry and financial data and as such, the product is competitively differentiating.
DBMM Group crafts, designs and executes digital marketing strategies across multiple ad platforms and social media networks for a broad array of clients to help each of  them establish a uniform brand identity across the digital universe.

Executive Profiles

Reggie James | Executive Director, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Senior VP of Marketing & Communications: Managing Director of Digital Clarity

Reggie James is founder of Digital Clarity, a leading Search Marketing and Digital Advertising Agency. The company helps major brands and medium sized companies take advantage of the digital economy focusing on areas such as Search Engine Marketing (Google, Yahoo! & Bing), Social Media (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) and Internet Strategy Planning.

Reggie has been involved in the commercial element of the internet since its inception and has been instrumental in driving forward business models that are common place today. Further to running Digital Clarity, Reggie is a minor shareholder and former founder of an internet analytics technology software house as well as an AIM listed marketing service company.  Prior to launching Digital Clarity, Reggie has been involved with publishing groups such as VNU & Ziff-Davis as well as leading search company AltaVista, now part of Yahoo inc.

Neil Gray | Chairman & Executive Director

Neil Gray is a career entrepreneur in various industries from real estate to commodities.

He was involved as a principal of a private UK-based Healthcare Group. The Group's interests were in the UK and the EU. Other projects were developed in engineering, textiles and import/export in Africa, South America, Spain and the Black Sea. Early experience included participation on a think tank team assessing risk management for a UK insurance company.

Linda Perry | Executive Director, Chair, Nomination/Compensation & Audit Committees

Linda Perry has had an extensive career in global corporate blue-chip and entrepreneurial businesses. Currently she consults to multiple companies globally in a wide variety of industries. 

Her background includes board level advisory to The Balli Group where she was a Senior Advisor in the acquisition integration of Klockner & Co. The acquisition resulted in the creation of the world's largest steel, multi-metal distribution and trading company. Prior to that role, she was a Director and member of the Executive Committee of Churchill Insurance Group plc, a division of Credit Suisse. The Company was re-organized and sold within the industry for £ 2.3 billion GBP.

While a Senior Executive for ExxonMobil Corporation, she held general management positions with global responsibility in finance, marketing, corporate governance, management succession and executive compensation.  The latter role was under the aegis of the BOD's Compensation, Organization and Executive Development Committee, of which she was a member. Ms. Perry holds an MBA from Harvard University.


  747 Third Avenue  
  Second Floor   
  New York, NY 10017   
  (646) 722-2706


Preferred Stock

Series 1: 1,970,185 Issued, 2M Authorized
Series 2: 0 Issued, 2M Authorized

Common Stock

2,000,000,000 Authorized

4,414,975 Outstanding as of 9/24/15
63,000,000 Outstanding as of 11/23/15
135,710,561 Outstanding as of 12/22/15
149,985,561 Outstanding as of 1/11/16
157,685,561 Outstanding as of 1/14/16
165,790,561 Outstanding as of 1/26/16
174,312,361 Outstanding as of 2/3/16
317,854,331 Outstanding as of 3/4/16
329,063,531 Outstanding as of 3/8/16
396,999,031 Outstanding as of 3/17/16
493,031,831 Outstanding as of 4/1/16

541,825,231 Outstanding as of 4/11/16
745,718,631 Outstanding as of 05/25/16
Suspension/Expert Market
757,718,631 Outstanding as of 10/30/20
787,718,631 Outstanding as of 3/31/22




Madison Stock Transfer
 Brooklyn, NY 11229
 ( 718) 627 4453



DBMM delivers marketing value, brand consultancy and analytics in the digital economy through its brand, DIGITAL CLARITY.


* Large multinational companies were clients. Mercedes, Xerox, ProCook, Silverstone, H.R.Owen and many more

* Many awards including Won Gold at Digital Impact Awards 2018 and top 10 best social media firms award

* $3+ million in possible funding (a right of first refusal only)

* Active Florida registration for 20 years. Since 1998

Below is the link.


Sequence of events happened in last 3 years.

1. On Nov 15,2013 the SEC sent Notice to DBMM that its Auditor had been sanctioned and no longer approved public company Auditor..

2. DBMM was 2 weeks from filing its 2013 10-K and thus had to re-audit 3 years.

3. Due to re-audit work, Asher, one of the lender, could not convert. Asher filed a lawsuit,

4. DBMM completed its re-audit in Sept. 2014 and filed 5 reports the same day, then requisite reports through May 2015.

5. DBMM unable to raise capital because of Asher relentless litigation and was unable to file thereafter.

6. As Asher lawsuit was in progress, DBMM did not file for less then 2 years and Asher issued an unauthorized PR in May 2017, SEC suspended DBMM, started an Administrative Proceeding against DBMM to revoke DBMM shares registration and DBMM started trading OTC*PINK Current Market to OTC Grey Market.

7. DBMM fought SEC Administrative Proceeding like NO OTHER company in OTC HISTORY did BEFORE.

8. Finally, DBMM identified new funding. ..continue w/8 and conclude w/during entire period Digital Clarity was generating revenues--albeit flat as no growth capital available from parent. The operating business has always been strong, viable and the only hurdle to growth was capital infusion.

9. DBMM filed Audited Consolidated Super 10 K (Annual reports) for 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2017).

10. On June 18, 2018 the Legal Proceeding entitled Asher Enterprises, Inc. v. Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc . has been settled by the parties. NO MORE Asher dram. Asher SENT to GRAVEYARD FOREVER.

11. Then on, 06/22/2018, DBMM filed 2018, Q1

12. Then on, 06/25/2018, DBMM filed 2018, Q2

13. Then on, 07/18/2018, DBMM filed 2018, Q3


15. A quarter MILLION Dollars was invested in late 2017

16. July 2018, as DBMM filed Audited Consolidate Super 10 K (Annual reports) for 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2017) and Quarterly reports for Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2018, OTC Markets website NO LONGER shows DBMM as delinquent filer. OTC Markets websites NOW SHOWS DBMM as SEC*REPORTING.

17. ONLY thing left is SEC Administrative Proceeding  which started in May 2017 (Point 6 above) which is still going. SEC Judge is presiding that Admin Proceeding. In that SEC Judge will decide to either revoke DBMM or to dismiss SEC proceeding.

18. Various stays from SCOTUS case for over 100 cases.

19. Nov 12,2018 Initial Decision vacated and oral presentations agreed and scheduled for Jan 15 2019.

20. Gov't shutdown requires new scheduling.

21. DBMM has been compliant since June, 2018.

22. "From May 25, 2016 through April 10, 2019 12 million new shares were issued to 757,718,631 in total. 12million shares in almost 3 years.

23. Then on, 12/14/2018, DBMM filed 2018, 10K - AUDITED

24. Then on, 01/14/2019, DBMM filed 2019, Q1

25. New hearing happened on March 21st

26. Then on, 04/09/2019, DBMM filed 2019, Q2

27. Then on, 07/12/2019, DBMM filed 2019, Q3

28. On Nov 12, 2019, SEC Judge DISMISSED OIP against DBMM in Initial Decision. 

Dismissal ordered by Chief Justice Carol Fox Foelak on November 12,2019, with Motion filed for Affirmance of the Dismissal by the full Commission on December 20,2019. The SEC had minimum activity because of COVID-19, and the Company is awaiting the confirmed order.

29. Then on, 11/27/2019, DBMM filed 2019, 10K - AUDITED

30. Then on, 01/14/2020, DBMM filed 2020, Q1

31. Then on, 04/08/2020, DBMM filed 2020, Q2

32. Then on, 07/14/2020, DBMM filed 2020, Q3



Follow the court case here:


SEC Case History:

Initially, on 16 November 2017, ALJ Jason S Patil ordered revocation of registration for DBMM. That was an initial decision:

On 6 December 2017, Patil informed the parties of what the SEC required in connection with the Lucia pendency in the Supreme Court.

Following issuance of the initial decisions in this case, the Securities and Exchange Commission ratified the appointment of its administrative law judges and remanded this and every administrative proceeding pending before it. Pending Admin. Proc., Securities Act of 1933 Release No. 10440, 2017 SEC LEXIS 3724 (Nov. 30, 2017).1 The Commission directed each judge to: (1) reconsider the record in each proceeding, including all substantive and procedural actions; (2) allow the parties to file any new evidence that the parties deem relevant to the reexamination of the record by January 5, 2018; (3) determine whether to revise or ratify prior actions; and (4) issue by February 16, 2018, an order on ratification.

Accordingly, the parties may submit by January 5, 2018, any new evidence they consider relevant to my reexamination of the record. Any party that submits evidence must also file a brief explaining the relevance of its new evidence and how it relates to an action I have taken in this proceeding. Any responsive or opposition brief is due January 19, 2018.

On 5 January 2018, the Commission sent Patil a draft he could use to ratify his own earlier decision to revoke registration:

But DBMM chose to take the opportunity to protest Patil's decision, and a number of new filings were submitted. Patil still presided over the case.

On 22 June 2018, the Commission ordered that all pending administrative proceedings be stayed in connection with the Supreme Court's decision in Lucia. (Obviously Lucia won his case, which had nothing to do with delinquent issuers.)

On 23 August, Chief ALJ Brenda Murray issued a notice communicating an order by the Commission allowing the stay to expire. For DBMM, the key part of the order was this:

With respect to any such proceeding currently pending before an ALJ or the Commission, we order that respondents be provided with the opportunity for a new hearing before an ALJ who did not previously participate in the matter.

DBMM decided to take its chances on a new ALJ.

On 12 September, Judge Murray assigned the DBMM case to Carol Fox Foelak:

Here is the believers in the imaginary naked short seller's spokesman:

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DBMM News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 07/14/2022 04:18:08 PM
DBMM News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 04/12/2022 08:20:19 AM
DBMM News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 01/14/2022 09:46:40 AM
DBMM News: Annual Report (10-k) 11/05/2021 12:41:58 PM
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