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5/26/22 Business Update Video: CLICK HERE
4/1/22 CEO interview with Digital Journal: CLICK HERE
9/10/21 CEO interview on NASDAQ listing: CLICK HERE



Lightwave Logic is a technology platform company, leveraging its proprietary technology platform to develop next-generation electro-optic polymers which increase the efficiency of internet infrastructure by converting data into optical signals, allowing more data to be transmitted at significantly higher speeds and with less power than existing solutions.

The need for Lightwave Logic’s proprietary electro-optic polymers is more evident than at any prior point in history, with internet infrastructure coming under increasing strain due to increased online activity. For example, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, leading platforms such as YouTube prevented high-definition (HD) streaming in Europe due to data throughput issues in existing internet infrastructure.

The Company’s current focus is on the datacom and telecommunications hardware supply chain for the 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps fiber optics communications market, seeking to integrate its proprietary materials into the devices that comprise key components in today’s internet infrastructure. Lightwave Logic’s unique value proposition, including ease of manufacture relative to traditional solutions, has driven several tier-1 and tier-2 potential strategic partners in the data and telecommunications markets to enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with Lightwave Logic to evaluate its technology for use in their devices, validating the demand for the Company’s solution in the marketplace. The Company expects to introduce its technology into the commercial marketplace in the near future.

Lightwave Logic is a wholly U.S.-based company with in-house materials synthesis, device/package design, wafer fabrication and testing capabilities at its Englewood, Colorado headquarters.

Our solutions include the following advantages:
-Excellent scalability of materials, device, and platform
-Versatility and ease of production of plastics (polymers) 
-Process compatible for integration with Silicon Photonics and InP 
-Extreme miniaturization
-Very high-speed performance with femtosecond response times
-Excellent thermal stability
-Ability to withstand a laser without bleaching

Lightwave Logic, Inc. is a NASDAQ Listed, Fully Reporting Company, Trading Symbol: LWLG

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