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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
BTCS  BTCS Inc.0.14180.00.00%   12/18/2017
My BTCS Pitch: "Legitimate Bitcoin penny play"
SANP  Santo Mining Corp.000.00%   12/15/2017
My SANP Pitch: "Crypto Mining BITCOIN"
BTSC  Bitcoin Services Inc.0.1890.00.00%   12/12/2017
NECA  New America Energy Corp.000.00%   09/19/2017
My NECA Pitch: "HAS entered into a Joint Venture with ONCI as of 09/14/17"
DEWM  Dewmar International BMC Inc.0.00440.00.00%   07/22/2017
My DEWM Pitch: "The One In a Thousand Legitimate Penny Stock.....Going to 10 Cents a Share at least !! BOOOOOM"
ONCI  On4 Communications, Inc.0.00540.00.00%   12/27/2016
My ONCI Pitch: "Acquires other Companies...Apps, MMJ, Healthcare"
MMEG  Momentous Entertainment Group0.00010.00.00%   12/22/2016
My MMEG Pitch: "Social Media..FaceBook of Germany"
IFAN  IFAN Financial Inc.0.00040.00.00%   11/29/2016
My IFAN Pitch: "PayPal competitor"
USMJ  North American Cannabis Holdings Inc.0.00080.00.00%   10/18/2016
SCTY  SolarCity Corp.20.340.00.00%   09/27/2016
My SCTY Pitch: "Solar Baby...Elan Musk"
JNSH  JNS Holding Corp0.0138810.00.00%   05/22/2016
My JNSH Pitch: "Car Charging Station...Low Float !! Not sure if there is Dilution"
RMHB  Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc.0.0140.00.00%   05/22/2016
My RMHB Pitch: "Dewm Distributes their Products..this will go back to 0.50 cents"
TBEV  High Performance Beverages Comp.0.00010.00.00%   03/28/2016
My TBEV Pitch: "Did we get scammed on this Sports Bev company?? 2nd RS in a year"
YGE  Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited000.00%   10/16/2015
My YGE Pitch: "Solar Power"
MNKD  MannKind Corp.2.410.00.00%   08/24/2015
My MNKD Pitch: "Brother Joe/Mihai"
PVSP  Pervasip Corp.0.00010.00.00%   06/06/2015
My PVSP Pitch: "In the cloud"
FBEC  FBEC Worldwide Inc.0.00020.00.00%   05/28/2015
My FBEC Pitch: "Bev Stock....from Investo 7"
SDRL  Seadrill LTD.0.2840.00.00%   05/18/2015
My SDRL Pitch: "Gold stock....$40 potential on low end"
STGZ  Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc.0.0230.00.00%   04/10/2015
My STGZ Pitch: "Was Umng now reverse"
BYSD  Bayside Corp.0.00030.00.00%   02/22/2015
My BYSD Pitch: "Bayside"
SMDM  Singing Machine Company, Inc. (The)0.520.00.00%   02/09/2015
My SMDM Pitch: "Mario t friend,,,Karaoke"
BTZO  Bitzio, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   02/06/2015
My BTZO Pitch: "Dolls and or kids stuff"
MINE  Minerco Inc.000.00%   02/05/2015
My MINE Pitch: "Drink nyc"
RCHA  Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc.000.00%   02/05/2015
My RCHA Pitch: "Pharmaceutical"
MJNA  Medical Marijuana, Inc.000.00%   11/03/2014
My MJNA Pitch: "Smokey Smoke"
ELRA  Elray Resources, Inc.000.00%   10/28/2014
My ELRA Pitch: "Gambling stock"
GRCU  Green Cures and Botanical Distribution Inc.0.013150.00.00%   10/14/2014
My GRCU Pitch: "Mjna play"
IDNG  Independence Energy Corp0.0060.00.00%   10/13/2014
My IDNG Pitch: "Ebola play , pump and dump ??"
RMCP  Revolutions Medical Corp.0.002790.00.00%   10/13/2014
My RMCP Pitch: "Ebola scam play"
FPFI  Fresh Promise Foods, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   10/09/2014
My FPFI Pitch: "Food"
GYOG  Green Energy Enterprises Inc.0.00040.00.00%   10/02/2014
My GYOG Pitch: "Mjna I think"
MHYS  Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company0.00010.00.00%   10/02/2014
My MHYS Pitch: "Movie biz"
NXGH  Next Group Holdings Inc.0.04440.00.00%   10/02/2014
My NXGH Pitch: "Water"
ETEK  Eco-Tek Group, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   10/02/2014
My ETEK Pitch: "Come on. This is great technology. We are going up up up ..."
HALB  Halberd Corp.000.00%   10/02/2014
My HALB Pitch: "Tap beer involved ever tap regulator"
MLHC  M Line Holdings Inc.0.00020.00.00%   10/02/2014
My MLHC Pitch: "Maybe"
NSEH  NuState Energy Holdings Inc.0.00010.00.00%   10/02/2014
My NSEH Pitch: "Looks good"
STEM  StemCells Inc000.00%   10/02/2014
My STEM Pitch: "Oh yeah"
FDBL  Friendable Inc.0.00010.00.00%   07/10/2014
HEMP  Hemp, Inc.000.00%   07/07/2014
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