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Vortex Brands Co.

Vortex Brands Co. is actively mining Bitcoin by purchasing and maintaining ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) computers specifically designed for Bitcoin mining and actively scaling up mining operations to direct revenues toward improving the electric grid. Vortex will provide as a service multipurpose Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) equipment to electric utilities nationwide. PAS is a one-of-a-kind technology designed to solve problems caused by the inefficient power consumption of electric motors. PAS protects the grid from excessive wear and damage, increases reliability by reducing line congestion and increasing reserve margin, at a true cost savings for the utility.

Vortex Brands has two distinct lines of business: (1) provide as a service multi-purpose Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) equipment to electric utilities in the United States; and (2) Bitcoin Mining.


Not one PAS unit has been installed!

Vortex Brands Completes Acquisition of Blockchain Energy, Inc. Company Developing Technology for Improving Power Grid Efficiency Sacramento, California, March 05, 2018 -- Vortex Brands Co. (OTC: VTXB) today announced the completion of its acquisition of Blockchain Energy, Inc. Blockchain Energy, Inc. is a Sacramento, California-based company engaged in projects related to the utilities and energy sectors. Currently, Blockchain Energy is taking a lead role in implementing a revolutionary new product that will be introduced across the country and has the potential to be a “gamechanger”. The electric motors that power equipment like HVAC, refrigeration, industrial machinery, etc., consume about 80% of the power provided (in-phase) for them by utility companies. The other 20% is used to supply the needed torque or leverage to the motor but then becomes unusable (out-of-phase) and travels back toward the utility., This means 20% more power is being generated and delivered than is actually being consumed. This inefficiency problem compounds itself further when that wasted 20% of power travels back toward the utility, as an additional 20% of otherwise usable power is required to "burn off" this backward-flowing electricity. Up to 40% of power generated is, therefore, wasted., In addition, the back and forth creates line congestion, which leads to power outages and stress on an already troubled grid. Phase Angle Synchronization, or PAS, is the solution to the problem and allows wasted energy to be recycled, creating massive savings potential for utility companies across the country and incredible revenue opportunities for Blockchain Energy. Blockchain Energy’s first project will be to act as the manufacturer of this new technology. The company has been granted the exclusive rights to roll out units across all of North America. The inventor of this new technology has joined the Blockchain Energy team and will act as a consultant as manufacturing and assembly are ramped up over the coming months. The operations facility is located in Sacramento and is sufficient for exponential growth. Several key individuals with specific strengths and expertise have been brought together to ensure this project is a success. Additional staff will be added soon on an as-needed basis. Additionally, Blockchain Energy has already established working relationships with several companies that will be brought in to support this project. More information on those relationships is forthcoming. With the closing of this reverse merger, Tom Olmstead has stepped down as CEO of Vortex Brands. Todd Higley has been named as the new CEO. Mr. Higley has made it known that he plans to share more information about the company and this exciting new project in several follow-up press releases over the coming weeks, including why the name of the company itself is relevant to other projects that Vortex Brands has in store. For more information about Blockchain Energy, please visit our website at

Vortex Brands Adds Mining CapacityPress Release | 10/28/2021
Vortex Brands Completes Acquisition of Blockchain Energy, Inc.Press Release | 03/07/2018

Total shares authorized: 3,000,000,000 as of date: 12/20/2021

Reg A shares 70 million that will increase by at least 5X or more held by insiders!

The board of directors has approved a forward split for a minimum of 25 shares for 1 share. The final split adjustment will be finalized when the company files with FINRA and may be adjusted up to 75 shares for 1 share.


The latest filing on 2/1/2022 with the Colorado SOS increases the A/S up to 9 billion.

Thus they intend to only FS the Outstanding Shares which are 311,250,000.

 The 1 - A is offering 2 billion shares.

1 A
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The latest filing on 2/1/2022 with the Colorado surfkast 02/04/2022 04:41:13 PM
It was and still is a scam. surfkast 07/07/2022 12:17:07 PM
THIS STOCK HAS REALLY TURNED OUT TO BE rockie101 07/07/2022 11:02:09 AM
Nope…..VTXB will definitely winner down the road. Averaged shigtynodigty 06/06/2022 12:05:09 PM
This has really turned out to be a turd. rockie101 06/06/2022 09:44:12 AM
10 trades? What a joke! surfkast 06/01/2022 09:34:57 PM
Sometime these message board will get you in rockie101 06/01/2022 05:00:42 PM
Did any astute investor think otherwise? surfkast 06/01/2022 01:33:33 PM
Still no forward split. trader59 06/01/2022 12:47:37 PM
Was for years. surfkast 05/11/2022 08:23:13 PM
I see I should have stayed away from rockie101 05/11/2022 11:49:43 AM
Falling into the abyss. surfkast 04/29/2022 11:00:44 AM
Who knows with this scam. surfkast 04/17/2022 11:51:18 AM
So, the forward split to put the PPS trader59 04/16/2022 09:00:54 PM
Where is the new BS update? surfkast 04/05/2022 12:50:09 PM
0.0062 -0.0018 (-22.50%) surfkast 03/29/2022 07:23:46 PM
VTXB...VOLUME AND MOVING UP. rockie101 03/22/2022 11:20:56 AM
All the buying. surfkast 03/20/2022 10:08:37 AM
What's interesting? 12Stocks 03/19/2022 09:06:12 PM
Interesting. surfkast 03/18/2022 11:32:04 AM
There was no corporate action posted to FINRA trader59 03/07/2022 07:44:27 AM
The longer they wait on the split date rockie101 03/07/2022 12:58:52 AM
I think you guys don't understand the date rockie101 03/06/2022 11:47:45 PM
Sure would be nice they would let it JRKWLightling 03/06/2022 11:25:35 PM
The latest day to buy was the Fri JRKWLightling 03/06/2022 07:56:27 PM
You'd see it on the daily list first trader59 02/28/2022 02:12:21 PM
I've found out they haven't been given the rockie101 02/28/2022 12:39:45 PM
Nothing showing up yet. surfkast 02/28/2022 12:32:36 PM
Monday is the 28th. that's when the 25 rockie101 02/28/2022 01:41:32 AM
Investors, this is the final warning as to surfkast 02/25/2022 12:35:26 PM
BETTER BUY NEXT TUESDAY IS 25 TO 1 rockie101 02/25/2022 10:55:22 AM
$VTXB Vortex Brands Continues to Expand with Purchase AskMuncher 02/19/2022 08:11:37 AM
Solid DD BasedOnFeels 02/19/2022 01:38:16 AM
Garbage scam dilutes trash nicoausto 02/18/2022 10:41:20 PM
More good news and the PPS is still tanking. surfkast 02/16/2022 12:48:59 PM
And investors will get wiped out afterwards. surfkast 02/14/2022 01:08:55 PM
2 weeks from today the 25 to 1 rockie101 02/14/2022 09:39:56 AM
This one has been holding ground upper .01 range. Newc 02/10/2022 11:35:51 PM
Got awfully quiet. Investors figure out the scam yet? surfkast 02/10/2022 01:36:39 PM
Divide $3658 by 311,250,000 shares. trader59 02/08/2022 06:54:09 PM
Just curious do you know the amount that 12Stocks 02/08/2022 06:12:35 PM
I think this stock price will do very rockie101 02/05/2022 11:14:23 AM
Got in, got out, staying out. Makes no urge2surge 02/05/2022 06:38:35 AM
Time will tell. surfkast 02/04/2022 12:53:28 PM
That makes perfect sense. Must be a scam, x100xPercent 02/04/2022 12:52:16 PM
Knowing the history here, I believe it is surfkast 02/04/2022 12:50:30 PM
Understood. But surfkast, why would they want to x100xPercent 02/04/2022 12:18:03 PM
The latest filing on 2/1/2022 with the Colorado surfkast 02/04/2022 11:41:13 AM
It’s a pump. They’re selling stock into it. trader59 02/04/2022 11:39:26 AM
I would be embarrassed if I was you. dracontrading 02/04/2022 11:30:22 AM
Ok, so now I do think again that x100xPercent 02/04/2022 10:45:18 AM
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