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Golden Investments in Gold Exploration Projects
Given the solid run that the gold industry has taken in recent years, many investors are starting to wonder just how long this run will go for. Talk about an ultra-marathon, the price of gold has had a steady increase for the past 10 years straight. With an increase of more than 400% since Y2K, gold is one of the most sought after investments in the market today. Gold investment strategies are commonly classified as a hedge that safeguards the investor’s portfolio from dollars that have seen a deflating value in recent years. Another great way to hedge against the sinking dollar is to invest in the equities of gold mining stocks. A company with a promising portfolio of gold claims with the assets still in the ground can be a way to leverage your dollars by betting on the completion of a profitable mining venture sometime in the near future.
Investors technically base their analysis through future projected earnings statements, resource estimate reports of assets still in the ground, and overall cost comparisons and feasibility studies. These factors serve as guidelines towards speculating future share prices and company market capitalization. Great gold exploration projects do not escape the eyes of potential investors that are looking to make steep profits in this specific field. One key important factor in exploration and development of mining projects is location, location, location. Most experts would agree that a country within the European Union would be a promising location due to market stability, advanced infrastructure and roadways, and well maintained and serviced trade routes.
Today, Albania is a European country that offers good hope for sustainable growth in their economy. Gold mining companies such as Golden Touch Resources (GOT.V); are looking to experience large profits and increase their current market capitalization by advancing the exploration of Albania’s natural resource sector, most notably, for gold. Investing in the future of Golden Touch’s potential mines sites are one option for investors to leverage investment capital by investing in a company that seeks future profits from assets that are still in the ground. Mining & exploration companies like Golden Touch Resources aim to develop large mineral exploration projects into commercial sized producing mines thus ultimately making a profit from the sale of precious metals and elements to international buyers.
With much strength radiating from the gold and precious metal market, investing into gold mining stocks is proving to be profitable for investors while at the same time, a hedge against a deflating U.S. Dollar. Modern financial professionals from America’s Wall Street, the European Union, and China’s dominating financial market, seize the opportunity to allocate their wealth into this fast growing sector of Gold Mining Stocks. As one of the leaders in exploration and development in Albania’s natural resource sector, Golden Touch Resources (GOT.V) is definitely a company to keep your eye on.
Golden Touch Resources trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol GOT.V and also on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 0GT. For more information, please visit the company website at:

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