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Andiamo Corp (ANDI) dba Utopya Woldwide Innovations Inc - a time line of events

Before going through the complete time line here is a run down of the biggest red flags which will be demonstrated through the time line of events using links and screen shots

The Biggest Red Flags

1) Utopya choose the dirty ANDI shell to go public

2) Utopya hid its co-Founders/officers names and their pasts from the public for as long as they could. Those pasts include a failed smart phone start up named Comet Core Inc that took money from customers then left hundreds of victims in its wake when it never produced any phones.

3) Utopya reported no assets or smart phone business operations or officers besides Mike Starkweather in the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018. Utopya claimed that it merged its business operations into the ANDI shell in November but the only assets listed were from old ANDI business operations from before Utopya acquired the shell. Utopya claimed that it had prototype phones and distributors lined up starting in December. The ANDI stock price was heavily pumped in December and January using statements made by Utopya about smart phone operations and advisors and contracts being negotiated. So why was none of this stuff in the quarterly report?

4) ANDI has been run as a pump&dump with unrealistic forward looking statements about uplisting to the NYSE and over $100m in revenues before the end of 2018 all while hundreds of millions (if not billions) of shares were sold into the market through Series B preferred share conversions by people close to the ANDI CEO, Mike Starkweather

5) Utopya worked together with the old ANDI CEO Dustin Secor in a coordinated effort to raise the value of the stock while Secor and people close to Mike Starkweather (the current ANDI CEO) were selling shares into the market

6) Mike Starkweather tried to hide his associations with Corbin Hardy (one of the big Series B stock converters) after their association was exposed

7) Utopya may have been using ANDI share sales done by "friends and family" to fund its business operations without disclosing the share sales all while repeatedly leading investors to believe that no dilution was taking place and all financing would be coming without using stock dilution

8) The Utopya team pumped the ANDI share price using statements like "what's in the pipeline is bigger than anything the OTC has seen" and "the U-Phone will be 40Xs better than the iPhone" and blast off, to the moon, rocket ship, train is leaving the station, bulls are in control tweets. On top of all the pumping done by Utopya, the ANDI share price has also been manipulated using false information about things like Darryl Green's wealth and connections to blockchain and Huawei that do not exist.

9) Utopya used chase the carrot tactics by repeatedly promising great things coming soon and repeatedly asking investors to hold on and be patient. There has even been instances where Utopya has talked about time frames for upcoming news in private emails with ANDI investors.

10) T-trades have been an almost daily occurrence since late-December

11) Utopya has its transfer agent gagged and Utopya refuses to disclose share structure information to its shareholders. The last update to the share structure was January 31, 2018 and that's only because it was required to be disclosed as part of the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018.

The formation of Utopya Innovations Inc

Utopya Innovations Inc was co-Founded by Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster as a smart phone start up company some time in early 2017.

Just prior to co-Founding Utopya Innovations Inc, Ian Brewster and Jason Steinberg were working as executives at Comet Core Inc.

Jason Steinberg was the Sales and Marketing Executive at Comet Core Inc.


And Ian Brewster was the COO of Comet Core Inc


The legal advisor for Comet Core Inc was Loudon Owen.


Comet Core Inc was a start up smart phone company that had a forward looking business plan to create a buoyant water resistant smart phone operating off the Android 7 operating system that would be low priced at $259.

Comet Core Inc was formed in 2014 and in 2015 the company raised around $30,000 on kickstarter then moved over to Indiegogo where it raised $259,358 more saying the funds would be used to bring their smart phone idea to market


Comet Core Inc raised a lot of money through pre-orders for the phones. Comet Core Inc took payments for phones that were no where near ready to be produced and shipped.

The smart phones never made it to market and the comment section on IndieGoGo page is flooded with angry customers asking for their money back.


Some of the comments on the IndieGoGo page even make note about how Jason changed his LinkedIn page removing Comet Core Inc and replacing it with Utopya.

It is no wonder that Jason hides his past experiences on his LinkedIn page.


Like Jason, Ian Brewster also hides his past involvement in Comet Core Inc.


Being part of a failed smart phone start-up doesn't look good when trying to sell Utopya as the next big smart phone company of the future.

Comet Core Inc began refunding people that prepaid for the phone in 2016. Even though some of the customers/victims did get their money back, many others were never refunded and are still looking for their refunds. The Indiegogo comment page shows many that have been waiting several months for a refund and new comments asking for refunds continue to roll in daily.

The backers who invested in the company through the kickstarter page and indiegogo page are now just victims who will never get any return on their investment.

Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster were both still involved in Comet Core Inc in late 2016 long after the company failed and refunds started being issued.


Both Steinberg and Brewster left Comet Core Inc in early 2017.

In February 2017, Comet Core Inc also began taking steps to cover its tracks. The Delaware business entity for Comet Core Inc was changed to Comeit Inc.


Possibly the company knew it wouldn't have enough money to refund all the people that had prepaid for phones.

Shortly after Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster left Comet Core Inc they co-founded Utopya Innovations Inc and reunited with Loudon Owen hiring Loudon Owen as the legal advisor for Utopya.

Utopya is run out of Loudon Owen's office in Ontario at 141 Adelaide Street West Suite 760 Toronto, ON.

Despite the fact that Jason Steinberg, Ian Brewster, and Loudon Owen were the 3 original members of Utopya Innovations Inc, none of their names were disclosed to the public until several weeks after Utopya Innovations Inc acquired control of the ANDI shell.

Jason Steinberg's name didn't surface for the first time until after the CES conference in January of 2018. Eventually ANDI investors figured out that Steinberg was one of the people in the Utopya photos from the event.

Loudon Owen's name didn't surface until late January of 2018 when ANDI/Utupya named Loudon Owen as an advisor in a press release.


Ian Brewster's name didn't surface for the first time until February of 2018 after Utopya Innovations Worldwide Inc filed its article of incorporation with the Ottawa business division and the document was found by an ANDI investor.


As recently as March 19, 2018, Utopya was still trying to hide Ian Brewster's name from the public.


It wasn't until I exposed the Utopya team's connections to the Comet Core Inc disaster on March 31, 2018



that Utopya finally publicly disclosed Ian Brewster as the control person of Utopya Innovations Inc in an amended quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018.


Because Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster wanted to keep their names out of the public eye, Utopya Innovations Inc hired Michael Starkweather as the CEO for Utopya Innovations Inc some time before November of 2017. Around the same time that Mike Starkweather was brought on board, Darryl Green also joined the team as an advisor and equity investor. More on Mike Starkweather and Darryl Green further down this post.

November 10, 2017 - Utopya Innovations Inc acquires control of the ANDI shell by purchasing the Series A preferred stock which held voting control of the shell. It was never disclosed how much Utopya Innovations Inc paid for those Series A preferred shares.

At this time the ANDI OTC page reports 1,417,266,250 shares outstanding and a float of 807,257,113 shares as of July 31, 2017 (per the annual report). The TA is gagged.

Later OTC filings disclose the true ANDI share structure on November 10, 2017 when Utopya acquired control of the shell as follows:

1,985,444,650 shares outstanding
610,000,000 shares restricted
1,375,444,650 shares free trading

The ANDI shell comes with a very dirty past including years of abuse by Dustin Secor, Rich Shykora, and William White as the former CEOs. Some of the dirtiest antics included:

1) a not all the way legal Series C preferred share distribution in 2013.



2) super dilutive Series B shares which convert into 2000 common shares each and have led to most of the free trading shares added to the float over the past few years


3) a partnership with OLIE that was announced on January 27, 2014 - later that same day OLIE and its sister company HSCO both ended up getting suspended by the SEC.



4) Though ANDI avoided suspension, the ticker got a Cease Trader Order in Canada which remains in effect to this day.


5) a history of dilution through debt conversions and Series B preferred stock conversions leading to a reverse split on March 11, 2016.

November 14, 2017 - Utopya Innovations Inc acquires a domain at utopya.co and launches its website a few days later on November 17, 2017:

November 16, 2017 - Clearwater Resources (owner unknown) is issued 90,000,000 free trading shares of stock for a debt conversion. This increases the O/S to 2,075,444,650 shares and the float to 1,465,444,650 shares.

Clearwater Resources was never mentioned in any past ANDI disclosures and ANDI does not disclose who owns the entity, how much debt it paid off, or when the debt was created.

November 27, 2017 - Utopya launches social media accounts on facebook, twitter, and instagram

Despite having no web presence prior to November of 2017, the Utopya CEO, Mike Starkweather has made statements to shareholders on several occasions that the company has been in the works for almost a full year.

November 28, 2017 - William White (the former control person and CEO of the ANDI shell) steps down and Michael Starkweather (the CEO of Utopya) takes over as the new CEO of ANDI.

Some background on Michael Starkweather including his personal bankruptcy and previous penny stock experiences with TXHD and GLDG (both failed penny stocks) can be found at the following post:


As part of the transition, ANDI terminated previous contracts/acquisitions done with Digital Worldwide Brands, Northeast Music Productions LLC (dba Halogen Music Group and Halogen Media Works), Streetbeatz Entertainment & Media Group Inc, Good Entertainment Holdings Inc, and Peppermint Jim, LLC.

November 28, 2017 - ANDI issues 103,516,200 free trading shares of stock to LG Capital Funding LLC for a debt conversion. This increases the O/S to 2,178,960,850 shares and the float to 1,568,960,850 shares.

November 28, 2017 - Utopya Innovations Inc announces through the ANDI OTC markets news feed that it has completed a reverse merger into the ANDI shell. The press release described Utopya Innovations Inc as a an emerging technology company focused primarily on the development and distribution of mid-market smartphone devices equipped with a proprietary software ecosystem. The press release further stated that Utopya Innovations Inc had begun the development of its software ecosystem with completion of the software ecosystem expected to be finished during the first 6 months of 2018 and sales of the phones to start in various markets worldwide during the last 6 months of 2018.


December 5, 2017 - ANDI issues 42,833,600 free trading shares to LG Capital Funding LLC for a debt conversion. This increases the O/S to 2,221,794,450 shares and the float to 1,611,794,560 shares.

December 5, 2017 - ANDI sees a day of much higher than normal volume with 314,637,083 shares traded at $.0001/share and $.0002/share.

December 6, 2017 - Utopya Innovations Inc announces on its social media sites that it will be attending the CES tech conference in Las Vegas in January.

December 7, 2017 - Utopya Innovations Inc puts out a press release through the ANDI OTC news feed once again announcing its new business direction and disclosing that William White was being replaced as the ANDI CEO by Michael Starkweather.


The press release also announces the termination of the previous acquisitions done by ANDI involving Digital Worldwide Brands and Halogen Music Group.

But most importantly, the press release contains a quote by Mike Starkweather about becoming fully reporting and uplisting in the future.

"With our new direction we will soon begin to act as a fully reporting company in preparations to up list to a larger exchange” Stated Mike Starkweather, President of Andiamo Corporation"

Message boards and social media would run with this statement. It became a big pumping point for the stock price. The CEO said it so it must be true and with minimum price requirements to trade on the Big Boards, message boards and social media spun this a reason to expect the ANDI share price to go to $1/share or $4/share - price projects that become especially warped since Mike Starkweather has repeatedly promised no reverse split to shareholders. To this day the uplisting statement is still used as a major factor to try to support the share price.

So far ANDI has yet to even begin the process of filing a registration statement with the SEC to become fully reporting.

December 14, 2017 - Utopya does its first mainstream press release announcing its merger into the ANDI shell through a reverse acquisition with the eye catching headline that it plans on take the world by storm as a new smartphone company.


The press release also contains the following statements:

"The company is planning to launch a lineup of 3 Utopya-branded smartphone devices in 2018"

"Working closely with industry-leading smartphone manufacturers, the company is prepared to scale operations rapidly in order to meet anticipated demand"

"The team has been working diligently on securing contracts from telecom companies and distributors in a number of markets worldwide, and will make announcements as these deals are made official"

"each Utopya phone will come equipped with a unique and proprietary Utopya Operating System (OS) based on Android 7.0. The phones will also come with several exclusive apps that will only be available on Utopya devices"

It should be noted that to date Utopya has yet to announce any contracts with any specific telecom companies, retailers, or distributors. It should also be noted that on message boards and social media this statement was quickly spun into future contracts with giant telecommunication companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.


The press release was put out through a mainstream news service allowing it to hit news feeds kicking off a ton of volume for ANDI beginning on 12/15/17 with ANDI pushing past $.0002/share for the first time in months.

December 17, 2017 - Mike Starkweather tells investors through emails that Utopya "will accept no toxic debt and if any funds needed to be raised money would be from friends and family strictly. Glad to hear you’re a shareholder, this one will be fun I promise!"



December 17, 2017 - Rumors begin to spread that Utopya will be exhibiting at the CES conference in Vegas.



Even after Mike Starkweather shared the registration receipt with investors on December 19th, Utopya's presence at the CES conference is still spun into way more than just a regular visitors pass


By late December these rumors are finally reeled in some when the Utopya team clarifies that they will only be attending the conference using regular visitor passes and will not be exhibiting anything at the conference.

December 17, 2017 - As if ANDI needed any more rumors, the sierraworldequity blog which has been spreading false information to pump penny stocks as a "parody account" going back to 2012 started a rumor that Utopya had signed a joint venture deal with Microsoft


The microsoft rumor was shot down by Utopya on the twitter page the next day.


The blog was taken down but you can still see a tweet about it


Utopya would see many more articles containing false information put out through various blog sites over the coming weeks.

December 18, 2017 - Mike Starkweather does an interview with http://www.brodmannenterprises.com/ and is quoted as saying that Utopya plans on surpassing $100m in revenues in 2018 and plans to uplist to the NYSE before the end of 2018:


The message boards and social media run with the $100 million in revenues in 2018 statement. The $100 million revenue statement continues to be one of the biggest factors used to support the ANDI share price to this day.

$100 million in revenues just for the last part of 2018 would equate to $200 million - $400 million in annual revenues from a start up company that has yet to report any assets or contracts.

December 18, 2017 - ANDI gets its first of 4 articles written by stock promotion company Emerging Markets


Emerging Markets doesn't disclose any compensation received for any of its ANDI pump pieces.

December 19, 2017 - With the $100 million revenues projection statement from after hours the night before and company statements about contracts around the corner, the Utopya pump goes to the next level. The ANDI board becomes the most active forum on the IHUB where it will stay to this day. Over 80,000 posts have been made on the ANDI forum since December 18, 2017.

Message board and social media begins to speculate that retailers/distributors will include giants like Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco


December 19, 2017 - After hours ANDI releases a press announcing that they have brought Darryl Green on board as an advisor


The PR contained the following quotes which were about GNC:

"Mr. Green played an instrumental role in scaling a well-known Sports Nutrition retailer from a market cap of roughly $1 Billion to over $3.7 Billion. During his time with the company, Mr. Green grew the business to over a whopping 3000 global franchise locations across 53 countries worldwide"

"In 2011, Mr. Green was part of the team that led in what later became known as the IPO-of-the-year, helping the company raise an estimated $360 Million"

Those statements are a bit exaggerated. Darryl Green was a long long long time GNC employee and did work his way up through management positions and eventually into executive roles. Yes he was involved in the company in an executive role when it reached its market peak in 2013, but Utopya makes it sound like Darryl was the main reason for the growth.

I'm not sure that it can be stated that Darryl Green was part of the team that led the 2011 IPO because Darryl's name didn't even show up in the S-1 statement for the IPO


But all of that is fine. Darryl Green's career with GNC is impressive and deserves respect. He earned some praise for his time at GNC.

Where things get spun out of control is the way that Darryl Green was immediately made out to be a billionaire just because he was employed by GNC all thanks to the reference in the PR about how GNC (as a corporation) once had a valuation of $3.7 billion.







It should be noted that a day later, on December 20, 2017, it was disclosed that Darryl Green had actually been a part of Utopya as "a private equity investor" since before Utopya acquired the ANDI shell.

Darryl Green has a lot of background in the fitness industry through his GNC connections and DVG Nutrition. It's possible he and Mike Starkweather (who also has a very strong background in the fitness industry) already knew each other well before Darryl Green became a part of Utopya.

December 20, 2017 - ANDI files a quarterly report for the period ending October 31, 2017.


It shows an outstanding share count of 1,891,045,050 shares and a float of 1,281,045,050 shares as of October 31, 2017 then fails to disclose any of the subsequent share issuances done between October 31, 2018 and December 20, 2017 (the date of the report). It is the last time ANDI shareholders will get a full update to the share structure until March 22, 2018 when the next quarterly report is filed because Utopya keeps the TA gagged. And despite the new info, many people continued to grossly understate the ANDI float size.

December 20, 2017 - With ANDI in full pump mode and the share price rocketing higher, ANDI issues 200,000,000 free trading shares to Corbin T Hardy for the conversion of 100,000 series B preferred shares equivalent to around 9% of the O/S. This information isn't made public until the next quarterly report is filed on March 22, 2018. This raises the O/S to 2,421,794,450 shares and the float to 1,811,794,450 shares.

Corbin T Hardy is a personal friend of ANDI CEO Mike Starkweather. Hardy has been business partners with Mike Starkweather since 2009. In 2009, Hardy became an equity partner in Starkweather's Live Fit business. In 2011, Hardy and Starkweather started SG5 Capital Group together and are still co-Partners in the business today. In 2017, both Hardy and Startkweather were managing directors together at DynamicVentures LLC.


Friends of the CEO dumping stock while the ANDI share pride is being pumped is the very definition of a pump & dump.

The ANDI CEO even starts telling investors in private email responses about when press releases are coming before they hits as a way to encourage people to hold on to their shares



Corbin T Hardy likely got those shares from Dustin Secor (a former CEO of ANDI who owned a large majority of the Series B preferred stock).

Questions still remain about how/why Corbin Hardy got the stock and what the proceeds of the stock sales may have been used for (was money made from the stock sales kicked back to fund the Utopya business operations - if so that would be illegal). More details about this shady transaction in the following posts



After the Corbin Hardy / Mike Starkweather connection was exposed, Mike Starkweather immediately took steps to hide the connection adding more suspicion that the transaction was not entirely legal.


December 20, 2017 - Dustin Secor is issued 200,000,000 free trading shares of stock through his company PC Trust for the conversion of 100,000 series B preferred shares equivalent to around 9% of the O/S. This information isn't made public until the next quarterly report is filed on March 22, 2018. This raises the O/S to 2,621,794,450 shares and the float to 2,011,794,450 shares.

The transaction is suspicious for a number of reasons and there seems to be a coordinated effort between Dustin Secor, Mike Starkweather, and Corbin Hardy to try to profit as much as possible off the ANDI price action.



The new 400,000,000 free trading shares being issued brought the ANDI O/S up to 2,621,794,450 shares. And those shares would end up being sold into the market contrary to all the "no dilution" hype promised by Mike Starkweather which would end up flooding the message boards and social media



The "CEO promised no dilution" rally cry posts have continued on a regular basis to this day constantly being used to try to pump the share price. All while the O/S has continued to grow and the TA has remained gagged.

Even with the conversion of 200,000 series B shares into 400,000,000 free trading shares of stock, ANDI still had 18,807,860 Series B preferred shares outstanding (mostly owned by Dustin Secor). With the shares convertible into 2000 common shares each that would mean up to 37,615,720,000 more shares of dilution.


December 20, 2017 - Mike Starkweather tells an investor in an email that Utopya is shooting for early 2019 to be trading on the NYSE and that the reason the company choose a nontraditional route of going through an old pink sheet company instead of using an IPO is because they want to make retail shareholders rich.


December 20, 2017 - Emerging Markets jumps on the positive price action with another ANDI write up


December 20, 2017 - ANDI puts out a Q&A press release after hours (as was promised in advance by the ANDI CEO through private emails with investors).


In the press release, Utopya makes the following statements:

- The ANDI O/S is now 2.6 billion
- No more toxic debt will be excepted PERIOD
- Remaining debts will settled without diluting the stock
- No reverse split
- A name/ticker changes is expected around February 1st
- A manufacturing company has been found and has been fully vetted
- The first units of the phone are currently being tested and are expected to be ready for sale during mid to late 2018
- Darryl Green made an equity investment in Utopya prior to Utopya going public through the ANDI shell

The following statements in the press release ended up not coming true

- ANDI did end up issuing 322,415,200 more shares for the settlement of debt owned by LG Capital LLC on January 18, 2018
- ANDI has yet to get a name/symbol change approved by FINRA

December 20, 2017 - the ANDI share price breaks out hitting $.0027/share. It stays in that upper $.001 - upper $.002 range for the next several days through January 5, 2018 while Corbin Hardy and Dustin Secor sell their 400,000,000 newly issued free trading shares of stock into the market.

The social media posts by the Utopya team also became more pumper-ish around this time with posts referencing the share price going up/ taking off and Bulls being in control and Apple references meant to spark Utopya to Apple comparisons (which the tweets did).

December 20, 2017 - ANDI sees a massive 33 million T-Trade after hours. T-Trades would become a regular occurrence for the stock over the next 3 months.

December 21, 2017 - stock promotion company Insider Financial does its first of four positive articles on ANDI


December 21, 2017 - Through a private email response to an investor, Mike Starkweather again promises no more debt Notes will be converted into stock


The statement later proves to be untrue when ANDI issues 322,415,200 shares of stock to LG Capital Funding LLC on January 18, 2018 for a debt conversion.

December 22, 2017 - Utopya continues to fuel the uplisting rumors with the following tweet


December 22, 2017 - Mike Starkweather continues to communicate through emails with investors. Some of the more notable email responses included Mike Starkweather saying there will be very little operational costs because all work will be outsourced and all selling will be done directly to the distributors and telecom companies, a statement saying that it will take far less than $30 million in financing to build Utopya into a $100 million revenue company, and a statement that all financing will come through private investments from friends and family.


Operational cost will be mind boggling low because we outsource everything. The cost per phone is very low and margins are amazing. The software development and continued supports will be low cos as it’s all being paid for now. Besides a small customer support team and shipping parts this company will be very low number of employees. We don’t plan to sell direct to consumers to avoid the costs associated.


Mike Starkweather


Mike Starkweather <mikes@utopya.co>
2:08 PM (0 minutes ago)

I appreciate you interest but I can assure you no where near $30M is needed

Mike Starkweather

Mike Starkweather <mikes@utopya.co>
2:07 PM (3 minutes ago)

Details on our operations have not yet been released. At this time we have more than a year of time into this and a large amount of funding from our team. ur manufacturing company has been vetted and can handle our demands. We have no need for massive operations as we are selling direct to distributors and telcos

In another lengthy Q & A email response with on investor on December 22nd Mike Starkweather gave some more interesting answers


We have already invested a significant amount of finances to accomplish our goals and fund raising will be done though friends and family whom have been contributing to our development over the last year. The OS will go up from restricted shares issued to friends and family investors (people whom will hold not sell)

Every time I see Starkweather say financing will come from friends and family it makes me think about the hundreds of millions of free trading shares that Starkweather's friend Corbin Hardy dumped into the market using Series B preferred share conversions.

December 22, 2017 - With the forward looking $100 million revenue number thrown out by Mike Starkweather, ANDI investors take it upon themselves to come up with an imaginary valuation for the ANDI share price of $.192/share which of course longs just ate up


December 24, 2017 - ANDI does a press release wishing its shareholders a Merry Christmas


December 26, 2017 - Darryl Green creates a twitter page and immediately becomes a twitter pumper for ANDI with lots of to the moon type tweets helping get ANDI traders excited.


December 26, 2017 - Mike Starkweather sends out an email to investors re-confirming the February 1st date for the name/symbol change and telling investors that ANDI will skip trading on the OTCQB and go right from the pink sheets to the NYSE in the first quarter of 2019.


December 27, 2017 - Mike Starkweather sends the following email to an investor using Darryl Green to tout the legitimacy of Utopya and help back Darryl Green as fuel to be used to pump the ANDI share price.


Ask yourself this, would a guy of Darryl’s caliber let us use his name if our plans weren’t spot on!


Mike Starkweather

Others claimed to have gotten email responses from Mike Starkweather saying that "the OS has not increased. I'm personally in the process of buying back debt to retire it"


December 27, 2017 - Lots of shareholders start contacting the Transfer Agent (Action Stock Transfer) to try to get the current share structure fearing dilution because of the large blocks being sold and T-trades. The TA told the shareholders that they do not give out the share structure to shareholders.

Taking their concerns about the TA being gagged to Mike Starkweather, Mike told shareholders that the TA is not gagged it is just the TA's policy not to give out share structure numbers to shareholders:


Mike's response also included the following share structure:

Authorized - 4,000,000,000
Outstanding - 2,621,794,450
Restricted - 10,009,137
Free Trading - 2,611,785,313
DTC - 1,766,250,320

Those numbers don't seem right since William White's 600,000,000 shares cannot be free trading and the Authorized Share count was increased to 6,000,000,000 back on June 15, 2017.


We now know after the recently filed quarterly report that the on December 27, 2018 the O/S was 2,621,794,450 and the float was 2,011,794,450.

Also what people didn't know at this time is that even though the O/S was unchanged since December 20, 2017, the market was still getting flooded by those 400,000,000 free trading shares issued to Corbin Hardy and Dustin Secor on December 20, 2017.

December 28, 2017 - After it became clear that Utopya didn't have a booth at the CES conference. Mike sent out the following email to investors to keep them excited about the CEF conference:


"Why would we need a booth if we have private meetings set up with multiple telcos. We are not going to CES to be part of the show we are going because we can meet with several vendors in a 3 days period without flying around the world."


"Major players from all over the world are meeting in 1 place at the CES show. Utopya can conduct all its meetings and business with out having to travel all over the world. The meetings with key players are set up. No booth gives them the ability to go where they want to go and not be pinned down"

The logic is sort of backwards. With a booth people know exactly where to find you.

Mike also told shareholders to "prepare for lift-off" because big announcements would be coming during the CES conference or soon after.

When asked about pictures of the Utopya smart phone, Mike Starkweather told investors no picture until after the CES conference. For now it was "top secret".



December 30, 2017 - Mike Starkweather continued with the Chase the Carrot emails to shareholders. When asked by one shareholder about any chance for the Authorized share count to be reduced Mike's response was "Working on something much better for shareholders, gonna need about 30 days to finalize before I can release details"


January 2, 2018 - Darryl Green gives an interesting response on twitter to somebody criticizing ANDI as a share selling scam due to 200,000,000 shares being diluted into the market while the stock was getting promoted


Darryl Green denies it is a scam and tells the person he hopes he is in (buying shares) implying that he is missing out if he isn't

January 3, 2018 - For the last time ever, Mike Starkweather shares the share structure directly from the transfer agent to one of the ANDI shareholders



The share structure is disclosed as the same as on December 27, 2017:

Authorized - 4,000,000,000
Outstanding - 2,621,794,450
Restricted - 10,009,137
Free Trading - 2,611,785,313
DTC - 1,766,250,320

Again those numbers don't seem right since William White's 600,000,000 shares cannot be free trading and the Authorized Share count was increased to 6,000,000,000 back on June 15, 2017.


We now know after the recently filed quarterly report that the on January 3, 2018 the O/S was 2,621,794,450 and the float was 2,021,794,450.

Some time a few days later in early January the OTC markets page was updated to show the share structure as follows:

Authorized Shares 6,000,000,000 a/o Dec 20, 2017
Outstanding Shares 2,621,794,450 a/o Dec 20, 2017
-Restricted Not Available
-Unrestricted Not Available
Held at DTC Not Available
Float 2,021,794,450 a/o Dec 20, 2017

That's the last update to the share structure the ANDI investors would get until March 22, 2018 when the next quarterly report was released which would give shareholders an updated share structure only up to January 31, 2018.

Also what people didn't know at this time is that even though the O/S was unchanged since December 20, 2017, the market had been getting flooded by those 400,000,000 free trading shares issued to Corbin Hardy and Dustin Secor on December 20, 2017.

January 4, 2018 - An ANDI investor gets confirmation that Darryl Green is invested in Utopya/ANDI and that his new twitter page is real (not that anybody was doubting it at this point)


Still praising Darryl Green as a billionaire (which he is not) ANDI investors ate that information up.

January 4, 2018 - Insider Financial does another positive article for ANDI calling the stock "on the verge of a breakout"


January 4, 2018 - Mike Starkweather responds to an investor question in an email about possible deals being made at the CES conference and is told no news about deals until they have ink on paper and to expect a deal to be inked next week


January 5, 2018 - Utopya tweets that they have lots of meetings lined up in Vegas at the CES Conference and they are ready to shine


January 6, 2018 - CBS does a little piece talking about the CES Conference that Darryl Green tweets about spinning it like CBS was giving Utopya exposure/coverage:


January 8, 2018 - with the Utopya team (including poster child Darryl Green) headed to Vegas and big news about contracts and deals promised to the shareholders as a result of the conference, the share price finally starts to break out of its rut and push to new recent highs. Most likely Dustin Secor and Corbin Hardy (the owners of 400,000,000 free trading shares) backed off on some of their ugly selling.

January 8, 2018 - it was discovered that Cycloides Inc had posted something on Facebook about a contract or partnership of some sort with Utopya on December 20, 2017


December 20, 2017 at 8:29am · Public
Cycloides signs contract with the Visionary Smartphone Company Utopya Innovations Inc, Canada.

Utopya Innovations Inc., a Toronto-based technology company focused on the development, distribution, and marketing of personal technology devices.
The company stepped into the spotlight recently when it was involved in a reverse acquisition of publicly-traded company Andiamo Corporation (OTCPK: ANDI)


The post was removed soon (a few days) after it was discovered. It immediately created tons of speculation about what Cycloides and Utopya might accomplish together helping to drive the price higher.

Cycloides has lots of clients and partners in the telecom space so it's impossible to gauge exactly what role Cycloides will be playing in the Utopya business plan, but that didn't stop Utopya supports from using anything and everything Cycloides connected as Utopya pump material including new rumors about blockchain AI. What is known is that Cycloides is a tech company that assists other companies with developing software.

January 8, 2018 - ANDI issues 525,000,000 restricted shares (termed as spin out shares) as a result of terminated contracts/acquisitions done with Digital Worldwide Brands, Northeast Music Productions LLC (dba Halogen Music Group and Halogen Media Works), Streetbeatz Entertainment & Media Group Inc, Good Entertainment Holdings Inc, and Peppermint Jim, LLC during November of 2017 after Utopya Innovations Inc acquired the ANDI shell.

Justin Hoy (who I think runs Northeast Music Productions LLC) got 25,000,000 restricted shares which at one point were worth almost $1 million and are still worth almost $250,000.

William Coogan who runs Streetbeatz Entertainment & Media Group Inc got 50,000,000 restricted shares which at one point were worth almost $2 million and are still worth almost $500,000.

StreetBeatz Entertainment (which is run by william Coogan and Richard Papaleo) got 450,000,000 shares. Those 450,000,000 shares were at one point worth more than $15 million and are still worth around $4.5 million as of today. These 450,000,000 shares make up well more than 10% of the O/S.

This brought the O/S up to 3,146,794,450 shares and the float stayed at 2,021,794,450 shares.

Later on April 3rd a corrected quarterly report was filed that changed who got the spin out shares


Instead of StreetBeatz Entertainment getting 450,000,000 shares. They end up with 250,000,000 shares and the other 200,000,000 shares are disclosed as going to BizNetWorldwide.

Biznet Worldwide is another entity run by Richard Papaleo.


Richard Papaleo shows up in SEC filings going back more than 10 years and Biznet Worldwide Ventures Inc has been in filings as recently as 2016 with FBEC Worldwide Inc (FBEC). Richard Papaleo is also one of the officers of StreetBeatz Entertainment with William Coogan.


So it looks like the split up the StreetBeatz Entertainment shares was done in an effort to prevent any one StreetBeatz principal from being more than a 10% owner.

January 9, 2018 - David Bodie receives 110,000,000 free trading shares of stock in exchange for the conversion of 55,000 Series B preferred shares. The new dilution happens despite the fact that the ANDI CEO Mike Starkweather has led ANDI investors over and over again into believing there would be no more dilution. The conversion came with ANDI trading in the $.006s. This brought the O/S up to 3,256,794,450 share and the float up to 2,131,794,450 shares.

It is possible that David Bodie owned those series B preferred shares going back several years, but it is also possible that this was another conversion done that may have involved shares transferred from Dustin Secor's large stash. If they were part of a share transfer, as with Corbin Hardy, the possibility exists that the shares may have been used as part of some kind of kickback arrangement to fund the Utopya operations.

So far there has been no links found between David Bodie and any of the Utopya insiders.

January 9, 2018 - Utopya begins posting lots of pictures from the CES conference in Vegas on their social media sites

January 10, 2018 - Utopya ensures investors that they are accomplishing great things at the conference


January 10, 2018 - Utopya tweets that they are just waiting for the lawyers to announce the next big news implying that some deal is being made at the conference and news will be out about it soon


January 10, 2018 - Utopya posts a picture on their instragram page which they say includes some unnamed person looking at their phones. It is the first picture released that allegedly shows the Utopya phones. The phones are too far away to get a clear view and the "business man" has his face cut out of the picture.


The picture puts investors into a buying frenzy. To many of them it is proof of everything being real. The picture also gets circulated by Mike Starkweather on his personal accounts and on the Utopya facebook page

January 12, 2018 - with David Bodie in the middle of selling his 110,000,000 recently issued free trading shares, a paid promotion is started on ANDI


January 12, 2018 - Utopya posts that they had another monumental day at the conference implying that more big deals are being made


The social media posts also include a picture from the conference with VP Business Development at Cycloides Inc Jiju Nair (far right), CEO Mike Starkweather (3rd from the right), Utopya co-founder and CTO Jason Steinberg (4th from the right), and Darryl V. Green (5th from the right)

It wouldn't be until later in January that Jason Steinberg's name would finally surface as connected to Utopya. When it finally did Jason was contacted by an investor through LinkedIn. His response was that he is the guy with the phones

January 12, 2018 - with ANDI investors anxious for the promised big news from the conference, Mike Starkweather shares inside info with a shareholder by telling the shareholder that he will put out news next week


January 13, 2018 - Darryl Green adds a similar picture of his own and an accompanying tweet with the enthusiastic caption "accomplishments will be going through final reviews and announced accordingly! Was a huge week for the U Team! Exciting Times"



With all the great tweets implying that contracts are being signed and a picture of the phones released the stock price continues to push to new highs throughout the week breaking $.01/share on Friday, January 12th then tapping $.0149 early in the trading session on Monday, January 16th.

January 15, 2018 - Utopya makes its agreement with Cycloides public by issuing a press release disclosing that they have a strategic partnership with IT consulting firm Cycloides Inc


Cycloides added Utopya to their website under the "client" section


This wasn't news about a contract with a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer like investors were expecting from the CES conference but it was at least news.

The Cycloides strategic partnership had been in place since December well before the CES conference but with nothing good to actually announce from the conference Mike spun this Cycloides partnership almost making it sound like it came as a result of the CES conference:

Mike Starkweather, CEO of Utopya, commented on the partnership: "After an incredible week in Las Vegas, we are thrilled to formally announce our partnership with Cycloides Inc

Mike then kept the carrot dangling for investors with the following quote from the press release

The team reportedly spent much of the week in meetings, and has remained tight-lipped about deal negotiations, but did make it clear to investors that at least one major announcement is expected in the coming weeks, pending approval from the company's lawyers

January 16, 2018 - Emerging Growth puts out its 3rd positive article for ANDI highlighting the news about the Cycloides Inc strategic partnership


January 16, 2018 - some site called streetregister.com does a positive article for ANDI


January 16, 2018 - ANDI sees a big pullback in the share price with some obvious big block sales (most likely stock owned by the Series B share converters like Corbin Hardy, Dustin Decor and David Bodie). Mike Starkweather responds to an investor blaming a Note holder who he refused to issue free trading stock to.


On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 5:32 PM, mikes <mikes@utopya.co> wrote:
Please circulate and understand I have to be very careful as to what I say.

Today's attack appears to have taken place 20 minutes after I refused to sign off on a conversion of a convertible note from the previous regime and it has not matured yet. The hedge fund is attempting to convert to restricted shares without allowing me to pay off the debt. I made a very strong statement that I will not be bullied and will see them in court. Clearly they did everything they could to hurt the PPS today buy somehow our shareholders prevailed in the green. Our legal team will be handling this situation from here.

January 17, 2018 - Utopya acknowledges the paid promotion on its Twitter page with a statement that they have nothing to do with the paid promotion


January 18, 2018 - ANDI issues 322,415,200 shares to LG Capital Funding LLC as part of a debt conversion. The subsequent quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018 lists them as having been issued with restricted legend, but that would be extremely rare for a toxic lender like LG Capital to get restricted stock so they were probably free trading but were put in the filing as restricted because of the no dilution promise Mike Starkweather made to investors. If they were actually were restricted when they were issued they probably didn't remain restricted for more than a very short time.


This brought brought the O/S up to 3,579,209,650 shares and the float up to 2,454,209,650 shares.

All total according to the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018, ANDI issued 558,765,000 shares for debt conversions but the outstanding debt was only reduced by $7,500. That comes out to an average conversion price of $.0000134/share (4 zeroes). That's an incredibly lopsided conversion rate compared to the market price. Even if you go back several trading days to the all-time lowest ANDI price of $.0001/share that is till nearly a 90% discount compared to the market price.

As of January 31, 2018, ANDI still had $37,000 in convertible debt on its balance sheet and $0 in cash on hand.

January 18, 2018 - one of the ANDI investors zooms in on the faceless business man looking at the Utopya phone shared by Utopya during the CES conference and notices that the phone is using a Victoria voice command assistant feature.

The message is retweeted by Darryl Green and Utopyia


No details are given by Utopya and there is very little on the internet about Victoria voice assistants.

I found Hey Victoria which is an experimental English-understanding speech recognition assistant that connects to a TeamSpeak 3 channel. She is controlled entirely through speech. According to GitHub it is currently in a proof-of-concept state and is rough around the edges.


And I found Victoria which somebody made a few years ago as some kind of basic assistant program


ANDI investors immediately make the Victoria personal assistant created by Utopya out to be a rival to Siri.

Other spun it even further speculating that maybe a partnership was in the works between Utopya and Chinese smart phone maker Huawei when they saw an article about smart phone maker Huawei choosing the names Vicky and Victoria for two if its new 2017 mid-range models.


It didn't help that Huawei was going to be at the WMC conference (an event that would also be attended by Utopya). Some people tried to use that as further evidence of a possible Utopya/Huawei partnership despite the fact that most smart phone companies would be in attendance with the conference expected to see over 108,000 participants.

Later in March, Utopya would respond to an investor email to clarify that Victoria is "a prototype application" which is pretty much all anybody should have ever thought from the start instead of spinning it into some bogus connection to Huawei.


January 19, 2018 - Utopya rolls with the Victoria thing doing another Victoria tweet on January 19, 2018


January 19, 2018 - After 3 down days, Mike Starkweather rallies the troops with another carrot in an email message telling investors that multiple deals are in the works


the reason we haven't released anything is because we need it to be 100%. If something was wrong or it got turned down we would have a mess with the shareholders. We have multiple agreements being reviewed and as soon as one is completed the shareholders will know. As of now I will not force news to keep haters at bay, real companies are not built over night and now stock in history has ever gone up without some rough spots. I can't help skittish investors and I can't keep ....... away, but I promise this company is the real deal and will be huge despite any nay Sayers.

January 21, 2018 - Emerging Growth puts out its 4th write up on ANDI and it is mix of the wildly positive statements put out by Utopya to its shareholders and some common sense.


In the promo piece Emerging Growth rehashes several wildly positive statements which were made by Mike Starkweather over the past few weeks and sprinkles in some of its own commentary:

- (per Mike) Utopya phones will be available for purchase through retail channels by mid-late 2018

- (per Mike) Utopya has manufacturer ready to go

- (per Mike) Utopya has a strategic partnership with Cycloides Inc

- (per Mike) Utopya was expected to sign many contracts for retail partnerships and distribution deals at the CES conference that was held from January 9 - 12th and the company promised a big announced about those deals soon.

- (per Mike) Utopya expects to report at least $100 million in revenues by the end of 2018

- (per Emerging Growth) Revenues of that size will send the ANDI stock price soaring

- (per Mike) Utopya will roll their smart phones out in India first

- (per Emerging Growth) India offers a huge opportunity for revenues because of the growing cell phone market there

- (per Mike) Utopya will offer a competitively prices phone lower priced than most other manufactures

- (per Emerging Growth) the average price of a cell phone in Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Middle East/Africa (all of which are emerging markets) is $215, $246 and $230 respectively so Utopya will have to price their phone at around $200 which would required an estimated cost of production in the $80 - $120 range (not an easy task). At $80/phone it would take 833,333 phone sales to create $100 million in revenues at at $200 selling price. At $120/phone it would take 1,250,000 phone sales to create $100 million in revenues. And none of that is counting other costs beyond production like distribution, marketing, sales, and operational costs of the company.

- (per Emerging Growth) - where will Utopya come up with funding? The share price doesn't offer nearly the market cap needed to be able to raise that much capital

- (per Emerging Growth) - Darryl Green is rich so maybe he will help bank roll production

- (per Emerging Growth and Mike) - people like Darryl Green don't invest in pink sheet companies unless they've done extensive DD - Utopya must have a sound business strategy.

- (per Emerging Growth) - the $100 million revenues number is not realistic - it is a pipedream

- (per Emerging Growth) - the share price is being over hyped off the pipedream $100 million number and as long as that is the only thing feeding market sentiment to keep the price where it is, the price is doomed to return back to the $.007/share level.

Later when asked about the article and the $60m estimate used by Emerging Growth to create $100m in revenues Mike's response to investors was that he can do it with less than $10 million


January 22, 2018 - Utopya announces that they will have a representative (who turns out to be Jason Steinberg) in Barcelona, Spain for the Mobile World Congress which was scheduled for February 26 - March 1st


With no production, distribution, or retail partnerships announced it looks like this is Utopya's way of keeping investors excited since the CES conference worked so well for the ANDI share price and the selling of stock by Corbin Hardy and Dustin Secor.

Utopya also tweets that they will be available for meetings at the MWC conference getting investors excited about possible deals being signed while at the conference


January 23, 2018 - Mike Starkweather sends a link to a youtube video to an investor apparently as a way to suggest that the Utopya phone will be manufactured in China


January 24, 2018 - with some investors getting antsy about the price stalling and the daily T-trades and no news about contract a rumor starts to spread that contracts can't be announced until after a ticker change. Mike Starkweather quickly shoots the rumor down on LinkenIn by telling an investor that the two things are not linked. A good thing for Mike to do at this point because in a week it would be come obvious that the name/symbol changes is no where near being completed and he'll need to be able to keep those carrots looking appetizing when he dangles them out to keep investors hooked on Utopya.

January 25, 2018 - After teasing about introducing "the Guardian of Utopya" the day before on twitter, Utopya does a press release announcing Loudon Owen as an acting advisor for Utopya. The Darryl Green card has been played out for more than a month and Utopya needed a new fresh card to keep people excited.


Utopya introduces Loudon Owen as a prodigious lawyer and venture capitalist and is quick to point out is biggest accomplishments to date. Utopya also calls this "its biggest announcement to date"

What Utopya doesn't point out is that Loudon Owen has actually been with Utopya since the very start and even before that Loudon Owen was with Utopya co-Founders Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster at Comet Core Inc (the disastrous smart phone start up that failed to get its phone to market after raising over $350,000 from investors leaving hundreds of angry investors ripped off and wanting their money back). Loudon Owen was also a financial backer for Sandy Winick super scam Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) starting in 2007.

Not knowing all the facts, the ANDI shareholders eat up this news. The ANDI share price which had lulled in the $.01 range for a few days suddenly breaks out to new highs reaching its peak at $.0395/share on January 30, 2018.

Some investors immediately label Loudon Owen as a billionaire too and suddenly Utopya is backed by two non-billionaire billionaires. At least this time the false billionaire label didn't sick and get recycled hundreds of time like with Darryl Green.

Later on February 11th, Mike would disclose that Owen has been with Utopya since the start and was brought in by one of the co-Founders (obviously Jason Steinberg and Ian Brewster who were with Loudon Owen at the failed Comet Core Inc start up).


The Loudon Owen news has a similar effect to the Darryl Owen news in December with investors spinning Loudon Owen into some kind of venture capital god and some even calling him another billionaire (which he is not) helping the price breakout to new highs.

Since Loudon Owen is involved in DLT Labs which is a blockchain related company (among many other current ventures) and Loudon Owen has been involved in at least one block chain conference over the past year, quite a few investors throw out baseless speculation on chat forums and social media about Utopya being involved in blockchain in the future. Those baseless claims continue to pop up from time to time in an effort to hype the stock.

As the price climbs to new highs the last week of January, the Utopya twitter feed puts out lots of enthusiastic posts and Darryl Green goes back into full pump mode on this twitter page. Darryl Green would end up being reeled in by the Utopya IR and asked to stop pumping the stock on twitter. The pumping tweets from Darryl Green have been pretty much non-existent since early February and lots of his earlier tweets from January and December have been deleted.

Loudon Owen's involvement continues to be a major fueling point to try to support the ANDI share price.

January 28, 2018 - Mike Starkweather responds to investor inquiries by saying that deals from the CES conference are still under legal review (which investors interpret as deals are imminent and will be announced soon). Mike also mentions that he will probably be answering a lot less emails in the future.



As the price climbs into the end of January at least 5 investors post that they have series C most of which tried to contact the company about getting their old Series C Preferred shares converted and they all get blown off






January 29, 2018 - A site called the Oracle Dispatch puts out a positive article for ANDI


January 30, 2018 - with the momentum from the Loudon Owen press release ANDI sees three of its highest $$ volume days to day topped off with over $4 million in trades on January 30, 2018 helping the stock tap its Utopya pump&dump high of $.0395/share on January 30, 3018. It is likely the price rise was also helped by the series B shareholders (Corbin Hardy, Dustin Secor, and David Bodie) running low on shares to dump and the quarter nearing its end on January 31, 2018. With a new reporting period starting on February 1st it would make sense to hold off on any more series B share conversions until after January 31, 2018 so that the new dilution wouldn't have to be reported until June when the quarterly report for Feb 1st - April 30 came due.

January 30, 2018 - Darryl Green's twitter pumping reaches a new low point when he tweets some meme poking fun at an ihub poster and gloating about the share price. The stock takes a bad turn very soon after and people react negatively towards the tweet on social media.





Darryl Green deleted the tweet soon after and has since been reeled back from using twitter to pump the stock. Lots of Darryl Green's old pump tweets also disappeared. He has rarely used twitter for stock pumping any more since this incident.

January 30, 2018 - T-trades are a very regular occurrence for ANDI but with the stock hitting its peak on January 30, 2018, one of the most notable T-Trades went through - a 12,010,410 shares T-Trade at $.03201/share equal to $384,453


January 31, 2018 - A quarterly report filed on March 22, 2018 for the reporting period ending January 31, 2018 reports that ANDI/Utopya has:

$0 in cash
$0 in property
$0 in assets
the only assets on the balance sheet were already there from well before Utopya acquired the shell.


The only officer/employee listed in the ANDI quarterly report is Mike Starkweather, the CEO.

There is no mention of any smart phone operations at all.

This information is super disturbing. It suggests that either the Utopya business operations were never merged into the ANDI shell back in November like what ANDI put in multiple press releases and public statements to shareholders or Utopya has no real business operations. Either scenario would represent fraud since it contradicts the public statements that Utopya made to its shareholders.

This information also adds fuel to the suspicion that the Utopya team may have been using Series B preferred stock conversions to sell hundreds of millions of free trading shares into the market as a way of illegally raising funds for Utopya while using ANDI as a pump&dump vehicle.

January 31, 2018 - Mike Starkweather once again tells a shareholder about when news will hit in advance


When pressed for a screen shot for proof one was provided which caused a nice stir of excitement with people speculating what the upcoming news might be



February 1, 2018 - the date comes and goes without the promised name/ticker change for the stock

ANDI starts the month of February with a big sell off dipping the stock as low as $.0128/share before starting a bounce back past $.03/share by mid-February. The dip was probably part profit taking after the big run and part disappointment in the name/symbol change projection not being met, and possibly the effect of a new round of dilution taking place.

February 1, 2018 - The Oracle Dispatch puts out a 2nd pump piece for ANDI/Utopya recycling some the best statements made by the company over the previous 2 months


February 1, 2018 - when asked by a regular investor if the PR was coming today, Mike Starkweather tells an investor in an email that it is being written now and adds that what's in the pipeline for Utopya "will be bigger than anything the OTC has ever seen and asks investors to trust him"


Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 12:41 PM, Michael Starkweather <mikes@utopya.co> wrote:
It's being written now, not ground breaking stuff uunfortunatly but it's a step. Understand what's in the pipeline is bigger than anything the OTC has seen but I can't rush it all I can ask for is the trust of the long holders

That "what's in the pipeline is bigger than anything the OTC has seen" statement will get recycled over and over again for the next couple of months as a rallying cry to convince shareholders to hold and not sell.

February 2, 2018 - Utopya tweets a correction to the oracledispatch article saying that they never said the phones would be ready in Q2 (which is correct Mike is on record of saying some time in mid-2018 with sales quickly reaching $100m before the end of 2018)


February 2, 2018 - with a PR promised for the day and the the share price struggling partly due to the missed Feb 1st promise date for a name/ticker change, Mike Starkweather plays damage control with a press release


In the press release, Mike once again promises a name/symbol change. He says the symbol they will ask for is UTOP and says the first step is filing the name change with the state of Wyoming SOS suggesting that they haven't even begun the process yet despite promising in December that it would happen before February 1st.

The press release mentions that Utopya will be hiring an investors relation firm.

And as a way to offer more transparency, Mike says that they are switching transfer agents. Mike blamed the TA being gagged over the past several weeks as it being Action Stock Transfer's policy to be gagged. He said that Utopya had no say in the matter. Even if a TA has a policy of not sharing the share structure with investors, that doesn't prevent the company from getting the share structure form the TA and sharing it with investors. Investors were not allowed to know the share structure because Utopya choose to hide the share structure from investors.

ANDI would end up switching to V-Stock Transfer. V-Stock transfer also has a policy not to share the share structure directly with investors allowing Utopya to continue to hide the dilution from its shareholders. The switch did nothing to offer more transparency since Utopya still refuses to shares the share structure with its investors. It was just another move to get shareholders excited temporarily as more stock was being sold into the market and the daily T-Trades continued.

As far as the name change at the Wyoming SOS goes. Utopya didn't file for a name change until February 22, 2018


So if that was their first step then that means they didn't apply for a name/symbol change with FINRA until after February 22nd.

Since they have yet to get a name/symbol change it isn't known if they actually filed with FINRA yet or if FINRA is just denying the request to get more information. I could definitely see FINRA wanting more information since ANDI claimed to have done a merger and claims to have business operations yet they reported no business operations for Utopya in the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018.

February 2, 2018 - in one of his last pumper tweets before being silenced by the Utopya IR, Darryl Green tweets that the U-Phone will be 40 Xs better than the iPhone


The tweet was later deleted

February 2, 2018 - When asked about progress with contracts (since nothing about any contracts was mentioned in the premarket press release, Mike responds in an email to a Utopya investor that Utopya should have a great 30 days but he can't pin point exactly when


8:34 AM, Mike Starkweather <mikes@utopya.co> wrote:
we should have a great 30 days, its tough to pin point exactly when but it will be exciting I can tell you that

February 2, 2018 - After a big gap up back to $.0393/share at the open thanks to the pre-market news, the share price pulls back hard on heavy selling (despite all the pumping throughout the day by Mike and Darryl). The day ends in a slide and another big 3.185 mil T-Trade hits after the close.

Over the next 2 days the price continues to slide back into the $.01s. Some of the selling is obviously profit takers and panic selling but it seems pretty obvious that a new round of dilution may have started up.

February 4, 2018 - the Huawei / Utopya speculation gets taken to a whole new level of imagination


Also fueling the new speculation is a photo Mike took at the CES conference with a woman (possibly from China) that is captioned "having an interpreter with me has been awesome"


In the past that was assumed to have something to do with Utopya looking to set up manufacturing in China. Either way the point of the picture was clearly to create speculation to fuel the share price.

February 5, 2018 - some article put out on a blog site called stocksinparadise (which has since been taken down) says that Samsung is going to partner Utopya


Utopya quickly tweets out that it is fake news


stocksinparadise also had a twitter page which has been deleted


February 5, 2018 - Mike Starkweather sends the following message to an investors referring to Loudon Owen as a "microsoft slayer" and suggesting that Loudon Owen's involvement basically guarantees success and will somehow help with deals in India, South Africa, and China.

Shareholders eat up every response by Utopyia about Loudon Owen because he was made out by Utopya as the "Guardian" and the "Microsoft Slayer" that serves as the guarantee that Utopya will succeed. It is no wonder that Utopya doesn't want it known that Loudon Owen was part of the Comet Core Inc smart phone failure.

February 5, 2018 - investors are encouraged to be patient by Utopya on twitter after another brutal day of trading


February 6, 2018 - ANDI sees another brutal day of trading with some big block sells, heavy volume, and obvious dilution.

February 7, 2018 - Wall Street Newscast puts out a positive article for ANDI


This article is very well received by the message boards and social media getting recycled over and over for the next couple of days

February 7, 2018 - The big selling slows way down and the stock starts a nice steady bounce from $.018 back to $.035/share over the next 7 trading days.

February 8, 2018 - Utopya Innovations Inc forms a business entity in Canada named Utopya Innovations Worldwide Inc. It is said to be some kind of new division for the company business operations. The entity includes former Comet Core Inc COO Ian Brewster as an officer.



This is the first time Ian Brewster's name ever showed up in any way connected to Utopya. It wouldn't be disclosed that he was the other co-Founder and the control person of Utopya until April 5, 2018.

To date I haven't seen any information about where Utopya Innovations Inc was incorporated in early 2017 when it was allegedly created. I suspect that Utopya Innovations Worldwide Inc was created because FINRA was requesting documents in connection with the ANDI/Utopya acquisition/merger for the Name/Symbol change request.

The Utopya Innovations Inc vs Utopya Innovations Worldwide Inc stuff combined with ANDI reporting no assets from the Utopya operations as of January 31, 2018 also makes you wonder a little bit if they are just using ANDI to raise capital for the Utopya business without actually merging the main part of the Utopya operations into the ANDI shell.

February 11, 2018 - Mike Starkweather responds to an investor asking about if any partnerships or progress with the phones will be announced soon by telling the investor that "this week should be exciting"


February 11, 2018 - Mike Starkweather tells a shareholder that Loudon Owen has been with Utopyia from the start. This is the first time it is made known to ANDI shareholders about Loudon Owen's involvement starting before the January 25 press release.


"Loudon was involved before me, he is a contact of one of the founders. And if you would like to share the comment that's fine"

Again no mention of Loudon Owen's connections to Comet Core Inc (the failed smart phone start up that left hundreds of angry victims).

February 11, 2018 - the oracle dispatch does its 3rd article touting ANDI/Utopya


February 12, 2018 - Utopya posts a photo on instagram showing a bunch of blurred out phones in the background and the Utopya logo in the fore ground.


People immediately decide the blurred phones are Utopya phones and the picture represents proof that the phones are in production

February 13, 2018 - Insider Financial does it's 3rd article about ANDI focusing on the recent bounce back past $.03/share and all the "new hires" referred to Loudon Owen and others that have been disclosed as part of the team since the last Insider Financial article.


February 16, 2018 - a poorly written positive article shows up for ANDI on a site called finance registrar


February 16, 2018 - with no contract news, no name change (not even a name change filing at the Wyoming SOS), the stock see interest wane a little bit and the share price goes into a long slow extended decline

February 17, 2018 - with the MCW conference nearing Utopya tweets about the conference and assures everybody that the phone is still on schedule to launch in mid-late 2018.


February 18, 2018 - the Huawei/Utopya rumors are again taken to another level with AT&T being sprinkled in. All this imagination because of the name Victoria for the Utopya voice assistant matches the name Victoria that Huawei used for one of its 2017 mid-range phones


February 19, 2018 - in an amusing little conversation about how to tweet properly, Darryl Green confirms to an investor that he is still invested in ANDI/Utopya and is in it for the long term


February 20, 2018 - Mike Starkweather makes an interesting post on his LinkedIn account asking investors to stop asking him for info that might be deemed as insider info. Funny that after months of giving out insider info about scheduled press releases he has finally realized he shouldn't be doing stuff like that


February 21, 2018 - Utopya (Jason Steinberg) arrives in Spain for the MCW conference and over the next few days lots of pictures are posted on the Utopya social media pages from the conference

February 21, 2018 - Utopya gets named in a article about Cycloides Inc and is referred to as "a flagship account" with "big plans for the next five years"


February 22, 2018 - ANDI files a name change amendment with the Wyoming SOS changing the name of the entity to Utopya Worldwide Holdings, Incorporate. The filing gets processed and posted by the Wyoming SOS on March 5, 2018.

Presumably, ANDI filed a corporate action request with FINRA for a name and symbol change some time soon after February 22, 2018 (if it hadn't already by this point).

February 23, 2018 - an direct message surfaces from Mike Starkweather explaining the delay in getting a contract signed.


Mike blames the delay on US regulations and compliance issues but says there is no reason to be concerned basically painting the picture that a deal is pending and its just a matter of getting the formalities ironed out.

February 26, 2018 - Darryl Green does a tweet hyping ANDI/Utopya (his first tweet like this in around 3 weeks). The tweet says "Let's rock $ANDI today!" but i'm not sure what else it might have said since it has been deleted.



The general consensus is that the tweet might mean that news is close.

February 27, 2018 - with no big announcements from the MCW conference and no completed contracts still to announce, ANDI/Utopya puts out a press release that they will be revitalizing two of the old ANDI subsidiaries (Action App Corporation and All Pro Apps Corporation) securing the rights to a large inventory of over 140 mobile apps.


The press release talks up the old app companies as having a "an exceptional track record of success" and adds that they are hoping the apps will add some value to the Utopya name.

Both Action App Corporation and All Pro Apps Corporation were set up by Dustin Secor (the old ANDI CEO and owner of a large majority of the Series B preferred stock) back around 2011.




Both Action App Corporation and All Pro Apps Corporation became defunct in 2013. The two app subsidiaries have been inactive for around 5 years. All of their old apps are outdated and haven't been updated in years.



Utopya touting old defunct app companies controlled by Dustin Secor while Dustin Secor is selling hundreds of millions of shares into the market through Series B stock conversions is disturbing especially since Series B shares previously owned by Dustin Secor are also being converted into hundreds of millions common shares and sold into the market by friends of Mike Starkweather.

This is more strong evidence of ANDI being used as a pump&dump vehicle.

ANDI investors had no idea at this time that the rights to the apps came from Dustin Secor and that Series B stock owned by Dustin Secor was getting converted into hundreds of millions of free trading shares of stock and being sold into the market.

The news is well received by message boards and social media at the time but the price takes a hit with lots of selling from insiders quickly overtaking any new buying interest the press release may have created. The stock sees a 30% drop on the day on high volume.

February 27, 2018 - Even though Jason Steinberg was already known to some of the more active longs, his name becomes general knowledge to most longs on this day after it is made known that he is Utopya's representative in Spain at the conference. Jason's linkedIn page is found and posted a lot on the message boards pointing out that Jason is the CTO and Co-founder of Utopya. Nobody questions why his linkedIn resume lists his last employer as "Some Tech Company" instead of disclosing the name of the company - which would later be discovered to be Comet Core Inc - the smart phone start up that fell flat on its face.

March 1, 2018 - the streetregister.com site does a 2nd positive article for ANDI


March 1, 2018 - A brand new business entity named CLEC Holding Inc is formed in Wyoming by Justin Alexander Su


Justin Su can be linked to other companies like Cascade Northwest and NuWave Communications



March 1, 2018 - ANDI/Utopya does a press release announcing that it is in talks with a US based Telecommunications Company with the aim of securing an acquisition or merger in the near future


That "telecommunications company" would end up being the brand new CLEC Holding Inc entity.

March 3, 2018 - The Oracle Dispatch does its 4th positive article for ANDI/Utopya


March 5, 2018 - the name change amendment shows up at the Wyoming SOS getting people excited that a name/symbol change for the Issuer might be around the corner

March 5, 2018 - in response to the name change Utopya posted a to the moon themed instagram video


March 12, 2018 - ANDI/Utopya officially kicks off the use of its new IR firm


March 12, 2018 - Darryl Green reacts to Metrospaces Inc (MSPC) in a tweet. Darryl Green's interest in MSPC doesn't go unnoticed. He later deletes the tweet but it is noteworthy because MSPC one of the most popular penny stocks at the time and was in the middle of some massive pump&dump action of its own. Plus MSPC is involved in the telecommunications business.


March 13, 2018 - ANDI/Utopya announces a "letter of intent" to acquire the brand new CLEC Holding Inc entity.


Andiamo Corp. (OTCPK: ANDI), together with its wholly-owned subsidiary Utopya Innovations Inc. ("Utopya"), announces today that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire a telecom holding company CLEC Holding, Inc. ("CLEC Holding") in an all-stock transaction, as part of a strategic plan for growth and diversification.

Even though it was only announced as a "letter of intent" and CLEC Holding Inc hasn't been acquired yet. CLEC Holding Inc is still just a brand new entity with no assets anyways.

They are trying to pass off the newly created empty CLEC Holding Inc entity as a holding company for a bunch future acquisitions of local carriers (I guess so that they can sell their own sell phone instead of signing contracts with retail stores). And some how they want people to believe that they can come up with $15 million in funding as a pink sheet company and better yet do it without any dilution.

The Wyoming-based CLEC Holding is currently in talks to acquire several Competitive Local Exchange Carrier companies ("CLECs") that are all revenue-producing and in growth mode.

"We are in talks with multiple acquisition targets, as well as funding sources. We will seek to secure up to $15 Million in funding directly to CLEC Holding, with no dilution to ANDI or its shareholders. We hope to announce our first acquisition in the next 10 days. The additional acquisitions are still in early-stage discussions but do seem very promising, and are aligned with our long-term vision for CLECHolding, which is to acquire telecom and telecom-related companies when it is strategically viable to do so, in order to expand our network capabilities and grow. For obvious reasons, there are clear synergies between CLEC Holding and Utopya, and our intent is to offer Utopya products to CLEC Holding's customers," stated Justin Su, President of CLEC Holding.

Despite CLEC Holdings Inc just being a new empty shell, the news is well received because of statements in the press release like:

"CLEC Holding is currently in talks to acquire several Competitive Local Exchange Carrier companies ("CLECs") that are all revenue-producing and in growth mode"

"We will seek to secure up to $15 Million in funding directly to CLEC Holding, with no dilution to ANDI or its shareholders"

"We hope to announce our first acquisition in the next 10 days"

"our long-term vision for CLEC Holding, which is to acquire telecom and telecom-related companies when it is strategically viable to do so, in order to expand our network capabilities and grow"

The PR immediately leads to tons of speculation about which CLEC companies Utopya will acquire in the future.

Despite the positive response from retail investors and the higher volume because of the news, the ANDI price gets beat on all day by an obvious seller on the ask. The stock closes red on the day and sees another one of the very very common T-trades which happen pretty much daily with ANDI.

Several people start to take note about how this is a regular occurrence now when press releases hit (just one example here).


At least one person claimed that when they approached Utopya with concerns about the price being red on news days, Utopya allegedly responded that they are annoyed and aware of the "odd price movements"


In an email response to an investor concern about stock manipulation and flippers (not dilution) causing the price to go down the Utopya IR validated the conspiracy theory by entertaining it with a response that they would look into it


So far nothing has come of the CLEC Holding Inc acquisition. It is still just a "letter of intent"

March 14, 2018 - with ANDI seeing another red day despite recent news, Utopya IR gets so flooded with emails that they post a response on twitter asking for patience as they try to reply as quickly as possible. They claim that replies are delayed because they have to get a green light from the legal team about how to answer before responding


March 14, 2018 - Utopya IR responds to an email this time completely validating the theory that the price drop is being caused by market manipulation and not dilution. In the email they also say that they haven't completed the transfer agent switch yet that they had announced on February 2nd. They blame the now 6 week long transition from one transfer agent to another on "extensive paperwork" that has to clear the legal department.


With Utopya now confirming it is market manipulation, investors start a witch hunt against market maker VERT who was apparently the source of most of the endless sell orders on the ask the past few days calling for VERT's head and saying they will report VERT to the SEC. Entertaining stuff.

March 15, 2018 - The Oracle Dispatch does its 5th positive article for ANDI


March 15, 2018 - Utopya IR sends out an email saying how serious they are about rising through the ranks and out of OTC pink territory


March 15, 2018 - in another Utopya email response, Utopya IR discloses to one shareholder that they have completed the TA switch and are now using V-Stock transfer. Despite claiming to switch to offer more transparency, Utopya immediately gags the new TA and tells this investor that they are not ready yet to release the share structure but will disclose the share structure soon. The Utopya IR adds that the name/symbol change has been submitted to FINRA but they have no time frame on how long it will take to get FINRA approval and they cannot control the share price but what the team is doing will "ultimately lead to increased shareholder value". The Utopya IR finished by encouraging the investor to hold because more exciting news is coming soon.


A lot of shareholders are asking for information on the new TA, but we thought we owed it to U to get the first email since you've been so patient with us:

We pride ourselves on our transparency. As such, we can finally disclose that Utopya Worldwide has engaged V Stock Transfer, LLC as our new transfer agent because we feel that they are a better match for our company’s needs and growth plans.

With respect to the current share structure, legal is still working through paperwork and we are not ready to release that information at this time, but will as soon as possible. Thank U for staying patient in this regard.

As you know, we are in the process of filing a name change application to FINRA under Rule 6490 which will include a name and symbol change. At the current time we do not have a date as to when it will be approved and take effect, but will share that information with shareholders as soon as we know.

Unfortunately, while we cannot control how the market will react to what we publish, we can assure U that management is hard at work moving the business forward and making key decisions that will ultimately lead to increased shareholder value.

We do have more exciting news in store, so hang tight and know what U own!

Thank U for your continued support!

Are U Ready?

The Investor Relations Team
Utopya Worldwide Holdings, Inc.

V-Stock transfer, like Action Stock transfer (the ANDI TA before them) has a blanket policy not to give out the share structure directly to shareholders. They only give out that information to the company to share to the shareholders. Therefore, ANDI once again has a gagged TA. Utopya could at any time get the share structure from the TA and share it with their investors but they choose not to. Utopya is once again intentionally hiding the share structure from its shareholders in an effort to hide dilution while misleading investors into thinking there is no dilution.

More than 3 weeks have passed since that email and Utopya has still yet to disclose any share structure information. Shareholders have not been given an updated share structure since the January 31, 2018 numbers.

Since January 31, 2018 the ANDI share price has fallen from $.039/share to as low at $.0046/share at one point very possibly because of dumping from continued Series B share conversions done by "friends and family" intentionally hidden by Utopya all while the stock has been pumped nonstop by Utopya.

March 15, 2018 - a similar email response from Utopya IR to another investors adds some timeline info for the phone release


-marketing for devices will start in Q2
-sales will start in Q3
-pricing details and specifics for the device have not been released yet
-Utopya has experienced no delays
-everything is on target

March 16, 2018 - when asked about Darryl Green's decreased social media activity the Utopya IR replies that it is due to an internal order after a misunderstanding with one of his tweets. The IR adds that it is Darryl Green's personal account so the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Darryl Green on the account shouldn't be viewed as that of Utopya.


The problem with that is that Darryl Green represents Utopya as a highly touted advisor (by Utopya and its investors) and so people will also consider his public views about Utopya as being reflective of the company.

March 19, 2018 - Utopya IR gives an email reply with further details about the CLEC Holding Inc proposed acquisition


No statements about the "letter of intent" closing have been made by Utopya to this day.

March 19, 2018 - when asked who the other co-Founder besides Jason Steinberg was and asked who all the officers are for Utopya, Utopya IR replied that they aren't ready to share that information which is kind of a disturbing reply.


It was later discovered that Ian Brewster is the other co-Founder as well as the control person of Utopya. Why would Utopya need to hide their co-Founders and officer's names? The only reason I can think of is because of all the people that got ripped off by Comet Core Inc.

March 21, 2018 - Utopya confirms that it has made a youtube page



Over the next couple of weeks Utopya would hint on occasion that the youtube page will eventually be launched to include a video unveiling the phones

March 21, 2018 - another interesting reply by the Utopya IR


Some of the more interesting responses include keeping the door open for crypto currency payment for phones, a statement that the phones are completed and available for sale with the distributors, and encouragement by the Utopya IR for the investor to spread the word to family and friends

March 22, 2018 - ANDI files its quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018. The report shows 510,000,000 free trading shares were issued to Dustin Secor (200,000,000), Corbin Hardy (200,000,000), and David Bodie (110,000,000) after Utopya acquired the ANDI shell for Series B share conversions. It also shows 550,000,000 restricted shares were issue as spin out shares as a result of cancelled past business operations, and 322,415,200 more shares were issued to LG Capital Funding LLC for a debt conversion.

All total during the quarter, ANDI issued 558,765,000 shares for debt conversions and only eliminated $7,500 in debt ($.0000134/share).


The balance sheet shows:
$0 in cash
$0 in property
$0 in total assets (that weren't already on the balance sheet before Utopya acquired the shell).
$37,000 more in convertible toxic debt
1 employee/officer/director - Mike Starkweather (the CEO)
0 smart phone operations

The quarterly report had no subsequent event information for anything that may have happened between January 31, 2018 and March 22, 2018 (like more share issuances). This was obviously intentional (like the gagged TA) to hide additional Series B preferred share conversions from investors.

The very disappointing quarterly filing kicked off off a streak of red days for the ANDI share price ultimately sending the stock price back below a penny for the first time since mid-January.

March 22, 2018 - Utopya IR tells an investor that they plan on uplisting to the big boards this year - a completely bogus statement as ANDI is a pink sheet company and not even an SEC filer.


March 24, 2018 - the extremely dilutive Series B preferred share situation is exposed including the fact that 510,000,000 shares were issued from series B share conversions after Utopya acquired the ANDI shell and the fact that as of January 31, 2018 ANDI still had another 18,752,860 Series B convertible Preferred stock outstanding convertible into 37,505,720,000 more common shares.



March 25, 2018 - the Dustin Secor/Mike Starkweather corroboration is exposed. Dustin Secor is selling hundreds of millions of shares he is receiving for Series B preferred stock conversions while ANDI uses old defunct app related business operations controlled by Dustin Secor (Action App Corporation and All Pro Apps Corporation) to help pump the stock. At the same time that Dustin Secor is selling, Secor is also transferring stock to others like Corbin Hardy to sell.


March 26, 2018 - Utopya responds to the Series B shares being exposed by doing a press release promising that they will reduce the conversion right from 1:2000 to 1:2 by reducing their value from $2 to $.002


ANDI did a press release about changing the conversion rights on the Series B shares in 2012


After that 2012 disclosure ANDI did apply the change to some conversions.


But apparently the change was never made official by changing the designation of the preferred shares because by 2013 ANDI was back using the 1:2000 rights and Utopya has been using the 1:2000 conversion rights for all of its Series B stock conversions starting in December of 2017.

December 26, 2017 - people started making the point that for the change to be official the ANDI board of directors would have to change the conversion rights in the articles of corporation.

So far to this date no amended filings have shown up at the Wyoming SOS to make any proposed changes effective


March 26, 2018 - In a blanket IR response, Utopya addresses many issues including the Series B shares and the delayed name/symbol change. Of special note, Utopya gives an extremely lame excuse as to why the new TA is gagged after Utopya promised TA transparency starting back on February 2nd. Utopya says the TA "is not privy to managements’ plan or discussions, so controlling information that could be wrong or outdated seems appropriate at this time."


The TA is not involved in the running of the Utopya business. The only information the TA tracks is the share structure which they track daily making it complete up to date. Utopya saying they don't want the TA to share the share structure with investors for fear it is outdated info is complete B.S. This B.S. statement is one of the things that makes it so obvious that there has been lots of dilution going on since January 31, 2018.

March 27, 2018 - with the past two trophy advisors having done really well for the ANDI share price, ANDI/Utopya introduces yet another advisor named Ilja Laurs in a press release


Ilja Laurs is describe by Utopya as a "serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and tech trailblazer"

The PR further adds that Ilja Laurs is:

A recognized thought leader in entrepreneurship and technology, Ilja was named one of the "25 European Tech Leaders" by the Wall Street Journal, was ranked one of the "Top 40 Most Influential People in Mobile Communications" by Informa Telecoms and Media, was named "Technology Pioneer 2011" by World Economic Forum and "European Manager of the Year 2011" by the European Business Press Association. He is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, and CNBC, among many other news sources. In February 2010, Ilja made the cover of leading entrepreneurship magazine "Entrepreneur", and TIME Magazine has called GetJar one of the "10 Startups That Will Change Your Life".

March 28, 2018 - Mike Starkweather's very close association (as long time and current business partners and as friends) with Corbin Hardy (one of the individuals receiving hundreds of millions of free trading shares through Series B preferred stock conversions) is exposed

Mike Starkweather and Corbin Hardy both live near each other in Ohio where they have been business associations for at least 9 years.

Starkweather started Live Fit in 2007. In 2009, Corbin Hardy became an investor in the business. He remained an equity Partner in Starkweather's company until December of 2012.

Starkweather started CHMS LLC (dba as S5 Capital Group) in 2011 and Corbin joined him as a co-Partner in the business. As of today they are still co-Partners of S5 Capital Group.

Corbin Hardy and Mike Starkweather also both worked at DynamicVentures LLC as Managing Directors at the same time in early 2017.

Full details of their connections can be found in the following posts



Mike Starkweather immediately started making changes to his venture capital website (s5capitalgroup.com) removing Corbin Hardy's name as a partner in the venture. Mike Starkweather also deleted his linkedIn page to hide the association


I was smart enough to take a screen shot of the S5Capitalgroup.com page while the information was still there and another screen shot from the cached version after he removed the info

Knowing that Starkweather's buddy Corbin Hardy was selling free trading stock issued for Series B preferred share conversions while ANDI was being pumped starting on December 20, 2017 is a big concern. It makes ANDI look like a pump&dump insider enrichment scheme.

March 28, 2018 - with the share price struggling, Utopya tweets that they are adding the final touches for the unveiling of the phones


March 29, 2018 - Utopya IR responds to the recent information about connections between Mike Starkweather and Corbin Hardy and all the series B stock conversions with the following reply to a shareholder once again deflecting things and using the "advisors" as a shield to try to legitimize everything.


We appreciate your kind words! While there seems to be a dark cloud looming over Utopya, the environment at the company and with the team is very positive!

With that being said, it can be tough at times to want to defend ourselves, but that just adds fuel to the fire. The best way we can prove these "conspiracy theories" false, is by running our business and moving it forward.

If it is any consolation, Mr. Owen, Mr. Green, and Mr. Lars would never take a chance at tarnishing their reputations for a "penny scam." They truly believe in our business model and are excited enough about it to want to be a Utopyan.

Thanks again for your continuing support!

Are U Ready?

The Investor Relations Team
Utopya Worldwide Holdings, Inc.

March 29, 2018 - in response to the fact that the articles of corporation have to be amended to effect corporate changes like the proposed decrease in conversion rights for the Series B shares, the Utopya IR responds that the information is false. They do not need to do an amendment to make the changes effective


To date no amendment has yet been filed with the Wyoming SOS opening the door that Series B preferred shares are still being converted at the 1:2000 ratio and sold into the market.

And even if ANDI does eventually amend the Series B preferred share designation (which they haven't yet), the question will always remain why they waited so long to do it? Why did they first allow hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of free trading shares to be sold into the market by people close to the company and the CEO before they made the change?

March 29, 2018 - ANDI ends up with a yield sign on the OTC markets website. The downgrade is caused because of some information that is missing or incorrect in the recent quarterly report. Utopya replies to investors that it is an oversight and and an amended filing will be made soon to have the yield sign removed.


The new IR message also repeats their misleading statements about not needing to do an amendment to the articles of corporate to effect changes to the Series B shares. It also repeats previous statements blowing off information about Series B shareholders links to the CEO deflecting attention back to the "advisors". Social media and message boards immediately follows IRs lead and deflect attention back onto the "advisors" as well.

March 31, 2018 - I discover Comet Core Inc and post about it on the IHUB including the key roles played in Comet Core Inc by Jason Steinberg, Loudon Owen, and Ian Brewster



Up until this point nobody had any idea that the three original Utopya team members were a part of Comet Core Inc right before forming Utopya Innovations Inc. They also had no idea that Comet Core Inc was a failed smart phone start up that left hundreds of victims in its wake.

Some people try to spin the Comet Core Inc connection as a positive thing by saying that Utopya is probably using the technology from the Comet Core Inc phone as a base for the Utopya phones, but no matter how you try to spin the situation, Utopya's original 3 (Jason Steinberg, Ian Brewster, and Loudon Owen) were a part of Comet Core Inc and they tried to hide their past involvement in Comet Core Inc because Comet Core Inc left hundreds of ripped off customers/victims in its wake.

April 3, 2018 - with the price slipping over the past several days all the way back to the $.006s, Utopya tweets that they will be starting a countdown to reveal the phones soon.


April 3, 2018 - ANDI does an updated quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018. The report amends the share distribution list listing Biznet Worldwide as the recipient of 200,000,000 of the spin out shares instead of StreetBeatz Entertainment in an effort to avoid StreetBeatz having to be listed as a more than 10% owner despite the fact that StreetBeatz and Biznet Worldwide both have a common control person - Richard Papaleo


The filing also updates the corporate phone number from the Utopya number at 1-833-8867926 to Mike Starkweather's number at (440) 772-4206 further dividing the Utopya operations from the ANDI shell.

This actually adds more concern to the fact that ANDI reported no assets or smart phone operations as of January 31, 2018. It makes you wonder if they are trying to keep the smart phone business operations out of the ANDI shell while they use ANDI as a pump&dump vehicle to raise money from the ANDI shell through Series B preferred share conversions to fund the Utopya business operations.

That would make ANDI a massive pump&dump since Utopya has done several press releases and public disclosures saying that Utopya was merged into the ANDI shell and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANDI.

The other alternative is that Utopya Innovations Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANDI since November as was stated repeatedly since November, but Utopya actually didn't have any cash or business operations as of January 31, 2018 because it first needed the cash from the ANDI share sales to create its business. This too would make ANDI a pump&dump because of all the misleading statements during December and January suggesting that it did have business operations and assets including prototype phones being shown off to potential future business partners at the CES conference.

I'd have to imagine that FINRA is asking some of these same questions which is why the name/symbol change request has been delayed for weeks.

April 3, 2018 - after hours InsiderFinancial puts out its 4th positive article for ANDI


full article can be seen here


April 4, 2018 - Utopya clarifies the video launch countdown tweet from the day before saying that they do not have a definitive date for the launch yet once again asking investors to be patient


The share price takes a big hit during morning trading dropping as low at $.0046/share. There appears to be lots of disappointed shareholders who are sick of the delays. Utopya gets a lot of negative comments on the tweet and resorts to blocking many of the commenters.

April 4, 2018 - The Oracle Dispatch puts out its 6th positive article about ANDI calling it a buy opportunity after the recent slide to new lows


April 4, 2018 - after an ugly morning of trading Utopya appears to get desperate to find new blood to support the stock price (and probably the dumping of stock by insiders through series B preferred share conversions). Utopya tweets an advertisement for social media influences to help spread the word about ANDI



The tweets were taken down around an hour later. ANDI recovers some from its morning losses closing fairly strong on the day.

April 5, 2018 - ANDI gets moved back from pink sheet limited info to pink sheet current info on the OTC markets page and the insignificant event helps fuel a strong bounce day for the stock closing green for the first time in a while

April 5, 2018 - ANDI amends the quarterly report a 2nd time this time adding Ian Brewster's name to the report as the control person for Utopya Innovations Inc


Why did Utopya wait this long to disclose Ian Brewster's name? Was it just because of the Comet Core Inc incident that they have kept Brewster's name out of the spotlight (similar to Jason Steinberg's name)?

It appears that now that the Comet Core Inc stuff is out in the open there is no need to continue trying to hide Ian Brewster from the Utopya investors


April 6, 2018 - ANDI/Utopya announces that it will be doing its product unveiling on Tuesday April 10th


The price opens strong off the news quickly pushing back past $.01/share.

It will be interesting following ANDI/Utopya moving forward to see where the story goes from here

When will ANDI/Utopya finally disclose an updated share structure? And when it does how much dilution will it end up showing?

Will the phones ever go to market?

If the phones do go to market will the phones be a success or will they bomb out right away?

Will ANDI ever get its name/symbol change approved by FINRA?

What assets/business operations/employees/officers will be disclosed in the next quarterly report in June? Or will it be like the last quarterly report with no smart phone operations included and no Utopya officers/employees listed besides Mike Starkweather.

Will ANDI/Utopya disclose who got any new free trading stock in their next quarterly report and will they make any discloses about any cash/financing that was received (where did it come from and under what terms)?

When will Utopya finally file the amendment to change the designation of the Series B preferred shares?

How many Series B preferred share conversions using the old 1:2000 conversion rate will the next quarterly report show took place on March 26th or after March 26th (the date that Utopya claims it changed the conversion rights)

How will shareholders react if Utopya doesn't come any where near its stated $100 million revenue mark for 2018?

How will shareholders react when reality sets in that Utopya won't be uplisting to the NYSE despite the uplisting repeatedly being stated by the Utopya team as a way to hype the ANDI share price?

Will the regulators ever take an interest in ANDI/Utopya as a pump&dump scheme?

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