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Total shares outstanding: 4,919,209,650 as of :  02/01/2019  (300 Million increase)
4,619,209,650 as of :  11/01/2018  (300 Million increase)

Float increased to 4,359,200,613 as of 04/26/2019

Float increased to 3,161,785,313 as of 6/18/2018

Management-  NONE
  ANDI Never did have phones, or any other products - Complete Scam



"PurSeven" Products are fraudulently being used to Promote ANDI-Scam.

The Biggest Red Flags Source:

1) Utopya choose the dirty ANDI shell to go public

2) Utopya hid its co-Founders/officers names and their pasts from the public for as long as they could. Those pasts include a failed smart phone start up named Comet Core Inc that took money from customers then left hundreds of victims in its wake when it never produced any phones.

3) Utopya reported no assets or smart phone business operations or officers besides Mike Starkweather in the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018. Utopya claimed that it merged its business operations into the ANDI shell in November but the only assets listed were from old ANDI business operations from before Utopya acquired the shell. Utopya claimed that it had prototype phones and distributors lined up starting in December. The ANDI stock price was heavily pumped in December and January using statements made by Utopya about smart phone operations and advisors and contracts being negotiated. So why was none of this stuff in the quarterly report?

4) ANDI has been run as a pump-n-dump with unrealistic forward looking statements about uplisting to the NYSE and over $100m in revenues before the end of 2018 all while hundreds of millions (if not billions) of shares were sold into the market through Series B preferred share conversions by people close to the ANDI CEO, Mike Starkweather

5) Utopya worked together with the old ANDI CEO Dustin Secor in a coordinated effort to raise the value of the stock while Secor and people close to Mike Starkweather (the current ANDI CEO) were selling shares into the market

6) Mike Starkweather tried to hide his associations with Corbin Hardy (one of the big Series B stock converters) after their association was exposed

7) Utopya may have been using ANDI share sales done by "friends and family" to fund its business operations without disclosing the share sales all while repeatedly leading investors to believe that no dilution was taking place and all financing would be coming without using stock dilution

8) The Utopya team pumped the ANDI share price using statements like "what's in the pipeline is bigger than anything the OTC has seen" and "the U-Phone will be 40Xs better than the iPhone" and blast off, to the moon, rocket ship, train is leaving the station, bulls are in control tweets. On top of all the pumping done by Utopya, the ANDI share price has also been manipulated using false information about things like Darryl Green's wealth and connections to blockchain and Huawei that do not exist.

9) Utopya used chase the carrot tactics by repeatedly promising great things coming soon and repeatedly asking investors to hold on and be patient. There has even been instances where Utopya has talked about time frames for upcoming news in private emails with ANDI investors.

10) T-trades have been an almost daily occurrence since late-December

11) Utopya has its transfer agent gagged and Utopya refuses to disclose share structure information to its shareholders. The last update to the share structure was January 31, 2018 and that's only because it was required to be disclosed as part of the quarterly report for the period ending January 31, 2018.

================== ALSO
.....$100,000 Promo-Pump program... Read:
.....Gagged TA. Andi Lied about Ungagging.  Read:
.....Utopya-ANDI "merger" NOT FILED !!
.....B-Share change not filed at WYSOS...37_BILLION more shares ??
.....Starkweather "Bad Actor" history of failures. Delaying ticker change ?
.....Cease Trade Order in Canada
.....Dilution from toxic funding & Rising OS ?
.....Pictures of another company's phone
.....Ticker change actually filed ?? Or "In process of filing" ?
.....False "Shorting" Claims, perpetuating squeeze myth.
.....3rd Party undisclosed promoters.

Current Assets
Bank – Operating Account $ 0
Accounts Receivable $ 0
Deposit – Rent $ 0
DD Regarding Uncompleted "Merger"


Outdated Share Structure...TA is GAGGED as of May 2018
Authorized Shares...........6,000,000,000............01/31/2018
Outstanding Shares.........4,619,209,650   as of Nov 1, 2018  
                                    prev 4,319,209,650 as of :  04/30/2018    
prev. 3,579,209,650...........01/31/2018
Restricted............Not Available
Unrestricted............Not Available
Held at DTC............Not Available
Float..........3,161,785,313   as of   06/18/2018
                  prev. 2,121,794,450...........01/31/2018
Total shares outstanding: 4,319,209,650 as of :  04/30/2018
Float increased to 3,161,785,313 as of 6/18/2018


TERMINATION of WeWi / WAR Agreement:


Warning!  This company may not be making material information publicly available

Buying or selling this security on the basis of material nonpublic material information is prohibited under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rules 10b-5 and 10b5-1 thereunder. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Image result for stop sign

From Corrected Financials

"....On March 26, 2018, the board of directors changed the price of the Series B Preferred stock from $2.00 per share to $0.002. Upon further review by new management, the proper documents to support this action could not be found and as such the transaction was deemed invalid and the price per share is $2.00 for the Company’s Series B Preferred stock. ...."

Could this be ANDI-SCAM's Water Bottling & Distribution Network ??
$ANDI The Above in Ibox is Nil and Obsolete AS OF 08-07-2019---

This Link Tells ah Lot about Cannabis --- HEMP COMPANY'S

NEWS-08-07-2019, Andiamo Corporation to Unwind and Cancel 
LANSING, MI / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2019 / Andiamo Corporation 


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• We do NOT recommend that anyone buy or sell any securities posted herewith. Any trade entered into risks the possibility of losing the funds invested.
• There are no guarantees when buying or selling any security.


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