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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
NUUU  Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc.0.0012-0.0001-7.69%   04/25/2021
PHIL  PHI Group Inc.0.0029-0.0003-9.37%   04/10/2021
HIMR  Hollund Industrial Marine Inc.0.0012-0.0001-7.69%   04/10/2021
CZNI  Cruzani Inc.0.00120.00019.09%   03/12/2021
PBHG  PBS Holding Inc0.00130.00.00%   02/14/2021
EHOS  Ehouse Global, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   02/10/2021
PPJE  PPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc.0.00260.00.00%   02/10/2021
FNRC  1st NRG Corp0.00060.00.00%   02/10/2021
TSTS  That Marketing Solution Inc.0.000350.0000516.67%   02/10/2021
PRDL  Profitable Developments, Inc.0.0005-0.0001-16.67%   02/08/2021
BCAP  Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc.0.00120.00019.09%   02/04/2021
AFOM  All For One Media Corp.0.00120.00.00%   01/14/2021
AFPW  Alumifuel Power Corp.0.00160.00.00%   01/12/2021
FOMC  FOMO Corp.0.00770.00011.32%   01/10/2021
GRST  Ethema Health Corp.0.005690.000193.45%   01/08/2021
BRNWD  GEMXX Corp.2.56010.00010.00%   01/07/2021
PDGO  Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc.0.00140.00017.69%   01/01/2021
LDSI  Life Design Stations0.00180.00015.88%   01/01/2021
SGMD  Sugarmade, Inc.0.00240.00014.35%   12/05/2020
GLCO  Global Links Corp0.003-0.00019-5.96%   09/15/2020
ZNOG  Zion Oil & Gas Inc.0.6590.0192.97%   08/05/2020
CUBT  Curative Biotechnology Inc.0.1162-0.0038-3.17%   01/02/2020
CHK  Chesapeake Energy Corporation49.171.663.49%   11/13/2019
FCEL  FuelCell Energy Inc.   11/13/2019
GMNI  Gemini Group Global Corp.0.00220.000529.41%   11/03/2019
SWNM  Southwestern Medical0.003-0.002-40.00%   10/20/2019
NGRP  Ngen Technologies Holdings Corp.0.09750.037562.50%   09/23/2019
IGEX  Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte., Ltd.0.00245-0.00005-2.00%   09/23/2019
CBTC  XTRA Bitcoin Inc.0.0068-0.0001-1.45%   09/06/2019
My CBTC Pitch: "Going to run big"
CBBT  Cerebain Biotech Corp.0.050750.000751.50%   08/25/2019
My CBBT Pitch: "Watch"
CHGS  China GengSheng Minerals, Inc.0.0174-0.0103-37.18%   08/25/2019
My CHGS Pitch: "Buy now"
ATVK  Ameritek Ventures0.02850.00.00%   08/18/2019
DKGR  Universal Apparel and Textile Co.0.0010.000342.86%   08/18/2019
FCGD  First Colombia Gold Corp.0.00075-0.00015-16.67%   08/15/2019
My FCGD Pitch: "My stock"
PSYC  Global Trac Solutions Inc.0.0142-0.00015-1.05%   08/15/2019
TGRR  Tiger Reef Inc.0.002-0.00004-1.96%   08/09/2019
TTCM  Tautachrome Inc.0.01190.00032.59%   08/02/2019
SNLP  Syntrol Corp0.070.00.00%   02/11/2015
PMCB  PharmaCyte Biotech Inc.0.01515-0.00065-4.11%   02/02/2015
My PMCB Pitch: "Created a pill that creates insulin for diabetics, great move for the future, serious condition n I think a good move in the right direction"
  Helix Technologies Inc. (fka HLIX)  02/02/2015
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