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Note holders looking for a couple more billion? HJ72 05/17/23 5:38 AM
Lol this isn’t a dip. HJ72 05/16/23 5:41 AM
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K,.why.,not north.+.reason..to..merge/2Mil.Rev+Performance'.stocked..potential.. 2business 05/15/23 10:18 AM
This should have a turn up north this Kmacneill116 05/11/23 9:55 AM
With..this.,one....potentials..are..there/and..xtra-loading..0001..offsets..a..r/s 2business 05/11/23 12:58 AM
Dipped in this will be a waiting game Kmacneill116 05/10/23 3:33 PM
He has to pump like it’s 2015 again turntothesky 05/08/23 10:15 PM
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NEW YORK, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- All Entertainment Media Group, TRADER99 04/27/23 9:19 AM
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i read it already and they talk about okwife 03/31/23 4:20 PM
2M,,Rev-Aemg..RM..analyst.predict..28M..forming..on..market..they..stream.have,movies.. point made 2business 03/31/23 3:11 PM
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Any email..sent on opinions 2business 03/13/23 3:36 PM
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A Request for an ..update...sounds good 2business 10/24/22 3:51 PM
A Request for an .update...sounds good 2business 10/24/22 3:51 PM
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All For One Media Corp (AFOM)

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"EPIC", "The Movie of the Century"
That's how Drama Drama is described in the Sep 2019 J14 magazine

J14 is the largest teen celeb mag with nearly 8 millionFB followers

FUNNY CLIP - CLICK https://www.instagram.com/p/B0V5KF-AFeA/ TO PLAY (don't click picture)
Corporate Website: http://AllForOne.media/
Movie website:    http://www.dramadrama.com/
Student Campaign Against Bullying Official Website: http://theSCAB.org/

Business Description
All For One Media Corp. is an entertainment marketing company that creates projects that specifically target the tween demographic. It is estimated that the tween demographic is responsible for at least $260 billion annually in direct sales in the United States alone. Known as “Generation I” for "Internet," this generation's tweens represent the first demographic to have had only known life with the Internet and social media. AFOM is currently producing “Crazy For The Boys,”(renamed - Drama Drama) a new movie musical that is scheduled to begin principal photography this summer. "Crazy For The Boys" tells the story of five high school girls from five very different cliques who must work together in order to run their school’s anti-bullying organization. Perfectly capturing the nuances of high school, “Crazy For The Boys” features original and infectious pop songs about topics such as; peer pressure, unrequited love, and teen angst. It is anticipated that the film will generate revenues from multiple sources including; domestic and international distribution, video on demand, merchandising, soundtrack, live performances, as well as other ancillary sources.

Management Team
CEO/Director - Brian Lukow (Brian Lukow was a Senior Vice President of Investments at Lehman Brothers from 1982 – 1995. During that time, Mr. Lukow specialized in investments in the Entertainment Industry including the takeover of Columbia Pictures.)  Co-founder of very popular boy band Dream Street in late 1990s -- whose single went Platinum with over 1 million sold, and reached #1 on Billboard Independant Artists.

Director - Brian Gold (Brian D. Gold is currently the president and CEO of his family’s business, Sultana Distribution Services, Inc., which is the largest candy re-distributor in the United States, selling to hundreds of wholesalers across the country.)

Director - Martin Guigui (Martin Guigui is an award winning Filmmaker and Grammy nominated music Producer. Guigui has directed 8 Films, written 16 screenplays, Executive Produced over a dozen movies.)

Consultant - Wendy Starland (Wendy Starland was named VH1’s “Best Emerging Artist.” Starland was also honored by The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame for her top 10 hit song, Dancing With the Sea. Her self-written & produced single was released in Europe alongside multi-platinum artists.)

President of 
Carmel Valley Productions Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary - Jeff Deverett has a distinguished career as a Film/TV executive that spans more than 20 years.  Jeff has held key executive roles at independent studios Astral Communications, Anchor Bay Distribution, and Hit Entertainment.  Jeff also created, owned and operated kaBoom! Entertainment which was eventually sold to eOne Entertainment.  Jeff is very versed in the world of Indie film making and focuses primarily on the family genre.  Currently, several of Mr. Deverett's films are available on Netflix worldwide, including Full Out and Kiss & Cry.

Recent News: (http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/AFOM/news)


July 29 2019
All For One Media Corp. (OTCQB – AFOM), an SEC fully reporting Branded Entertainment Company across multiple platforms, announced today that it is set to begin principal photography on Full Out 2 on August 8 at the University of Oklahoma.  Full Out 2 will be the first picture produced by Carmel Valley Productions, AFOM's newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary, under the previously announced 20 Movie deal with Jeff Deverett. The film has been licensed to Netflix for exclusive worldwide SVOD rights for an initial term of 3 years.

July 15 2019
ALL FOR ONE MEDIA CORP (OTCQB – AFOM) has begun expanding its Multi Media entertainment brand Drama Drama which consists of a multitude of assets including a completed full-length Musical Dramedy with 14 original songs and a brand-new Music Video that will debut on YouTube on Tuesday July 16. As disclosed previously, the Company believes that Drama Drama is the first major pop group being launched by a major motion picture in history. The Company has been in talks with several domestic and foreign distributors and is represented by the Endeavor Content Division of William Morris Endeavor.

July 8 2019
All For One Media Corp. (OTCQB – AFOM), an SEC fully reporting Branded Entertainment Company across multiple platforms has entered into an agreement with Jeff Deverett of Deverett Media Group to produce 20 family films over the next 5 years.  The Company plans to produce 4 Movies a year with all of the films being pre-sold into distribution prior to commencement of production.  

May 18, 2017  (note - this has not panned out to date..ie 2019)
All for One Media Corp. (OTCQB: AFOM) has received a commitment letter from its production partner Sunset Pictures for domestic distribution for the motion picture Crazy for the Boys via its output deal with 20
th Century Fox inclusive of theatrical release via Atlas Distribution as well as all ancillary rights including Netflix, Cable and Network TV as well as DVD, Blue ray, VOD, Digital etc. Sunset Pictures will facilitate Print and Ad Funds (P and A) to drive the marketing of the theatrical release and marketing of the film. Crazy for The Boys is scheduled to begin Principal Photography in Savannah, Georgia, on June 28th, 2017.

May 8, 2017
All for One Media Corp. (OTCQB: AFOM) has reached an agreement with a 
Savannah Georgia film studio on financing of Crazy for the Boys, the company's, tween musical dramedy. The studio has committed to invest $89,000 in equity into the deal, allowing us to commence pre-production in June. All for One Media and its subsidiary, Crazy for the Boys Movie, LLC are scheduled to initiate two weeks of 'Boot Camp' rehearsals followed immediately by Principal Photography beginning in July. Crazy for the Boys will be produced in Savannah, Georgia at the studios' main production facility where four feature films were produced in the last year. Savannah, Georgia is one of the most sought after Production Locations due to its charm, beauty, depth of available skilled production crew. In addition, while many of the key roles were cast in New York and Los Angeles through an extensive talent search, Savannah provides access to a superior talent pool of actors and dancers to round out the cast.

March 7, 2017
All For One Media Corp., (OTCQB: AFOM) has retained the services of Bullock & Snow Casting as casting directors for the company's upcoming musical dramedy, Crazy For The Boys.  Led by Krisha Bullock and Jamie Snow, Bullock & Snow Casting (http://www.bullockandsnowcasting.com) is recognized as one of Hollywood's top tween entertainment casting companies.

Their casting credits include:
- Degrassi: The Next Generation Henry Danger
- Sam and Cat (starring Ariana Grande)
- Victorious (starring Victoria Justice)
- iCarly (starring Miranda Cosgrove)
- True Jackson V.P.
- Zoey 101
- Drake and Josh
- All That
- The Amanda Show

Current Projects
Student Campaign Against Bullying (SCAB)
The Student Campaign Against Bullying (SCAB) is a unique organization that uses entertainment as positive way to impact bullying. SCAB differs from other approaches (such as through lecturing and education) and has a goal of making kids think twice before tearing other kids down. We are neither ego driven nor naive when it comes to the bullying problem. We understand that the problem at-hand is too big for any one platform or group to singularly take on by itself. Rather than act unilaterally in having a positive effect on this national crisis, our goals are more modest. We believe that if we can be even a small part of the solution, it will be a gratifying success. We are therefore aiming to partner with legitimate anti-bullying platforms whose effort we admire greatly. 

Drama Drama (formerly Crazy For the Boys)



Drama Drama is based on the fictionalized back-story of the five girls who comprise the girl group "Drama Drama". It is the perfect teen Coming of Age Musical Dramedy completely capturing the nuances High School: Teen Angst, unrequited love, the mean popular girl and peer pressure. Drama Drama has an Anti-Bullying theme that delivers a message that resonates and entertains teens and tweens without "preaching".  Drama Drama is a true musical. The movie features sixteen original pop songs that jump off the pages of the script, produced by multi-platinum Hit Makers as well as infectious choreography making it destined to become an essential part of pop culture for generation of teens. Being marketed as a modern day "Grease", Drama Drama has promoted themes of Self Love and individuality through its firms official Social Media Pages.

MUSIC VIDEO - debuted on YouTube on July 16, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b8CcEDCw9Q&feature=youtu.be

J14 Interview, calling Drama Drama the 'Movie of the century'.  J14 is a premier Tween/Teen magazine with nearly 8 million followers on Facebook.  Drama Drama also was on the September 2019 cover.   https://www.j-14.com/posts/meet-the-cast-of-your-new-favorite-movie-drama-drama/

20 movies to be produced over next 5 years!

First one is PERFECT 10: FULL OUT 2, sequel, production begins Aug 2019.  It is to be completed in January 2020, and Gravitas will seek to distribute it worldwide.  

Full Out, also known as Full Out: The Ariana Berlin Movie, is a 2016 drama young-adult TV movie based on the life story of American gymnast Ariana Berlin.[1][2]
Ana Golja received a 2016 Canadian Screen Awards nomination for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series.




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Market Cap Market Cap
4,275,171  02/05/2021
Authorized Shares
4,200,000,000  12/12/2019
Outstanding Shares
3,562,642,126  02/01/2021
Restricted  185,056,609  02/01/2021
Unrestricted  3,377,585,517  02/01/2021
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3,377,454,117  02/01/2021
45,224,246  02/15/2019


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