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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
BLSP  Blue Sphere Corp.1.6-0.55-25.58%   02/21/2017
INNV  Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.1160.0065.45%   02/14/2017
CHFS  CHF Solutions, Inc3.510.00.00%   01/28/2017
SIPC  SIPP Industries0.0414-0.0035-7.80%   01/19/2017
DDDX  3DX Industries Inc.0.087610.002813.31%   01/19/2017
NSEH  NuState Energy Holdings Inc.0.00010.00.00%   01/18/2017
SOUM  SoOum Corp.0.0006-0.0006-50.00%   01/15/2017
DBMM  Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc.0.00050.00.00%   01/08/2017
NTCXF  Natcore Technology Inc.   01/07/2017
AROPQ  ARO Liquidation Inc.0.0069910.00089114.61%   01/07/2017
HHSE  Hannover House, Inc.0.02-0.001-4.76%   01/06/2017
SGMD  Sugarmade, Inc.0.20.0179.29%   01/03/2017
ITEK  Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp  01/03/2017
MNKD  MannKind Corp.2.470.00.00%   01/03/2017
LBSR  Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.0.00140.00.00%   01/02/2017
MXSG  Mexus Gold US0.0553-0.0037-6.27%   01/02/2017
UHLN  US Highland, Inc.0.00180.00.00%   01/02/2017
GTIM  Good Times Restaurants Inc.   01/02/2017
GNBT  Generex Biotechnology Corp.3.980.236.13%   01/02/2017
IDDR  IDDriven Inc.0.00010.00.00%   01/02/2017
CNAB  United Cannabis Corp.1.540.021.32%   01/01/2017
ELTZ  Elite Group Inc.0.00060.00.00%   12/28/2016
GTRL  Get Real USA, Inc.0.00030.00.00%   12/27/2016
ABBY  Abby Inc.0.0034-0.0001-2.86%   12/27/2016
ACAN  Americann Inc3.880.5315.82%   12/26/2016
GEGI  Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.0.00050.00.00%   12/24/2016
BLKG  Black Stallion Oil and Gas Inc.0.00010.00.00%   12/23/2016
CNAT  Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.4.610.00.00%   12/19/2016
HDUP  HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc.0.00170.00.00%   12/18/2016
IEVM  Integrated Environmental Technologies0.0005-0.0002-28.57%   12/17/2016
EQLB  EQ Labs Inc.0.00230.00014.55%   12/17/2016
GLBS  Globus Maritime Limited000.00%   11/29/2016
PIOE  P10 Holdings Inc.0.9-0.01-1.10%   11/26/2016
HADV  Health Advance Inc0.03895-0.00105-2.63%   11/25/2016
AMMJ  American Cannabis Company Inc.1.14-0.0025-0.22%   11/25/2016
DRYS  DryShips Inc.3.760.00.00%   11/23/2016
GAHC  Global Arena Holding, Inc.0.0211-0.0031-12.81%   11/22/2016
ZAIS  Zais Grp. Holdings, Inc.   11/22/2016
ARYC  Arrayit Corporation0.0090.00055.88%   11/22/2016
AOIFF  Africa Oil Corp1.349-0.011-0.81%   11/18/2016
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