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Eric Doctorow is a no-name scumbag. Eric Parkinson BeanbrainGetsGoing 01/28/23 8:16 PM
Eric Doctorow's bowel movements are more respected than moviesam 01/28/23 7:11 PM
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Eric Doctorow is a highly respected media executive
poster44ny 01/28/23 4:00 PM
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there's no truth to any of that...none... Myth 01/28/23 3:14 PM
we're not counting decade long watchers.... Myth 01/28/23 3:12 PM
Eric Parkinson and his pink sock boyfriend are BeanbrainGetsGoing 01/28/23 2:33 PM
The HHSE short squeeze has been fabled for BeanbrainGetsGoing 01/28/23 2:09 PM
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Friday, August 31, 2018 Anvil 01/27/23 1:48 PM
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Friday, June 10, 2022



Friday, June 10, 2022

Hannover Huse Updated Library Valuation Completed!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - the Hannover House Film & Television Library valuation report (previously determined to have become "stale" after marketplace changes), has finally been completed and will be incorporated within the company's Form 10 registration and upcoming balance sheets.

















Principle Products Of The Company And Their Respective Markets Are:

i. Theatrical Films – Released To Theatres In The United States
ii. Home Video Products (DVDs, Blu-Rays, Digital Copies) – Released To Video Specialty Retailers, Mass-Merchandisers, Bookstores, Schools, Libraries And Rental Outlets (Including Kiosks) In The United States And Canada
iii. Video-On-Demand Releases – Films And Videos Offered For Direct ‘In-Home Viewing’ By Consumers Via A Variety Of Service Providers
iv. Books And E-Books – Sold Through Bookstores, Schools, Libraries, Internet Retailers And Streamed Through A Variety Of e-Book Platforms 

v. International Licensing - The Sale (or Contractual "Pre-Sale" of Rights to Higher Profile Films) is a New Revenue Source for the Company in 2013.


HHSE Completes Form 10 Filing / Audits & Release


All HHSE Financials, BOD Meeting Minutes & OTC Markets Filings


45 Titles HHSE Summer Release Slate

03 - Theatricals 
14 - New Releases 
06 - Multi-Packs 
22 - Repriced Catalog Promotions 

Note: Not all Titles Pictured, some Titles below not on HHSE Summer Release Schedule ( yet still part of HHSE 260+ Titles Film & Television Library)














Retailers carrying Hannover House products include thousands of independently owned and operated retail video stores and book stores, including Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Blockbuster Video, Borders Group, Fred Meyer Group, Hastings, SAM’S Club, Transworld Group and Wal-Mart as well as all major Internet retailers.







Hannover House Began Trading as a Public Company 5 Years Ago

Oustanding 461,206,692 - Janruary 10, 2010








Toys in the Attic


Theatrical Release Date: April 6, 2012 

Originally produced in the Czech language, the animated film is set in a magical world of toys and knick-knacks stored in the attic of a home in Prague. Following the symbolism of the Cold War era that impacted Barta and the Czech Republic, the world of the attic is divided into the land of happy toys in the West and the land of evil in the East. The despotic Head of State rules over the evil empire of the East with a band of sinister minions, insects and rotted vegetables. When the lovely Buttercup is kidnapped and held prisoner by The Head, it is up to her friends - a teddy bear (Whitaker), a mechanical mouse (Cusack) and marionette puppet (Elwes) - to cross the international boundary and attempt their daring rescue. The Czech language version has won several film festivals, including the New York International Children's Film Festival, the Sitges Festival and Anima Basauri Festival.

Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack and Cary Elwes will provide the voices for the US theatrical release. 


Trailer to be posted soon.

Humans vs. Zombies

DVD/BluRay Release Date: May 8, 2012 

Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name. Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread rapidly through direct human contact. The infected become enslaved by the invading "swarm" intelligence and driven by an insatiable appetite to consume human flesh. Returning home, the students spread the infection to their fellow classmates and other unsuspecting townspeople. One by one, more students fall victim to the plague,triggering an epidemic that spawns a horde of ravenous zombies. The zombie horde grows and spreads quickly. Amidst the chaos, a campus security guard,obsessed with conspiracy theories, leads a group of students to safety as they and a small band of uninfected townspeople set out to find other human survivors in an attempt to discover the source of the "zombie" virus and save the world.

Director: Brian T. Jaynes 
Writers: Brian T. Jaynes Devan Sagliani 
Stars: Dora Madison Burge Melissa Carnell and Frederic Doss 





Available on DVD/Blu-Ray on April 10, 2012 

Nominated In Feature Film Category - 16th Annual PRISM Awards.

In this coming-of-age story, the absentee father (Xander Berkeley) of an alienated teenage boy (Ryan Donowho) returns home to a small town in East Texas, to discover a household of crystal meth addicts. The father, Sonny, and his teenage son, Abe, struggle to reconnect and stay clean while sharing their house with an abusive uncle (Anson Mount), who goes by the nickname "Bump". The uncle's meth-fueled rage increasingly threatens the safety of the entire family, especially the uncle's six year old daughter, Deandra. In the end, in order to save Deandra and himself from Bump's spiraling behavior, Abe is left with only one option; and Sonny, the redemptive father, must sacrifice his life to give his son the future he deserves.

Director: David Pomes
Writer: David Pomes
Stars: Anson Mount, Xander Berkeley and Ryan Donowho

Cook County Official Website

All's Faire in Love 
Two rival Medieval shows vie for supremacy in the world of Renaissance Faires.

Available on DVD/BluRay Now! 
Theatrical Release Date: Oct 28, 2011

Set in the world of a Renaissance Faire, "All's Faire in Love" is a light-hearted romp, a romantic camp comedy, falling somewhere between "Shakespeare In Love" and "Meatballs"

Director: Scott Marshall

Writers: R.A. White (screenplay) Scott Marshall (screenplay)

Stars: Christina Ricci, Bill Engvall, Ann-Margret, Owen Benjamin, Cedric the Entertainer

All's Faire in Love at IMDb 

All's Faire In Love Website








Available on DVD/BluRay Now!
Theatrical Release Date: JUNE 24, 2011

A little loggerhead turtle follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream all the way to the frozen north and ultimately swims around the entire North Atlantic to Africa and back to the beach where she was born.

Director: Nick Stringer
Writer: Melanie Finn
Stars: Miranda Richardson Daniel Braga and Hannelore Elsner

Asalto Al Cine

Asalto Al Cine has been nominated for at least one Ariel award.

A somber but engaging, powerful examination of four Mexico City teenagers whose self-destructive tendencies speak volumes about the failing social systems surrounding them.

There's a moment in the film when the main character, Negus (Gabino Rodríguez), is drawing up detailed schematics of the local megaplex cinema with an engineer's precision. His friend Chale (Juan Pablo de Santiago) has tried getting into the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Their friend Sapo (Ángel Sosa) is a gifted hip-hop musician. At night, they are graffiti artists, their tour de force a richly detailed mural that fuses traditional Mexican and urban artistic styles.

Yet the three friends, along with La Chata (Paulina Avalos), are bored, apathetic teenagers who spend most of their waking moments getting high and loitering aimlessly around Mexico City's gritty Guerrero neighborhood.

It's a poignant dichotomy in Ira Gómez Concheiro's feature-length directorial debut, The Cinema Hold Up, a movie that's less about a heist and more an indictment of the failing social apparatuses that leave young, intelligent Mexicans without the means to constructively develop their talents.

The Spanish-language, Sundance title, "ASALTO AL CINE" will open Feburary 17, 2012.  Hannover House will release "Asalto Al Cine" in top markets across the country, including an initial launch into New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston,Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Diego and Denver.


The El Escorial Conspiracy



Release Date: TBA

16th century ruler King Philip II of Spain maneuvers within a court of deceit and betrayal.

Director: Antonio del Real
Stars: Jason Isaacs, Julia Ormond, Joaquim de Almeida, and Jürgen Prochnow

The Conspiracy at IMDb


Trailer (English Version)






"Hannover House is pleased to announce our new distribution relationship with 20th Century Fox Studios, commencing with "TWELVE." This venture represents a tremendous new growth opportunity for Hannover House."


A privileged, pot-dealing high school dropout heads down a collision course with tragedy after his cousin is slain in Harlem and his best friend is arrested as the prime suspect in the killing. Inspired by author Nick McDonell's critically acclaimed novel, Joel Schumacher's gritty inner-city drama tells the story of White Mike (Chace Crawford), a wayward teen who makes more money selling pot to rich kids from the Upper East Side than he ever would with a high school diploma. Spring break is here, and everyone in Manhattan is looking for a sack. White Mike's spoiled clientele always springs for the good stuff, making this an especially profitable time of the year. When White Mike's cousin winds up on the losing end of a deadly skirmish at an East Harlem housing project, the drug-pushing dropout finds his comfortable existence shaken to the core.

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray Now!

WalMart: Blu-Ray DVD  BestBuy: Blu-Ray DVD
Target: Blu-Ray DVD
  Amazon: Blu-Ray  DVD
Overstock Blu-Ray DVD DVD Empire Blu-Ray DVD
Family Video Blu-Ray DVD GoHastings Blu-Ray DVD

Blockbuster: Blu-Ray DVD Purchase + Rental
Blockbuster Express:
  DVD Rental

Home Media Magazine with Twelve on the Cover and Page 2:
This was held up by Eric at the shareholder meeting.



Two bank robbers take an AA meeting hostage ... BIG MISTAKE!

The serenity of a morning AA meeting is suddenly broken when a vicious bank robber Arie Verveen (Sin City), and his guilt-ridden cohort, Kurt Caceres (World Trade Center), barge in - taking it hostage! LAPD quickly block off the dead-end street in search of the armed and deadly duo - creating a taut, sobering situation. With the clock ticking, each member must overcome past demons while fighting to stay alive. But in order to do that, the fractured group must first learn to bond together, if they're to survive. The electrifying ensemble is lead by John Savage (Deer Hunter) and Jack McGee ("Crash"). The 2008 San Fernando Vally International Film Festival Best Feature Film Winner was written and directed by Paul T. Murray ("Very Mean Men"). "Boiler Maker", the intense, riveting, drama laced with black comedy, like the drink, packs a walloping punch.

Now on DVD / Blu-Ray!

Wal-mart: DVD
Amazon: Blu-Ray DVD


Official "Boilermaker" movie site

Director: Paul T. Murray
Writer: Paul T. Murray
Stars:Arie Verveen, John Savage and Jack McGee


The legend is true!

Actors: Melissa Carnell, Texas Battle, Stephanie Honore, Shavon Kirksey
Directors: Briyan T. Jaynes
Format: Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 1
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Hannover House
DVD Release Date: September 13, 2011
Run Time: 88 minutes
Now Available!

Amazon: DVD





Edgar Allan Poe. For nearly two hundred years his stories of the macabre have shocked and terrified audiences. And now, inspired by five of Poe's most terrifying tales, five filmmakers have banded together to create the ultimate tribute to the master: Edgar Allan Poe's Requiem For The Damned - featuring adaptations of : The Fall of the House of Usher, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Murders in the Rue Morgue


Available March 9, 2012

2011 Production, Color, Stereo, 94 Minutes.  Sci-Fi / Horror.
DVD Item # HH 76333. UPC 7-61450-76333-3, $14.95 suggested retail.
Blu-ray Item # HH 0633. UPC 7-61450-06333-4, $19.95 suggested retail.




The Weather Station

The Russian-thriller, "THE WEATHER STATION" has not received an official release date yet.  A Russian language thriller from director Johnny O'Reilly. Theatrical Release will be limited to key markets. Detectives investigating the disappearance of meteorologists on a remote mountain get sucked into a vortex of mistrust, betrayal and murder.



Winter, 1864. William Singer and his young brother Henry, along with four other Confederate POWs, escape from a Union prison camp outside Chicago. They seek refuge in the storage car of a train but the next morning, they find the passengers brutally butchered by what appears to be a wild animal. It isn't long before they discover that "wild animal" is no animal at all, but a pack of Native American shape-shifting werewolves with an insatiable blood lust for human flesh. Hunted by werewolves, stuck in the freezing cold Illinois wilderness with no food, no water and nowhere to go, they discover the hell they left is nothing compared to the hell they will encounter.

Director: Chad Ferrin       Writers: David Chirchirillo (screenplay)   Chad Ferrin (story)

Production Companies


Release: 2012  -  Official Website   -   Facebook Page   -   Dances with Werewolves 3D - IMDb




New York, NY (PRWEB) January 6, 2011

  "Wild Oats" with Christina Ricci and Shirley MacLaine in Scott Marshall Comedy Entertainment division of Target Development Group, Inc. (TDGI) acquires North American distribution rights to mainstream, commercial comedy production; national theatrical release planned for spring 2012

In its first major production pre-buy, Hannover House has signed on as North American distributor for director Scott Marshall's upcoming theatrical comedy, "Wild Oats," starring Christina Ricci, Shirley MacLaine, Maria Bello, Bill Pullman and John Corbett. The Gary Kinew - Claudia Myers screenplay will be produced by Agathe David-Weill, Blythe Frank and Matt Janes, with Michael Mailer as Executive Producer alongside Hannover House executives Eric Parkinson and Fred Shefte, and TriVision Pictures, Inc. executive Alexander Tabrizi. The film is expected to commence principal photography this spring, pending final coordination of talent schedules.

Hannover House is the entertainment media division of Target Development Group, Inc. (Pinksheets: TDGI). Wild Pictures, LLC will act as the production entity with Peace Arch Entertainment handling the international licensing of the film.

"Wild Oats" has been described as a road-trip comedy and a multi-generational "Thelma & Louise." Eva, a widow and retired history teacher, enjoys a quiet life in the tiny town of Liberty, Ohio. Everything changes when Eva receives a Social Security check accidentally made out for $900,000 instead of her usual $900. At the not-so-gentle urging of her granddaughter Maddie, Eva deposits the money and takes the chance it offers them to escape from small town life. Their destination is Las Vegas and they have every intention of living it up. But their fantasy is short-lived when they awake to discover that they have become media sensations overnight and fugitives from justice, forced to outwit a trio of conmen, outmaneuver a dogged social security agent Vespucci who has teamed up with Eva's daughter, Crystal, and outrun the law. What they don't expect is to be so good at it!

Attached cast members include Academy Award Winner Shirley MacLaine as Eva, Christina Ricci as Maddie, Maria Bello as Crystal, Bill Pullman as Daniel and John Corbett as Doug. Discussions are underway to bring in another star for the role of Vespucci.

Director Scott Marshall has a great, comedic pedigree with recent features "All's Faire In Love" and "Blonde Ambition" as well as multiple on-camera turns and a family legacy that includes his father, Gary Marshall and aunt, Penny Marshall.

Hannover House plans to release the film to theaters nationwide in Spring, 2012.


You don't need eyes to see the light.

Release Date: 2012

A University sponsored experiment to investigate the phenomenon of "Shadow Vision" among the blind, takes a supernatural turn when one of the participants begins to remotely sense crimes and criminal intentions.

Director: Eric Parkinson
Writer: Eric Parkinson

Shadow Vision at IMDb

Trailer to be posted when available.


Mothman Chronicals

More info as it becomes available.

A supernatural thriller based around the popular urban legend of the "Mothman" creature will be the first in a series of feature films to be produced by Allegheny Image Factory for domestic distribution by Hannover House. The new film is planned for production this summer in the West Virginia woods south of Pittsburgh, with partial funding through production tax-incentive assistance from the State of West Virginia.



The Hannover House Library contains over 200 Properties and growing.




Current Video Releases: DVD & Blue-Ray

"2 Dudes And A Dream"
"Chelsea On The Rocks"
"Bobby Dogs"
"Savage Land"
"Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart"
"Future Shock"
"Samurai: The Last Warrior"
"American Drug War"

"The Hiding"
"The Joy Riders" 

Titles currently for sale at Amazon

No Release Dates Announced Yet

 "Thru The Moebius Strip" 
  "The Countess"
"Treasure Island"
"Journey to the Center of the Earth"
"Around the World in 80 Days"
"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
"The Jules Verne Classics Collection." 3 pack bundle
"Eyes of the Woods"
"Allegheny Sunset"
"Naked Nerve Endings"
"The Sky is Falling"
"The Wind and the Long Black Scarf"
"Devil's Grove"
"Killer Shorts"


Made in the USA: Corporate Greed, Tax Laws and the Exportation of America's Future
Barr McClellan (Author), John Coghlan (Editor), Manny Rodriguez (Illustrator)

Best selling author Barr McClellan presents an extensively researched analysis of the negative impact the exportation of manufacturing jobs overseas has had on the U.S. economy, and how this has fueled the current economic crisis. Over the past eight years, corporate tax loopholes have rewarded companies for exporting jobs while a total suspension of regulations and oversight facilitated an orgy of fiscal irresponsibility. Over 3.2-million manufacturing jobs were lost in the USA, exported to other countries and undermining the very foundation of our economy. McClellan presents a solid case for encouraging the purchase of products made in the USA, as a solution to restoring our nation's economic health. Researched and compiled over a five year period, McClellan accurately predicted all of the major economic events of the past two years, including the mortage meltdown, the stock market collapse and the government's need for emergency measures. Economic recovery for the USA can be quickly achieved, McClellan states, if preference is given to made in the USA products by a majority of Americans for their everyday consumer purchases. Buying USA and locally produced merchandise revitalizes the economy through a multiplier effect that counter-balances the negative impact of every exported dollar. Made in the USA is an insightful and hopeful study of how the average American consumer has the power to protect their own jobs, their local economy and the entire nation through responsible consumerism. McClellan argues that short-sighted business practices, often fueled by special tax credits that actually incentivize the outsourcing of jobs overseas, are ultimately self-defeating in their weakening of the U.S. consumer base that these same companies depend on to buy products.

Available at now! Hardcover

Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.
Barr McClellan (Author)

Ever since John F. Kennedy was assassinated there has been no shortage of conspiracy theories. Most take one or two minor pieces of evidence and build it into a full-blown theory. Rarely has someone with inside information come forward with a detailed theory. Barr McClellan has had that access to inside information as a member of the legal firm of Edward A. Clark that represented Lyndon B. Johnson's private as well as public needs. Being privy to this information and having access to individuals who were charged with protecting the president as well as promoting his agenda has lead him to the conclusion that when you follow all the details, ultimately L.B.J. and his lust for power are what lead to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of McClellan's book is his insight into the real Lyndon B. Johnson and his associates. McClellan provides a thorough background and history of Johnson from his early years through his presidency. The evidence presented is not conclusive, however it does provide enough of a convincing argument to show that it is not only a possibility, but totally consistent with the personalities, histories, and desires of the people involved. "Blood, Money & Power" is a highly recommended read for anyone interested in the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Available at now! Hardcover

Sacred Prey
Vivian Schilling (Author)

A present-day Scrooge with an evil bent, wealthy New Orleans oilman Adam Claiborne, who has taken up loan sharking during the recession, tracks down and kills a young couple who have failed to pay off their debt. The next day, he goes to church, expecting to receive absolution as usual from his sycophantic confessor, but instead finds a new priest who tells him, "Until you know the sorrows of your victims, your sins cannot be forgiven." Claiborne's sleep that night is troubled, and he wakes to find himself in the body of one of his victims, Charlie Sinclair. With Charlie's wife Monique, he must live through the inexorable chain of events leading to the murders while trying to somehow redeem himself in time to save their lives. Screenwriter Schilling shows deft storytelling ability in her first novel; starting with the timeworn premise of an unrepentant sinner receiving his supernatural comeuppance, she manages to keep the plot fresh, lively and supplied with plenty of suspenseful twists. The story's effectiveness is sometimes marred by wooden prose, but in general this is a promising debut that will surely entertain genre devotees.

Available at now! Hardcover

Vivian Schilling (Author)

A plane crash in the White Mountains of New Hampshire sets in motion this ambitious though woefully overlong ghost story by screenwriter/novelist Schilling (Sacred Prey). Interior designer Kylie O'Rourke and her husband, Jack, are among the few survivors of the doomed flight. While still in the air, Kylie glimpses a raven on the wing of the plane, a sight that is followed by a series of ever stranger events. Though rescuers discover the survivors trapped in the wreckage, Kylie recalls wandering the icy mountainside along with other passengers including Jack and her best friend, Amelia after the crash, but they were not alone. Kylie is convinced her memories are real, yet neither Amelia nor Jack share them, and her psychologist attributes the frightening visions to post-traumatic stress and morphine-induced hallucinations. As Kylie tries to resume a normal life in Boston, the tragedy continues to plague her. She keeps seeing a raven with human eyes and she believes she's being followed by the awful presences that she first glimpsed on the mountain. An old murder case and some ancient mythology are thrown in for good measure. To top it off, her relationship with Jack starts faltering, and the people closest to her are dropping dead. Schilling has crafted a complex and creepy thriller, but it contains too many digressions medical, psychological, religious to make it a real page-turner. National print, radio and cable TV advertising; multicity author tour. (Jan. 22)Forecast: The publisher appears willing to put a lot of marketing muscle behind what is basically an Anne Rice novel with fewer goth trappings, so it could find a good-size audience despite its daunting length.

Available at now! Hardcover

Boardinghouse Stew
E.E. Smith (Author)

BOARDINGHOUSE STEW is set in a seedy, down-at-heel boardinghouse in Sacramento, California in 1943. Due to an acute labor shortage caused by the evacuation of all Japanese from the area, as well as many domestic workers preferring war work to house work, the proprietress is forced to hire a young schoolgirl named Eileen as maid and cook for the summer. Through one crisis after another -- some more comic than tragic -- the people who live in the house manage to pull together and become a kind of family. In the center of it all is Eileen, narrating their stories which she is able to observe from her unique vantage point behind the swinging kitchen door that never quite closes on its rusty hinges.

Available at now! Hardcover

Nobody Has to Know
Frank Nappi (Author)

 "Nobody Has To Know" tells the story of Daniel Baldridge, a college instructor who finds himself as the central figure in the mysterious murder of one of his students. Stalked through text messages he receives from the dead girl's phone, Baldridge fights for his life against an extortion plot and a deadly revelation.

 Previously published books from Frank Nappi include "Echoes From The Infantry" (St. Martins Press) and "The Legend of Mickey Tussler" (St. Martins Press), the latter of which is currently in pre-production as a feature film with Eye In The Sky Entertainment. 












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