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God bless america Uncle Salty 02/01/23 8:17 PM
Another partnership;) Originstory7 01/31/23 4:37 PM
Is this the first revenue for this company? Spicknspan 01/30/23 6:53 PM
Great news - just the beginning of the CyberGuru 01/26/23 11:56 AM
Looks like $VISM was awarded their first contract.. Moose99 01/26/23 10:44 AM Moose99 01/26/23 10:43 AM
Why? We have no examples crapcontext even works;) Originstory7 01/24/23 9:39 AM
$VISM - Too bad T-Mobile didn't use TruContext CyberGuru 01/20/23 10:48 AM
$VISM is on the move CyberGuru 01/20/23 10:41 AM
Correct VISM! Fai 2 12/30/22 10:24 AM
Hmmmm daddy likey? Reviewed below Peter Penny 11/07/22 9:50 PM
Understood but I don't think VISM will be deleted. splintered sunlight 10/18/22 5:17 PM
They did a Reverse Split... splintered sunlight 10/18/22 5:17 PM
“Delisting is the removal of a listed security Originstory7 10/18/22 4:57 PM
How did vism become vismd? Did investments transfer? paparon71 10/12/22 4:33 PM
Probably is trash, but why will it be delisted? splintered sunlight 10/05/22 8:24 PM
Trash, vism will be delisted soon. Originstory7 10/05/22 8:22 PM
Now up 142%. splintered sunlight 10/05/22 11:23 AM
Apparently - down over 50% today. splintered sunlight 10/04/22 11:10 AM
Trash 8k, spending money via dilution. Originstory7 09/28/22 9:09 PM
VISM: one for 1,350 reverse split: Renee 09/28/22 5:07 PM Eagle1 09/24/22 12:01 PM
Dog shit Originstory7 09/01/22 8:46 PM
Oh yeah it’s soooo good;) lol Originstory7 09/01/22 8:45 PM
$100 by end of week FlipFlopopotamus 08/11/22 3:47 AM
Nice article Eagle1 07/28/22 8:00 PM
Got this from the company. Missed it when DarthYoshi!! 07/19/22 11:27 PM
There’s a reason when mitre allowed vism to Originstory7 07/12/22 8:47 PM
VISM CEO Interview DarthYoshi!! 07/12/22 3:12 PM
It seems that investing in VISM right now DarthYoshi!! 07/08/22 4:15 PM
It’s only a notification system add on. All Originstory7 07/05/22 5:44 PM
IF the company announces a contract or two, DarthYoshi!! 07/05/22 11:24 AM
They’ve had “partners” for 2 1/2 years. There Originstory7 06/30/22 2:21 PM
I saw this posted on YouTube, if they DarthYoshi!! 06/29/22 11:08 AM
Pos scam m_m007 06/10/22 6:12 PM
Is V going to drop like a rock DLJohnson 06/08/22 3:19 PM
Yep, the range is not less than 600 Propain 06/08/22 10:19 AM
What about this reverse split I’m hearing about. Orebankboy 06/08/22 9:36 AM
Vism is “reportedly helping” with cybersecurity around the Originstory7 06/05/22 7:20 PM
All the “partnerships” that are resellers have had Originstory7 06/05/22 7:17 PM
The U.S. Government Spending Bill Allocates $2.6 Billion conix 06/04/22 2:53 PM
According to what I have read, the TruContext conix 06/04/22 1:04 PM
This tech is 13 years old, by the Originstory7 06/04/22 11:32 AM
VISM appears to not really COMPETE with other conix 05/25/22 8:41 AM
Can you imagine a world with vism cyber FlipFlopopotamus 05/25/22 12:38 AM
Vism is only selling a notification system they Originstory7 05/24/22 3:41 PM
Beg to differ. conix 05/24/22 10:12 AM
Pricing on SEWP shows vism is cheap, it Originstory7 05/24/22 9:49 AM
MITRE Related: Report: 80% of cyberattack techniques evade Eagle1 05/21/22 9:18 AM
The half empty view is that the company conix 05/18/22 12:22 PM
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Visium Technologies Inc. (VISM)

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Visium Technologies




Visium Technologies Expects To Augment And Complement Existing Cybersecurity Solutions

by Sam Msiska, Benzinga Staff Writer
June 23, 2022 

It is undeniable that the world is in the digital age — a period where information can be accessed via computing technology.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and people are eager to embrace it. In 2021 the number of smartphone users exceeded 6 billion. More than 5 billion people use the internet and 4.65 billion are on social media. All these categories have grown by more than 10% since 2018 and are expected to continue rising in the years to come.

While more devices are connected to the internet and the majority of financial services are managed online, there are risks associated with having personal and financial information accessible to hackers. According to a report by Identity Theft Resource, there were 1,862 data breaches in 2021, surpassing the previous record of 1,506 of 2017. Data breaches jumped 68% last year to reach a record high. Data exfiltration and ransomware attacks continue to be a growing challenge for security analysts.

Cybercrime is arguably one of the major threats to every company and organization in the world, and according to  Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK-A) Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, cyber attacks are mankind’s No. 1 common problem.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has likely reinforced the pressing need to strengthen cyber defense both within organizations and at a national level. Some days ago, a group of Russian hackers calling itself Killnet claimed responsibility for targeted attacks on several German authorities and ministries, including Germany’s cybercrime agency the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

Solutions For The Current Cyber Tension?

In the middle of the ongoing cyber anarchy, the cybersecurity firm Visium Technologies Inc. (OTC:VISM)wants to disrupt the cybersecurity industry by bringing innovative solutions that can pinpoint cyber threats in real time and provide root cause analysis to quickly determine where an attack originated.

Arguably one of the most challenging issues faced by cyber analysts is time – reducing the time from data breach to detection. Modern cyber attackers have become advanced in their capabilities and swift in exploiting cyberdefense weaknesses. Cybersecurity analysts must be vigilant, monitoring every point in the network infrastructure to keep up with the pace of hackers probing an enterprise’s cybersecurity defenses.

That’s where Visium reports that it kicks in to assist cybersecurity analysts transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information in real time that can be used in cyber defense. Visium maintains that its main product TruContext, powered by MITRE Corporation’s Cygraph, makes it easy to visualize the posture of the network in real time, before and throughout an attack.

The company partners with some of the leading organizations in the cybersecurity space, including Datadog Inc.(Nasdaq:DDOG), Splunk Inc.(Nasdaq:SPLK) and Tenable Inc.(Nasdaq:TENB).

The partners’ customers can become Visium’s through these partnerships because TruContext is complementary and a demonstrable enhancement to their cyberdefense solutions. Partners such as Splunk have made a name in the industry and have a huge customer base. Currently, Visium can leverage the sales organizations of its partners’ to reach customers.Will companies like Visium and its partners succeed in beating back hackers worldwide? As innovation continues to grow on the offensive side of cybersecurity, players like Visium are positioned to shore up defenses for companies and consumers everywhere. 

Visium Technologies Announces Partnership With IREX AI, the Leader in Ethical AI for Video Surveillance

Integrated Solution Provides World Class AI to Video Security

FAIRFAX, VA / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2022 / Visium Technologies, Inc, ("Visium" or the "Company") (OTC PINK:VISM) a provider of world-class real-time cybersecurity, context-focused analysis, and predictive visualization technologies, announced today that it has entered into an integration and partnership agreement with IREX AI, Inc., the premier provider of video-based solutions that empower city governments, public safety, organizations, transportation authorities, and service providers with an Ethical AI and Big Data platform.

Mark Lucky, CEO of Visium, commented, "We are very pleased to be partnering with IREX, the leader in the race for Ethical AI and video analytics. They have an impressive track record of success and rapid growth, and we see our TruContextTM technology providing meaningful analytic, connected data and context focused enhancements to their current and future customers. IREX competes in the rapidly growing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance market that is currently estimated at $86 billion annually. TruContextTM will provide significant enhancements to the IREX Ethical AI platform by mapping and overlaying threat detection information, People Analytics, and geolocation data onto its existing video and imaging representations to create a comprehensive dashboard to solve crime faster by considering the full context."

Calvin Yadav, IREX CEO, added "There is no denying that public safety is being driven by digital transformation and investment in smart cities. We are excited to team up IREX's SearchveillanceTM technology with Visium's groundbreaking TruContextTM . Co-joining Visium with the powerful Ethical AI engine of IREX makes the world's first Real-Time intelligence whiteboard with video & image validation technology called ELI (Ethical Layered Intelligence). ELI will change the game by shaving months from investigation(s) for Federal & local law enforcement or Military reconnaissance missions. Working with Visium and the enhancements that their TruContext technology provides to our Ethical Artificial Intelligence platform helps our customers to make decisions in real-time"

Logo, iconDescription automatically generated

About IREX AI, Inc.
IREX AI, Inc. is a provider of AI-powered video analytics operating in over 30 countries world-wide. IREX's mission is to mold cities of the future: safe, comfortable, and sustainable. The IREX Ethical AI and Big Data platform focuses on public safety and connects cameras and sensors to a secure private cloud, analyzing data in real-time and providing vital, proactive opportunities to prevent security and safety incidents. IREX allows cities to adapt to ever-changing threats, using Ethical AI technology to combat 21st-century problems such as pandemics, overcrowding, missing children, mass shootings, rising crime rates, and much more.

For more information, please visit www.IREX.AI

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