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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
PSPW  3Power Energy Group Inc.0.0550.00.00%   01/26/2011
APKT  Acme Packet  07/17/2012
My APKT Pitch: "possibly oversold and rebounding from bottom...earnings to be released..."
ADVT  Advantis Corp.0.00050.00.00%   05/20/2011
My ADVT Pitch: "added to list @ .0619"
AMTX  Aemetis, Inc.0.50080.00.00%   06/12/2014
My AMTX Pitch: "52 week high @ 8.47...close to all time high.."
AKRX  Akorn Inc.0.19850.00.00%   08/12/2011
My AKRX Pitch: "Sep 2011 7.500 call ASK @ .90"
ALQA  Alliqua, Inc.  06/05/2011
My ALQA Pitch: "Bullish reversal on June 03, 2011 ???"
  AlphaTrade (fka APDTQ)  01/28/2011
  Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (fka ALTI)  04/18/2012
My Pitch: "major players in this company..."
AHIX  Aluf Holdings, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   02/03/2012
My AHIX Pitch: "another Choi alert @ .14..."
ADHC  American Diversified Holdings, Inc.0.00130.00.00%   03/01/2011
  American Eagle Energy Corp. (fka AMZGQ)  03/02/2011
My Pitch: "bakken oil company..."
ERBB  American Green Inc.0.0020.00.00%   02/14/2013
My ERBB Pitch: "MJ fertilizer company..."
FUNN  Amfil Technologies Inc.0.00880.00.00%   04/04/2017
ANDI  Andiamo Corp.0.000040.00.00%   02/16/2018
My ANDI Pitch: "UTOPYA smartphones!!! discovered @ .024 pps...02/05/18 gap to fill @ .026..."
APRU  Apple Rush Company, Inc0.00120.00.00%   05/02/2018
My APRU Pitch: "company taken over by MJ bev maker...huge runup last 4 months...(beginning 2018)..."
ARYC  Arrayit Corporation0.02910.0000250.09%   10/10/2018
My ARYC Pitch: "discovered 10/10/18...closed @ .07 NASDAQ uplist soon..."
ATYG  Atlas Technologies Group000.00%   04/04/2017
My ATYG Pitch: "Might be coming back...might just still be a scam..."
AVEW  AVEW Holdings Inc.000.00%   01/13/2012
My AVEW Pitch: "bottom of the barrel MMA production company..."
BNGI  Bangi Inc.0.00010.00.00%   12/13/2012
My BNGI Pitch: "alerted on Mt. St. Helen's day...b4 opening...RICK SHYKORA ***SCAM***"
BAYP  Bayport International Holdings, Inc0.0000010.00.00%   02/28/2011
BBDA  Bebida Beverage Company0.0000010.00.00%   11/08/2012
My BBDA Pitch: "Up an coming bev company, in Walmart stores across the nation...dilution..."
BSPK  Bespoke Extracts Inc.0.0136750.00.00%   07/24/2012
My BSPK Pitch: "fell from 1.40 to .027 in 8 days!!!"
BIONQ  BioNitrogen Holdings Corp.0.00040.00.00%   10/06/2011
My BIONQ Pitch: "Choifunds alert on 06/01/11 @ .028***goto***
BTSC  Bitcoin Services Inc.0.00950.00.00%   06/26/2017
  Calypte Biomedical Corporation (fka CBMC)  03/21/2011
  Cannabis Science Inc. (fka CBIS)  03/26/2012
My Pitch: "Making progress in cancer research using THC...requesting FDA approval..."
CAVR  CAVU Resources Inc0.00880.00033.53%   03/11/2011
My CAVR Pitch: "Bakken Oil Company"
CLF  Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.3.760.00.00%   06/15/2017
My CLF Pitch: "Bottom might finally be in...05/26/17...6.20...gap down to 5.56 LOD 6/15/2017..."
TRXO  Columbine Valley Resources Inc.   03/22/2011
CELZ  Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc.0.00720.00.00%   07/19/2018
My CELZ Pitch: "Men's biotech company using stem cell research...discovered 7/18/18 @ .048..."
CYPW  Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc0.00010.00.00%   03/22/2011
CYCA  Cytta Corp0.02350.00052.17%   02/09/2012
My CYCA Pitch: "next 10 bagger rumor...flipper heaven .0009-.0014...approaching .0009 soon..."
DCIX  Diana Containerships Inc0.59970.00.00%   06/12/2014
My DCIX Pitch: "52 week low closed @ 2.57 06/12/14"
NUGT  Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bu7.720.00.00%   11/29/2012
My NUGT Pitch: "300% of the performance of the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index."
TZA  Direxion Small Cap Bear 3X75.220.00.00%   02/27/2013
My TZA Pitch: "When the markets tank, this is the one to be in..."
TNA  Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X Sh12.350.00.00%   04/10/2014
My TNA Pitch: "TNA broke through 50 ma and approaching 200 ma support...Fed is buy securities and supporting stock market until unemployment hits 6%, that won't be until later in 2014!!! HA!!!"
EXP  Eagle Materials Inc  03/25/2013
My EXP Pitch: "yoy keeps going up..."
MPIR  Empire Diversified Energy Inc.   03/16/2011
My MPIR Pitch: "
"We have identified and been in serious negotiations with one very likely candidate for merger, and we have approached two others," according to Robert Lancellotti, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Electric Moto.

SYTE  Enterprise Diversified Inc.3.0-0.05-1.64%   04/14/2012
My SYTE Pitch: "Real estate investment company and ISP...fundamentals look good, company bot back shares..."
  eTelcharge (fka ETLC)  11/23/2012
My Pitch: "shell being taken over...going on a whim..."
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