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A Note; To My Fellow Longs &
Lakota-45 03/23/23 10:46 AM
For The New Investors, Wondering What All Lakota-45 10/31/22 9:30 AM
Congrats to Ken & Todd for their "Pioneering Lakota-45 06/27/22 2:00 PM
More like for the last year!! 0.00144 radly 03/23/23 9:46 PM
Jronpar 03/23/23 6:56 PM
WDLF is claiming that income to be theirs JuicePigs 03/23/23 3:32 PM
Can someone remind me “related party” revenue ? uber darthium 03/23/23 2:46 PM
At one time Leslie was on the Board
Lakota-45 03/23/23 1:51 PM
You have said that about the last 6 JuicePigs 03/23/23 1:01 PM
Jronpar 03/23/23 12:50 PM
What is wdlf and inqd connection? Thanks Think1st 03/23/23 12:49 PM
A Note; To My Fellow Longs &
Lakota-45 03/23/23 10:46 AM
Try to keep up - We resolved
Lakota-45 03/23/23 10:31 AM
KokoTradez 03/23/23 9:47 AM
New office. New signage, logos up on the
36Knuckle 03/23/23 9:27 AM
from 10k WHISKYLADY 03/23/23 9:21 AM
I do know when Thanksgiving is, thanks anyway.
WinstonCup 03/23/23 8:52 AM
On Monday, March 27, 2023, at 1:30 PM
Kramrer 03/23/23 7:32 AM
There is no "podcast" is a pre recorded JuicePigs 03/23/23 6:49 AM
Should be interesting! Early 10K, followed by thehawk72 03/23/23 12:34 AM
That was great "Hawk' - 36min into
Lakota-45 03/22/23 11:56 PM
You are absolutely right! I have analyzed and
Jronpar 03/22/23 11:40 PM
Thanks 'WinstonCup' - and right back at cha
Lakota-45 03/22/23 11:15 PM
Do you realize or understand that Thanksgiving isn't
Jronpar 03/22/23 11:13 PM
Jealous of your buys the past few weeks! thehawk72 03/22/23 10:46 PM
He sure did...stated very clearly in fact thehawk72 03/22/23 10:38 PM
I'll help... thehawk72 03/22/23 10:36 PM
No need to, I just wanted to throw
WinstonCup 03/22/23 10:26 PM
Hi WinstonCup - I'm guessing you missed
Lakota-45 03/22/23 10:09 PM
There is no need to respond to that PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER 03/22/23 9:22 PM
Wasn't it supposed to be a fabulous Thanksgiving WinstonCup 03/22/23 9:21 PM
Absolutely NO WORRIES! $WDLF is an awesome growing
Jronpar 03/22/23 9:04 PM
This doesn't sound good from 10-k WinstonCup 03/22/23 8:33 PM
~ The Eagle Eye Alert !!!
Lakota-45 03/22/23 6:42 PM
Exciting Day's, Week's, Month's , and Years ahead
Lakota-45 03/22/23 6:19 PM
Feel sorry for those who gave away their shares cybermich 03/22/23 6:01 PM
From ( CEO ) Ken Tapp; "Early Filing"
Lakota-45 03/22/23 5:46 PM
Ken did say he would try and file Dusty18 03/22/23 5:45 PM
10Ks out. $WDLF Dusty18 03/22/23 5:32 PM
Current OTC Markets Information. . . .
Lakota-45 03/22/23 3:49 PM
Kramrer 03/22/23 1:19 PM
I think it's more of nature of business,start Art67 03/22/23 12:40 PM
Ken and company are absolutely full of lies JuicePigs 03/22/23 12:36 PM
Didn't they move to CO headquarter? says AR Art67 03/22/23 12:29 PM
The savvy Grasshopper Gang thanks all the .0012
Jronpar 03/21/23 4:54 PM
Yes and I agree - That's one tactic
Lakota-45 03/21/23 12:56 PM
That's correct. But I know when the wall PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER 03/21/23 12:51 PM
MM's don't have to show all they
Lakota-45 03/21/23 12:50 PM
Bought some .0015 and watch the amount on PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER 03/21/23 11:52 AM
Yup. If not this month or next, we'll
Mohammad111 03/21/23 11:22 AM
A Note; To My Fellow Longs & All
Lakota-45 03/21/23 11:05 AM
I hope this is the start of a Dusty18 03/21/23 11:05 AM
Likes Subject

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Decentral Life Inc. (WDLF)

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Social Life Network, Inc. Company Logo
~ WDLF / Decentral Life Inc. & ~
      ~ Social Life Network Inc. ~          
  ~ A Division of Decentral Life Inc.~

( WDLF / MjLink )


~ About Social Life Network Inc.~

~  Social Life Network Inc. Is A Division of Decentral Life Inc. ~

~ Website Update Saturday, Feb.12, 2022 ~

Social Life Network, Inc. is a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) that, through individual
licensing agreements, provides tech start-ups with seed technology development, legal
and executive leadership,makes it easier for start-up founders to focus on raising
capital, perfecting their business model, and growing their network usership.

Life is working on a Decentralized Social Networking project, and
has launched a WDLF Token on the Ethereum blockchain
In January 2020, the combined user-ship of our niche
social network exceeded 5 million monthly users.

~ WDLF / Decentral Life (CEO) Ken Tapp: . . ~
Introduction Video!  


~ WDLF / Decentral Life Inc. Has A Highly . . ~
Extensible Platform with
 15 Active TBI Companies  
To Date, January 10, 2023 ! 

~ With: Multiple, Expanding Revenue Stream's ~

~  Similar to MjLink which just recieved $50M Reg A+ Approval ~

~ dAppBLOCK, Inc. A Revenue Building, Blockchain Education Company ~

Two more of the fifteen will also have REG A+, like MjLink in early 2021 to support Outdoor Life
(Hunting, Fishing, Camping) and Real Estate, both already have offerings out to
accredited investors, and include Superstar Boards for their vertical.

~ About Decentral Life Inc.~

~View Our Corporate Business, Presentation Deck~

~ Website Update Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 ~

~ The WDLF Token ~
~ ~

~ WDLF / Decentral Life & Sub. Company MjLink ~

WDLF and MjLink CEO Ken Tapp's Video Posted on
December 03, 2020 on Youtube . . .

"We are just getting started !"

"We Are Creating The Facebook of The Global Cannabis Industry" 

~ $50,000,000 USD Pre-IPO Offering for ~ 

This offering of up to 20,000,000 shares of Common Stock, is sold through a Regulation A offering at ($2.50) per share
of, Inc. to NON-Accredited Investors.

Here is the URL where the, Inc. Regulation A Tier 2 Initial Public Offering  
that was filed with the SEC on September 29th, 2020

~ WDLF / Decentral Life CEO Ken Tapp on; The Business Plan & . .~
How We Value Our (TBI) Licensees.

~ Website Update Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 ~

The MjLink network: 15,000 Cannabis Business, 1,400 dispensary, 1.700 public private company,
71 streaming cannabis videochannels, 2850 online programs, 21 domains
and application, 150 different API integration  

MjLink is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Social Life Network, Inc. 
(“Social Life”), an SEC fully reporting publicly traded company. 

The MjLink network of websites and apps are built into our four social networks described above with
a total of 21 individual domains and applications. Through these sites and
apps, consumers and businesses have access to: 

~ International News Distribution ~ 

1-) 71 streaming cannabis video channels with 2,850 different online programs ! 

2-) 1,400 dispensary and care giver location mapping and product tracking integrations ! 

3-) 150 different API integration set of routines, protocols, and tools for connecting to
industry software applications ! 

4-) 1,700 public and private company C-level executives that actively raise capital and
pitch to investors ! 

5-) A Free cannabis website builder and mobile app developer tools for companies to
extend their marketing, and 
15,000+ cannabis businesses that socially distribute their
blogs and digital media content throughout our networks !

From SEC Filings


~ WDLF / MjLink - The Worlds Largest Cannabis Social Network ~
With 5+ Million Monthly Users - DD. 

1) WDLF-Social Life Network, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and blockchain powered social network and
e-commerce technology company
 based in Denver Colorado. Since the launch of the company in
January of 2013, we have launched niche industry social networks to service the millions
of business professionals and consumers in the residential real estate industry,
the legal global cannabisand hemp industry, and many sports verticals
including racket sports, soccer, hunting and fishing, worldwide.
In January 2020, the combined user-ship of our niche, social network exceeded 5 million monthly users
2) WDLF - Pink Current, SEC Reporting and Audited - Financials 
3) WDLF - Social Life Network's wholly owned subsidiary.- MjLink click "Home" section to find other websites. 
~ About, Inc.~
~ Our Global Coverage ~

 MjLink is one of the largest social networking platforms in the emerging
cannabis and hemp industry worldwide.

With more than 5M+ active monthly user sessions and 65M+ monthly page-views, the social
networks,,, and service
the largestonline cannabis centric audience in the world.

We connect the millions of international cannabis and hemp consumers with tens of thousands of
business professionals, companies and brands that make up the now global legal industry

In an industry that also depends on connecting people together face-to-face, the newly launched
MjLinkevents division, further connects business professionals and consumers
together at businesstrade-shows and investor conferences

For more information about, Inc. and the recent 1-A filing with the SEC, go to: 
~ A $50,000,000 USD Pre - IPO Offering for ~ 
This offering of up to 20,000,000 shares of Common Stock, is sold through a
Regulation A offeringa
($2.50) per shareof, Inc.
to NON - Accredited Investors.

Here is the URL where the, Inc. Regulation A Tier 2 Initial Public Offering  
 was filed with the SEC on September 29th, 2020: 
4) WDLF - The founder CEO Ken Tapp also co-founded and former Vice-President of 
then started a company that
helped create Trulia and Zillow, and then sold that company
for retirement but,decided to jump back in by creating 

Scroll down and see board members 
WDLF CEO Ken Tapp also holds 7 board and advisor roles - including Chairman at LikeRE,
Chairman at HuntPost, and Chairman at Social
Life Network, Inc.. 
5) WDLF - Weed boss Electrum Partners President Leslie Bocskor paid $360,000 for 3 million shares
" Leslie Bocskor all in" Social Life Network sold 3,000,000 shares of common stock to
Electrum Partners for total cash proceedsof $360,000. Our Director,
Mr. Bocskor is the President / Founder of Electrum Partners

~ WDLF / Decentral Life Inc. ~ 

Pink - Current Information
Transfer Agent Verified
Independent Directors Icon Independent Directors 

 ~ An SEC Fully Reporting, Publickly, Trading Company ~

 WDLF / Decentral Life Inc. Company Share Structure  

Authorized Shares: 10,000,000,000 as of - 02/03/2023 

Outstanding Shares: 7,394,792,892 - 03/01/2023

Restricted Shares: 4
- 03/01/2023 

Unrestricted Shares: 7,351,287,398 - 03/01/2023 

Held at DTC: 7,338, 548,180 - 03/01/2023

The Float: 7,313,395,632 - 01/13/2022

Market Cap: 
14,050,106 - 03/03 /202


~ WDLF /  Social Life Announces Record Growth in 2022, Topping 300% ~
Increase in Annual Sales

January 06, 2023 11:35 ET | Source: Social Life Network, Inc.

~ WDLF / Decentral Life Network Posts 2nd Qtr, Revenue Growth ~
August 12, 2022
~ Social Life Network Inc. Announces Record Growth in 3rd QTR - November 5, 2021 ~

Social Life Network, Inc. Announces Record Growth in 2021

7) WDLF - Social Life Network, Inc. Announces Record 119% Year Over Year Revenue Growth - 2019. 


8) WDLF ~ Social Life Network and MjLink Hosted April 7th, 2020 Shareholder Update 

~ Press Release - 04/08/2020 ~

~ DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2020.~
Life Network, Inc. (OTC PINK:WDLF), announces today that it held their
shareholder update on April 7th, that included an update on their 2019
Form 10-K filing, an outlook for the growth of their licensee
division, and the growth plans of, Inc.

 Social Life Network's Wholly Owned Subsidiary. MjLink 
 filed an amendment to their Form 1-A, on March 31st 2020. 

A recording of the shareholder update is available on the Social Life Network website, at 
~, CEO Ken Tapp sat down with Proactive Investors at the 11th Annual LD Micro Main Event ~ 
in Los Angeles to bring investors up to date.
December 5, 2018 

WDLF - click website search 
~ Company CEO: Ken Tapp ~
~ The Management Team & Board of Directors ~


*Accounting / Auditing Firm* 
B F Borgers CPA PC 
5400 West Cedar Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80226

 *Securities Counsel* 
Frederick M. Lehrer P.A. 
2108 Emil Jahna Road, Clermont, FL 34711

 *Profile Data* 
SIC - Industry Classification 
7370 - Services-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc. 
Incorporated In NV, USA, 2013

Employees ~ 
2 as of 01/01/2022
~ New Developments & Important Links ~ 

~ WDLF / Decentral Life Investor Relations Announced: ~  
 MjLink Acquisition Update - February 23rd, 2023. 

"It is official, MjLink has executed a letter of intent to be purchased
by a U.S. based company currently operating in
the hemp and cannabis industry."

As part of the terms in the LOI, the name of the acquiring cannabis company,
and the details of the proposed acquisition, will remain private until
that company makes a public announcement to their shareholders. 
In the meantime, both parties are working on the final details
that will be added to their Definitive, Purchase Agreement. 

~WDLF / Decentral Life  Amended $100,000,000 Reg."D"~
~ Filing With New Name Change ~

February 3, 2023
~ The WDLF / Decentral Life IR Team Shared A Link, ~
February 3, 2023 

~ 8-K Announcing the "Name Change" Completion with . . ~
FINRA and the OTC Markets
~ WDLF / Decentral Life CEO Ken Tapp, Discusses . . . ~
3rd Qtr. Results,
 Pending Liquidity Events, . .
The Up-listing Strategy, and . . .
Goals for Q4 - And  2023 !

 View Podcast Update 9/30/2022:

View Podcast Update 11/15/ 2022, :
~ WDLF / The Decentral Life IR Team Shared a Link ~
June 13, 2022.

~ Introduces BLOCK, A Revenue Producing, . . ~
Educational TBI Company.

 In Response To The Rapidly Expanding Growth of  . . .
The Blockchain Industry.  

dAppBLOCK, Inc. ~ 

Introducing dAppBLOCK, Inc., BLOCK for short, a Blockchain Education Company focused on developing and launching continued education courses, webinars, and
investor workshops. BLOCK partners with other Blockchain and Cryptocurrency companies that offer their guest speaking services to enrich the
educational content we distribute. BLOCK aims to be a leader in continued education programs for Certified Public Accountants,
Private Wealth Management Advisors, State and Federal Officials, and C-suite executives. 

~ Decentral Life Launches New QR Code Application for . . . ~
Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions  
~ May 20, 2022 ~ 

~ Decentral Life Congradulates as it Launches a New . . ~
Digital Wallet and Payment Platform.

"I couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of our latest online application to help retailers
and their customers conduct business with less transactional friction and expense,”
said Lynn Murphy, CEO of, Inc. - May 13, 2022.
~ WDLF / Decentral Life CEO Ken Tapp's ~ 
Commitment to Protect Shareholders" in . . .
~ The Up-listing Process ~

" CEO Ken Tapp Adds Clarity For Shareholders, to The Up-listing Strategy"
May 11, 2022!

( First Responce To SEC )

~ The "Strategy" For Up-listing to The NASDQ or NYSE, ~  
Has Been Set in Motion!

~ CEO Ken Tapp & Todd Markey, Pres. MjLink Reveil The Strategy for . . . ~
The Decentral Life Up-listing, On April 29, 2022!   

~ For more details of - The Up-listing Strategy - follow this Link to the - April 29th, Podcast! ~ ~
~ Decentral Life - Launches New Digital Wallet and . . .~ 
Payment Platform. April 27, 2022 

 Decentral Life’s CEO, Ken Tapp said; "I’m thrilled to announce we have sold our First Tokenization SaaS Package
to Xtreme International Realty,
one of the fastest growing Florida Based Real Estate Agencies,
- "New Strategic Partner with our LikeRE TBI company."
~ WDLF / Decentral Life IR Team is Pleased to Announce ~
March 8, 2022

 MjLink completed the final testing of the New Digital Wallet and Payment System for MjLink, WeedLife,
HempTalk and MjInvest. The company will showcase the fiat and Cryptocurrency Gateway Platform,
at the 8th annual, NoCo Hemp Expo in the 3rd week of March! - Cheers to MjLink's team! ~

~ WDLF / Decentral Life IR Team Announces ~
March 4, 2022 

~ We have completed our final testing of the New Digital Wallet and Payment System for HuntPost & WEnRV ~ 
 HuntPost will showcase the fiat and Cryptocurrency Gateway Platform at . . .
the Intl. Sportsmen's Expo in Denver, CO 
March 24th - 27th, 2022 
~ WDLF / Decentral Life Inc. Announces Initial, . . ~
Crypto Coin Offering" 

~ Initial Coin Offering for WDLF Token Launched on, . . ~
Friday, January 28, 2022 ~

~ Website Update Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 ~

~ WDLF / Decentral Life IR Team Announces ~
$100,000,000 - Reg. "D" Filing
Friday, January 7, 2022

 ~ This Reg D filing, Replaces The Form D filing That Was Closed Out Yesterday.~ 
As you will see in the new filing, We have coupled the WDLF ICO together with the Preferred shares. This structure became a viable option for raising capital from
institutional investors after we participated in the H.C. Wainwright global investment conference back in September. We needed to work through
a hundred details post that conference in order to structure the upcoming ICO properly so that it supported our up listing strategy,
without having a negative impact on shareholders through further common stock dilution - and we thank all of you for
your patience as management structured the offering correctly as we head into 2022.
 ~ Cheers to a Great 2022 ~ 
 ~Recent Update's on Marijuana Legalization & Safe Banking~

  •    Top New Hampshire lawmakers on Monday, March 13, 2023
    gave an overview of the 
    path to enact a marijuana
    legalization bill this session,  just days after 

    a House panel advanced a separate
    medical cannabis home cultivation 
    measure last week.
~ Lawmakers Talk Next Steps For Marijuana Banking As Industry Group Launches ~
New Ads  
Highlighting Harms Of Cash-Only Sales - July 27, 2022

~ Senate Bill To Federally Legalize Marijuana And Promote Social Equity Finally Filed - July 21, 2022 ! ~


~ Social Life Network  Launches Marketplace 3.0 for TBI Licensees in preporation of 2022 E-commerce Growth - 12/03/2021~

~ Social Life Network  Inc. is Pleased To Announce Record Growth in Q-3, November 5, 2021 !!! ~
Social Life Network, Inc. Announces Record Growth in 2021

~ Press Release; WDLF announces the retierment of all convertible notes - 2/11/2021. ~

~ A $50,000,000 Capital Raise offered to NON-Accredited Investors! ~

Quick Link to the latest MjLink Filings

Quick Link to the latest Social Life Network Filings 

Social Life Network, Inc. 10-Q For the quarterly period ended June 30, 2020

~ Social Life Network Inc, Accredited Investors ~
Electrum Partners

~ Social Life Network (OTC: WDLF) 10-K Recap, and 2021 Growth Plans ~
Social Life Network (OTC: WDLF) 10-K Recap and 2021 Growth Plans

~ Company Interviews ~,-Inc./timeline/all

~ An Interview With - Ken Tapp, CEO - November 13, 2018 ~
~ WDLF - Investor Podcast Series & Schedule - Reminder ~

 ~ Next / Last Shareholder Podcast - Date - Time & Link ~

  ~ March 27, 2023 -1:30 PM Pacific Time / 4:30 PM Eastern Time ~

~ Follow This Link ~ ~ 
or ~ 

~ WDLF / Decentral Life CEO Ken Tapp: Education &  . . .~ 
Business History. 

~ Harvard Business School:,, Home ~

~ Investor - Entrepreneur - Tech Startup Expert - VC ~ 

*Englewood, Colorado 500+ connections* 
Join to Connect, Inc. 
Harvard Business School 
Company Website 
Company Website External link 

~ About ~
~ Mr. Ken Tapp ~
A founder and co-founder of multiple internet technology companies over the past 25 years. Started tech career in 1995 as code developer
and database administrator for the real estate tech startups, & ...through the IPO as MOVE, in 1999. 

After leaving MOVE.COM at the end of 2000, Ken spent the next 11 years as a venture capitalist, investing in more than 20 internet tech startups.
He has held the positions of Chairman, CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, Advisor and Director in multiple real estate tech companies
here in the U.S. and Internationally from 2000 thru 2012. 

In January of 2013, he co-founded an AI and Blockchain-powered social networking and e-commerce platform, that has since launched niche
social network marketplaces in residential real estate, multiple sports industries including soccer, tennis, hunting, fishing and
camping, as well as the financial markets and the emerging alternative medicine industry. 

~ Experience ~  
*, Inc. Cofounder & CEO*, Inc. Jan 2013 - Present 8 years 
Denver, Colorado 
The MjLink Cannabis and Hemp Social Network is a group of free-to-use websites, apps, and social marketing tools specifically designed to expedite
the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace.  

The MjLink Network is built on an online social platform for the exchange of ideas, products and connections that work with both cannabis producers,
distributors and dispensaries, as well as the tens of thousands of… 

*, Inc. Cofounder & CTO*, Inc. 
Jun 2015 - Present 5 years 7 months Englewood, Colorado, United States., Inc. is a social network e-marketplace for hunting, fishing and camping goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary people
and companies, all wildlife enthusiast who have make nature a central part of their lives. 

In a time of big-box sporting good stores and white-noise that floods mainstream social networks, it is our mission to keep human connection
at the heart of our social network and e-commerce marketplace. That’s why we built HuntPost, a place where… 

*LikeRE Cofounder & CTO* 
Jul 2016 - Present 4 years 6 months 
United States 
Connect and share home pictures, videos, open houses, special offers, knowledge, events and more, with real estate professionals,
home buyers and sellers on the Real Estate Social Network. 

*Chairman & Co-founder* 
Sports Social Network, Inc. 
Jun 2015 - Present 5 years 7 months 
Greater Denver Area 
Sports Social Network brings together sporting goods manufacturers, sports related businesses, athletes and fans in to niche Social Commerce Networks,
and provide better levels of user interaction, privacy and engagement by removing the white noise commonly found on sites like Facebook. 

The Sports Social Network provides targeted sports verticals like Hunting and Fishing, Soccer, Tennis, Golfing, Cycling and more,
with individual social network and eCommerce technology… 

 *CEO and CTO* 
BRIMS-RES Australia, Pty Ltd.
Jan 2001 - Sep 201211 years 9 months 
Brisbane, Australia 
A real estate technology SaaS company, providing data analytics and home listing distribution for 1.5M Realtors and Home Builders in
Australia,New Zealand, Canada, United States and the U.K. 


*Founder & CEO* 
Cherry Creek Internet Group
Jan 2000 - Aug 20099 years 8 months 
Denver, Colorado 
Cherry Creek Internet Group; an incubator and $5M investment fund for online real estate technology companies. From 1999 through 2009, CCIG
successfully launched, merged, acquired and sold 21 international real estate tech startups. CCIG companies generated a total
gross revenue of $50M from 2001 through 2009, and serviced 1.3M international real estate professionals.
In 2009, CCIG bundled multiple companies in its fund, which was then
acquired by an Australian Private Equity Fund as… 

  Move, Inc 

*VP, Application Database Engineer, Webmaster* 
Move, Inc 

Nov 1995 - Dec 2000 5 years 2 months 
Website Development, Network Management, Product and Revenue Model Development,
Online Branding, VP of Application Database Engineers. 

~ Education ~
 *Harvard Business School* 
Executive EducationDisruptive Strategy 

2018 - 2019 
 *University of Colorado Denver* 
Master of Computer Applications - MCAData Modeling / Warehousing and Database Administration 
1992 - 1994 
 *University of Colorado Denver* 
Computer Information Science (CIS) & MS in Computer Science Information Technology 
1988 - 1992 
Activities and Societies: V.P. of Student Body - 1990 - 1992 
Interdisciplinary approaches for understanding and shaping a digital future characterized by pervasively available
digital information and communication technology. 

~ Volunteer Experience ~
*Board Member* 
Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 
Jan 2003 - Dec 2007 5 years 
Arts and Culture 
Executive Committee HomeAid America 
Executive Committee 
HomeAid America 
Jan 2001 - Dec 2009 9 years 

~ Social Services ~
*Student Volunteer Mensa International* 
  Jan 1989 - Dec 1995 7 years 
 Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher
on a standardised, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. 

~ Organizations ~ 
*Mensa International Member* 
Jan 1990 - Present 

~ Groups ~
*Public Relations and Communications Professionals* 
 Legal Cannabis Through Bitcoin / Blockchain Technologies 
Hemp Apparel & Textile Sourcing 
 Everything FinTech 
Medical Marijuana Professionals 
 BizBash—Event Pros Gather 


~ WDLF / The Social Life TBI Program ~

~ With Blockchain & AI Technology ~

~ There Are 15 Active TBI Companies To Date, . . ~
January 10, 2023. 

~ With BLOCK, The New, Education TBI Company ~
 ~ Multiple, Expanding, Revenue Streams ~ ~
~ Website Update Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 ~








 ~ Decentral Life / Social Life Network Inc. ~ ~
~ Website Update Feb.12, 2022 ~
~ WDLF / Decentral Life Interactive Stock Chart ~
( iBoard Information Provided by; Lakota-45 & saj )
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