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OGI  OrganiGram Holdings Inc.  09/09/2019
My OGI Pitch: "Discovered 8/29/19 OrganiGram Holdings Inc. is a TSX Venture Exchange listed company whose wholly owned subsidiary, OrganiGram Inc., is a licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada with 78,500 sq ft. Specializing in dried cannabis products as well as CBD"
VSTR  Valuesetters Inc.0.0038-0.00002-0.52%   08/29/2019
My VSTR Pitch: "Valuesetters is a next generation technology company focused in providing technologies and infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) to consumer through enterprise communications, entertainment, and game platforms...gaps to fill..."
UCPA  United Communications Partners Inc.0.00360.00.00%   05/10/2019
My UCPA Pitch: "discovered 5/10/19 @ .0239"
ARYC  Arrayit Corporation0.02170.001055.08%   10/10/2018
My ARYC Pitch: "discovered 10/10/18...closed @ .07 NASDAQ uplist soon..."
VRTHF  Veritas Pharma Inc.0.1023-0.0204-16.63%   08/23/2018
My VRTHF Pitch: "Discovered 8/23/18 @ .175 https://awesomepennystocks.com/canadian-marijuana-stocks-to-buy/"
CELZ  Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc.0.00450.00049.76%   07/19/2018
My CELZ Pitch: "Men's biotech company using stem cell research...discovered 7/18/18 @ .048..."
RSHN  RushNet Inc.0.00020.00.00%   07/14/2018
My RSHN Pitch: "being taken over by POTN like how APRU was taken over by LVVV...discover @ .0008..."
APRU  Apple Rush Company, Inc0.0013490.00014912.42%   05/02/2018
My APRU Pitch: "company taken over by MJ bev maker...huge runup last 4 months...(beginning 2018)..."
TRTC  Terra Tech Corp.0.08005-0.0002-0.25%   04/11/2018
My TRTC Pitch: "R/S looks like bottom is in low of 2.10 April 4, 2018...Las Vegas MJ company...gaps to fill..."
ANDI  Andiamo Corp.0.00010.00.00%   02/16/2018
My ANDI Pitch: "UTOPYA smartphones!!! discovered @ .024 pps...02/05/18 gap to fill @ .026..."
REFG  Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions0.00667-0.000485-6.78%   12/31/2017
My REFG Pitch: "discovered 12/31/17 POS solutions for MJ and Crypto industry..."
LBTD  Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp.000.00%   12/26/2017
My LBTD Pitch: "Hong Kong company recently purchased data mining company...on 12/21/17"
RIOT  Riot blockchain0.8330.00.00%   12/19/2017
My RIOT Pitch: "bigboard bitcoin company..."
INTV  Integrated Ventures Inc.0.0110.00110.00%   12/18/2017
My INTV Pitch: "Bitcoin data miner...huge runup...50xs in 1 month..."
RBNW  Renewable Energy & Power0.0009-0.0002-18.18%   08/15/2017
My RBNW Pitch: "big rally today...8/15/17..."
OWCP  OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp.0.01620.00074.52%   07/17/2017
BTSC  Bitcoin Services Inc.0.00930.00011.09%   06/26/2017
CLF  Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.000.00%   06/15/2017
My CLF Pitch: "Bottom might finally be in...05/26/17...6.20...gap down to 5.56 LOD 6/15/2017..."
ISWH  International Spirits and Wellness Hldgs. Inc.0.2015-0.0385-16.04%   04/06/2017
MCIG  mCig Inc.0.031-0.0018-5.49%   04/04/2017
  Solaris Power Cells Inc. (fka SPCL)  04/04/2017
FUNN  Amfil Technologies Inc.   04/04/2017
ATYG  Atlas Technologies Group000.00%   04/04/2017
My ATYG Pitch: "Might be coming back...might just still be a scam..."
PMCB  PharmaCyte Biotech Inc.0.030.00062.04%   05/01/2015
My PMCB Pitch: "Cell in a Box FDA Orphon status ...working on cure for diabetes..."
PZOO  Pazoo Inc.0.00020.00.00%   05/01/2015
My PZOO Pitch: "MMJ in Vegas baybay!!!"
MNKD  MannKind Corp.   06/24/2014
My MNKD Pitch: "date for FDA approval of inhaled insulin...JULY, 15, 2014..."
AMTX  Aemetis, Inc.0.520.00.00%   06/12/2014
My AMTX Pitch: "52 week high @ 8.47...close to all time high.."
DCIX  Diana Containerships Inc0.59970.00.00%   06/12/2014
My DCIX Pitch: "52 week low closed @ 2.57 06/12/14"
  Quantum Fuel Systems Tech. (fka QTWWQ)  05/06/2014
TNA  Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X Sh16.550.00.00%   04/10/2014
My TNA Pitch: "TNA broke through 50 ma and approaching 200 ma support...Fed is buy securities and supporting stock market until unemployment hits 6%, that won't be until later in 2014!!! HA!!!"
GDX  Gold Miners ETF23.040.00.00%   07/01/2013
My GDX Pitch: "GDX Aug 2013 35.000 call http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GDX130817C00035000 b/a .02/.04"
EXP  Eagle Materials Inc  03/25/2013
My EXP Pitch: "yoy keeps going up..."
SDR  SandRidge Mississippian Trust II000.00%   03/10/2013
My SDR Pitch: "Newly formed oil company, owns wells, divvies are 17%..."
RFMK  Rapid Fire Marketing Inc.0.0000010.00.00%   03/01/2013
My RFMK Pitch: "10K finished!!! CO passed Cannabis Law!!! Cheryl Shuman Signs Global "First Look" Strategic Alliance Contract with Rapid Fire Marketing..."
TZA  Direxion Small Cap Bear 3X59.40.00.00%   02/27/2013
My TZA Pitch: "When the markets tank, this is the one to be in..."
JAMN  Jammin Java Corp0.0000350.0000343,400.00%   02/18/2013
My JAMN Pitch: "Bob Marley's family coffee biz..."
PHOT  GrowLife Inc.0.2562-0.0098-3.68%   02/18/2013
My PHOT Pitch: "fully reporting MJ Greenhouse manufacturer..."
MJNA  Medical Marijuana, Inc.0.01520.00042.70%   02/15/2013
My MJNA Pitch: "***FRAUD ALERT*** http://seekingalpha.com/article/1187411-chronically-criminal-shielding-the-public-from-medical-marijuana?source=email_rt_article_title Profit making company in MJ bizconsultant in the biz...New Board Members to be announced April 15, 2011...MJNA run by crooks..."
ERBB  American Green Inc.0.00240.00.00%   02/14/2013
My ERBB Pitch: "MJ fertilizer company..."
GRNH  GreenGro Technologies, Inc.0.0033-0.000525-13.73%   02/14/2013
My GRNH Pitch: "online MJ store..."
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