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BTZI IS CURRENTLY PINK CURRENT!!! https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BTZI/overview Rat Fink 11/22/22 6:57 PM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock
1vman 11/19/22 8:10 AM
Bots is projecting $14 to $18 million revenue/year lesgetrich 11/11/20 10:01 AM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock
1vman 6 hours ago
GREEN CASH printing MACHINE! LOLZ! klonerpride 11/23/22 11:48 AM
BTZI IS CURRENTLY PINK CURRENT!!! https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BTZI/overview Rat Fink 11/22/22 6:57 PM
Apparently someone didn't see the volume last week
thetinman 11/22/22 5:17 PM
KNOS-BTZI-BITCF? LOLZ what happened? Spherical! klonerpride 11/22/22 3:13 PM
Slow? Lol at all that volume. MD-420 11/22/22 3:00 PM
https://www.linkedin.com/posts/gregrubinceo_covid-bitcf-bitcoin-activity-6738515 klonerpride 11/22/22 11:53 AM
KNOS-BTZI? DOLLARS?-BITCF? DOLLARS? klonerpride 11/22/22 11:50 AM
It's going to be a slow week for btzi thetinman 11/21/22 5:42 PM
Looks good, we might see more upside stockscheers 11/21/22 12:58 AM
Btzi has had some big volume lately, I thetinman 11/19/22 3:20 PM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock
1vman 11/19/22 8:10 AM
Thank you for your detailed answer, much appreciated. Kroooo 11/17/22 11:26 PM
Go to the SEC Filings search page... lesgetrich 11/15/22 10:10 AM
Is there a way to view a companies Kroooo 11/15/22 8:41 AM
I'm sorry you seem a little on the MD-420 11/15/22 2:57 AM
Big volume today btzi, we shareholders can only thetinman 11/11/22 3:07 PM
Where was the word " prediction " regarding btzi? thetinman 11/11/22 2:10 PM
Please show me where I'm convincing anyone to thetinman 11/11/22 2:04 PM
Yup... they are still here convincing the peeps MD-420 11/11/22 11:49 AM
Is that a prediction? MD-420 11/11/22 11:47 AM
Imo, I think we've all have seen this thetinman 11/11/22 11:28 AM
I still have faith in btzi, someone is thetinman 11/11/22 10:45 AM
I see the vultures are still circling but lesgetrich 11/11/22 9:17 AM
What happened to your conviction? MD-420 11/11/22 5:13 AM
Slow and steady decline here. CashBowski 11/10/22 9:21 PM
Hoping all the btzi shareholders are done selling, thetinman 11/10/22 6:50 PM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock 1vman 11/10/22 4:09 PM
BTZI IS CURRENTLY PINK CURRENT!!! https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BTZI/overview Rat Fink 11/09/22 11:32 PM
Someone is slowly chipping away the btzi ask. thetinman 11/08/22 1:00 PM
Getting better. Surely, I'm going to watch closely stockscheers 11/08/22 1:32 AM
When is the next filing due? Kroooo 11/07/22 9:56 AM
You mean like a last minute P&D before Master-of-Disaster 11/04/22 3:18 PM
Nice 1.4 million on the bid... could something thetinman 11/04/22 12:34 PM
another nice volume today on btzi thetinman 10/31/22 4:42 PM
Btzi seems to run in January from the thetinman 10/31/22 2:58 PM
Why? BirdsOfFire 10/31/22 12:57 PM
Could btzi start to get interesting next month? thetinman 10/28/22 10:59 AM
talk about a mover there! stockscheers 10/26/22 1:51 AM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock 1vman 10/20/22 7:59 PM
Nice btzi volume!! thetinman 10/19/22 4:23 PM
I was just thinking, which is usually a grorate25 10/19/22 11:24 AM
Hoping btzi is slowly clearing all the sellers thetinman 10/17/22 12:15 PM
chart is already blazing with new life! stockscheers 10/16/22 11:54 PM
Btzi is still trading thetinman 10/11/22 8:24 PM
*****BTZI Is the latest OTC stinky pinky stock 1vman 10/08/22 7:32 AM
It's executing a fantastic growth strategy. stockscheers 10/05/22 3:50 AM
Curious, did the week bring anything for btzi? Master-of-Disaster 10/03/22 5:57 PM
Looking good! Boostin'!!! stockscheers 09/29/22 4:26 AM
KNOS-BTZI-BITCF=DOLLARS YALL! LOAD TODAY! klonerpride 09/26/22 11:34 AM
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Bots Inc (BTZI)

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WEBSITE: www.bots.bz | FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Bots.Bz | TWITTER: twitter.com/Bots_bz



Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, publicly traded on the OTC Markets under the symbol BTZI and on the Börse Stuttgart under the ticker M06.SG – Bots Inc. is a diversified company developing and servicing blockchain and cybersecurity solutions together with robotic automation projects for its clientele. The Company is committed to drive the innovations needed to shape the future of digital robotic automation management through digital technology and decentralized blockchain solutions. Management is dedicated to the strong growth of Distributed Asset Technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Bots, Inc. has been featured in media nationwide, including CNBC, Bloomberg, TheStreet.com.

For more information, visit http://www.bots.bz

Visit us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Bots.Bz

Follow us on Twitter @Bots_bz


Link: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BTZI/profile | Ticker:  BTZI | OTC Market Place:  OTC | CIK code: 0001525852 | Company name: BOTS, Inc.




To our Shareholders, May 18, 2020

The cannabis industry received a surprise classification during the Covid-19 pandemic, – “essential business.” This may be a harbinger of full legalization to come which should ultimately make our industry far easier to navigate.  It’s not just the US — cannabis legalization and consumption is taking the whole world by storm.

The international advancement towards medical and recreational legalization has dragged marijuana into the mainstream. The whole industry saw a spike in innovation as a result. No longer confined to the edge of the economy, innovative companies in the cannabis space are taking on challenges that the still-developing industry has yet to solve. From product quality assurance to consumption-related, law enforcement, government oversight, taxation issues, banking difficulties- lots of work is still ahead of them.

Visionaries in the cannabis industry are experimenting with using blockchain technology to explore how products can be safer and processes more efficient. Blockchain is revolutionizing the way companies and governments do business – and it will have great benefits for the cannabis industry. People are linking up on cannabis related, blockchain-linked social networks. Expert growers are using blockchain-powered platforms to register new strains and pass along their knowledge to novice growers. Fintech innovators are creating solutions for countless unbanked dispensary customers. Combined, these developments represent the growing impact of blockchain-powered technology in the legal cannabis industry.

The past years have been a demanding learning process that has resulted in discovering that our industry will move to numerous blockchain solutions starting from seed continuing the process to end consumer’s consumption as well as tracking the negative and efficaciousness affects thereof.

In fact, it would not be hard to imagine a world filled with blockchain solutions for every industry from finance to medicine and therefore we will not limit our exposure to the cannabis trade.

In the future, it is likely that most if not all shares, bonds, real estate mortgage transactions will move to blockchain solutions and even NASDAQ and DTCC have substantially delved into this new realm of the future as well as countless other major players.  The impact of the coming transition to blockchain could easily involve trillions of dollars in assets.

The newest components added to this evolution will be AI and robotics as a means to not only make distributed ledgers more efficient but also make them safer, protecting from hackers and malware both in centralized and decentralized environments.

As we seek acquisitions in this quickly expanding field, all of these components, blockchain combined with cryptography, cryptocurrencies, AI and robotics will be highlighted in our quest to position MCIG as a go-to leader.

We are already making moves in this direction, including change of jurisdiction to blockchain and tax friendly Puerto Rico, reserving a new name to match our added direction as well as negotiations under way to acquire a current leader in this field.

Our foresight to add crypto to our portfolio can be seen in a small dividend of Obitx Inc., (OBTX) shares to our shareholders paid years ago while continuing to hold a major stake in this long term investment.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. 

Come grow with us.

Sincerely, Paul Rosenberg, CEO








Complete Cannabis Services:

We have Engineers, Contractors, and Master Growers on hand combining their talents to build efficient and high yielding grow spaces. Our indoor spaces regularly achieve 2-3 pounds+ per 1000W HPS light. Yield numbers are extremely subjective however, so we are constantly testing new methods and technology to stay on the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. Our services include all aspects of cannabis growth and processing, from obtaining a suitable property all the way to finished product. We can also improve your current grow through our consultants for higher yields and lower operating costs.

Smart Greenhouses and Outdoor Growing:

Our experts analyze every aspect of your land and region to create the most efficient and highest yielding grow space. We have experience with state of the art greenhouse technology which can reduce your price per pound production costs by up to 60% when compared to traditional indoor cultivation methods. The cost of installation is nominal when compared to the profit potential, and the added bonus is that greenhouses produce a very high quality product. We can install greenhouses in cold and hot regions successfully and within your budget.
We test soil, water, light, and ambient conditions, then formulate a detailed plan up to the point of harvest.
For outdoor grows,  additions are made to the soil depending on its composition and PH. Special genetics are provided that are hardened to outdoor conditions. Our experienced growers can help you produce the best outdoor harvest possible.

• Smart Greenhouse Specialists: Light and Shading Deprivation Systems, climate control, automation and monitoring of greenhouse functions, using our proprietary grow methods.
• Relationships with all major Greenhouse Manufacturers: We can custom tailor any greenhouse to your specific needs by choosing only the best components from each manufacturer.
• Precise soil control: We test the existing soil and amend as necessary, or we can truck in a custom blend of fresh soil/soilless mix, the choice is yours.
• Specialized outdoor genetics: We keep a small library of specially selected outdoor strains that have excellent outdoor growth properties.
• Compost tea specialists: We can set you up for Microbial Tea brewing on any scale and custom formulate your tea for whatever variety of plant you are growing. There is no service like this anywhere else and a quick google will show you the benefits of a Microbial Tea in ANY system.

Indoor Growing:

A design can be drafted for you within 72 hours of our initial appraisal of the space you plan to use (or you can provide us dimensions if you prefer we not enter your space). We can recommend the most efficient, highest yielding options for your area based on our years of experience growing cannabis. Hydroponics, Organic Soil, Vertical Growing, the choice is yours. We can work with any reasonably sized space- from warehouses down to smaller spaces.
Electrical, plumbing, and all hardware installations are done by certified professionals (from our staff of trusted contractors), up to your state coding requirements. Workers are insured and have background tests done, and sign confidentiality agreements. The latest grow room construction techniques and materials are used at all times. Cleanliness, attention to detail, respect for your privacy, transparency, and professionalism are standard for anyone on our staff. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.
Our experienced growers then provide a detailed plan to reap the largest and highest quality yields possible. Caretakers can also be provided to work the grow if you choose to contract out for labor. We have a significant inventory of resumes from qualified workers for you to sort through and build your staff.

• Commercial specialists: We can build you a high-yielding operation or improve your current operation for higher yields, lower overhead, and better quality.
• Organics: We have a proprietary organic regimen which not only produces higher THC percentages but also can pass CFU testing with no problems.
• Vertical growing specialists: Multi-Tier LED or LEC growing can yield up to 3x as much as normal indoor grows (up to 3g per watt) but require a significantly larger initial investment. We have been doing vert growing since it originated here in the states, there is no better authority.
• Equipment Discounts: We have accounts with many major equipment distributors allowing us to get equipment for significantly less than retail.
• CGE specialists(closed growing environment): Guaranteed to be impermeable to snooping noses and allows complete control of the grow environment.
• LED installations: Fluence, SmartGrow LED, California Lightworks, we have establish relationships with all of them and can customize your facility to work with them. Low heat, low power consumption, excellent light spectrum. There are pros and cons to using LED’s, but we can inform you of them and properly equip you if this is the route you choose.
• Our grow room builders are experienced with Cannabis contracting work specifically and apply their experience to maximize your profit and efficiency.
• 3D blueprints, schematics, and designs available to your specs, all facilities are designed by professional licensed engineers.
• Residential conversions.
• Handicap accessible designs are available.

Dispensary Design and Contracting Services:

We offer total contracting services for your future dispensary or collective. We have years of experience in operating dispensaries successfully and securely. Our business experts can help you draft initial paperwork such as business plans, licensing paperwork, compliance, or proforma’s.  We can find you a suitable location with an agreeable landlord and build it to completion. We also have consultants available who can streamline the operation of your current dispensary in many ways.
• Complete contracting services available for dispensaries in any state.
• Floor plans optimized for safety and security.
• Consultants are available who can maximize your dispensary’s profit potential.

Extraction Rooms and Extract Consulting:

Let our experts help you process your cannabis into the cleanest and purest extracts. We have substantial experience with many different processes. No matter which you choose, the final product will be potent and pure with our help.
• Experts in the latest commercial scale Solvent-less Extraction tech including Rosin, Steam Distillation, CO2, Ice Hash, and Water Hash.
• Relationships with all major Extraction Machine manufacturers: We can help you select the perfect method for your extraction lab then train you on  how to use it effectively and profitably.
• State Compliance experience: custom designed facilities which will pass all inspections with flying colors.
• Edible Kitchen Design, Construction, and Operation Services. Optimized for high output with consultation from the finest cannabis chefs. We have french-trained culinary experts consulting for your kitchen design.

Horticultural Automation and Monitoring Technology:

Argus, Iponic, SmartBee and other commercial automation systems are at your disposal. Our electricians can also give you handheld control over every controllable aspect of your indoor or outdoor grow through our proprietary horticultural remote control systems. Lights, temperature, humidity, feeding cycles, fans, all controllable from a variety of platforms. Monitor conditions and take control from any internet connection with our GROW TECH control systems.
• Monitor and control wirelessly from your smartphone.
• Data export capable.
• Compatible with any grow space.
• Android Tablet/Ipad compatible.
• Accessible from the internet (security equipped).
• Precise control of your grow environment equals higher yields.
• Drain and fill reservoirs, inject nutrients, turn fans on and off, AC’s on and off, everything at your command!

Project Management:

Are you in need of someone to wrangle in your entire team and get them on track for your big project? We have experienced Project Managers who will put you on a tight schedule and facilitate completion of all the intricacies involved in getting a Cannabis facility completed. We highly recommend this service to anyone starting in this industry, it will save you money and headache in the long run!
• Takes care of all critical paperwork, scheduling, contractor interactions, compliance, licensing, etc.
• Motivates your team to complete goals.
• Seeks data and truth when selecting growth techniques and equipment.
• Provides all ancillary services such as business plans, marketing, and sales support.

Cannabis Business Consultation:

If you don’t need our construction services, we can provide professional and experienced knowledge through many different mediums. We staff almost every kind of grow expert, some have decades of experience in this field. We can give you all the information you need for one flat rate, which gives you unlimited access to all of our experts for as long as needed.


Who we are?

The Hemp CBD Division of MCIG, Inc. is a group of highly motivated Cannabis Industry professionals. As the exploding, worldwide marketplace of Industrial Hemp Farming finds exponential growth, the team is here to research, explore, and develop business strategies and brand names that generate reliable products with strong sales and profits. The Division focuses heavily on two markets currently the retail Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Product consumer base and the supply of Bulk Raw Hemp Extracts to other companies and product manufacturers.  The Hemp CBD Division of MCIG, Inc. operates two Hemp CBD Brand Names, VitaCBD™ and Cherry Hemp Oil™ (CHO). VitaCBD is a Black and Gold Label Luxury Hemp CBD Product line available around the US in a number of retail outlets.  CHO has a small line of retail products sold mainly on-line with a separate Bulk CBD Supply aspect and the ability to co-brand with other Hemp-based product lines, supplying some of the purest Hemp Essential Oils and Extracts in the world.

The Hemp CBD Division devised VitaCBD™ and Cherry Hemp Oil™ (CHO) after discovering that hemp can dramatically increase both mental and physical well being. The Team likes to think of themselves as health-conscious-trailblazers, and are dedicated to engineering only the purest hemp derived products. After much research and consideration, the team leaders can truly say that high grade CBD could be the miracle supplement that the world has been waiting for.


Pure is our passion:

All of our CBD oils are made through the most stringent CO2 or Food Grade Ethanol extraction process. Our CBD Hemp Oil is meticulously extracted, in a medical grade lab, leaving extremely concentrated CBD-rich oil that contains the full suite of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other bioactive ingredients. The Hemp CBD Division of MCIG, Inc. does all of this to ensure that VitaCBD™ and CHO™ provide only the purest, highest-grade products available today.



VitaCig Inc. is a technology company harnessing mobile vaporization. This wholly owned Division of MCIG manufacturers, and distributes the world famous VitaCig®, a nicotine free vitamin and essential oil disposable delivery device. For those who love the original VitaCig®, but wanted that nicotine throat hit, we also introduced VitaCig18®, 18mg nicotine VitaCig® version. VitaCig’s innovative and diverse product line also includes VitaJuice, our vitamin and essential oil e-juice line, as well as the Excalibur, a state of the art rechargeable and capsule kit designed for continuous enjoyment and convenience.


VitaCig Research & Development Team

VitaCig’s own in-house R & D Team continues its aggressive path to industry firsts with its new VitaCig® S-Edition or Special Line Edition. These unique, proprietary MaxVG concept driven formulations encapsulate the most advanced inhalation technology devices on the market today.  Featuring VitaCig® SURGE B-12 + Energy Complex, SLEEP VitaCig® Edition, Kama Sutra (SEX) VitaCig® Edition, STRESS VitaCig® Edition, and SLIM VitaCig® Edition.  VitaCig R & D Team will continue its development of inhalation technologies with additional products set for release in 2017.


VitaCig Global

VitaCig is the original vitamin and essential oil diffuser and by far the #1 brand in its category. Apart from the mainstream success here in the U.S., VitaCig partners are found all over the world, including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Guam, Australia, China, Europe, and South America.


VitaCig White Label & Consultation Service

VitaCig white label and consultation service offers companies the opportunity to establish their own wellness and lifestyle inhalation brand. Utilizing our own R & D Team, Labs, and Manufacturers, we can create your very own inhalation concepts or flavors. Whether you’re interested in a new brand to sell across the world, or design and create a simple gift or token to your employees or potential customers with your own company name and logo, no job is too big or too small.
MCIG share structure 
Market Value                       $9,650,280           a/o Aug 4, 2016
Authorized Shares               560,000,000         a/o Jun 13, 2016
Outstanding Shares             300,631,768         a/o Nov 14, 2015
Float                             292.85M
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Spoke company information: http://www.spoke.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=+mCIG+Inc.

Corporation WIKI: https://www.corporationwiki.com/search/results?term=MCIG%20INC

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Insider transactions: 
Insiders (SEC Form 4): http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/MCIG/insider-transactions

Market Watch:
Free L3 http://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/mcig-inc-MCIG/trades




Paris Group "Up-To-Bid" AFTER Tweeted "in-the-bag"  MCIG CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE.Now you know the truth about the Paris Group construction that MCIG hasn't won the bid on.

Which Still Begs the Question: Where is Paris Group located?

"In The Bag"

"Finalized Bid" - which means Paris Group has NOT accepted a bid for the work.

"Being Bid" - which means Sale NOT closed and in-the-bag"
Paris group is being bid as we speak...

mCig Bidding on Paris Group - Not yet announced


DEAD - Southern Colorado Extraction and Cultivation Facility
Date Announced: 5/26/15
Source: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/mcig-inc-extraction-division-update-southern-colorado-extraction-cultivation-facility-otcqb-mcig-2023061.htm
Summary – MCIG's first construction project in it's history. Led by Mike Snody; who was also engineering a SuperCritical C02 Extractor.
Outcome: The Colorado Extraction and Cultivation facility and SuperCritical CO2 Extractor was a FAILURE on both counts

DEAD - Washington State Cultivation Facility – Evolution Design Concepts LLC, Mattawa, WA
Date Announced: 2/23/2016
Summary: Marketed as MCIG's “First Large Scale Cultivation Facility”; which is a lie. The Shyster clearly forgot about Snody's FAILURE in Southern Colorado with the 5/26/15 Extraction and Cultivation Facility. EDC looks dead  You see any updated on MCIG's website? Nope.

EDC Has NOT been granted a Medical Marijiana Endorsement

3/23/16 Construction Deadlines
Evolution Designs Washington freestanding facility:
-- Phase#1 $100,000 completion Q4 2016, Q1 2017;
-- Phase#2 $500,000 completion by Q4 2017.

Outcome To Date: Dead. Over a year later, and zero progress. A Google search did not reveal any activity in the past month.

Nevada – Green Leaf Cultivation, LLC/PNTV
Date Announced: March 10, 2016
Source: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/mcig-announces-agreement-with-green-leaf-farms-construct-large-scale-cultivation-production-otc-pink-mcig-2104758.htm

10/21/16 Green Leaf “Completes” Phase I; which is obviously not true since there were pictures from February 2017 that clearly shows an empty warehouse
Source: http://cannabisdailyrecord.com/index.php/2016/10/21/wire-green-leaf-farms-to-begin-cultivation-operations-in-nevada/

Video Shows Green Leaf Is EMPTY.

Look at 10:43, 12:20, 12:55, and 13:47

Confirms the pictures of an empty warehouse from 3/6/17.






2/1/17 OMHE Pulls Scummy Accounting Trick and declares the Fair Market Value of the sale of VitaCig to MCIG as "revenue".

OMHE sold VitaCig to MCIG for $72k, but declares FMV of $1,078,457 as revenue.  ACCOUNTING TRICK

June 27,2016 MCIG Screws Over Minority VTCQ Shareholders by selling Shell. June 27,2016 OMHE sells VitaCig to MCIG for $72,000.

0 MME Certificate - Missed 8/8/2014 deadline. 2 Years gone by and MCIG has FAILED to purchase an MME Certificate in the open market

0 Service Contracts - Rollies MJ Cigarettes announced March 2016. MCIG still looking for partners as of Conference Call 6/28/16. MCIG now stating they are "negotiating" for a Nevada MME certificate per 12/20/16 CC.

Gonna Sell a bunch of Sangreen Grow Rooms from China? I don't think so. As others have noted, people can purchase Cannapods at half the price. I'm predicting that they sell <3 in the next 3 months. It's kind of hard when you have 95 phantom salespeople from a faux call center where noone answers the phone.

6/12/16 “Filling Services”
0 Rolling/Filling Service Contracts - Rolling services and paper at $3/200 count available since 6/12/2016 - but the 36ish Nevada MME MJ dispensaries currently operating want no part of their filling services because it was a stupid business model to begin with.

In FACT, The Shyster LIED about Lucy's.
10/24/16 http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/mcig-inc-ceo-provides-corporate-update-2168970.htm


In addition all the vague terminology of "fully funded", "managed", etc....are very vague. Paul needs to specify which contracts still exist, what is involved for each phase of each project - and specify how much revenues are from consulting/managing vs. constructing.

0 Agent ID - because MCIG has FAILED to partner with a real MME Certificate holder and has FAILED to sign a service contract of any kind. That rumor/spin of the Rollie's MJ FAILURE is just another example of spinning - and ADDITIONAL FAILURE on MCIG's part.

FAIL - VitaStik DEBACLE Officially Swept under rug. MCIG has not PR'd what legal counsel advised them to do about their Glomar response on Paul intentionally selling the VitaStik Trademark, Intl distribution rights, and patents.

FAIL - Rollie's MJ Cigarettes is dead. All Rollie's has is a mock up of branded packaging and rolling papers. GINORMOUS DISAPPOINTMENT. Just freakin papers....lol.

MCIG HOSES MINORITY VTCQ SHAREHOLDERS WITH MAL-B-GONE REVERSE ACQUISITION. MCIG manages to get all operations and vitacig products, gets 10ish% of Mal-B-Gone - and manages to protect preferred shares from dilution in case of a reverse split - all which benefits the company, but screws over minority VTCQ shareholders as they only get unwanted shares of an unknown pharmacy company that can only muster $1sh Million in revenues after 41 years in business. Reverse Split likely will result in pps plummeting further. Minority VTCQ shareholders holding onto bag of losses and praying for an opportunity to sell.

LIE - Rollie's Pre-Orders. There were NEVER Rollie's MJ Cigarette Pre-orders.
In my last conversation with Paul, he told me that he was pleased with the pre-orders for Rollies.

I remind you that they will be selling product in both California and Nevada. Whether they have written orders, whether written pre-orders are even legal at this time, or they have verbal commitments, or a wink and a nod, the point Paul was making was that they have customers identified and ready to accept product shipment on day one. Whatever language you use to describe that is irrelevant to shareholders but could be an issue for regulators in one or both of those states.

You want to argue semantics. Basically, when asked about preorders Paul said he was happy with Rollies pre-orders. Whether that means formal written orders or verbal commitments from dispensaries and grow ops.

LIE - Rollie's MJ Cigarette Rollout Date LIE. Paul clearly lied about the Rollie's MJ Cigarette Rollout Date of June 2016.

Paul's mail showing June 2016 Rollout Date

Rollies will be available in Nevada in June. They're waiting for their grow op partner to harvest product. They may be available in California even sooner. They recently received their packaging shipment and are ready for production (keep in mind that it's still illegal to transport MJ across state lines so production has to occur in each state). They are currently waiting for testing to be completed on some new cigarette packing equipment and it should be ready for operation within two weeks. Here are some pictures of the new packaging ready for production to begin...

LIE - Paul intentionally signed away VitaStik. See the two images of his signature on USPTO documents and Green Leaf Farms documents. These signatures were NOT CUT AND PASTE. What makes it a LIE is that Paul gave people the impression that shareholders would reap royalties of overseas sales ALREADY KNOWING THAT HE HAD ALREADY SIGNED AWAY VITASTIK AND SHAREHOLDERS WOULD NEVER SEE A SINGLE PENNY FROM THOSE SALES. $0 royalties. ZERO. Paul HAS YET TO ADMIT THAT HE SIGNED AWAY VITASTIK AS EARLY AS FEBRUARY 2015.


0 MJ License/Registration
0 MJ Dispensary Accounts
0 Rollies Sold
0 Rollies Rolling Services Sold
0 Cannapods Sold
0 Emotek Extractors Sold
0 Mike Snody CO2 Extractors Sold
0 MadHatter Coffee and Tea Products Sold (they have coffee, but unproven whether it's from MadHatter C&T or not - still giving them a 0).
0 MadHatter vape pens sold with CBD and THC
0 THC Products developed by Emotek
0 THC products sold by E-MJ
0 Colorado Cultivation and Extraction Facility
0 Revenues = CAFS Where there were concessions and contingencies that results in $0 revenues.
0 Large US Wholesale Distributors actually signed after saying it was "finalizing" a deal
0 The Current Number of US Wholesale Distributors
0 The Current Number of US Brick and Mortar Retail Stores
0 domestic commercials or videos for VitaCig Products

FAIL = The Doctors TV Show, 4/2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDADbDqlcbo
FAIL = “Personal Cultivators”, 3/17/16
FAIL = Relaunch of domestic VitaCig Vitamin Vape, aka, VitaStik debacle where Paul intentionally sold VitaStik to Al Santos.
FAIL = Relaunch of Vapolution, 2/3/16
FAIL = EM-J, 12/17/15
FAIL = CBD Globe Partnership, 9/28/15
FAIL = Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Partnership, 9/23/15
FAIL = Emotek Extractor Partnership, 9/23/15
FAIL = Cannapods Partnership, 9/21/15
FAIL = JV Partnership , 9/9/15
FAIL = Buyout Partner, 9/9/15
FAIL = Bitcoin, July 2015
FAIL = Financing, July 2015
FAIL = Security Grade, 6/29/15
FAIL = MCIG Colorado Cultivation and Extraction Facility
FAIL = "Conservative $7-10 Million in Revenues"
FAIL = Protect VitaStik Trademark
FAIL = MCIG/VitaCig Hollywood Retail Store, 12/11/14
FAIL = Rick Ross, Ambassador, 6/24/14
FAIL = Bam Margera, Ambassador, 6/16/14
FAIL – Launch National Media Campaign, 5/20/14
FAIL = Ultrasonic Vape, 4/28/14, 7/8/15, 8/7/15
FAIL = LiqCig, vaping alcohol, April 2014
FAIL = Vapolution
FAIL = VitaStik Launch 1/2015
FAIL = MCIG/VitaCig Hollywood Retail Store, 12/11/14
FAIL = Vapolution Acquisition, 1/24/14

FAIL = Al Santos, CEO, 12/3/2014-7/8/15
FAIL = Maury Winnick, Interim CEO, 7/8/15-10/15/15
FAIL = Paul Rosenberg, CEO, 10/15/15-3/15/16
FAIL = Glenn Kassel, CEO, 3/15/16-6/9/16
FAIL? = Michael Hawkins, CEO, 6/9/16-?


Extractors - table top extractors, CO2 Extractors, Emotek Extractors

THC - MadHatter, Emotek, and now Blanks

Construction - the perfect vehicle for MCIG to bait with and string along shareholders.

Colorado extraction and cultivation facility was the first FAILURE. Green Leaf Construction PER CONTRACT will result in $0 net profits. It's CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT Green Leaf will likely benefit MUCH MORE vs. MCIG - NOT EVEN CLOSE. It's being projected that GL will earn $16 MILLLION in PROFITS over 2 years AND RECURRING REVENUES FOR EACH MJ HARVEST OF BUD AND TRIM.

What does MCIG get? $0 Net Profits and marketing credit. No joke, Marketing Credit!!

WRONG = no concessions or contingencies in construction contract
WRONG = $430,000 Marketing credit can be declared as profit
WRONG = MCIG will get “up to 25%” royalties for overseas VitaStik branded sales. Try 0% considering Paul sold VitaStik trademark to Al Santos

MCIG Positives
The best company, second to none, at BAIT and NO EXECUTE.

Paul's Signature on USPTO Website - NO CUT AND PASTE

 50 day MA will "Death Cross" the 200 day MA,soon !





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