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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
WWIO  Wowio Inc.0.00090.000228.57%   12/06/2020
My WWIO Pitch: "300"
WOFA  Wisdom Homes of America Inc.0.00010.00.00%   01/10/2019
BBRW  Brewbilt Mfg. Inc.0.00265-0.00005-1.85%   01/10/2019
VGID  V Group Inc.0.00180.00.00%   01/10/2019
USMJ  North American Cannabis Holdings Inc.0.00090.000112.50%   01/10/2019
URAL  United Rail Inc.   01/10/2019
UBQU  Ubiquitech Software Corp0.00040.00.00%   01/10/2019
TTSI  Tactical Services Inc.0.016550.0023516.55%   01/10/2019
SUTI  SUTIMCo International, Inc.0.00130.00018.33%   01/10/2019
SMAA  SMA Alliance, Inc.0.001-0.0001-9.09%   01/10/2019
RNVA  Rennova Health Inc.0.0005-0.0001-16.67%   01/10/2019
RITE  MineralRite Corp.0.00160.000053.23%   01/10/2019
RDAR  Raadr Inc.0.00120.00.00%   01/10/2019
RCMH  Mobile Device Technology0.000950.000055.56%   01/10/2019
QSMG  Quest Management Inc.0.00820.00.00%   01/10/2019
QEDN  QED Connect0.0031-0.0002-6.06%   01/10/2019
QBAN  Telco Cuba, Inc.0.001-0.0001-9.09%   01/10/2019
PURA  Puration Inc.0.0163-0.0003-1.81%   01/10/2019
PTAH  PTA Holdings, Inc0.00010.00.00%   01/10/2019
PBYA  Probility Media Corp.0.00230.000421.05%   01/10/2019
OCLG  Oncologix Tech, Inc.0.0030.000415.38%   01/10/2019
NYXO  Nyxio Technologies Corporation0.0004-0.0001-20.00%   01/10/2019
NUUU  Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc.0.00090.000350.00%   01/10/2019
NOUV  Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals,Inc.0.00080.00.00%   01/10/2019
NBRI  North Bay Resources Inc.0.0010.00.00%   01/10/2019
MSPC  Metrospaces Inc.0.00140.000440.00%   01/10/2019
MRNJ  Metatron Inc.0.0010.000111.11%   01/10/2019
  CannaSys Inc. (fka MJTK)  01/10/2019
MEDT  MediaTechnics0.00010.00.00%   01/10/2019
MDIN  MedGen Inc.0.00010.00.00%   01/10/2019
MDCN  Medican Enterprises Inc.0.00070.00.00%   01/10/2019
FLES  The 4 Less Group Inc.1.970.042.07%   01/10/2019
LVGI  Limitless Venture Group Inc.0.05805-0.00085-1.44%   01/10/2019
NGRP  Ngen Technologies Holdings Corp.0.074950.0199536.27%   01/10/2019
  Lans Holdings Inc. (fka LAHO)  01/10/2019
JAMN  Jammin Java Corp0.0011-0.0001-8.33%   01/10/2019
IFLM  Independent Film Development Corp.0.00010.00.00%   01/10/2019
IDGC  IDGlobal Corp.0.00110.000110.00%   01/10/2019
HPIL  Cybernetic Technologies Ltd0.00270.00028.00%   01/10/2019
GTHP  Guided Therapeutics Inc.0.6493-0.0197-2.94%   01/10/2019
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