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$JPEX an other fake articles of merger appears BB's Stock Haven 02/20/2020 09:45:02 AM
$PLYZ BB's Stock Haven 02/07/2020 03:29:30 PM
$SBOX also new custody play BB's Stock Haven 02/06/2020 01:02:22 PM
$XYNH new custody play BB's Stock Haven 02/06/2020 01:00:15 PM
hes just pumping an old one he got Odyne Corporation (ODYC) 02/05/2020 12:05:52 PM
He could have been just awarded the shares Premier Biomedical Inc. (BIEI) 02/04/2020 02:10:29 PM
Could do a SUG0 if they don't mess 1pm Industries Inc. (OPMZ) 01/18/2020 03:02:53 PM
$NXMR filings coming soon, per company: BB's Stock Haven 01/17/2020 01:23:48 PM
just more notes sold and some coolaid warrant Sylios Corp. (UNGS) 01/17/2020 11:03:35 AM
lol no. Check date Sept 9 2019 Cruzani Inc. (CZNI) 01/16/2020 12:59:57 PM
nope fake news. check google cache Cruzani Inc. (CZNI) 01/16/2020 12:55:58 PM
yea the sec just randomly suspends stocks. there Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/16/2020 03:13:34 AM
$USTC unrestricted shares under 35 million BB's Stock Haven 01/15/2020 11:37:27 AM
yea right its not even down that much Borneo Resource Investments, LTD (BRNE) 01/14/2020 11:27:19 AM
gonna be interesting to see what the company says Borneo Resource Investments, LTD (BRNE) 01/14/2020 11:13:37 AM
$HENC filings out BB's Stock Haven 01/10/2020 12:26:42 PM
$ZAAG vol 1m float BB's Stock Haven 01/08/2020 03:57:07 PM
$ETKR vol today 300m AS BB's Stock Haven 01/08/2020 02:28:26 PM
yea they are useless the whole sos Nevada Blue Line Protection Group Inc. (BLPG) 01/06/2020 03:36:08 PM
explains why there was already 50m volume on Blue Line Protection Group Inc. (BLPG) 01/06/2020 03:29:47 PM
finally stood up? When was America not top Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/06/2020 08:52:43 AM
yes that is what they initially said mid November. Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/06/2020 08:42:00 AM
it's been posted several times. do a search Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/06/2020 07:49:54 AM
except several emails saying the exact same share Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/06/2020 07:41:26 AM
No it wasn't bogus. Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 01/06/2020 05:00:30 AM
twitter pumper Gold and Gemstone Mining, Inc. (GGSM) 01/02/2020 11:00:17 AM
Happy New year 2020! 1pm Industries Inc. (OPMZ) 01/01/2020 03:23:30 AM
you can email them http://www.transhare.com they will tell Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/31/2019 11:48:35 AM
that was 27th of december Poverty Dignified, Inc (PVDG) 12/31/2019 11:10:46 AM
$WQNI only 50m AS BB's Stock Haven 12/31/2019 10:10:56 AM
$CONC only 17m unrestricted shares BB's Stock Haven 12/31/2019 10:03:06 AM
$WQNI 22m OS / 50m AS updated Dec BB's Stock Haven 12/30/2019 02:40:20 PM
I got the same email with that exact Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/30/2019 01:45:13 PM
those numbers are literally from the TA Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/29/2019 10:26:27 AM
lol what a joke Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/27/2019 01:35:41 PM
just give it to me Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/27/2019 11:25:48 AM
pos co stacking ask on news hit, let Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/27/2019 10:26:01 AM
not my fault you can't load the sos Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/26/2019 03:52:52 PM
no I mean if you had contacted island Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/26/2019 12:54:39 PM
if you had emailed them you'd know its Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/26/2019 12:50:55 PM