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Ok. They didnt need to uplist if they New Jersey Mining Co. 11/01/2021 09:52:32 AM
One of the major reasons that management decided New Jersey Mining Co. 10/07/2021 12:17:33 PM
Definitely B SwingTrade Member Forum 09/03/2021 08:56:11 AM
Get a room you two. ( in the SwingTrade Member Forum 06/14/2021 09:05:40 PM
KTEL. Loaded a medium size boat. Also have Savvy Trades and Investments 05/25/2021 11:22:40 AM
EV charging. Its only a 30 amp circut. Savvy Trades and Investments 05/18/2021 01:38:17 PM
I build some big arse houses. 4000 sq Savvy Trades and Investments 05/17/2021 12:19:48 PM
Most are speaking of inflation like it is Savvy Trades and Investments 04/04/2021 10:59:09 AM
No New Jersey Mining Co. 03/04/2021 07:42:54 PM
New Jersey Mining Company Evaluates Potential for 20,000 New Jersey Mining Co. 03/04/2021 04:04:06 PM
Not true? Rare Earth mining fizzled and maybe New Jersey Mining Co. 02/26/2021 08:50:41 AM
Expanding on my previous conment, today the new New Jersey Mining Co. 02/26/2021 07:37:28 AM
They are working with Idaho’s senator’s office and New Jersey Mining Co. 02/25/2021 09:51:49 AM
Biden just ordered 100 day study of Rare New Jersey Mining Co. 02/24/2021 05:05:32 PM
I was listening at that presentation and it Minim Inc. 10/14/2020 04:10:43 PM
So you are a pretty high functioning drunk, SwingTrade Member Forum 05/29/2020 05:47:15 PM
How do you know that hydroxychloroquine results are Savvy Trades and Investments 03/29/2020 12:24:56 PM
Happy Kwanzaa SwingTrade Member Forum 12/26/2019 08:29:47 AM
You are the expert on ‘spoon fed’. SwingTrade Member Forum 12/06/2019 07:25:43 PM
Poor bastard sure came to the wrong board SwingTrade Member Forum 11/27/2019 09:14:56 PM
Bear w me. I got a little rule SwingTrade Member Forum 11/08/2019 10:43:35 PM
I thought you were on vacation w SwingTrade Member Forum 11/08/2019 10:07:51 PM
Because of the three syllable words? Too much? SwingTrade Member Forum 11/08/2019 05:41:25 PM
Still has it. An excellent example of a SwingTrade Member Forum 11/08/2019 05:34:43 PM
Who said I am currently a ‘he’ ? SwingTrade Member Forum 11/05/2019 02:34:44 PM
Not sure how I will identify yet. BRIG SwingTrade Member Forum 11/05/2019 07:46:30 AM
Ignore. I was just talking to myself. Everyone SwingTrade Member Forum 11/04/2019 07:18:24 PM
I tell my wife i am switching teams SwingTrade Member Forum 11/02/2019 09:11:34 PM
Ok. (3 light door taps). NJMC. My SwingTrade Member Forum 11/02/2019 04:06:59 PM
Psst. You are talkin to yourself again... SwingTrade Member Forum 11/01/2019 03:29:36 PM
Agreed it seems cheap, but they dont report Savvy Trades and Investments 08/19/2019 11:39:17 AM
It was prudent of you to apologize. SwingTrade Member Forum 04/25/2019 04:03:08 PM
Go back to sleep. SwingTrade Member Forum 04/24/2019 10:49:33 AM
A whole bunch of warrants expired or were Value Microcaps Zip Code Changers 03/15/2019 05:54:48 PM
SIM.v SYATF Value Microcaps Zip Code Changers 03/14/2019 09:14:15 PM
There is a very robust following at MicroCapClub. XPEL Technologies Corp. 09/07/2018 04:46:17 PM
AKR.V / AKRFF. Akroo is now two quarters otcbargains undervalued stock board 08/04/2018 02:11:48 PM
That is my understanding of the filing. Innovative Food Holdings Inc 07/16/2018 09:14:02 PM
QUES. took a small position here. They have otcbargains undervalued stock board 06/13/2018 02:34:48 PM
Thank you for that clarification. I will be holding. OMNIQ Corp. 06/10/2018 11:38:06 AM