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Silver Futures Index

silver  (slvr)

  1. Symbol Ag A lustrous white, ductile, malleable metallic element, occurring both uncombined and in ores such as argentite, having the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of the metals. It is highly valued for jewelry, tableware, and other ornamental use and is widely used in coinage, photography, dental and soldering alloys, electrical contacts, and printed circuits. Atomic number 47; atomic weight 107.87; melting point 960.8?C; boiling point 2,212?C; specific gravity 10.50; valence 1, 2. See Table at element.
    This metallic element as a commodity or medium of exchange.
    Coins made of this metallic element.
    A medal made of silver awarded to one placing second in a competition, as in the Olympics.
    1. Domestic articles, such as tableware, made of or plated with silver.
      Tableware, especially eating and serving utensils, made of steel or another metal.

    A lustrous medium gray.
    A silver salt, especially silver nitrate, used to sensitize paper.


A Brief History of The Health Support Uses of Silver

For thousands of years silver has been used as a healing agent by civilizations throughout the world. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals, silver was employed as a germicide.

Consider these interesting facts:

  • The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. The writings of Herodotus, the Greek philosopher and historian, date the use of silver to before the birth of Christ.
    The Roman Empire stored wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage.
    The use of silver is mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings.
    In the Middle Ages, silverware protected the wealthy from the full brunt of the plague.
    Before the advent of modern germicides and antibiotics, it was known that disease-causing pathogens could not survive in the presence of silver. Consequently, silver was used in dishware, drinking vessels and eating utensils.
    In particular, the wealthy stored and ate their food from silver vessels to keep bacteria from growing.
    The Chinese emperors and their courts ate with silver chopsticks.
    The Druids have left evidence of their use of silver.
    Settlers in the Australian outback suspend silverware in their water tanks to retard spoilage.
    Pioneers trekking across the American West found that if they placed silver or copper coins in their casks of drinking water, it kept the water safe from bacteria, algae, etc.
    All along the frontier, silver dollars were put in milk to keep it fresh. Some of us remember our grandparents doing the same.
    Silver leaf was used to combat infection in wounds sustained by troops during World War I.
    Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years.
    In the early 1800s, doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds with very successful results.
    In Ayurvedic medicine, silver is used in small amounts as a tonic, elixir or rejuvenative agent for patients debilitated by age or disease.

Silver Re-Discovered

Not until the late 1800's did western scientists re-discover what had been known for thousands of years - that silver is a powerful germ fighter. Medicinal silver compounds were then developed and silver became commonly used as a medicine. By the early part of the 1900s, the use of silver was becoming widespread. By 1940 there were approximately four dozen different silver compounds on the market.

Although there were a few flare-ups of negative publicity regarding medicinal silver in the early 1900s, (due to the overuse of certain types of protein-bound silver compounds causing a discoloration of the skin called argyria and due to a supply of improperly prepared and unstable silver) reputable medical journal reports demonstrated that a properly prepared colloidal dispersion of silver was completely suitable with no adverse side effects. T. H. Anderson Wells reported in the Lancet (February 16th, 1918) that a preparation of colloidal silver was "used intravenously. . . without any irritation of the kidneys and with no pigmentation of the skin. "

New knowledge of body chemistry gave rise to the enormous array of applications for colloidal disinfectants and medicines and for on-going research into the capabilities and possibilities for silver colloids. However, Silver's "new-found" fame as a superior infection-fighting agent was short lived.

How Silver Lost Favor

During the 1930s, synthetically manufactured drugs began to make their appearance and the profits, together with the simplicities of manufacturing this new source of treatment, became a powerful force in the marketplace. There was much excitement over the new 'wonder drugs' and at that time, no antibiotic-resistant strains of disease organisms had surfaced. Silver quickly lost its status to modern antibiotics.

On-going Uses of Colloidal Silver

The use of some silver preparations in mainstream medicine survived. Among them are the use of dilute silver nitrate in newborn babies' eyes to protect from infection and the use of "Silvadine," a silver based salve, in virtually every burn ward in America to kill infection. A new silver based bandage has recently been approved by the FDA and licensed for sale. Other uses that did not lose favor include:

  • Silver water purification filters and tablets are manufactured in Switzerland and used by many national and international airlines to prevent growth of algae and bacteria.
    Electrical ionization units that impregnate the water with silver and copper ions are used to sanitize pool water without the harsh effects of chlorine.
    The former Soviet Union used silver to sterilize recycled water on their space vehicles.
    The Swiss use silver filters in homes and offices.
    Some U.S. municipalities use silver in treatment of sewage.
    In the Japanese work place, silver is a popular agent in the fight against airborne toxins as well other industrial poisons.
    Silver-infused bandages and wound dressings are now commercially available.
    Silver has been found to prevent the infection resulting from burns.

But for the most part, with the discovery of pharmaceutical antibiotics, interest in silver as an anti-microbial agent declined almost to the point of extinction.

The Resurgence of Silver in Medicine

The return of silver to conventional medicine began in the 1970s. The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University's Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better methods of treatment for burn victims. Dr. Margraf, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over large areas of the body. Dr. Margraf investigated 22 antiseptic compounds and found drawbacks in all of them.

Reviewing earlier medical literature, Dr. Margraf found continual references to the use of silver. However, since concentrated silver nitrate is both corrosive and painful, he diluted the silver to a .5 percent solution and found that it killed invasive burn bacteria and permitted wounds to heal. Importantly, resistant strains did not appear. But, silver nitrate was far from ideal. So research continued for more suitable silver preparations.

Silver sulphadiazine (Silvadene, Marion Laboratories) is now used in 70 percent of burn centers in America. Discovered by Dr. Charles Fox of Columbia University, sulphadiazine has also been successful in treating cholera, malaria and syphilis. It also stops the herpes virus, which is responsible for cold sores, shingles and worse.

The history and uses of colloidal silver are well known and documented. They can be researched easily on the Internet through search engines and any colloid forum, bulletin boards or blogs. We cannot link to them or publish them here because Federal Law prohibits any claims or testimonials associating our products or product ingredients with any disease states. Keep in mind that the particle surface area of our colloidal silver product, MesoSilver, is the highest ever tested. This means it is the most effective of any colloidal silver product ever made. With not a single serious adverse event ever reported, it is also one of the safest supplements on the market today.


Silver Default Looms?!

(It's about time!)

Silver Stock Report (delivered by e-mail and presented here in its' entirety) or:


by Jason Hommel, Feb 20th, 2011

I apologize in advance that this essay is entirely without humor, completely sober, and deadly serious.

As I write on Sunday evening, Feb. 20th, silver prices are up another 40 cents to $33.10, another 30 year high, going back to the previous high of $50 from Jan. 1980.  In the last two trading days, last Thursday and Friday, silver prices increased about a dollar per day.

What's going on?

As I read on the blogs, about 53,000 silver contracts for 5000 oz. each are nearing the first delivery day on Feb. 28th.  At that time, each contract must be fully funded to await delivery in the following 30 days, or sold before then.  By the way, 53k x 5k = 265 million oz. 


The crazy thing is that the four COMEX approved warehouses have only about 100 million oz. of silver in them.  So, in essence, a default looms.

Will this be it?  If so, what will happen?

Usually, all but a very few contracts roll over to the next months.  The futures contract holders rarely stand for delivery, as in their view it is too difficult, and too costly; they are in this game for the leverage.  They usually only put down 10% of the money, so that if silver gains another 10% in price, they double their investment quickly.  And if silver moves down 10%, they lose everything!

But here's the kicker.  COMEX just raised margin requirements 50% on Friday, meaning that the longs had to put up something probably like 15% instead of the usual 10%.  (I have no idea of the real figures, as I have never traded futures, I have never had a futures broker, and don't know where to go for that data.)  This means that the longs were not scared out of their positions, as the silver price went up, not down, as the manipulators had intended.

What I do know is that usually, the majority of futures contracts stand about 3 months away from delivery.  But not now.

Tonight, 53,000 contracts are looming for either close out, or they will stand for delivery.  Out of about 150,000 to 200,000 contracts! 

Harvey says 150,000 contracts in open interest.

321gold.com says 200,000 contracts in open interest.

The current situation will be resolved in 8 days, and again, in another 30 days after that.  Both deadlines are worth watching closely.

Either way, this situation presents several problems.

Clearly, if the longs stand for delivery of 265 million oz., when there are only 100 million oz. in the warehouses, there will be a short squeeze, and the price can go ballistic to the upside, perhaps prices could go up by 5 times higher in a few days.

However the longs don't seem to realize that the shorts can cap the price by several other manipulative methods.  They can deliver paper cash, or SLV shares as well.  The shorts and COMEX can also limit total physical silver deliveries to as little as 1.5 million ounces to any individual, or 7.5 million ounces total, if my memory of the rules serves.  If they do that, the shorts can delay a short squeeze at the COMEX.

But this would create another problem.

A cash settlement, or settlement in SLV shares, or a limit on physical silver deliveries, would be recognized as a default, or a "failure to deliver".

If any such kind of default would take place, it could cause a run on any remaining silver at any other location, such as directly at the refineries, or bullion wholesalers, or bullion dealers like myself.

I hope no such default takes place, as I don't want to go out of business for a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months, while I wait for my suppliers to get re-stocked. 

In any event, I think it's important to realize several fundamentals.

1.  The dollar itself -- is fraud.

2.  Silver futures contracts -- are fraud.

3.  Fractional reserve banking -- is fraud.

4.  Fractional reserve silver selling -- is fraud.

5.  The nature of paper money and all frauds is that they tend to collapse rather suddenly, with little warning, especially when their ability to pay debts is called into question.

6.  Argentina maintained a peg of their peso to the dollar, and it lasted until they could no longer make interest payments in dollars.  Then, their peso collapsed in value nearly 75% overnight.   Even Americans, with American dollars, in American banks (in Argentina) had their dollars forcibly converted into pesos, and their ability to withdraw money severely limited.

7.  The same thing can happen to the dollar.

8.  Silver prices must be seen to have the potential to explode by about a factor of 4-10, literally overnight.  This means we might see silver prices at about $33/oz. on one day, and silver prices from $130 to $330/oz. the next day.

If that happens, I might close up the JH MINT for anywhere from an hour to a day or so, until I can guarantee a source of silver from my suppliers.

I will likely be able to remain in business though, because if there is a price quote, it means silver is available at such prices.

The most likely course is that the paper traders continue their game of "chicken".  Both sides will swerve at the last moment and avoid a collision.  Prices will likely go up to about $35 to maybe as high as $40 next month.

We will likely have another record sales of silver bars and coins.

The US mint will likely have another record of sales of 1 oz. American Eagle silver coins.  They might run out for a week at a time, again.

We will likely have plenty of silver available at about 6% over spot, while all the physical silver ETF's trade at about a 8-12% premium over "spot" prices.

But then again, you never know.  I can predict that the busses will likely run on time,  and I will likely be right, until they don't.  Better order silver now, while you still can.

My greatest fear is that silver will run out.  When silver runs out, people will buy other things to protect the value of their dollars, such as food.  If people start buying up food, in amounts of up to $100,000, food prices will soar, and that will cause food prices to exceed the values that most people can afford, and then, most people will begin to starve.  The beauty of gold and silver is that you cannot eat them, and thus, there is no such thing as a price that is "too high" of a price for gold and silver.  My wife and I stocked up on food this weekend at COSTCO.  We spent only $700, the least we have spent in months.  We filled up the back of our Ford Excursion.  You can see what problems would be created if wealthy people begain to buy 50 to 100 truckloads of food at a time, in the event that silver became unavailable.

Further links for further study:

The Silver Institute -- for silver statistics

Eric Sprott (a billionaire) is very well informed. The 3 men he listed, Ted Butler, Dave Morgan and Jason Hommel are among the smartest guys in the room when it comes to silver.

ECB emergency lending jump persists
Traders ponder whether spike is result of bank error or renewed stress

CPM Validates Imminent Comprehensive Silver Shortage Predictions

$500 Silver, Max Keiser Explains His Price Target -- 19 February 2011

Bill Murphy: "Silver can double in a week, the price is held down with derivatives!"
May 11, 2010  (When silver was priced at $20/oz.)

Why no talk of $32,567/oz ? by Jason Hommel, Jan 2, 2003

Disclaimer:  I am a bullion dealer.  I sell silver and gold for a living.  I'm not trying to cause any sort of panic buying.  I believe it is rational and logical to purchase silver, and I have advocated buying silver since 2003.  I have predicted a default in gold and silver metals futures contracts since 2002, after the palladium default of 2001, and it has not yet happened.  I believe in God, honest weights and measures, and honest money.  I believe men will prosper far more when they follow God's laws to use honest money in commerce, and avoid all kinds of futures contracts. 

I'm proud to say that my teachings from the Bible on avoiding futures contracts have inspired a world-class programmer to create a new computer programming language that avoids the mistake of making futures contracts, which avoids creating problems in the programming world.

Further, http://www.oneoverspot.com/ continues to thrive as a place to buy and sell silver and gold.


I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.   The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

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The Silver Price Will Rise 4.83 Times as Far as Gold Price


Unless you understand this one principle, you understand nought about precious metals' bull markets: monetary demand, and monetary demand alone, drives both gold AND silver. It's not Indian wedding demand or the popularity of silver jewelry that drives their prices, but sheer monetary demand, holding them as "money" because the alternatives -- national currencies -- are clearly failing.

WHEREFORE, before this bull market ends, you will need only 16 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold, which means from here that the silver price will rise 4.83 times as far as the gold price. Forget the siren song of the "gold-only" bugs, who have fallen for the myths of the money interest: both silver and gold are money, and always will be.


September 3rd, 2010 by Egon von Greyerz


Fundamental and technical factors for gold are now in total harmony and gold is entering a virtuous circle that will drive the price up at its fastest pace since this bull market started in 1999.

  • It is a fact that gold in US dollars (and many other currencies) has gone up almost 400% in eleven years or 16% per annum annualised.
    It is a fact that the US dollar has declined 80% in value against gold since 1999.
    It is a fact that the dollar and most other currencies have gone down 98-99% against gold since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was created.
    It is also a fact that the Dow Jones (and many world stock markets) has declined over 80% against gold since 1999.
    It is a fact that gold has made a new all time monthly closing high in dollars in August 2010.

Gold trend

We expect gold to start a substantial rise now which will continue for 5-10 months before any major correction. Gold's technical picture is extremely strong with a continuous rising pattern of higher highs and higher lows with the steepness of the curve increasing. From much higher levels we are likely to see a correction that could last up to a year before the next rise which will last several years before we see a significant peak. Once gold has topped we do not expect the same kind of decline as after the 1980 peak since gold is likely to become part of a future reserve currency. At that point gold will be a solid but unexciting investment with very little upside potential. But that is likely to be a few years away.

In spite of a 5 times increase in the value of gold or an 80% decline against many currencies and stockmarkets in the last 11 years, most investors own no gold and still do not understand the importance and value of gold. In a world of constant money printing and credit creation leading to devaluing currencies and devaluing assets, gold reflects stability and is virtually the only store of value that cannot be destroyed by governments.

The average asset manager, fund manager, pension fund or private individual owns no physical gold and at best has a very small exposure to some precious metals stocks. And in spite of this gold has gone up over 400% in 11 years. How is that possible? For the simple reason with the relatively modest demand that we have seen in the last few years, there is not enough physical gold even at these levels. The increase in demand that we have seen has most probably been satisfied by central banks leasing or lending their gold to the bullion banks. Central banks supposedly own 30,000 tons of gold but unofficial estimates of their real holdings are at 15,000 tons or less.

So what are the factors that are likely to lead to a major rise in the gold price?

We have for several years outlined in our Newsletters the problems in the world that inevitably will lead to massive money printing and a hyperinflationary depression (see for example "Alea Iacta Est"  and  "There Will Be No Double Dip…" on the Matterhorn Asset Management website).

There are three insurmountable problems:

  • Real unemployment at 22% in the US will continue to go up
    The budget deficit will increase dramatically due to the problems in the economy and in a few years time the interest on the Federal Debt is likely to be higher than tax revenues.
    None of the problems in the banking industry have been solved but merely swept under the carpet by phoney valuations of toxic debt with the blessing of governments. The circa $20 trillion that were pumped into the world economy to save the financial system in 2008-9 have had a very short term beneficial effect but solved none of the problems.

The effect of this massive $20 trillion infusion has been ephemeral since we are entering the autumn of 2010 with virtually every single economic indicator and statistic in the US deteriorating rapidly. With interest rates already at zero there is no ammunition left but one. And it is this specific last bullet that will be used to infinity in the next few years and starting very soon, namely UNLIMITED MONEY PRINTING. Every single area of the US economy will need support or printed money, whether it is the federal government, the states, the municipalities, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, the unemployed, corporations, health care, housing market, commercial real estate,  individuals, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless and many other countries will follow.

Before we talk about gold in hyperinflationary terms, let's look at where gold is likely to reach in today's money.

Three realistic Gold targets: $6,000 - $7,000 - $10,000:

  • In the 1971 to 1980 gold cycle, gold went from $35 per ounce to $850 or up over 24 times. If we were to see the same increase in this cycle, gold would rise to over $6,000.
    The gold peak at $850 in 1980 corresponds to over $7,000 today adjusted for real inflation based on the inflation rate as calculated by John William's Government Shadow Statistics (shadowstats.com)
    Gold and gold mining shares were an average of around 25% of world financial asset between 1921 and 1981. Today, gold and mining shares are only 0.9% of world financial assets. If gold and mining shares were to go to 25% of financial assets, gold would go to over $31,000. But even if we assume that world financial asset would go down by 2/3rds from here that would put gold at over $10,000.

The three historical comparisons above (and see chart below) would put gold anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 and this is without inflation, or more likely hyperinflation.  In a hyperinflationary environment, the price gold will go to is really irrelevant since it depends on how much money is printed. In the Weimar Republic for example gold went to DM 100 trillion. What is more important is that gold is likely to go up at least 5 times from today without inflation and with hyperinflation gold will protect investors against the total destruction of paper money and many other assets.

Wealth Protection

Gold must only be held in its physical form and the holder of gold must have direct access to the gold. We consider ETFs, gold in a bank (whether allocated or unallocated), fractal ownership of physical gold, futures or any other form of paper gold as very risky and a totally unsatisfactory method for owning gold.  Physical gold should preferably be stored outside your country of residence and outside the banking system. The holder must have direct access to the vaults where the gold is stored.


Silver has been lagging gold since its peak at over $21 in 2008. For the last few months the gold/silver ratio has been consolidating between 58 and 71. The ratio is currently around 64 and is likely to start a move down to new lows below the 2006 low at just 44.  So this is very good news for silver which is likely to outpace gold substantially in the next few years.  Silver is probably the most undervalued precious metal today and has great potential.

But there are many caveats for silver:

  • It is an extremely volatile metal and is definitively not for the fainthearted.
    We only recommend physical silver owned directly by the investor.
    Physical silver currently weighs 64 times more than gold for the same amount invested and is circa 120 times bulkier (due to its lower density).
    Therefore silver is not as practical as gold as a means of payment.
    Also, silver is subject to Vat (value added tax) in all European countries. Thus silver cannot be moved freely across borders.
    Physical silver for investment purposes can be bought/sold and stored tax-free in Switzerland but if the investor takes possession, Vat must be paid.
    Due to the above factors investors should carefully consider the split between physical gold and silver.


At the beginning of July this year we sent out a message to investors that, based on our proprietary indicators, we expected stockmarkets to finish the correction up at the end of July and resume the major downtrend in August. We also said that gold would start its major rise in August.  And this is exactly what has happened so far.

We now expect major falls in all stockmarkets worldwide over a sustained period. We would not be surprised to see the Dow down to the 1,000 area (in today's terms) before this bear market in over. But it will not be a straight line and there will be extreme volatility. When hyperinflation sets in, stockmarkets will have a major but temporary surge.

The only stocks that investors should hold are precious metals stocks and possibly some resource and food stocks. But it must be remembered that stocks do not represent the same degree of wealth preservation as physical precious metals held directly by the investor.


Currencies should in the next few years be looked upon as a necessary evil and not as a store of value.  All currencies will continue to decline against gold, just as they have in the last 11 years and in the last 100 years. Due to money printing by most governments, we will have a fierce game of competitive devaluations by virtually all central banks. We have seen the Euro and the pound weaken substantially and the next currency the speculators will jump on is the US dollar.  The dollar is grossly overvalued, partly due to the weak Euro, and is likely to weaken significantly due to the problems in the US economy.

Currencies only reflect relative value and not absolute value since they can be and are printed until they reach their intrinsic value of zero. It is a fallacy to measure the value of a currency relative to another currency since they are all losing value. Currencies should only be measured against real money which is gold. This is the only method that reveals governments' deceitful actions in destroying the value of paper money. Therefore it is a mug's game to speculate or invest in currencies since they will all decline in an extremely volatile and unpredictable market.

So are there currencies which are likely to perform better on a relative basis for funds that have to be held in paper money? We believe that Norwegian kroner, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar and Renminbi will perform relatively better than many other currencies.

Government Bond Markets

The bond market is the biggest bubble in financial markets worldwide, in our opinion. Investors around the world are worried about the state of financial markets and therefore believe that government bonds represent a safe haven. These investors will receive the most enormous shock on two accounts. Firstly, no government will be able to repay the debts outstanding. So there will either be government defaults, moratoria, or money printing that totally destroys the value of the bonds. Secondly, interest rates are likely to go up significantly to at least 10-15%, totally destroying the value of the bonds.


We are now entering a period when most major asset classes and in particular stocks, bonds and currencies are starting a major decline. Since most financial assets in the world are invested in these three categories plus real estate which will also decline, we are likely to experience major shocks and crises in the financial system and the world economy.  Wealth protection is now more important than probably at any other time in history. Physical gold and possibly other precious metals directly controlled by the investor will be a vital part of a wealth preservation portfolio. 



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