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Most of this board's WATCHERS are "lurkers" who appreciate info available without the need to sift through tons of "empty" posts. The Goal is to maintain a board of: -- unusual quality -- friendly -- full of info
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There are MCO small change Alerts which tend to forecast Indices Major Moves.

 Ideas or thoughts on how the board can be improved are welcome.

If you get stock ideas that you think are worthy, please post them, if you can add a chart.  Be aware no one here is responsible for any stocks or equities or whatever that you choose to put money into, except yourself.  Think before you act, not afterward when it may be too late


This theoretical model is based on Sam Stovall's >> 

S&P's Guide to Sector Rotation and states that different sectors are stronger at different points in the economic cycle. The graph above shows these relationships and the order in which the various sectors should get a boost from the economy. The Market Cycle preceeds the Economic Cycle because investors try to anticipate economic effects. The PerfChart (click this button) tries to help you see this effect

Stage: Full Recession Early Recovery Full Recovery Early Recession
Consumer Expectations: Reviving Rising Declining Falling Sharply
Industrial Production: Bottoming Out Rising Flat Falling
Interest Rates: Falling Bottoming Out Rising Rapidly (Fed) Peaking
Yield Curve: Normal Normal (Steep) Flattening Out Flat/Inverted

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For Continuous FUTURES CHARTS  Pre-Market and Intra-Day, click on this URL
then choose your "Majors" choice. ("Majors" is their word for "Markets")






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