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Thanks for putting those numbers together. 11/14 dollar On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/12/2017 06:06:18 PM
Not what was expected here for sure but All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 12/11/2017 11:54:39 AM
Great to see you too Joe. This one Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 08:43:57 AM
Thank you for clearing that up Dempsey. There Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 08:16:23 AM
I don't know how this was missed for Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 02:13:19 AM
I grabbed some shares the other day on Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 02:09:46 AM
Wow! CSGP connection from a SEC filing. Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 12:58:22 AM
Ok I'm trying to get on top of On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/11/2017 12:46:31 AM
First off there is still a question of On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/11/2017 12:43:06 AM
Please explain exactly what you mean by a JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/11/2017 12:29:47 AM
I'll ask once again, please explain where you On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/11/2017 12:27:04 AM
Would you please explain how you arrived at On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/10/2017 09:57:48 AM
NICE! It's always a great sign when JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/10/2017 09:17:31 AM
2015 10K is out as promised! ALR Technologies (ALRT) 12/08/2017 05:04:54 PM
I was watching the tape when our ASK All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 12/05/2017 03:59:23 AM
I wouldn't want to be without shares if On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 12/01/2017 08:31:15 AM
DD from filings is absolutely the most reliable. All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 12/01/2017 08:25:16 AM
We don't know the details of the agreement JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/01/2017 08:22:40 AM
Who exactly are these various parties you're speaking JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/01/2017 07:54:55 AM
NICE! JBZY current again JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/01/2017 07:25:49 AM
When Dequn Wang took over DOLV there was JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/01/2017 07:21:59 AM
Just had the chance to look over the JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/01/2017 12:30:16 AM
PDXP News! PDX Partners, Inc. To Utilize Substantial Loss PDX Partners Inc. (PDXP) 11/28/2017 09:13:53 AM
I remember the article when UOIP won the UnifiedOnline Inc. (UOIP) 11/22/2017 11:42:48 AM
On top of that.... Total Current Liabilities $7,974 VuMee Inc. (VUME) 11/22/2017 08:25:30 AM
Those shares are his control block and there VuMee Inc. (VUME) 11/22/2017 08:23:22 AM
Low volume decline before a holiday with huge All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 11/22/2017 07:45:41 AM
It looks like they are current in their All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 11/22/2017 07:40:39 AM
It will automatically convert in your account. On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 11/22/2017 07:19:48 AM
The name change has to be completed with On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 11/22/2017 07:16:40 AM
A settlement could come at any time. UnifiedOnline Inc. (UOIP) 11/21/2017 11:31:00 PM
Looks like our ASK blocker lost some shares. All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 11/21/2017 10:19:34 AM
Patiently waiting for the judge to decide on UnifiedOnline Inc. (UOIP) 11/21/2017 05:59:24 AM
More great PRESS for ONCI! Steve Berman On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 11/21/2017 05:46:18 AM
Let's see that news JBZY! JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 11/20/2017 08:03:53 PM
I saw that throughout the day too. All State Properties Holdings, Inc. (ATPT) 11/20/2017 07:56:00 PM
Grabbed some 0023's what a recovery PDX Partners Inc. (PDXP) 11/20/2017 07:00:57 PM
GREAT FIND... Stickied! Outside confirmation of the On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 11/19/2017 09:18:26 AM
News here sounds good. Anyone techy on Com Guard Inc. (CGUD) 11/15/2017 02:40:35 PM
Looking forward to news but even more so On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 11/14/2017 11:56:41 PM