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Welcome to the $KAVL ~Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc~ message board.  With exclusive, world wide distribution rights for the BIDI Stick,
KAVL is poised to possibly become one of the biggest OTC plays of the year! (Last Edited: 08/21/2020)

Financials reported 5/27/2020 (see link below) $22,000,000 in revenues for 2 months in operation with a net income of $2,800,000. 

Next earnings expected no later than 9/15/2020

Important Website Links:  
Kaival Brands (Main Website)
Bidi Stick  (Retail Website to Buy Bidi Sticks)
Bidi Cares (Eco Friendly Recycle Program)
Qrx Digital (Marketing Company)

 As of 7/7/2020 KAVL is NOW an OTCQB listed company!

KAVL Company Financial Reports (from oldest to newest):

05/27/2020 - 10Q for Period Ending 4/30/2020

Fiscal 2020 Second Quarter Highlights:

*Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2020 were approximately $22.5 million, compared to $0 in the same period of the prior fiscal year.
*Gross profit for the second quarter of fiscal 2020 was approximately $4.2 million, compared to $0 for the second quarter of fiscal 2019.
*Total cost of revenue – related party was approximately $18.3 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2020, compared to $0 in the same period of the prior fiscal year.
*Total operating expenses were approximately $458,000 in the second quarter of fiscal 2020, compared to approximately $4,200 in the same period of the prior fiscal year.
*Net income was approximately $2.8 million, or $0.00 basic and diluted earnings per share in the second quarter of fiscal 2020, compared to net loss of approximately $4,000, or $0.00 basic and diluted loss per share, for the prior year period.
*Cash balance at April 30, 2020 was approximately $2.0 million compared to $0 at April 30, 2019.

Official KAVL Company PR's with Notable Snippets (from oldest to newest):

03/09/2020 - KAVL Gets Exclusive World Wide Distribution Rights for the Bidi Stick

Kaival believes that the BidiTM Stick is both innovative and health-conscious, and because of its growth potential, chooses Bidi as its first  brand to exclusively distribute. Kaival has set its eyes on internal growth and expanding global distribution to assist selected brands to dominate their respective industries.


the Company is excited to announce that it received an order of Bidi Sticks in the amount of $70,000 from a large national convenience chain, followed by a subsequent order in the amount of approximately $65,000. These orders are the direct result of the Company’s collaboration with QuikfillRx.


Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Favs agreed to purchase not less than 500,000 units of Products from the Company by April 30, 2020 and, thereafter, agreed to purchase not less than 1,000,000 units of Products from the Company for each subsequent fiscal quarter during the term of the Agreement.

04/13/2020 - Kaival Brands Enters Into a Second Non-Exclusive Sub-Distribution Agreement With Minimum Purchase Obligations

The terms of the Agreement are substantially similar to the terms of the sub-distribution agreement between the Company and Favs Business, LLC, a Georgia limited liability company, including the terms related to minimum purchase requirements and termination rights.

05/27/2020 - Kaival Brands Accelerates Growth with Bidi™ Vapor Partnership

We have made substantial headway in our initial distribution of Bidi Vapor’s product, the “Bidi™ Stick,” generating revenues of approximately $22.5 million in the first few months of this partnership.  Our focus now is to continue to increase revenues by increasing Bidi Vapor’s market share in the vaping industry.”


08/21/2020 - 300,000,000 Share Reduction & Global Expansion

The cancellation of the 300,000,00 shares of the Company’s common stock results in the decrease of issued and outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock from 576,495,148 to 276,495,148, or a 52.1% reduction in the Company’s issued and outstanding shares of its common stock.

The development comes on the heels of the Company commencing its plan to expand its distribution of the Bidi™ Stick, a top-quality vape device designed for the modern adult vape user, internationally into the European Union, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. The Bidi™ Stick is manufactured by Bidi Vapor, LLC and the Company acts as the exclusive worldwide distributor.

Other References with Notable Snippets:

04/01/2020 - California Herald - David x Goliath: Bidi™ Vapor’s Story of Taking Over America’s Vaping Industry

“The reason why we did what we did is to provide a better product, a top-quality product. We don’t want to provide a product with even minor problems, whether direct or indirect problems. We know what was right for the industry. The way we structured our company models and the vision, and the device we made, we think that this should be the next industry leader – globally,” said Patel.

04/03/2020 - EIN News Desk - QRX Digital Sales and Marketing Seals Its Partnership with Kaival Brands

As its digital marketing and sales arm, some of our plans are in motion, and we are looking forward to seeing the results after the initial phase of this partnership”. We have already secured a top tier online retailer that has placed and received its first order. Forecasting out via the initial order size, we expect this top tier retailer to become a multi-million dollar annual partner for The Bidi Stick.

04/06/2020 - EIN News Desk - Bidi™ Vapor Launches Bidi Cares The First-Ever Eco-Friendly Vape Program

BIDI Cares encourages customers to participate in the eco-friendly initiative by returning ten used BIDI Sticks for a free one. The program aims to reduce the production of new batteries, therefore maximizing the usage of high-quality batteries in every vape pen. BIDI Stick batteries are CE, FCC, & ROHS Certified, ensuring user safety and recyclability.

Excellent YouTube Video review with over 20,000 views.  YouTube Bidi Stick Review
Reviews each of the individual flavors and a must watch if you want a good feel for the Bidi Stick product KAVL is distributing.

Qrx Digital Website - A very exciting statement from the CEO, Russell Quick, of Qrx Digitial:   

“In just a short time, QRX Digital has already secured substantial new customers for Kaival Brands and is about to deploy a massive targeted digital campaign to dominate all global sales channels identified for Kaival Brands Innovations Group.”

As you can see a lot has happened in just a short time, with much more to come!  Especially with the promise "to deploy a massive targeted digital campaign" which is quoted just above.  But wait there's more...

Yes, this gets even better!  Take a look at the Share Structure from OTC Markets:


And to top that off, from the 02/20/2019 8K, the officers own over 85% of the shares outstanding
Additionally, they paid $325,000 in cash for the shell:


On February 6, 2019, Quick Start Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), entered into a non-binding Share Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) by and among GMRZ Holdings, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (the “GRMZ”), and Kaival Brands Innovations Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“KBIG”), pursuant to which, on February 20, 2019, GMRZ sold 504,000,000 shares of the Company’s restricted common stock, representing approximately 88.06 percent of the Company’s issued and outstanding shares of common stock, to KBIG, and KBIG paid GRMZ consideration of three hundred twenty-five thousand dollars ($325,000) (the “Purchase Price”). The consummation of the transactions contemplated by the Agreement resulted in a change in control of the Company, with KBIG becoming the Company’s largest controlling stockholder. The sole members of KBIG are Nirajkumar Patel and Eric Mosser. The Purchase Price was paid with personal funds of the members of KBIG.



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