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Wialan Technologies is a software and hardware integrator that manufactures industrial grade wireless equipment to enable city wide deployment of IP base services. The basic concept is to have a machine full of resources and features that can maintain more than 100 intranet end-users simultaneously, for applications of internet usage. The core engine makes use of its internal bandwidth shaper and HTTP accelerator to provide the internet user with an equal bandwidth opportunity to enhance the browsing experience like never before.

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Wialan Team
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share structure
CEO - Mr. Eduardo Garcia- CEO

Mr. Eduardo is an engineer in telecommunications with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. He commenced his professional career in 1981 as a Technical Officer for British Telecom and then moved to Siemens and Ericsson, where he managed large networking projects in England, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Germany, Chile, Argentina and México. In 1994 he moved to Mexico with Ericsson in the position of Director of Special Projects responsible for the design and implementation of integrated LD and Local Access Networks. In early 1997 he became VP of Operations and CTO for Bestel (now Televisa), where he was directly involved in the engineering, design, implementation and operation of more than 6,000 Km of optical networks. In June 2000 he joined GlobalCrossing and was responsible for the on-site engineering of all major communications networks throughout Latin America. He then joined New World Network as EVP of Operations and was responsible for the build and operation of a submarine cable network interconnecting 15 countries with Miami, including México, Caribbean Central and South America. In 2003 he joined Best Direct Networks as VP of Wireless Solutions for Europe, South Africa and Latin-American and two years later moved to Telecom Italia as VP of Network Services for the Latin American Nautilus subsea cable systems, based in Miami. In 2008 he returned to Mexico as COO of WLCOM, a new LD and Local Access service provider and built a 200 Kms optical Metro-Ethernet network in Mexico City, with a long distance backbone to Laredo TX. This network also provided WISP services and deployed Wialan technologies for last mile access.  WLCOM Mission in Mexico
  Victor M. Tapia

Victor M. Tapia - Vice President

For the past twenty seven years, Mr. Tapia has been involved in the field of telecommunications, including fifteen years with GTE (now Verizon), six years with Pairgain Technologies as Director of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean, and three years with New World Network (now Columbus Networks) as Executive Vice President of Sales.  Recently, Mr. Tapia has been involved with various wireless technology companies, including ISAT Platform, Inc. as Executive Vice President of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Starconnect, LLC, and co-founder of Wialan Technologies LLC.
Reggie Bergeron Reggie Bergeron - COO  Reggie serves as Company Secretary, Director and Senior Vice President of Operations (from February 24, 2015 to date). 


Mr. Bergeron has over thirty years of proven experience in Restoration and new Construction. He graduated from Lafayette High School, in South Louisiana and from Northeast Louisiana University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Construction. He began his early career constructing apartment, hotels and prisons in Texas and Missouri. He went on to work for a couple of premier general contractors in the Southeast US to build several Saks Fifth Avenue stores, Marriott and La Quinta Hotels and Sysco Food plants throughout Florida and Louisiana. In 2000, he and partner purchased the operation of Contemporary Contractors and transformed it into Florida Catastrophe Corp. Through hard work and determination he developed exceptional construction management abilities and thorough knowledge of all facets of construction/restoration from pre-planning, estimating and vertical building. His extensive operational experience combined with his knowledge of all types of structure systems and cost-assessing make him a valuable asset to any Insurance Restoration project.

State of Florida – Class A General Contractor – CGC051018


Richard Gilbert - EVP  Richard serves as a Director and as executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development.

Mr. Gilbert has a broad range of experience working with small to Fortune 500 companies at the executive level.
He has held sales and sales management positions for various companies in the U.S., to include Xerox, Sperry Univac, EDS, IMI, Control Data, Umetrics, Hitachi Data Systems and Sono Manufacturing. He has worked in most segments of the U.S. economy to include medical services, information technology, manufacturing, financial services, retail and wholesale, pharmaceutical, and public sector companies. His focus has always been to improve operating results in terms of increased revenue and profit by improving operational performance. He has worked with different corporate cultures and requirements to include international experience, and has a strong track record in developing partner relationships, reseller networks, and a company sales force. He holds degrees in business to include a Bachelor of Science from San Jose State University, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Santa Clara, and a Doctorate in Business from Golden Gate University.
(from February 24, 2015 to date).

Steve C. Risner serves as Director. Steve is a Certified Public Accountant with over 32 years of experience. He is an Alumnus of Deloitte and Touche', LLP.
(February 24, 2015 to date)

Michael P. Conner - Special Advisor

CEO of Paradise development

Mike is founder, President and CEO of Paradise Development Group, Inc. in Florida.  He leads all aspects of Paradise’s strategic planning.  In addition to cultivating and managing key retail relationships, Mike oversees the financing and capital structures of Paradise’s projects nationwide and manages the company’s equity partner relationships. Mike is also the largest investor in Wialan.
 WIALAN has solutions and applications
Wialan Services, Mexico
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3) Wifi Street lights with Cameras

4) Video Surveillance 




Hotspot locations

Maiquetía Airport Venezuela                                                               Cancun Airport Mexico 


Deering Bay Marina Wireless 



Hampton Courts Aparments - West Palm Beach                              Cocoplum Marina - Coral Gables 



Miami Dade County Haulover Park                      Miami Dade County Omni Station 



                                        Miami Dade County Goulds Park 



Municipal finalist  
Transfer Agent Contact Info:  
ClearTrust, LLC

Transfer Agent 
16540 Pointe Village Dr.
Suite 201
Lutz, FL, 33558


Share Structure(Common):

As of: December 31, 2021 
3,500,000,000 (A
2,583,561,474 (Outstanding) 
1,762,270,460 (Restricted)
821,291,014 (Unrestricted)

603,545,935 (Held at DTC)
603,545,935 (Street Name) as of: 7/31/2021





WLAN Chart 

Open Gap@.001-.0015 Aug1st2021

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