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Cobra Kai

12/21/12 4:09 PM

#316 RE: ROCKHard #315

Im very sorry for your losses on this one- Unfortunately not only CHCC but many others have come the U.S Exchanges as growth companies with decent/strong assets and they disappear and quickly unravel here on our exchange.. several examples of these companies from what I think is just simply lets unload on out of the country shareholders...

I have not heard anything on the PAMCO situation and Im not expecting this company to communicate because they have made it clear by not having filed with the SEC for years that its the least of there concerns.

I know promo companies artificially inflate and manipulate prices in the market but some of these Chinese companies appear to play accounting games or something to make the stories of growth potential seem great... very unfortunate and the money extracted out of the marketplace from retail investors is as you said devastating for many and its a shame there isnt a stronger handle on these types of robbers could rob a bank for 50,000 and if caught get several years in prison- In the marketplace rarely does it even hit the radar screen and millions are stolen by companies & insiders at our expense. I wish we hear more here but not being able to speak chinese and call the company directly makes it rather difficult to get answers.

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12/21/12 4:15 PM

#317 RE: ROCKHard #315

The PAMCO litigation is in China so I doubt we could access any of the proceedings. I don't understand why they don't just buy all publicly held shares at $1.50 inclusive of PAMCO -

We are talking about $15mil - surely they could pay that out of revenues and not even miss it.