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Cobra Kai

12/21/12 4:50 PM

#318 RE: ErnieBilco #317

I think they just want to disappear for good- the business in China will probably keep going and the shares here are probably trying to be forgotten.. and or abandoned for good.

300 million dollar company now you see it...and now you dont...not sure we are even in the back of there minds Ernie?
I would like to think a buyout would take place but I thinks odds have gotten very slim..

The US Exchanges allow these types of companies to exist and they shouldnt.... this isnt the only one who has done this there is nice growing list..


12/21/12 4:51 PM

#319 RE: ErnieBilco #317

this one IS NOT OVER!!
they will have to clean up the outstanding shares.
they will have to face the SEC if they dont hold
annual shareholders meetings.
dont give away your shares at these levels, no point.