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maverick one

11/09/21 7:31 PM

#615 RE: mick #614

I’ve been selling mick on the run up.
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maverick one

11/09/21 7:33 PM

#616 RE: mick #614

It’s being manipulated up and I’m riding it, selling off, in blocks. I’ll hold some back. But after RS, I’ll be around to play both sides and will be shorting at times, anyway that benefits my interests. It’ll take many millions to develop the REE east NE of riggins, over & above the Salmon River, up above it. LOL, ask me how I know where it is, right?

The many millions required, and yet there’s zero transparency on deals they cut or cutting on dilution that likely is coming to up list. Too smart for this, been around. I’m selling off, taking 3-4 x profits, then I’ll recapitalize and I have to say, I’m digging this green in my account that’s adding up after holding gif many many years.

I’m not a newbie, I’m making BENJIES, lots of them. Daily. I’ll hold a few, but after RS, I’ll lay heavy shorts on it time to time and make much more like I’ve been doing lately. Bet other way. These cats from the street are buying in, their buying my crap, they can have it. But, I’m recapped and armored up after the RS. People that THINK, they know what’s going on, have zero clue.

The infrastructure required will be massive investment and when you uplist, sure they want money, but their at mercy of money boys. I’m no fan of dilution, and when they do the RS, I’ll be there, and there will be days it goes up, others will be these dudes selling off after holding. I’ll be there shorting. LOL.

I already own water front houses on lake couer de alene, for 2 + decades. Yup and yowzer, I’m a local yocal. Not a dumb one either.