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09/27/20 3:17 PM

#2496 RE: griff100 #2495

a little more civil yesterday and even through 11 today for 4 over today. 7 over yesterday. Striking it well no putts sinking and the short game is my game because normally I need it LOL

just looked 92 rounds since may 16. I seriously would of went out for second round today it was so beautiful out but tee sheet was jammed - our course is up 55% in rounds played as many are - nothing else to do.

My goal is stay healthy and be able to play a long time till early 80s but we all know the body will not cooperate - Not interested in hitting a driver 150 yards. I was about 240 off tee today at 57 years old - I have some buddies around 40 still hitting hit over 300. one guys is sick - 320 easy with 50 foot draw plays 12 times a year and soft hands and putts well. plays to a 4 but if he played at all scratch no problem. too many kids at home