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  Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fka RXPC)  08/23/2011
My Pitch: "
TUSTIN, CA—August 19, 2011...Shareholders approved an increase in the authorized number of shares of the Company’s Common Stock from 200 million to 750 million.

Possible reason why reversal failed...(08/23/2011) RXPC looks like a reversal to me with good news!!! (08/12/2011)"
  Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (fka LEHMQ)  06/07/2011
My Pitch: "common shares are not yet safe..."
  US Farms Inc. (fka USFM)  04/08/2011
My Pitch: "Possible R/M play, company sells Aloe365 @ CVS stores..."
  United States Oil and Gas Corp (fka USOG)  02/28/2011
  AlphaTrade (fka APDTQ)  01/28/2011
  American Eagle Energy Corp. (fka AMZGQ)  03/02/2011
My Pitch: "bakken oil company..."
  Trudy Corporation (fka TRDY)  02/28/2011
  POW! Entertainment Inc. (fka POWN)  03/28/2011
My Pitch: "Stan Lee's company!!!"
  Calypte Biomedical Corporation (fka CBMC)  03/21/2011
  Massive Interactive Inc. (fka HUGE)  03/19/2011
  Evcarco, Inc.(fka EVCA)  05/03/2011
My Pitch: "electric car company..."
  Lithium Exploration Group Inc. (fka LEXG)  04/29/2011
My Pitch: "possible scam, pump and dump..."
  Force Minerals Corp. (fka FORC)  04/29/2011
My Pitch: "lithium exploration, company info to be published through S&P..."
  Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (fka ALTI)  04/18/2012
My Pitch: "major players in this company..."
  Cannabis Science Inc. (fka CBIS)  03/26/2012
My Pitch: "Making progress in cancer research using THC...requesting FDA approval..."
  Sunergy, Inc. (fka SNEY)  11/29/2012
My Pitch: "beginning mining operations in Pampana River Sierra Leone West Africa..."
  eTelcharge (fka ETLC)  11/23/2012
My Pitch: "shell being taken over...going on a whim..."
  Solaris Power Cells Inc. (fka SPCL)  04/04/2017
  Quantum Fuel Systems Tech. (fka QTWWQ)  05/06/2014
ADHC  American Diversified Holdings, Inc.000.00%   03/01/2011
ADVT  Advantis Corp.000.00%   05/20/2011
My ADVT Pitch: "added to list @ .0619"
AHIX  Aluf Holdings, Inc.000.00%   02/03/2012
My AHIX Pitch: "another Choi alert @ .14..."
AKRX  Akorn Inc.0.56120.00.00%   08/12/2011
My AKRX Pitch: "Sep 2011 7.500 call ASK @ .90"
ALQA  Alliqua, Inc.  06/05/2011
My ALQA Pitch: "Bullish reversal on June 03, 2011 ???"
AMTX  Aemetis, Inc.0.520.00.00%   06/12/2014
My AMTX Pitch: "52 week high @ 8.47...close to all time high.."
ANDI  Andiamo Corp.000.00%   02/16/2018
My ANDI Pitch: "UTOPYA smartphones!!! discovered @ .024 pps...02/05/18 gap to fill @ .026..."
APKT  Acme Packet  07/17/2012
My APKT Pitch: "possibly oversold and rebounding from bottom...earnings to be released..."
APRU  Apple Rush Company, Inc000.00%   05/02/2018
My APRU Pitch: "company taken over by MJ bev maker...huge runup last 4 months...(beginning 2018)..."
ARYC  Arrayit Corporation000.00%   10/10/2018
My ARYC Pitch: "discovered 10/10/18...closed @ .07 NASDAQ uplist soon..."
ATYG  Atlas Technologies Group000.00%   04/04/2017
My ATYG Pitch: "Might be coming back...might just still be a scam..."
AVEW  AVEW Holdings Inc.000.00%   01/13/2012
My AVEW Pitch: "bottom of the barrel MMA production company..."
BAYP  Bayport International Holdings, Inc000.00%   02/28/2011
BBDA  Bebida Beverage Company000.00%   11/08/2012
My BBDA Pitch: "Up an coming bev company, in Walmart stores across the nation...dilution..."
BIONQ  BioNitrogen Holdings Corp.000.00%   10/06/2011
My BIONQ Pitch: "Choifunds alert on 06/01/11 @ .028***goto***
BNGI  Bangi Inc.000.00%   12/13/2012
My BNGI Pitch: "alerted on Mt. St. Helen's day...b4 opening...RICK SHYKORA ***SCAM***"
BSPK  Bespoke Extracts Inc.0.0118150.00.00%   07/24/2012
My BSPK Pitch: "fell from 1.40 to .027 in 8 days!!!"
BTSC  Bitcoin Services Inc.0.00930.00.00%   06/26/2017
CAVR  CAVU Resources Inc0.0090.00.00%   03/11/2011
My CAVR Pitch: "Bakken Oil Company"
CELZ  Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc.0.00450.00.00%   07/19/2018
My CELZ Pitch: "Men's biotech company using stem cell research...discovered 7/18/18 @ .048..."
CLF  Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.3.950.00.00%   06/15/2017
My CLF Pitch: "Bottom might finally be in...05/26/17...6.20...gap down to 5.56 LOD 6/15/2017..."
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