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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
KGET  CaliPharms, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   02/05/2018
My KGET Pitch: "D"
VMGI  Verde Media Group0.00020.00.00%   01/12/2018
My VMGI Pitch: "F"
WMAC  WMAC Holdings Corp.   01/04/2018
My WMAC Pitch: "N"
CYTR  Cytrx Corp.1.57-0.02-1.26%   12/25/2017
My CYTR Pitch: "H"
TGLO  The Globe Inc.0.1649-0.0101-5.77%   12/22/2017
My TGLO Pitch: "R"
XLMUSD  Stellar  12/16/2017
My XLMUSD Pitch: "T"
UPIN  Universal Power Industry Corp.0.0120.00.00%   12/16/2017
My UPIN Pitch: "Y"
GNOW  American Caresource Holdings, Inc.0.00620.00.00%   12/15/2017
My GNOW Pitch: "F"
MCTC  MicroChannel Technologies Corp.0.030.00520.00%   12/15/2017
My MCTC Pitch: "Y"
CLSH  CLS Holdings USA Inc.0.68-0.13-16.05%   12/15/2017
My CLSH Pitch: "F"
THCX  The Hydropothecary Corporation  12/14/2017
My THCX Pitch: "T"
SIMC  Simclar, Inc.000.00%   12/14/2017
My SIMC Pitch: "G"
ALYI  Alternet Systems Inc.0.017950.000854.97%   12/12/2017
My ALYI Pitch: "Y"
SSC  Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc.2.8-0.07-2.44%   12/11/2017
My SSC Pitch: "T"
NVTQF  NovaTeqni0.1470.00382.65%   12/10/2017
My NVTQF Pitch: "T"
MNII  Manati Industries, Inc0.090.00.00%   12/09/2017
My MNII Pitch: "T"
FRAZ  Francisco Industries, Inc.0.550.00.00%   12/09/2017
My FRAZ Pitch: "G"
EPSV  Emergency Pest Services Inc.   12/09/2017
My EPSV Pitch: "T"
ASAB  Stragenics Inc.0.00020.00.00%   12/06/2017
My ASAB Pitch: "F"
CGACD  Code Green Apparel Corp.  12/05/2017
My CGACD Pitch: "H"
GTLL  Global Techs Ltd0.000010.00.00%   12/03/2017
My GTLL Pitch: "D"
XREE  X Rail Entertainment Inc.0.0080.00.00%   12/02/2017
My XREE Pitch: "H"
STSC  Start Scientific, Inc.0.00140.000216.67%   12/01/2017
My STSC Pitch: "E"
KCPC  Key Capital Corporation0.850.008871.05%   11/30/2017
My KCPC Pitch: "X"
SODE  Social Detention, Inc.0.05050.006514.77%   11/29/2017
My SODE Pitch: "Y"
ACTL  Artec Global Media Inc.0.00010.00.00%   11/29/2017
My ACTL Pitch: "E"
UBLI  UBL Interactive, Inc.0.04-0.0099-19.84%   11/29/2017
My UBLI Pitch: "D"
SWRM  AppSwarm Inc.0.035150.0036511.59%   11/29/2017
My SWRM Pitch: "F"
FAGI  Full Alliance Group Inc.0.080.0114.29%   11/29/2017
My FAGI Pitch: "S"
MYMMF  Mym Nutraceuticals1.880.00.00%   11/29/2017
My MYMMF Pitch: "F"
DATI  Digital Arts Media Network Inc.   11/28/2017
My DATI Pitch: "H"
EHVVF  Ehave, Inc.0.060.00020.33%   11/27/2017
My EHVVF Pitch: "Y"
TEUM  Pareteum Corporation1.88-0.06-3.09%   11/27/2017
My TEUM Pitch: "T"
LIBFF  Liberty Leaf Hldgs Ltd.0.3797-0.0042-1.09%   11/27/2017
My LIBFF Pitch: "G"
MICT  Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc.1.1590.0090.78%   11/27/2017
My MICT Pitch: "G"
QSPW  Quantum Solar Power0.0080.00114.29%   11/27/2017
My QSPW Pitch: "H"
CBMJ  Canna Consumer Goods Inc.0.01310.0018.26%   11/26/2017
My CBMJ Pitch: "6"
AIMH  AimRite Holdings Corp.0.0049-0.0005-9.26%   11/26/2017
My AIMH Pitch: "Y"
GBHPF  Global Hemp Group, Inc.0.1312-0.0088-6.29%   11/26/2017
My GBHPF Pitch: "T"
JBZY  JB&ZJMY Holding Company0.0177-0.0028-13.66%   11/25/2017
My JBZY Pitch: "F"
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