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Quick question. The company assets are: Cash from Sheepdog 10/30/21 1:28 PM
The confusion might be caused by the fact Sheepdog 01/12/23 3:03 PM
I'm Confused, When I buy the stock, I'm Dragonman1 01/09/23 9:07 PM
The good thing about this stock is that Sheepdog 01/06/23 2:28 PM
Not only that but I am glad that Mohammad111 01/06/23 10:57 AM
Ah, sorry that I misunderstood. I love sarcasm. Slojab 01/05/23 4:34 PM
LOL. Yeah I was just being sarcastic. Mohammad111 01/05/23 3:14 PM
News flash. When a stock has traded down Slojab 01/05/23 12:19 PM
It's up 100% today.
Mohammad111 01/05/23 12:12 PM
Showing once again, most pinky investors can't read Sheepdog 12/29/22 12:01 PM
That didn't help any in 2022. Slojab 12/29/22 11:07 AM
Reminder...Going into 2023 Pink Current 757 12/29/22 10:59 AM
Wayne Anderson entering into one more year of Sheepdog 12/27/22 1:10 AM
A 4 mil share buy? GLTA Nelson2 12/20/22 2:06 PM
The great news about this scam? Sheepdog 12/16/22 12:02 PM
Need to be fitted with a new pair chonrm 12/05/22 1:08 PM
Dude, I think he already completed the scam. ?? blym 12/02/22 3:20 PM
They did that at Sylios (UNGS) he went Sheepdog 12/02/22 1:15 PM
Someone needs to find Wayne in person to chonrm 12/02/22 12:00 PM
VWAP was .000132? Sheepdog 12/02/22 1:26 AM
MOM working hard as least in giving Sheepdog 11/22/22 2:28 PM
Q is out. No revenue reported. Slojab 11/21/22 5:30 PM
This scam has been a good 2 > Sheepdog 11/15/22 12:14 PM
RE Tersus. Two possibilities. (1) Sheepdog 10/29/22 12:53 PM
Any idea what’s next for this wonderful company? blym 10/17/22 2:34 PM
Any idea what’s next for this wonderful company? blym 10/17/22 2:34 PM
Price at the time of this post on Sheepdog 10/16/22 3:44 PM
It's much worse than just "not good". :-) Slojab 10/13/22 5:34 PM
Don’t read the report, it’s NOT good. chonrm 10/13/22 4:33 PM
Victims are NEVER at fault for being scammed. Sheepdog 10/07/22 2:28 PM
It wouldn't surprise me about a R/S with jayberwanger 10/07/22 2:23 PM
Right lol? invest007 10/05/22 1:20 PM
So.....are we Tersus yet? Sheepdog 10/01/22 2:14 PM
.00035. harr449 09/14/22 4:32 PM
So.....are we Tersus yet? Sheepdog 09/08/22 1:11 PM
Just time....and many years following the scams of Sheepdog 08/25/22 3:20 PM
This wouldn’t be a surprise. Any evidence? blym 08/25/22 2:52 PM
The good news: Apparently there will be Sheepdog 08/25/22 1:17 PM
Anderson and one of his many share selling Sheepdog 08/09/22 12:34 AM
Dilution reported. Check the volume on 7/15. Slojab 08/08/22 9:35 PM
Neither one. I ain't-no-INVESTOR! Not on the OTC. OBE 08/04/22 3:15 PM
I’m back. I see this POS is blym 07/28/22 6:19 PM
Anderson did it (a 1 for 4,000 R/S) Sheepdog 07/26/22 2:02 PM
Serve him right , for screwing his shareholders just4fun2 07/26/22 9:13 AM
It would appear so from what the company Slojab 07/25/22 1:16 PM
So I take it this has terminated??? We just4fun2 07/25/22 1:11 PM
Because it is such a great company or Sheepdog 07/23/22 12:02 PM
Well... this baby don't owe me nuthin' but OBE 07/22/22 5:27 PM
Big hit! Penny2Dime 07/20/22 3:51 PM
That Anderson scam is long gone. Anderson Sheepdog 07/20/22 2:46 PM
So reverse split and name change to Tersus Power. harr449 07/19/22 2:48 PM
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Global Tech Ltd (GTLL)

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 Global Technologies, Ltd.


Company Subsidiaries


HMNRTH operates as an online store selling a variety of hemp and CBD related products. The Company’s business model is to bridge the gap between the lifestyle
and knowledge components within the cannabis industry. The Company’s goal is to educate every consumer while cultivating an experience by providing quality products, branded cutting-edge content, and diversified product lines for any purpose. Most importantly, we want our clients to discover their inner HMN, redefine their inner HMN and Empower their inner HMN.


In September 2019, the Company entered into a Quality Agreement with yesyesNutralife Biosciencesyes yesfor the development and production of its CBD line of products. The Company’s product line includes hemp derived, full spectrum cannabidiol tinctures and creams in varying sizes. The Company’s ecommerce website can be found at

Nutralife Biosciences currently trades  @ $.12 PPS in OTCM under ticker symbol NLBS and is a very reputable company that GTLL is doing business with.

HMNRTH    Products






MOM is A full service, sales and distribution, third-party logistics provider and portal to multi-channel sales opportunities. MOM’s focus is on bringing small businesses

and entrepreneurs to large opportunities and distribution. MOM will provide the following services to its clients: inventory management, brand management, fulfillment

and drop-ship capabilities, retail distribution and customer service.

Markets on Main  partners



Material Events:

     Markets on Main press release Dec 22 2020

 November 5, 2020, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Markets on Main, LLC (“Licensor”), entered into a Platform License

Agreement (the “License Agreement”) with Honey Badger Media, LLC (the “Licensee”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vinco Ventures, Inc.

Under the terms of the License Agreement, the Company granted the Licensee a perpetual, non-exclusive license to operate the Platform,

fulfillment opportunities and its related technologies.
 In consideration for the License, the Licensee shall pay to the Licensor a fee

equal to twenty percent (20%) of the Net Profits generated from Licensee’s clients through the Platform. 


“The License Agreement is a milestone for our Markets on Main operating subsidiary,” stated President, Jimmy Wayne Anderson. “We look

forward to working with the staff at Honey Badger as they buildout and utilize MOM’s Platform and logistics

” Mr. Anderson concluded.




                                      25% interest in Global Clean Solutions press release, Sept 23 2020


On September 3, 2020, the Company entered into a Commitment to be Bound by the Amended Operating Agreement to Effect Transfer of

Membership Interest in order to facilitate the transfer of 25 Membership Units (the “Units”) issued by Global Clean Solutions, LLC (“Global”)

and held in the name of Graphene Holdings, LLC (“Graphene”) to the Company. In exchange for the transfer of the Units to the Company, the

Company issued to Graphene a Convertible Promissory Note (the “Note”) in the amount of $250,000. The Note has a term of 6 months, is

due on March 3, 2021 and accrues interest at 3% per annum.
Upon Closing, the Company holds a twenty-five percent 

interest in Global.

yesyesGlobal is a purpose-built entity with a focus on supplying and facilitating the sale of Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”). In addition

to the
sale of masks, gowns and gloves, Global recently released its two proprietary hand sanitizer

brands: (1) Purple Mountain Clean, and (2) Blue Sky Pure

$GTLL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Facts and DD as of 12/28/20):

1) $GTLL recently filed 10K and is planning to file 10Q for period ending 6/30/20 soon to bring the company Pink current with OTCM

          2) $GTLL generated revenue of $548,350 for the quarter ending June 30 2020

                3)  Various connections that link GTLL to Vinco Ventures which trades on the Nasdaq using ticker symbol ( BBIG ):
a) the Platform licensing agreement with Honey Badger Media LLC which is a subsidiary owned by Vinco Ventures ( BBIG )

 b) GTLL owns 25% of Global Clean Solutions and BBIG owns 50%

c) Looking through the Vinco investor presentation I noticed that all of GTLL's wholly owned subsidiaries where explicitly mentioned                      as BBIG's revenue in their 2021 investor presentation.  Hmmmm....interesting....

                                                              Vinco Ventures Inc.  Nasdaq symbol (BBIG) investors presentation that shows a connection with GTLL

                     Expecting solid business updates that could very well involve future acquisitions, mergers, etc.  in 2021, this stock is currently highly                  undervalued IMO



 SECURITY DETAILS as of 12/23/20


                                                                                                                                                    AS- 14,991,000,000


                                                                                                                                                      OS- 12.7B per CEO (correction coming on OTCM page )


                                                                                                                                                         Restricted- 4,140,108,863


                                                                                                                                                        Unrestrcted- 10,645,574,299


                                                                             Held at DTC- 9,089,028,676 ( Tradable float )








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