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Maptelligent, Inc. is on a mission to save lives through the use of geospatial technology. Maptelligent is transforming the way data and information are accessed by those who need it most during a time of crisis, first responders. The Maptelligent solution integrates disparate data from sensors, cameras, alarms, access control and accountability systems creating actionable intelligence by presenting their location within a building and by visualizing the data and information they provide on an intuitive map interface. Maptelligent provides a geographic platform for first responders to access site specific information enhancing situational awareness while en route and upon arrival to the incident scene. This quick access to relevant information shortens the time it takes for tactical action thereby mitigating additional life and property threat exposure. Maptelligent's geocentric system serves as a common operating picture for all stakeholdersinvolved in maintaining and protecting physicalstructures and venues. Through partnerships with industry leaders in physical security technology, Maptelligent solutions act as the data integration platform for visualizing information produced by partner's technologies. The Maptelligent solution serves a large market of organizations and entities who are often at risk from threats and emergency incidents such as: schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, sporting events, commercial enterprises, ports (sea and air), to name a few markets. Maptelligent customers begin their solution journey by uploading a building floor plan via a PDF file to a hosted solution in the cloud. This low-touch and low-cost solution allows users to quickly share site specific details with public safety. Maptelligent customers seeking to share additional relevant information and data are able to use Maptelligent content management cloud services making it accessible anywhere on any device with permission. Maptelligent offers a suite of maps and applications providing customers the ability to maintain and manage data in a mobile environment for public safety to create incident pre-plans associated with the building floor plan and for building engineers to manage maintenance schedules for critical elements of a building such as alarm panels, pull stations, fire extinguishers, etc. Maptelligent offers customers Professional Services to build high fidelity floor plans, safety assessments, and system integration services making the whole system complete and comprehensive.
Maptelligent Inc.

2831 St. Rose Parkway

Suite # 297

Henderson, NV 89052



Joseph A. Cosio-Barron

Joseph A. Cosio-Barron


Joseph A. Cosio-Barron is an accomplished professional with many years’ experience working within the intricacies of people management and regulatory legal compliance to ensure the viability of publicly held corporations listed on the stock exchanges.

From 2016 to 2019, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as President of Las Vegas Xpress, Inc., which provided passenger rail excursions in the U.S. From 2007 to 2016, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as Executive Vice President of Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., which also provided passenger rail excursions in the U.S. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as President of Shearson Home Loans, a $1.3 billion national mortgage bank with 237 offices in 33 states and 1,450 employees. From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Cosio-Barron co-founded Liberty Capital, a $100 million asset management company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as the Managing Partner and President of CBS Consultants, Inc., a California Corporation which was a financial firm offering highly specialized services in development and lending for hotels, resorts, and casinos to include regulatory legal compliance. From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as the Executive Vice President of Finet Holdings Corporation, a Delaware Corporation. As Executive Vice President, he was entirely responsible for the coordination of all regulatory legal compliance and the management of the sales of the staff for all the branch offices. From 1980 to 1990, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as President of Terra West Construction, a company, which he founded which in addition to building single-family subdivisions, strip, centers, duplex and four-plex units also developed syndications and formed limited partnerships for large-scale developments throughout California. From 1973 to 1980, Mr. Cosio-Barron served as Senior Vice-President of Multi-Financial Corporation, a California Corporation which was a real estate investment firm that both owned and managed commercial, retail, and residential income properties in Northern California.

Richard Ziccardi

Richard Ziccardi


Richard Ziccardi has a background in Corporate Finance and Accounting, working in various roles in banking and investment companies while servicing and supporting financial products. Most recently, Rich spent 19 years at Bank of New York Mellon, ascending to the role of Global Head of Revenue Control for their Asset Servicing division, which was responsible for over $4 billion in annual revenue. In this role he ensured the proper controls were in place around client pricing, fee schedule creation, and revenue maximization, while managing a team responsible for reviewing thousands of invoices a month for accuracy before sending to clients.

Controls lead to credibility, reliability, and trust, which will be quite important in all financial aspects of Maptelligent.

Glenn Corso

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Corso has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and business operations in Diagnostic Medical and Industrial Real Time X-Ray equipment manufacturing  companies. Glenn became President and CEO of Precise Optics/Photo Medic Equipment, Inc. in 1995 and President and CEO of Tecnomed USA (Bay Shore Medical  Equipment Corp.) in 1990. Mr. Corso worked in all aspects of the businesses from machine shop, inspection, assembly, design and production, regulatory oversight,  technical writing, and ultimately management. Mr. Corso became a shareholder accumulating significant ownership of Maptelligent, Inc. and serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Richard Rotanz

Chief Advisory Officer 

Led in the development of New York City’s emergency planning programs. After digging himself from the debris from World Trade Center which fell around him and many others during the attacks 2001, he was engaged to rebuild New York City’s emergency operation center at Pier 92. In that capacity, he managed the coordinated response of over 110 separate organizations from federal, state, and local governments as well as private and non-profit organizations to Ground Zero. The Chief presently serves on the board of directors and as a subject matter expert on all things fire, schools, buildings (commercial and other), and first responders.

Eric Kant

Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Kant is a former firefighter, paramedic and emergency manager with a proven history of saving lives with innovation, applying operational expertise, and offering hands-on guidance at significant events and disasters worldwide. He serves as the disaster portal coordinator for the International Association of Emergency Managers and works as an innovation entrepreneur. He has been recognized by the Department of Defense, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, NATO, DHS S&T and others for innovative thinking and applying expert analysis to complex cascading operational interdependencies. During his career, Mr. Kant has supported real-time command/control operations for multiple agencies around the world, including the Florida Night of Tornadoes, the World Trade Center Disaster, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and many other significant events and disasters over the past two decades.


Christopher Oudegeest

Director of Surveys

Mr. Oudegeest, the founder of As Built Conditions, ( has spent his career specializing in high fidelity, state-of-the-art building renderings and as-built surveying of unique buildings and complex properties across the United States. He has been a leading expert in the use of LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging, a remote sensing method used to create accurate digital twins and produce high integrity, highly precise as-built drawings and models.




ESRI is the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, with approximately 43% of the global market share and estimated annual revenues of approximately $1.1 Billion, from roughly 300,000 customers
















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